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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Rufus F. and Julia (Moore) Roberts, son Rufus and Hazel (Enwall) Roberts, son Buffer and Allie (O'Roark) Roberts

In 1860 Madison County, Illinois, Julia Moor is 12, with Clark 43, Eliza 36, Charles 16, Milton 14, Eliza 10, Mary 8, and Allace 4.
In 1870 Eliza Moore is in Johnson County, Kansas, 46, with Charles 26, Caroline 20, Alice 13, and Clark 11.
In 1880 Johnson County, Kansas, Eliza is 57, widowed, with Alice 23, single, Clark 26 single, farming, and granddaughter Ella Malthorn 9 single, born in Kansas.
In 1880 Washington County, Kansas, Rufus F. Roberts is 31, Julia 30, Maud 10, Buffer 7, Josephine 4, and Roscoe 1.

In 1900 Johnson County, Kansas, Rufus Roberts is 52, Julia 51, Buffer born Nov 1872, Josephine April 1876, Roscoe Dec 1878, and Roy June 1884, all four kids born in Kansas.

In 1910 Rufus is in Yuma County, 64 born in Kentucky, with Julia 61 Illinois, and Roscoe 30, Kansas.

Rufus and Julia are alone in 1920 Wray, living on Oak Street, no occupation.


Ida was in Laird precinct in 1900, born Dec 1889 in Colorado, with Samuel Seward Aug 1850 Illinois, and Annie April 1856 Pennsyvania. Phebey Nov 1879 Iowa and Marion March 1892 Colorado.

Ida Seward married R. Roy Roberts on August 15, 1909, recorded in Yuma County.
August 20, 1909 " Last Sunday evening, August 15, Ida Seward and R. Roy Roberts were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, in the presence of a large circle of friends, at the home of the bride's parents near Laird. Just at the peaceful hour of sunset after the guests had assembled on the lawn, the young couple marched forth from the house to the strains of Mendelsohn's wedding march, rendered in a most charming manner by Susan Ashton, a friend of the bride. Rev. Walthall then made a brief address, pronounced Ida Seward and Roy Roberts husband and wife, gave an earnest prayer and the solemn and impressive service was ended.

The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Seward and is a most estimable and talented young lady, while the groom is a young man of sterling qualities, the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Roberts.

After the ceremony was over and congratulations extended, the guests repaired to the house where they were served with a delicious repast. The bride was gowned in white silk, while the groom wore the conventional black. The young couple were the recipients of many beautiful and costly presents. Among the out of town visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Berkes and daughter Ida, of Denver ; Mrs. G. P. Schaffer and children, of Huntley, Nebraska ; and Miss Avis McGinnis, of Huntley Nebraska.

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts left on No. 3 Sunday evening for Seattle, San Francisco and other points of interest in the western states.
In 1910 Yuma County, Rufus Roberts is farming, 25, born in Kansas, married eight months to Ida C. 20 Colorado.

SSDI says Medora Ann McMillen was born April 24, 1912 in Montrose, Colorado to R.R. Roberts and Ida C. Seward.

July 2, 1914 "S. W. Seward and R. F. Roberts of Laird left yesterday morning for Montrose, where they go to try and unravel the mystery of the disappearance of Roy Roberts, the son of the latter and son-in-law of the former. Roy had been talking of going to Laird to help in the harvest fields, but nothing definite as to his coming had been settled and he left his home near Montrose Saturday morning with his team to work in the field. When he failed to return in the evening his wife began the search which failed to locate him, but found his horses tied to a fence ( and as report says ) with a note pinned to the harness saying he had decided to leave for Laird that day. His wife could not understand why he had not returned to the house for clothing and to bid her and their little daughter goodby before leaving, but supposing he had done so, she waited until Tuesday evening and then telegraphed to Laird asking him to write particular of his coming as she was worried about him. His parents received the message and failing to undestand the same, telegraphed for an explanation. Upon the receipt of her answering message, the two fathers left immediately for Montrose. At the time of our going to press but one other message had been received from Messrs. Seward and Roberts and it stated that as yet no trace had been found of the missing man."

July 16, 1914 " Sam Seward and daughter, Mrs. A. V. Anderson, returned Thursday from their trip to Montrose, where they had been called by the mysterious disappearance of Roy Roberts, husband of Ida Roberts, nee Seward. Mrs. Anderson returned to her home in Yuma Thursday. No word has yet been received from Mr. Roberts, though he left three weeks ago."

July 30, 1914 "The potency of the old saying, 'How great a matter a little fire kindleth', has been demonstrated in the mystery that for two or three weeks surrounded the movements of Roy Roberts, formerly of Laird, where his own and his wife's parents reside and reckoned with the first families of Yuma county. The simple slip of a cog in Uncle Sam's postal machinery appears to be responsible for the perplexing and distressing experience of the R. F. Roberts and S. W. Seward families, the details of which have been previously published in the county and state papers. The young man is now with his family at his home at Montrose and the mystifying situation is entirely cleared up, and the tensity of nervous strain on the two families entirely removed. The facts in the matter as related by the young man indicate that he decided to make a visit to his old Laird home and proceeded from Montrose as far as Durango, where he expected to take the Rio Grande train for Denver. At that point he met a gentleman of his acquaintance, an extensive ranchman in the western part of the state who was having difficulty with some livestock in the mountains, and induced young Roberts to take charge of his home ranch for a couple of days, while he himself should go the mountains and regulate matters there; knowing young Roberts to be trustworthy and competent. The young man reluctantly consented to accommodate his friend, thinking only that the service would delay him not more than two or three days. The ranchman found more trouble than was anticipated and was gone about two weeks, holding young Roberts at Durango, anxiously awaiting the return of his employer, and in the meantime writing his family of the situation. This important missive, on which so much depended to preserve the tranquil and felicitous family relations, failed to reach the young wife, who, in a nervous and distracted state, imagined all sorts of misfortunes, and called to her sympathy the members of the two families and other friends who were sharing the intensity of the family grief. While the two families were suffering an almost unendurable suspense, the faithful young ranchman was loyally serving his friend in the care of his local ranch interests fifteen miles from town, and in blissful ignorance that Uncle Sam had failed to deliver the message that was to provide the intelligence of the delay in completing the journey to his old home. Finally, upon reaching Denver, it was still the intention of Mr. Roberts to visit his old Laird home, but a telegram from his wife announcing the illnessof the baby determined him to go the bedside of the little one, where the family is again united and the tensity of anxiety relieved in a score or more of loving hearts."

July 26, 1956

1917 Yuma "Mrs. Roy Roberts of Montrose, who had been visiting with her sister, Mrs. A.V. Anderson, for a few days, went down to Wray Wednesday afternoon."

January 1918 "Word received from Roy Roberts from 'Somewhere in Arizona' reports a fine trip. They left Montrose, Colorado, the last of December and are travelling overland to Phoenix, Arizona, for the benefit of Mrs. Roberts' health."

In 1920 they're in Denver, with Medora 7 born in Colorado. Rufus is a real estate salesman.

Ida C. Roberts has obituaries in the Denver newspapers January 29-31, 1930.

R. Roy Roberts was in Denver in 1940, 54, widowed, - living in Greeley in 1935. He's a state manager for a life insurance company.

In 1930 Arapahoe County, Sheridan precinct, Medora is the head of the household at 17, no occupation, with Phebe 10, her sister.

1936 Greeley "Roy Roberts and his daughter, Miss Medora Roberts, left the last of the week for the San Luis valley where they will spend several days on a vacation and business trip."

May 27, 1938 "Medora Ann Roberts Is Bride of Dr. John W. Marsh Here on Thursday

In a charmingly simple service at the home of the bride's uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Anderson, Miss Medora Ann Roberts was married to Dr. John W. Marsh Thursday afternoon. Rev Victor Walne, vicar of Trinity Episcopal church, read the single ring service by candlelight at 5 o'clock, with only relatives and a few friends. The bridal party took its place before an improvised altar, with a large window as its background. Palms and ferns, with an abundance of bridal .... wore white frocks with wreath and soft blue cornflowers, lavender, daisies, and lovely bouquets banked the altar. On either side was a floor candelabra, holding tall, ivory tapers. Large baskets of the bridal wreath, roses, and spring flowers were used thruout the home.
The bride, given in marriage by her father, was gowned in her mother's wedding dress of a sheer material, fashioned with an extremely full skirt, heavily embroidered. The high waist, of lavender and white flowers decorated rooms of the home. During the afternoon, the guests were presented with lavender diplomas on which were printed jumbled words. When organized, the words announced the refreshment menu. fastened to the skirt with a band of exquisite handmade lace, was made rows of tiny tucks. The lace was repeated in a shallow yoke which was topped by a frill of the material. On her hair, the bride wore a halo of gardenias and valley lilies. Her only ornament was a lovely necklace of pearls a family heirloom and worn by her mother at her wedding. She carried a point lace handkerchief, loaned her by her grandmother, Mrs. S W Seward of Wray, who was present at the wedding. Her shower bouquet combined gardenias and lilies of the valley, outlined with cornflowers., Mrs. Kinsey played an accordion Miss Phebe Jane Roberts attended her sister as bridesmaid. Her becoming frock was a delicate shade of orchid, made on soft, Grecian Hues. in harmony with the long, flowing wrists with narrow bands. She carried an arm bouquet of Johanna Hill roses. Dr. H. E. Holcomb attended as groomsman. For her niece's wedding, Mrs. Anderson selected an afternoon ... for the , Carlsbad Caverns to their home in Greeley. For the trip Mrs. Marsh changed to a modish suit of printed taffeta, jacket and harmonizing accessories.
Guests at the wedding included Dr. ' Bethe e o£ Mrs Ander . and Mrs. W. W. Webster, Dr. and Mrs. B. E. Haskell, Dr. and Mrs. II. Ji. Holcomb, Mrs., S. W. Seward and Miss Marjory Seward of Wray, Mr. and. Mrs. A. V. Anderson, Miss Emma Lou Anderson, Paul Anderson, Miss Phebe Jane Roberts, R. Roy Roberts of Denver and Dewey Sample of Boulder.
Mrs. Marsh is the daughter of R. Roy Roberts of Denver. She received..."

In 1940 Greeley, Medora, 27 is married to J.W. Marsh, 36, born in Illinois, a medical doctor, with Phebe 19

November 24, 1950 Greeley "Mrs. Sally Marsh of Greeley and Warren McMillen of La Salle were married Thanksgiving Day at 11:30 by the Rev. C. I. Cecil at parsonage of the First Christian Church.
The single ring ceremony was performed in the presence of members of the immediate families of the bridal pair. Attendants were their close friends for many years, Mr. and Mrs. Reece Wilkinson. The date also marked the wedding anniversary of the Wilkinsons.
Following the wedding, the couple was honored at a family holiday dinner given by the groom's mother, Mrs. Gordon McMillen, at her country home, south of LaSalle. The McMillens left at 4 o'clock in his private plane for San Antonio, Texas, where they will be the guests of Capt. and Mrs. H. E. Holcomb, also close friends of theirs for many years. The Holcombs lived here before he entered the service.
He was associated with the Greeley Clinic. The McMillens will also visit friends at Corpus Christi and Brownsville, Texas before continuing to Mexico City. They plan to make an aerial tour of Mexico. On return from their wedding trip, the McMillens will be at home at his farm, south of La Salle."

Medora "Sally" McMillen 1912-1990 is buried in Greeley # 65228909.
So is Warren Noel McMillen 1906-1979 # 65228910.

Charles L. Summerton was in Fort Collins in 1940, married two years to Ethyl A. with newborn Laurita. They divorced in 1941 in Fort Collins.
He's buried in Littleton, Colorado 1919-1955 # 142443753.

Ethel A. Rawlins is buried in Jefferson County, Colorado, 1919-2000, # 53915108.

Phebe Jane Roberts was born Feb 13, 1921 in Denver, name Summerton in 1944, as Burnett in 1958, and Roberts in 1984. She died June 11, 1996, and is buried in Greeley # 65310134.
The Greeley Tribune said she married Charles Summerton in October 1942, and he died in April 1955.

October 19, 1942 "Miss Phebe Roberts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Roy Roberts of Denver, was married to Charles L. Summerton of Fort Collins in a ceremony presided over by Justice of the Peace Slanfield in Fort Collins on Saturday. Miss Audrey Fronts and Loren Welshans of Fort Collins were attendants. The bride wore a pretty frock of navy blue and rose, worn with a topcoat and hat of lighter blue. Her shoulder corsage bouquet was of roses. Mrs. Summerton was graduated from Greeley high school and later attended the Greeley Commercial College. She has been employed at the Collintulo Drug company in Fort Collins and plans to continue her work there for the present. She is the sister of Mrs. John W. Marsh, formerly of Greeley, who is now with her husband, Lieutenant Commander Marsh of the U. S. Navy, stationed in California. Her aunt is Mrs. A. V. Anderson of Greeley, with whom she made her home here. Mr. Summorton is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Snmmerton of Fort Collins. He has been employed at the A.A.A. office in Fort Collins the past nine years. For the present, the Summertons will live at the Armstrong hotel, Fort Collins."

Mrs. A. V. Anderson entertained a group of friends at the Tea House when she arranged a miscellaneous shower in honor of her niece, Mrs. Charles Summerton, of Fort Collins. Mrs. Summerton is the former Phebe Jane Roberts of Greeley, whose marriage was a recent event.

Rufus Roy Roberts 1884-1963 is buried in Littleton Colorado # 8781252, with Hazel Faye (Enwall) Roberts 1905-1968.

"Hazel married RUFUS ROY ROBERTS, 25 Oct, 1940, Raton, Colfax County, NM. He was born 05 Jun, 1884, Washington, Washington County, KS, d. 04 Mar, 1963, Denver, CO. They had no children. Hazel was married prior to Roy, her last name was Nolde. There were no children. Roy was married prior to Hazel. "

One tree said Ida died March 1954 in Colorado - one possibility is a Mrs. Ida R. Peterson - obituary in the Denver Post March 16, 1954.

December 1899 "Bacon Roberts and wife will take up quarters at the C 12 ranch."
April 1900 "Bacon Roberts and wife have quit work at the C 12 ranch and Mrs. Roberts has gone to her parents' home on the Arickaee for a visit."
August 1904 Wray "Bacon Roberts of Laird has taken charge of the race horses at the fair track."


Olathe Kansas November 30, 1905 "A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Buffer Roberts, formely of Olathe. but now of Wray, Colorado, on the 17th. "

1908 Laird items "It is said that Bacon Roberts will move to Idaho soon."

Buffer Roberts of Laird, Colorado, age 31 married Allie B. "Orark" age 24 in Johnson County, Kansas, October 4, 1904.

In 1910 Wray precinct, Buffer is 37, married to Allie 30 botn born in Kansas, and theyhave Maguerite 5 born in Colorado.

August 31, 1911 " Mr. and Mrs. Buffer Roberts of Laird, Kansas, announce the arrival of a son, August 23. Mrs. Roberts Miss Allie will be remembered as O'Roark."

Olathe Kansas October 1915 "Mrs. T. C. Brown will return to her home in Wray, Colo., today, after visiting some time with her aunts, Mrs. Kmolyn Xorman and Mrs. George Alger. Marguerite Roberts, her niece, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Buffer Roberts, will return with her in order to attend school. Mrs. Brown spent a part of last week in Iok with Dr. Hull and wife."

In 1920 Wray, Buffer is 46, Allie 40, Maguerite 14 and Ronald 8.

In 1930 Wray they're still together, Marguerite a teacher, Ronald a truck driver for the highway department, and Buffer still a bank cashier.

September 26, 1933 "escaped with $150, taking the cashier with them as a hostage, two men were captured near Haigler, Neb.... Shots were exchanged between the posse pursuing the bandits and the two robbers before they surrendered. The men said they were: Les White and Grant Atkinson. Sheriff's officers stated they admitted staging the robbery and were identified by bank employees. The robbers brandished revolvers as they entered the bank. After scoop.... pany them to their auto. The bandits.... up available money they forced Buffer Roberts, the cashier, to accom. and sped eastward. released Roberts at the edge of town. ... "

Allie is buried in Wray # 81731619.

Funeral services for Mrs. Allie B. Roberts were held Monday afternoon at the Methodist church in Wray, Colo., conducted by the Rev. James E. Keesey.
Mrs. Roberts was born Allie B. O'Roark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben O'Roark, who lived in the Twin Springs neighborhood, Oct. 26, 1879. Death followed a long illness and a series of strokes, Feb. 8, at Wray.
Miss O'Roark grew to young womanhood in Johnson County and Olathe, and following her marriage to Buffer Roberts at the family home, moved to Colorado to live.
Besides her husband, Mrs. Roberts leaves a daughter and a son.
Interment was in Grandview cemetery, Colorado. (Thanks to Ken Roe)
Johnson County Democrat Thursday, February 14, 1957

Marguerite Roberts married Kenneth J. Conrad May 4, 1932, recorded in Yuma County.

Ronald O. Roberts married Virginia Hilbert December 26, 1936, recorded in Yuma County.

Ronald was in Fort Collins in 1940, married to Virginia. He's buried in Fort Collins, 1911-1990 # 49130485.
So is Virginia 1913-1985 # 49130492.

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