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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Susan E. (Peebler) Wolfe, son Charles H. Wolfe, son William E. and Sadie (Bullard) Wolfe

In 1850 Hancock County, Illinois, Jacob Peebler is 33, Felicia 31, Hester Ann12, Edy J. 10, Susan E. 7, and Anne E. 2.
In 1860 Hancock County, Jacob is 48, Philisha 41, Edith 18, Susan 15, Anne E. 12, Illinois 9, Ose 5, and Michael 6.

In 1900 Red Willow County, Nebraska, O.V. Peebler has a general store. Born Nov 1857 married 17 years to Lettie March 1865, both in Illinois, have Bessie July 1883 and Clive April 1887, both born in Nebraska.
Osse V. Peebler 1857-1933 # 54632246 is buried in Jackson County, Oegon.

In 1880 Hancock County, Illinois, Peter Wolfe is a nurseryman, 43, Susan E. 36, Charles H. 18 is a farm laborer, William E. 14 and May E. 12 are in school. John J. is 8, Annie 5.

Peter had married Edith Jane Peebler November 8, 1860 in Hancock County, and one tree said that after she died he married Susan Elizabeth Peebler.

In 1888 Charles H. Wolfe was appointed a notary in Elbert County, Colorado, and in 1892 in Arapahoe County.

Charles cash-claimed a quarter in 28, 1N 42W in 1891, Susan in 1890 in section 29 - about three miles south of Laird.

August 5, 1899 "Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wolfe of Pueblo are here for a few days visit with relatives and friends. Mr. Wolfe was a resident of Wray about ten years ago and this is his first visit for almost a year. He is at present associated with the Miles plant of the American Smelter and Refining Company."

In 1900 Denver, Susan E. born December 1843 in Iowa, widowed, has had six kids, all living. Charles born April 1863 in Illinois, married 13 years but no spouse, is a traveling life insurance agent. William E. another son born January 1866 married eleven years but no spouse. Mary E. a daughter born May 1868 in Illinois has been married seven years. Ernest P. Dorgin born June 1867 in Maine is with them, a surveyer.
Anna L., May 1877, and Phyllis O., Feb 1882 are single. All the kids were born in Illinois, parents in Iowa.


Mary E. Wolfe married Ernest P. "Dorgin" October 10, 1892, recorded in Denver.

In 1910 Denver, Ernest Dorgan is 39, a mining engineer, 39, Mary A. 41 no occupation. Susan Wolfe 66 widowed, born in Iowa is with them. So is Phyllis Wolfe 23, a vocal music instructor.

In 1920 Denver, Mary is divorced, 51, a clerk in a government office. Mother Susan E. 76 is still with her.
In 1930 they're still together, in Edgewater, Jefferson County, with no occupations.

Susan E. Wolfe's obituaries are in the Denver newspapers of November 12 and 13, 1936.

In 1940 Denver, Mary is living at the Olin Hotel.

Mary 1870-1948 is buried in Denver Fairmount, # 119052651.

John Jacob Wolfe, born May 8, 1872 in Kansas, died June 10, 1955 in Santa Clara County, Califronia.

Esther Haigh married Albert L. Banker December 25, 1895, recorded in Denver.

In 1900 Las Animas County, Colorado, William Haigh is a mine operator, born July 1844 in England, with Mary Anna Oct 1843, married 31 years. George W. March 1870 is a clerk, Samuel G. Dec 1880 is a coal miner, and Leora E. Nov 1885 is a stenographer, all born in England. With them is A. L. Banker born April 1875 in New York with Esther April 1876 England, married for years. They have Lillian May 1897 COlorado.
Esther H. Banker and Albert S. Banker divorced in Las Animas County in 1902.
Mary Anne Haigh 1843-1913 is buried in Trinidad # 95056525. So is William Haigh 1842-1904 # 95056531

Samuel Gladstone Haigh 1880-1923 is buried in Las Animas County # 95056528.

In 1910 Fresno, California, John is a carpenter, 38, born in Kansas. Esther is 33, born in England, second marriage of six years. Lillian B. is 11, Marion 5, both born in Colorado. George W. Haigh, a bookkeeper, 40, divorced born in England, is a brother-in-law.

June 1934 "After visiting in Fresno for several days with his brother, J. J. Wolfe and family, C. H. Wolfe has returned to his home in Los Angeles. He was entertained at luncheon at the home of Mrs. J. E Mergenthaler yesterday. The visitor recently returned from a visit with his mother in Colorado, where he formerly was publisher of the Greeley Times."

August 1936 "Mr. and Mrs. George W. Haigh of Trinidad, Colo., who have been traveling for two months, have been in Fresno visiting his sisters, Mrs. J. K. Mergenthaler and Mrs. J. J. Wolfe and his niece, Mrs. E. Pryor. With the two sisters, they recently motored to Venice, San Diego and Tijuana. They also visited relatives in Los Angeles. They were joined here by another brother. F. W. Smith, with Mrs. Smith, and Mr. and Mrs T n h n Green of Denver Colo., who recently visited the Yellowstone National Park, and motored along the Redwood Highway to San Francisco following a sojourn in British Columbia. They plan to go to Los Angelas, San Diego and Catalina Island then returning home by way of the Grand Canyon. The group went to the Yosemite Valley and the Mnripnsa Bt£ Trees on Sunday and Monday evening were guests of honor at a garden party at which Mr. and Mrs. Mergenthaler entertained."

August 1942 Butte, Montana "Miss Phyllis Wolfe of the Montana hotel, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Mary Dargin, has returned from a visit to Denver and other points of Interest. They were absent for two months."

1958 Butte "The pupils of Phyllis Wolfe, teacher of voice, will be presented Tuesday night on the stage of the Crystal Room of the club in Butte in an excellent program of fine music. Friends of the participants are invited to hear the recital"


In 1880 Union County, Iowa, Albert Bullard is 43, born in Canada, farming, with Mary E. 38 Illinois. Nancy A. 22, Add F. 17, Sarah 13, Isabel 11, and Charles 4 wsere all born in Illinois.
(Belle B. Roush 1869-1963 is buried in Wray #@ 68948385.)

Charles A. Bullard 1876-1941 is buried in Way # 50359004.

William E. Wolfe married Sadie E. Bullard July 6, 1890, recorded in Yuma County.

1906 Wray "W. E. Wolfe has a force of men at work raising his dwelling and getting it in shape to put on an addition on the west. Tho main part will be elevated two feet above its present foundation."

W.E. was a candidate for mayor of Wray in 1906.

August 1906 "W. E. Wolfe, our enterprising merchant-farmer, will begin digging his potatoes next Monday if the weather permits. He has twenty acres on his Olive Lake property that will yield about forty bushels per acre."

November 1906 "W. E. Wolfe is building a large dam on Olive Creek above the one that creates Olive lake, and when it is complete he will have a reservoir of nearly twice the capacity of Olive Lake."
December 20, 1907 "The ice on Olive lake is nearly seven inches thick, and a force of men will be put to work tomorrow by W. E. Wolfe to store the ice for next summers use. Ice has heretofore been a scarce article in this town, but from the outlook enough will be put up this winter to last our people the entire season."

W.E. was later advertising Olive Lake Ice for sale.

January 1912 "W. E. Wolfe has shipped out five carloads of ice this week, taken from Olive Lake. He shipped three carloads to George Huey and two to Agnes McNichols of Yuma."

1907 Wray "You will find a new line of Queensware at our store; Fancy dishes, as well as stock patterns, in great variety W. E. WOLFE & CO ."

August 1908 "W. E. Wolfe & Co., have sold their stock of general merchandise to Messrs O. P. Dyar of this city, and Chauncey Slick of near Vernon. The new firm will take possession about the 15th of the present month.
Only the goods went in the deal, Mr. Wolfe retaininh the building and property. The new firm is composed of two of Yuma county's very best citizens, both of them having resided here for a number of years, and are exceedingly well liked by the people in general. They will certainly maintaih the high standard attained by this store, and add to the stock from time to time as business may demand. Mr. Wolfe will devote his entire energies to his farm, the Olive Lake property."
The Wray Fourth of July celebration in 1909 included "Music by Chorus of Fifty voices , led by W. E. Wolfe and the Way Cornet Band."

In 1910 Wray, William is a retired farmer, 44, with Sadie E. 43, both born in Illinois. They have a boarder.

April 25, 1912 "Our genial townsman, W. E. Wolfe, is an old time acquaintance and employee of M. Guggenheim Sons, owners of the American Smelting and Refining Co. Mr. Wolfe was in their employ for 12 years, first as stenographer; Interns adjustor to ore settlement clerk, deciding the value of the assayed gold and silver ore. He served five years as private secretary of Benjnmin Guggenheim, the brother who went down in the ill fated Titanic, April 14. Mr. Wolfe speaks very highly of the character of this brother, as a man and friend, and says if he had remained with him he would likely have gone down with him into the deep."

September 1915 " Mr. and Mrs. D. L. (probabaly should be C.H.) Wolfe and son, Raymond, left Monday morning for their home in Greeley, this state. Mr. Wolfe is a brother of Ed Wolfe of the Olive Lake place, and motored down with his family Friday for a visit in his brother's home."

October 1916 "C. H. Wolfe of Greeley, a pioneer newspaper man of Colorado, was the guest of his brother, Ed Wolfe and wife, of Olive Creek ranch, from the middle of last week to the first of this week."

November 1917 " Mrs. Henry Lepper left Saturday for Centralia, Missouri, where she will spend two or three weeks with her brother and sister. Her brother, William Wolfe, was one of the older settlers in Yuma county and will be remembered as having resided here in the early days."

November 1917 "Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wolfe of Olive Creek ranch, left yesterday morning for Denver to spend Thanksgiving with Mr. Wolfe's mother and sister. Mr. Wolfe's sister, Mary Wolfe Dargan, is register of the Denver United State Land Office."

They're alone in 1920, and in 1930 they have a boarder, Roscoe Bullard, 26.

June 1922 "The W. E. Wolfe ranch just east of town, consisting of some 400 acres, including the Olive lake resort, was sold twice last week. The Standard Lumber Company purchased the ranch from Mr. Wolfe and several days later M. B. Holland purchased it from the Standard Lumber Company. The consideration was approximately $ 12,000 and was a cash deal. This ranch, because of its close proximity to the town of Wray, its excellent grazing faciities and its excellent water advantages, has long been regarded as a valuable piece of property."

William 1866-1935 is buried in Wray # 30593955. So is Sadie # 30593948.


In 1900 Pueblo, Colorado, Chas Wolfe born April 1863 in Illinois, is a traveling man, married 13 yhears to Eva March 1862 Wisconsin. Adopted daughter Mattie Iverson was born August 1882 in Texas. Raymond Wolfe born March 1898, and Eva's mother Eveline Warren May 1838 in Michigan is with them.

"Greeley during the 1890's saw many newspaper beginnings and endings. The Greeley Herald, a semi-weekly, was begun about 1896, and Thompson Brothers founded a weekly Times. The Democrat had been discontinued. Both the Herald and the Times were not long-lived. In 1898 the Weld County Republican was started, with H. F. Currier as president of the company and L. A. Thompson business manager.

These were practically the conditions at the beginning of the new century. The Tribune soon passed into the hands of C. H. Wolfe, one of the ablest news- paper men in the state, and he placed both the daily and the weekly Tribune on a money-making basis. During the past decade there have been many unsuccessful efforts to establish both daily and weekly papers in Greeley. The competition in the daily field between the Tribune and the Republican finally ended in a consolidation of interests. In 1918 the Daily Tribune-Republican is in editorial charge of Charles Hansen, who was for many years publisher and editor of the Republican. The Weld County News, a Democratic weekly, is the property of Edward D. Foster. "

" December 1915: C.H. Wolfe, the Tribune-Republican’s Industrial Editor, wrote a front page column about the bad automobile drivers in Greeley and suggested more laws should be passed to protect the rest of us. He suggested a speed limit in Greeley of 15 mph, and out on the roads in the county, 30 mph. "
In 1920 Greeley, Charles H. WOlfe, and Eva M., both 60, have an apiary. Raymond, 21, born in Colorado, is a reporter for the daily-weekly newspaper.


In 1930 Los Angeles, Charles is a commercial salesman, 66, Eva 68.

Charles died September 24, 1935 in Los Angeles.

Eva is widowed in 1940 Los Angeles, 78. Niece Helene Boyd, 55, widowed, Nebraska, is with her.

Eva Manetta (Warren) Wolfe 1862-1945 is buried in Glendale, California # 85551161, mother Porter, father Warren.

Raymond Harrison Wolfe 1898-1983 is buried in Portland National, # 1341779, with Laura R. (Williams) Wolfe 1894-1976. He was a musician in the Navy.

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