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Yuma County Pioneers -

George V. and Lilly (Kailey) Watkins

In 1850 Cattaraugus County, New York, John "Kenedy" is 41, Phebe 21, with Emily 4 and Lewis 1.

In 1856 Chickasaw County, Iowa, John "Kanaday" is 52, "Phily"" 25, Emily 10, Elias 8, Mary 6, and "Borre" 3.

Emily L. (Kennedy) Allen 1847-1923 is buried in Howell County, Missouri # 14999264 "Daughter of John Kennedy and Phoebe Malissa Newberry; wife of Byron M. Allen, mother of Phoebe and Minnie"
This is George's half-sister
Lewis C. Kennedy, 1849-1924 is buried in Durango, Colorado # 7496438, "Co. G. , 77th Minnesota Infantry."
This is George's half-brother.

Eunice Watkins, George's sister, married William Henry Kailey, Lillie's sister.

George was born February 14, 1864 at Ames, Iowa to Edmond G. Watkins and Phoebe Newbury.

In 1870 Story County, Iowa, E.G. Watkins is 60, Phoeba 43, Joseph 10, Eunice 8, VALENTINE 6, I.V. 3, Vila E. five months.
"Henry Covode", 12, is with them.

W.H. Kennedy 1856-1915, Phoebe's son, is buried in Gosper County.
"Clara Kailey (Cawthra) was Gilbert Kailey's sister. There were 6 siblings: William, Levi, Henry, Joseph, Clara and Gilbert. They were all born in Arapahoe Nebraska, to William and Eunice Kailey."

In 1870 Williams County, Ohio, Joseph Kailey is 36, "Rhebe" 34, William 12, Alice 9, Ada 5, and "Lydia" 1.

Alice M. Kailey, born in Ohio, married John F. McDonald in Eaton, Michigan June 10, 1877.
They're in Gosper County, Nebraska in 1900.

In 1850 Stark County, Ohio, Samuel "Kaly" is 42, Nancy 40, Joseph 17, Henry 15, Harrison 12, Frederick 8, Mary Ann 7, William 4, Christianna 3, Catharine 2, and Susan 1.

In 1880 Gosper County, Nebraska, Joseph A. Kailey is a brickmaker 46, Phoebe 44, both born in Ohio. William H. 22 is a brickmaker, Ida I. 15, both born in Ohio, Viola V. 11, Harriet 8, and Orva J. 6 born in Michigan.

Joseph A. Kailey cash-claimed eighty acres in 11, 5N 24W, Nebraska, on May 3, 1886 at the Loll/Bloomington land office.
Joseph, born January 1833 in Pennsylvania, and Phoebe, December 1836 in Pennsylvania, are living with son William in 1900 Furnas County, and Joseph is widowed in 1910, living with William. He's 76.

February 17, 1899 Laird, Colorado items "Mrs. G. V. Watkins left for Arapahoe, Neb., Saturday."

In 1899 "George V. Watkins of Haigler" was a new subscriber to the Wray Rattler. He also subscribed to the New York Tribune.

December 9, 1899 "Mrs. G. Watkins is very sick."

In 1900 Laird precinct, Yuma County, George is farming, Feb 1865 in Iowa, married 13 years to Lilly V. Feb 1869 Ohio. She's had one child, none living.

December 1900 "Messrs. Gilbert and Albert "Kaley" are visiting Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Watkins."
(These might be cousins.
July 27, 1901 "Mr. Kailey of Arapahoe, Neb., is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Watkins.

February 15, 1902 "G.V. Watkins lost a horse this week."

George might be in McCook Nebraska in 1903
In 1910 Furnas County, Nebraska, George and Lilly are farming. His brother Joseph E. 51, divorced, born in Iowa, is a railroad laborer.

Charles might be a nephew or cousin of Lillie - 1910

Lilly's uncle Fred Kailey died in Yuma County in 1916 at the home of John and Ruth Carpenter. If anyone has information on why he was there, please let us know.

1917 Red Cloud, Nebraska
Orval J. Kailey was a janitor in the court house in 1920 Red Cloud, with a family.

They're farming in 1920.

Lilly Viola (Kailey) Watkins 1868-1928 is buried in Arapahoe, Nebraska.

In 1930 Furnas County, George has no occuption, but is married to Mary E, 68 born in Indiana.

In 1940 Furnas County, George is widowed, his sister Viola McBride 70, also widowed, and brother Irvin 73 single are with them.

George 1864-1948 is buried in Arapahoe, Furnas County, # 14998977 "Son of Edmund George Watkins and Phoebe Malissa Newberry Kennedy."

His sister Viola was in Furnas County in 1930, age 60, married to Henrey S. McBride 70 a shoe cobbler.
Henry McBride is in Gosper County in 1940, 80, a shoe cobbler, with nephew Delbert McBride 18.

Irvin had married Effie Hogenkamp, born April 19, 1877 at Algia, Iowa , and she's in Forsyth, Montana in 1940, divorced agee 63.

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