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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Thomas L. and Mary Steele

In 1860 Peoria Illinois, John "Stelle" is 35, Mary E. 30, Mary A. 13, Alonzo T. 9, Thomas L. 7, Lornetta J. 5, Janes V. 4, and Mancy E. eight months.
One tree said Mary was a McConnell. Eva married Charles M. Dempsey. He ended up in WSashington married to a Lulu in 1910 census, and one tree said Eva died in Nebraska.

In 1870 Knox County, Illinois, John Steele is farming 44, Mary E. 40, both born in Pennsylvania. Lonzo F. was born in Virginia, 19, Thomas L. 17, Loreta J. 15, James B. 14, Eva V. 10, William 7, John W. 5, and Sarah A. 4 were born in Illinois.
(Loretta J. Oberholtzer, 1854-1936 is buried in Knox County # 117422039._

In 1880 Nemaha County, Nebraska, Hattie B. Steele is 3, born in Illinois, with parents Thomas 27 and Mary 26, both Illinois, and Cora E. seven months, born in Nebraska.
In August 1896 "Rev. E.L. Steele" conducted the wedding ceremony of Maggie Lay to Homer Springg. Maggie was the sister of Elzy Lay of the Wild BUnch with Butch Cassidy.

John S. Drommond married Belle Steele June 23, 1897, recorded in Yuma County.
October 1898 "Rev. T. L. Steele, Will Waters, Jas. Douglas and Freeman Ballard went to Akron and proved up on their homesteads on Tuesday."

In 1898 the Baptist Home Mission Monthly listed T. L Steele as pastor for the "Eastern Part of Colorado." There were twenty listings for Colorado, and T.L. is the only one east of Denver.

Thomas L. Steele proved up a quarter in 7, 1N 42W in 1899 - about two miles south of Laird.

April 1899 "Rev. T. L. Steele went to Denver Tuesday."
Lionel B. Rife married "Crete Steel" November 1, 1899, recorded in Yuma County.
November 4, 1899 "Married, November 1, 1899, at 3:30 p.m., at the home of the groom, Mr. Leonel Rife and Miss Crete Steele, both of Laird, R. S. Pike officiating. The contratcting parties are well known and highly respected in this community and have the best wishes of all. A large nninbor of relatives and friends were present to witness the ceremony and to cogratulate them. Promptly at 6 o'clock the guests repaired to the dining room, where an excellent supper was waiting, the tables being laden with nil the delicacies of the season. The guests were charmingly entertained by the host nd hostess. The young couple were the recipients of many useful presents, among them being the following:
Tablecloth, Mrs. W. E. McGinnis
Pair towels, Mrs. Chas. McGrue
Pair towels, Etta Hickman
Clock and dozen chickens, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Dowling.
Set glassware, Daisy McGinnis and Alva Drommond
Set plates, Emory Rife
Set cups and saucers, Will Rife
Set spoons, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Miller
Coffee pot, Wesley Rife
Wash dish, Pauline Rife
Set table spoons, Mr. and Mrs. Pike
Fruit dish, Miss Daisy Byers
Mr. and Mrs. Rife, $20, Chas. Rife, $20, Nels Rife $5."

In 1900 Colorado Springs, T.L. Steel is an expressman, born January 1853, married 26 years to Mollie E. Sept 1853, both Illinois. Mabel was born March 1889 in Nebraska.
In the household is John Drummond March 1874 married four years to Hattie Dec 1876 Illinois, Ernest March 1898 Nebraska, and Elmer April 1899 Nebraska. They have four boarders.

November 1902 "Rev. T. L. Steele and family have returned to Laird from Colorado Springs where they have been living for the past three years. Mr. Steele made this office a pleasant call last Saturday, paid up his subscription a year in advance and took a shot at our can of corn and beans. He expressed himself as much pleased with the improvements manifested in eastern Yuma County." January 1905 "T. L. Steele, who has been a resident of Colorado Springs for over a year, has returned to Yuma county. He drove into town shortly after noon Monday, and after greeting a host of friends, went on his way to Laird where he will again take up his residence on tho old homestead. After all, there is no place like Yuma county."

September 1908 "A letter from T. L. Steele formerly of Laird, states that himself and family are now pleasantly located at 640 Franklin street, Colorado Springs, where they will be pleased to greet any eastern Colorado friends who may happen to be passing that way."

Thomas L. Steele 57 and Mary E. 56, both born in Illinois, are in Yuma County in 1910. She's ahd five children, three living.
1910 Laird "T. L. Steele has the foundation laid for the erection of a business house south of the drug store."

1911 Wray "Mrs. T. L. Steele and daughter, Mrs. L. B. Rife, of Laird were holiday shoppers at the county capitol last Monday afternoon between trains."

1915 Laird items "T. L. Steele, a former resident of Laird, but who now lives near Squirrel Creek, Colo., [El Paso County] is in Laird looking after his property interests and putting some improvements and repairs on his property on Capitol Hill which will be occupied by M. S. Modrell."

June 1916 "Mr. and Mrs. Lone Rife and son, Roy, accompanied by Mr. Rife's mother left Laird Sunday evening for Squirrel Creek, Colo., to visit the T. L. Steele and John Drummond families. They will make the trip overland in the Rife car."

In 1920 El Paso County, Thomas and Mary both 66 are farming, next to the John Drummond 44 and Belle 421 family, who have Floyd 9.

In 1930 El Paso County, "Lee T." and Mollie are living with John, Hattie and Floyd Drummond.

The 1935 Colorado Springs directory has Thos L. (Mary E.) at 1001 S. Weber.

Thomas Leroy Steele 1853-1936 # 49653849 and Mary E Steele 1853-1935, # 35152495 are buried in Colorado Springs.


March 1900 "Lone Rife has moved onto the T. L. Steele place which he will farm this season."

May 12, 1900 "Born, to Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Rife, on the 8th instant, a boy."
In 1900 Yuma County Lionel born January 1878, married to Crete Oct 1881, have Charley May 1900.

January 26, 1901 "The funeral of the child of Mr. and Mrs. Lone Rife took place Sunday morning, conducted by Rev. Cowan. Tbe bereaved parents have the sympathy of their many friends."

August 3, 1906 "A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Leon Rife of Laird, last Tuesday morning."

November 16, 1906 "Died, on November 12th, at one o'clock in the morning, Orlin Ray Rife, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Rife, of Laird. He was three months old and after a brief illness died of meningitis. The funeral services were conducted at the house Tuesday morning by Rev. T. R. Marsh, of the Presbyterian church and the interment was in the Grand View cemetery. The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the parents in their loss." "
In 1908 Lionel B. Rife of Laird filed for claim of land in 31, 2N 42W, witnesses Rob P. Miller, Daniel A. Murdock, William Rife, and David E. Roberts.

December 24, 1909 "Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Steele and Mr. Lone Rife and family spent Sunday with John Drommonds."

March 1913 " The primary room of the Laird school took a half-holiday last week and attended the closing exercise of the north Laird school taught by Miss Shannon. Lone Rife kindly contributed his team and wagon which furnished transportation for the twenty five happy girls and boys besides their teacher Miss Hazel Anderson. The party left at noon and returned about four o'clock well pleased with their trip."

March 1914 "Lone Rife is distributing a car load of Idaho potatoes at Haigler and Benkleman, furnished by his brother, Charlie, of Twin Falls."

April 1914 "L. B. Rife and family started last Sunday with his family overland, for Central Nebraska for a summer's work on a reservoir. They expect to be a week on the road, with two heavy teams carrying housekeeping supplies for camp life."

February 1915 "Mr. and Mrs. Lone Rife have rented the C. E. Miller hotel and will take possession as soon as J. W. Gilbert vacates."

Lionel 1878-1965 is buried in Wray # 57520785.

Mary L. Rife 1881-1965 is also buried there, on the same stone # 57520876.

Charlie L. Rife 1900-1901 # 57520729
Orlin Ray Rife 1906-1906 # 57520950

March 22, 1917 "The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Lone Rife who reside in North Laird, died Saturday morning after living only a few hours. The babe was laid to rest Sunday morning in the Grand View cemetery in Wray."

June 1917 "L. B. Rife of near Laird, was taken to Denver Monday where he underwent an operation for a serious attack of appendicitis. This is the second operation recently for Mr. Rife, as he was operated on for hernia, from which operation he was just barely recovering."

July 5, 1917 "Mrs. Elvira Rife and Mrs. L. B. Rife, who accompanied L. B. Rife to the hospital in Denver last week, returned Friday and reported Mr. Rife's condition favorably."

In 1920 Yuma County, Lone B. Rife is 46, Crete M. 36, with Roy S. 17.
This must be Simon Leroy. He's married to Maude in 1930 Yuma County. Simon Rife and Maude Dimmick married April 9, 1922, recorded in Yuma County.
Simon is in Colorado Springs in 1940, and is buried in Fort Morgan 1902-1978 # 68660819, with Maude D. Rife 1902-1995 # 68660841.

So is Carl 1915-1983 # 68355231, with Carolee 1933-1985. <
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