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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Bengta Svenson

In 1890 the Denver Swedish newspaper mentions Ake Svenson of 2368 10th St.
Our honored and esteemed fellow countryman, Mr. Åke Svensson 2308 10th (N.D.) was given an expensive golden watch on his 54th birthday by his son-in-law P.W. Peterson, on the 10th of March.

" Bengta Svenson, widow of Ake Svenson, deceased, of 2301 8th Street, Denver, Colorado" proved up a quarter in sections 4 and 9, 1N 42W in 1908 - about three miles east of Laird. Her witnesses were Edwin J. Dowling, Lewis Jacobson, Sam W. Seward, and Bert D. Prentice.

Alex Svenson died October 16, 1895 in Denver, buried in Riverside, with no other Svenson's in the listing.

In 1900 Laird precinct, Ake "Swen" is a carpenter, born March 1836 in Sweden is farming, married, living alone next to Jonas Holtquist.

Ake Swenson, born March 10, 1836, died July 31, 1902, and is buried in Riverside # 162574292. On the same stone is Emil Swenson 1878-1878, # 162574307, and Bengta Swenson 1846-19??, # 162574323.

In 1900 Denver, "Betsy" Swenson, born December 1845 in Sweden, is widowed. Tilda July 1880 Colorado is an ironer in a laundry, Arthur Sept 1886 is a cash boy for a dry goods store. Hattie Swenson Jan 1876 is a washer in a laundry.

In 1910 Denver, Bengta "Swenson" is 63, born in Sweden, widowed. She's had eight kids, seven living. One is Arthur E., a bookkeeper, 22, Tillie L. 28, a seamstress, both born in Colorado. Another is Alfred N., a painter, 38, divorced, born in Illinois.

Bengta's estate, filed by Tillie, with Arthur as administrator, said Bengta died March 2, 1911, leaving a lot and some household goods.
Heirs were Alfred and Arthur of 2626 Vallejo St., Carl of 2321 Larimer, Jennie Hultzuist of Laird Colorado, Edith Peterson of 2642... , and Mattie and Tillie of 2626 Vallejo St..


Ida Swenson married Peter W. Peterson March 10, 1889, in Denver, performed by minister H.D. Johnston.

In 1900 Denver, Peter is a saloon keeper, born Dec 1855 in Sweden, married 12 years to Eda April 1869 Illinois. Carl Swenson, her brother June 1884 in De Colorado, is with them.

In 1910 Denver, Peter is a farmer, 54, with Ida 41, no children.
In 1911 the Denver directory has Peter W. with a saloon at 1331 15th, living at 2642 Arapahoe
In 1925, Eda (wid Peter) is living at 2642 Arapahoe.

In 1930 Denver, Eda Peterson is 61 born in Illinois, widowed. She's living next to Edwin 24 and Louise 20 Peterson, both born in Sweden.

In 1940 Eda is still living alone, 71, and still next to Edwin 56 and Jennie 60 Peterson.

Possibly they are the Eda P.W. Peterson 1868-1941 buried in Denver Fairmount # 128401571.


In 1904 and 1909 Denver, Tilda L. Swenson works domestic laundry, lives at 2361 9th.
Mabel Swenson is a telephone operator, living at 1368 S. 9th in 1904, and in 1909 is at 1368 Mariposa. So is Maud Swenson, a feeder for Smith-Brooks Printing company.
Mathilda A. Swenson married Enos G. Doner December 9, 1925, recorded in Larimer County - just a possibility....
Amelia Matilda (Siverson) Doner 1886-1952, # 53068280 and Enos are buried in Fort COllins.

Maude Swenson married B. Walter Easton April 13, 1926, recorded in Denver. Just a possibility....
In 1930 Denver, Maude Easton is with mother Anna Swenson born in Germany.They divorced in Denver October 18, 1932.
Maude and B. Walter divorced in Denver October 8, 1932.

So this Maude is not the Yuma County one...


Jennie Swenson married John Hultquist July 29, 1891, recorded in Denver.
1898 "Mr. and Mrs. John Hultquist received a beautiful folding bed Tuesday. It was a present from Denver friends."

1904 " In the career of John Hultquist, who lives seven miles east of Wray, can be found a pleasing illustration of what persevering industry and good management can accomplish on Yuma county land.

Mr. Hultquist is a native of Sweden, where he was born in 1860. In 1882 he came to America and commenced his career in the New World by engaging as a farm employee near Boulder, Colo., in May of that year. For three years he worked by the month for one farmer, when he was offered and accepted the management of the famous Windsor farm, six miles from Denver. He held this important position for six years, when he resigned to accept a more lucrative offer as manager of the Excelsior farm of 6,000 acres in the San Luis Valley. After one year he resigned this position to assume the management of the See Bar See ranch of 4,000 acres adjoining Wray, this county. In his capacity he served three years, with credit to himself and his employers, when he resigned and commenced farming for himself. He bought 160 acres of land near the village of Laird, which constitutes a part of his present ranch. He had made considerable money since coming to Colorado, but it was all swept away by the panic of 1893, and when he purchased his farm he was almost penniless. His chief capital was composed of persevering energy, untiring industry and a thorough knowledge of farming pursuits, which he utilized to the best advantage possible. In a short time he homesteaded 160 acres adjoining his farm and his enlarged efforts were rewarded by generous success. Subsequently he bought 160 acres more, making a ranch of 480 acres in all. He has 137 acres of irrigated land under cultivation, and he grows a fine crop of corn, oats, potatoes and alfalfa. He has harvested sixty bushels of corn, 100 bushels of oats and 250 bushels of potatoes an acre, while he cuts three heavy crops of alfalfa each season. In growing potatoes, especially, Mr. Hultquist has achieved remarkable success, indicated by the fact that last season eight acres of potatoes yielded him $1,000 clear of all expenses.

In addition to his farming operations, Mr. Hultquist keeps a small herd of cattle, of which he has thirty at present. He raises fine hogs, also, and ships a car load of these to the eastern markets every year, netting him a handsome revenue. The gentleman is famous for the superior quality of horses he keeps. At present he owns eight horses which would be hard to surpass in size, symmetry and other valuable properties. He always gets fancy prices for his horses.

Mr. Hultquist has a fine brick residence on his ranch, as well as comfortable sheds and stables for his stock and he is making preparations for the erection of a large frame barn. Indeed the farm is well supplied with everything requisite to make it an inviting home, which reflects the enterprise and prosperity of its industrious owner. Adjacent to the residence is an extensive orchard, composed of peach, pear, apple and cherry trees, which yield abundant crops of delicious fruit, and to this array of pleasing farm delicacies he will add strawberries, raspberries, currants and other small fruits next season.

While the gentleman has had to work hard to overcome obstacles, he is now reaping generous returns from his perseverance in well doing. For several years his ranch has yielded him from $1,200 to $2,000 a year, clear of all expenses, and to-day Mr. Hultquist is worth upwards of ten thousand dollars, all of which he accumulated in eight years on a Yuma county farm.

In Denver, in July, 1891, Mr. Hultquist married Miss Jennie Cecilia Swenson, an estimable and industrious lady, and they have a family of three sons and twin daughters.

In addition to being one of the most successful farmers in Eastern Colorado, Mr. Hultquist is a kind neighbor and a good, useful citizen, who enjoys the esteem of all who know him. Fraternally the gentleman is a member of the local hive of Maccabees.

In 1910 Yuma County, John Hultquist is 49, born in Sweden, married 18 years to Jennie A. 39 born in Illionois. J. Walter is 17, Mabel A. 16, Maud B. 16, Arthur E. 13, and Carl A. 8.

November 1917 "Mrs. Roblin, of Denver, who has been visiting Mrs. John Hultquist, returned to her home Friday."

In 1920 Laird precinct, they have Mabel 26 teaching school, Arthur 23 farming, Carl 18 farming, and Mary 9.

On the same page is Jonas Hultquist 55, with Emma J. 44, John A. 12, and Martin E. 9.

Jennie S. Hultquist filed suit in 1928 in Yuma County against John Hultquist for divorce, and for partition of property.

Jennie is divorced, owner of a school supply business, in 1930 Denver, living alone.

Jennie (Swenson) Hultquist dying December 1946, is buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado # 157282539, which says her daughter was Mary V. Hultquist 1911-1921.

December 19, 1946

John Hultquist 1859-1945 is buried in Wray # 37801142.
March 1, 1945

J.M. Hultquist 1866-1905 is buried in Denver Fairmount, per # 91763143.

Jonas Hultquist proved up 160 acres in sections 8 and 17, 1N 42W - two miles from Bengta's claim, in 1900.

In 1910 Laird precinct, Yuma County, Jonas Hultquist is 47, married four years to Emma 34, both born in Sweden. Albert is 2, born in Colorado.

March 1915 " Miss Mabel Hultquist, who teaches school northeast of Yuma, went down to Laird last Friday evening to visit her parents, returning on the noon train Sunday. Miss Mae Elwood accompanied her on the trip."
April 1915 "Mabel and Walter Hultquist have each taken a squatters right on a homestead about twenty miles northcast of Wray."

Mabel graduated from Colorado Teachers College in Greeley in 1918.

September 1919 "Miss Mable Hultquist, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hultquist of Laird, departed Saturday for Ft. Morgan where on Monday of this week she resumed her school work as teacher of the second grade in the Central school building at Fort Morgan. Miss Hultquist taught in the same room last year and gave such universal satisfaction that she was reemployed. Before leaving Saturday morning Miss Hultquist called at this office and ordered the Rattler sent to her address the coming year in order that she may keep in touch with the happenings in this part of Colorado."
In 1920 Morgan County, Mabel is teaching school, unknown age, listed wtih the Joseph and Cassie Ambrose family.
In 1930 Yuma County, John is 69, divorced, and Mabel A. 37 and Floyd Garton 40 are with him. Leslie F. is 5, Esther 3, and Carol K. 2 are all born in Colorado.

John is still with them in 1940, 81. Floyd is 51, Mabel 47, Leslie 15, Esther 14, and Carol 12.

Floyd registered for WWII in Denver, born at Mead, Nebraska November 28, 1889. He was working at Morris Bros on Broadway in Denver. Mabele Garton of Wray was his reference.

Floyd and Mable are living at 2133 S. Corona in Denver in 1951 and 1957, and he's a carpenter at Morse Brother Machinery.
They're still on Corona in 1967, retired.

January 1, 1915 "On Sunday, December 27th, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Hultquist, of Laird, occurred the marriage of their daughter, Miss Maude, to Mr. Evan Garton. At 1 o'clock the bridal party entered the parlor to tho Lohengrin Wedding March, played by Miss Mae Elwood, of Yuma. Rev. Martin performed the ceremony. Miss Mabel Hultquist, sister of the bride, and Mr. Morris Garton, brother of the groom, were bridesmaid and groomsman. The brido was beautifully gowned in pale blue crepe do chine and wore white roses, while the groom was attired in a suit of dark blue. Shortly after the ceremony, an elegant dinner was partaken of, and after a short time spent in music the happy couple departed for the home northwest of Wray. The bride is well known, not only at Laird and Wray, where she attended school, but also at Yuma, having just taught a successful term of school at Schramm. The groom is a prosperous ranchman living northwest of Wray, and well liked wherever he is known."

In 1920 Yuma County, living in the Weld City area north of Eckley, Evan is 36, Maud 26, with Glenn J. 4 and Larry M. 2.
They're in Arthur County, Nebraska in 1930, with Glen 14, Larry 13, and Max E. 5, all sons born in Colorado.
In 1940 Arthur County, they have only Max.

"Melvin Lee Poage was born in 1926 at Denver, Colorado, the son of Emery Melvin Poage (1899-1982) and Bessie Lee Thompson Poage (1897-1976). He married Esther Ellen Garton in 1947 at Denver. They had four children, 1953-1959, born at Denver. Esther Ellen Garton was born in 1926 at Wray, Colorado, the daughter of Floyd Garton (1889-1986) and Mabel A. Hultquist Garton (1893-1985)."

Evan Garton 1883-1948 is buried in Ogallala, Nebraska # 64138753.
July 21, 1948 "Mr. and Mrs. Harley Garton and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Moran drove to Ogallala Nebraska last Wednesday to the funeral of Mr. Garton's brother, Evan Garton. Sympathy is extended to the family. (Rosalie Garton married Charles Moran.)

In 1922 Yuma County " Garton, Evan, Rancher, PO Wray, 1908, Born Missouri 1883, married Maude Hultquist, two children."
Larry Melvin Garton was born at Wray March 16, 1917 to Evan Garton and Maud Hultquist, and died July 15, 1996.

"Max Garton, son of Evan & Maude Baines (Hultquist) Garton. Born Jan 11, 1925 in Colorado and died Oct. 23, 1969 in Oshkosh, Nebraska" # 68938723.
Evan Garton proved up 320 acres in 25 and 26, 4N 45W in 1918, two miles from Walter Hultquist's 1920 and 1921 claims.

June 22, 1956 Eckley items "Evan Garton Meloney, 42 year old Sterling man and at one time a resident of this community, was killed Thursday when his car smashed into a concrete bridge about six miles north of Alliance, Nebraska. He was alone in the car."

September 28, 1922 "One of the most regrettable tragedies that has saddened this community for many a day, occurred last Saturday morning when one of the finest young men in this locality lost his life by being run over by a truck. Carl F. Hultquist, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hultquist of the Laird neighborhood, and brother of Postmaster Walter Hultquist of this city, was killed Saturday morning when a truck driven by Reno Mahon ran over his body. The accident happened about one mile east of Laird. Carl has had charge of the post office at Laird here of late. He was walking to town Saturday morning from his fathers farm, when he was overtaken by Mahon and another man with a truck load of watermelons. The men in the truck invited Carl to ride to town, and he readily accepted the invitation. The men were riding in the cab and could not see the rear of the truck. They evidently presumed that Carl had gotten into the truck safely, for they started ahead, but went only a short distance when they discovered the young man lying prostrate in the road. He had evidently missed his footing and fell in such manner that the truck passed over him, inflicting fatal injuries. One of the men remained with Carl while the other one hurried on to Laird to summon help. A physician was called from Wray, but arrived too late to be of assistance. The Hultquist family was notified and an effort was made to remove the young man to his home, but he died while on the way home. Deputy county Coroner Thomas was notified and hurried to Laird to hold an inquest, and upon arriving there and securing facts concerning the accident decided that an inquest was unnecessary.
Carl Hultquist was born February 8, 1902, and died Sept. 23, 1922, at the age of 20 years, 7 months and 15 days. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Laird M. E. church and the body was brought to the Grandview cemetery near Wray for burial. Carl Hultquist was an exemplary young man who enjoyed the hearty good will and friendship of all his acquaintances. His untimely death has cast a shadow of gloom over the entire community. The funeral service Sunday afternoon was attended by a great multitude of people. The great sympathetic heart of a friendly community mourns with the grief-stricken relatives over the loss of one of the community's finest young men."

Carl is buried in Wray # 37801109.

December 1927 "John W. Hultquist postmaster at Wray, was arrested a few days ago by Deputy United States Marshal J. F. Whittier of Sterling, charged with embezzlement of $667.98 postal money order funds."

Arthur's son Philip married in 1948

Jonas, per # 121879494 is buried in Denver Fairmount 1863-1943.
October 1911 "We are glad to report the return of Jonas Hultquist and family home from Sweden. Mr. Hultquist sold his farm near Laird and they went to Sweden with the intention of making their home there, but the climate did not agree with their little boy and the old country did not seem the same so they returned to America and to Colorado and will probably make their home in the vicinity of Laird. They were accompanied by Miss Amanda Nelson, a niece of Mr. Hultquist, who will make her home with her uncle."

Carl Eugene Hultquist 1924-2003 is buried in Fort Morgan.
Martin Hultquist 1910-2007 's obituary was in the Wray Gazette January 9, 2008, possibly buried in Boulder.

Philip Ray Hultquist, 83, longtime area resident, passed away January 29, 2010 at his home in Ft. Morgan. He was born February 19, 1926 in Laird, Colorado to Arthur E. and Helen A. Hultquist. Phil attended school at Laird, Colorado and graduated in 1944 from Laird High School. Following graduation and his 18th birthday he volunteered to serve in the United States Army during WWII. Following basic training at Camp Hood, Texas he went to Glasgow, Scotland on the Queen Elizabeth. They traveled by train to Southampton, England and crossed the English channel to Le Havre, France to join the 3rd Infantry Division and continued on to the final days of WWII at Salzburg, Austria. He returned to the USA and was honorably discharged in 1946 at Ft. Sheridan, Illinois. He returned to Northeastern, Colorado and married Fern Johnston on June 27, 1948 in Akron, Colorado.

Phil enjoyed fishing and telling stories. He loved his family and friends and was greatly loved in return. In his later years he garnered a great interest in genealogy.
Phil is survived by Fern, his wife of 62 years and their children Phyllis Berryhill, Gregg Hultquist and Kay Jarman, seven grandchildren, Tammy Hardy and husband Gregg, Gregory Hultquist, Bret Berryhill and wife Rebecca, Brian Berryhill and wife Jennifer, Jennifer Pagano and husband Major Colonel Tom, USAF, Scott Jarman and Tyler Jarman.
He was preceded in death by his parents, his brother Carl Hultquist and his sister Jean Anderson.
A Celebration of His Life will be held at the First Christian Church in Ft. Morgan, 225 Bijou, on February 19, 2010 at 11:00 AM for family, friends and the public. Cremation has taken place. The ashes will be buried in Wray, Colorado at a later date. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to either the First Christian Church or in Phil’s name to the charity of one’s choice in care of the Heer & Dahl Mortuary at 225 E. Platte Ave., Ft. Morgan, Colorado 80701. The Heer & Dahl Mortuary & Crematory in Ft. Morgan is in charge of the arrangements.

Hattie Etta Black was born February 5, 1874 in Denver, to Ake Swenson and Betsy Pearson.

The Rocky Mountain News of January 19, 1901 reported a marriage license of Hattie E. Swenson and Elmer H. Black.
A.A. Johnson, minister, performed the ceremony.

In 1910 Denver, Hattie Black is a seamstress, married, 38, with Eugene 4 born in California.
Hattie E. Black and Elmer H. Black divorced in Denver in 1910.

Harriett E. Swenson married Benjamin Benedit Smith in Denver Apirl 3, 1913, performed by priest, P.A. Phillips.

In 1920 Denver, Hattie E. Black is widowed, an operator at a mercantile company, 44, born in Colorado, with son Eugene G. 13 California.
In 1927 Denver, Hattie is an operator for the Colorado Overall Co, living at 4639 Hooker.
Eugene Black married Lila V. Mahan in Denver March 12, 1924, perormed by G.W. Lacklaand.
Eugene (Lila M.) is a collector, at 422 Exchange Bldg, living at 4939 Hooker.

Eugene G. Black married Marjorie M. Montgomery in Denver June 17, 1928, preofrmed by B.D. Dagwell.
Lila M. Black married H. ALfred Krogh November 7, 1928, ecorded in Denver.

In 1930 Denver, Hattie E. Black is 56, divorced, 56, no occupation.

In 1937 Denver, Mrs. Hattie E. Black lives at 4939 Hooker. Eugene G. (Marjorie) is a clerk for the phone company, living at 4746 Tennyson.

In 1940 Denver, still on Hooker Street, Hattie is living alone 66 no occupation.


Arthur E. Swenson married Carrie May Bauzhaf December 24, 1913, recorded in Denver.

Arthur Emil Swenson registered for WWI with an address of 2626 Vallejo, married wtih two children, working at Swenson Auto Company at 1944 Champa Street.

Arthur Emil Swenson registered for WWII with an address in Denver, born there Sept 30, 1886.
He died in Los Angeles September 28, 1972, and is buried iwth Carrie 1891-1982 in Glendale, California # 111207555.

Carl was living with sister Ida Peterson in 1900, and in 1910 is a machinist in Denver, 25, married to Lillian J. 24.

In 1920 Carl is a car dealer, 35 with a wife 34, born in Denver.
They're in Lakewood, Colorado in 1930 and at 31st and Lawrence, Denver in 1940, poultry farmers.
Carl Victor Swenson registered for WWII, living at 1580 Emerson in Denver, reference Anna Swenson of Coleman Truck Co. in Littleton Colorado.
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