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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

William and Charlotte (Dangberg) Langendoerfer, Landsman.

    Mr. William Langendoerfer is a native of Missouri, where he was born on a farm in 1855. When twenty-one years of age he moved to Nebraska, where he worked on a farm by the month for some time, after which he engaged in farming pursuits for himself. The gentleman became dissatisfied with the conditions and prospects in Nebraska, and in 1887 he moved to Colorado, locating on a homestead four miles south-east of Idalia. Mr. Langendoerfer was in very moderate circumstances at that time, but he proceeded to improve his homestead with that wonderful courage and persevering energy for which he has long since become noted in connection with farming pursuits. He prospered from the beginning and gradually purchased more land as ability permitted and opportunity presented, and now he owns 640 acres of very productive soil, and it would be hard to find a more desirably situated ranch in Eastern Colorado. He pursues general farming and stock raising, having been very successful in each. He cultivates 320 acres, growing fine crops of wheat, corn, cane, etc. To illustrate what the gentleman accomplishes growing crops, in 1902 he harvested 2,300 bushels of wheat, although a hail storm shelled at least 800 bushels a few days before he garnered the crop. He grew 1,500 bushels of corn the same year. In 1903 he harvested 1,000 bushels of wheat and an immense crop of corn. He owns ten horses, seventy cattle and fifty hogs. On an average the gentleman markets fifty-five hogs each year, yielding him very satisfactory returns.

     Last year Mr. Langendoerfer erected a handsome new residence on his ranch. It is a two-story frame, the main part being 16x32 feet in size with an "L" 18x24 feet. Externally the new home presents a most attractive appearance, even from afar, and the interior is furnished with a view to comfort and convenience, as well as an eye to the beautiful. It is generously furnished with every comfort to make it a model ranch home. The ranch is well supplied with barns, sheds, stables and agricultural implements of all kinds. Indeed, it is seldom a ranch is so generously supplied with the domestic comforts, as well as the conveniences so necessary for successful operations.

     In 1883 Mr. Langendoerfer married Miss Charlotte Dangberg, an estimable Nebraska lady, who has aided him so materially in achieving such fine results in Yuma county. They have three children - two sons and one daughter - who are a credit to the parental training and highly esteemed by all who know them. In every phase of life Mr. Langendoerfer is the soul of honor and he bears an enviable reputation for sterling integrity. He is a good financier, as well as an excellent farmer, which explains his prosperous condition in life. In the community he is very popular because of his admirable qualities as a good neighbor and useful citizen. The gentleman is one of the leading members and chief supporters of the German Evangelical church, which he has represented at the annual meetings of the synod. He has taken a deep interest in the public schools and every movement calculated to promote the welfare of the community.

  1. William Langendoerfer was born 12 Feb. 1855 in New Haven, Mo . he moved to the vicinity of Nebraska City in 1876; he married Frances Charlotte Dangberg in 1883. In 1887 they moved to Idalia, Colo., where he farmed. Then in 1931 they moved to Burlington, Colo., where he died on 17 June 1940. His wife was born on 6 Aug 1864, and died at Burlington on 17 Apr 1963.
    1. William Christian Langendoerfer was born 6 June 1884 in Talmadge, Nebr. On 6 June 1910 he marr. Mamie Helling, who died in Oct 1943 at St. Francis, Kans. He farmed at Idalia, where he died on 28 April 1958. Four children.
      1. Florence Charlotte Langendoerfer was b 29 June 1912 married Carl Gottlieb Moellenberg on 23 Sept 1933 at Idalia. He was born 23 Aug 1903, died 20 July 1966. She married on 8 June 1971 to Gail Mayfield Brown of Wray, Colorado.
          1. Francis William Moellenberg b 22 April 1934 at Idalia, married 28 Aug 1955 to Ann Beauchamp of Longmont, Colo. He is a CPA. Two sons.
          2. Rollan Dean (bud) Moellenberg b 5 July 1936 at Idalia, married Cherlyn Shively 22 March 1959. Farmer at Kirk, Colo. Three Daughters, one son.
          3. Carolyn Mamie Moellenberg b 21 Oct 1946 at Wray, marr 24 Sept 1966 William Hedrick; they live in Mesa, Ariz. Daughters; Kimberly, Stefanie.
      1. Harold William Langendoerfer was born 23 Aug 1914 died on 22 May 1965; he was a farmer at Idalia. He married Maxine Cross ca. 1942; she was born on . in St.Joseph, MO.
        1. Roger Harold Langendoerfer was born 17 Jan. 1944, died on 22 may 1965; he was a farmer at Idalia. He married Irene Ruth Fisher on 29 May 1964 at Carthage, Illinois.
          1. Rockford Roger Langendoerfer b ...
        1. Kay Langendoerfer was born 22 Feb 1945 single ? , Lives in San Diego, Calif.
      1. Ernest Charles Langendoerfer was born 3 Aug 1917 at Idalia, where he is a rancher. He married Hazel Anna Homm on 13 April 1941 at Idalia. She was born 25 March 1921.
        1. Sharon Ivonne Langendoerfer M.D. , born 26 Feb 1944 at Burlington m James Mc Kinley M.D on 4 Dec 1965. No ch.
        2. Beverly Lynn Langendoerfer R. N. born 4 Dec 1946 , married Larry Lynn Shively b 2 Oct 1945 at Idalia.
          1. Charles Britton Langendoerfer Shively b 31 Aug 1974.
          2. Ernest Tyrone Langendoerfer Shively b 15 Sept 1976.
        3. Sandra Carol Langendoerfer, R.N. b 15 March 1948, married Roland James Strobel 31 Dec 1967, he was born 21 Feb 1942.
          1. Delain Paula Strobel b 9 Nov 1970 at Burlington.
          2. Dain Evan Strobel b 30 Dec 1971 at Burlington.
      1. Alvin George Langendoerfer was born 4 July 1920, farmer and rancher at Idalia, Colo. He married Burnetta May Hutton on 28 Dec 1947 at Kirk. Colo. She was b 19 July 1926 at Joes, Colo.
        1. Penny Jo Langendoerfer was born 19 April 1954 and is a C.P.A. living in Kansas City, Mo. She married Dr. Robert L. Sayre on 5 June 1976 at Burlington .
        2. William Alvin Langendoerfer b 12 April 1957, single.
    1. Ida Langendoerfer was born 3 May 1888 at Idalia, Colo. She married William Lentz on ... She died in 1921. Two dau, died young.
      1. Elma Lentz b 26 Sept 1916 m Edward Barrett in Denver.
    1. Charles Frederick Langendoerfer was born 25 May 1890 at Idalia, was a rancher at Burlington , where he died 21 Oct 1979. He married Margaret Boden on 19 Dec 1916; she was born on 8 July 1895 , is now living with her daughter Darlene in Kansas.
      1. Harmon Ralph Langendoerfer b 27 Sept 1917 d of Pneumonia 1932.
      2. Robert Charles Langendoerfer b 11 Sept 1919, work for Denver Construction Inspection Dept. He married Anne Drager in Burlington on 22 Oct 1944. They live in Englewood, Colorado, Near Denver.
        1. Linda Diana Langendoerfer, b 24 Dec 1949 married Robert Bushman 3 Aug 1974 in Denver.
        2. James Robert Langendoerfer b 26 Sept 1951.
      1. Wayne George Langendoerfer, Dr. Optom. , Was born 16 Nov 1928, died 1 Nov 1980 after chronic illness.
      2. Darlene Marie Langendoerfer was born on 10 Nov 1931 married Cecil Frieden on.. They farm at Pomona, Kansas.
        1. Carolyn Gail Frieden b 8 Sept 1952 marr Ted Nicher Nov 1974.
        2. Mark Cecil Frieden b 17 Sept 1956 marr Rebecca Mary Green 17 Nov 1978.
      1. Christian Langendoerfer was born 21 May 1857, died 30 Oct 1941. He married Emma Poser on 9 Nov 1882 in Gasconade Co. They had no children of their own, They raised Emma Christina Gaupp. They did not adopt her.
      2. Charles Langendoerfer was born 15 Dec 1859, and died 20 Aug 1933. He married Johanna Agnes Eppler on 26 Feb 1884 at Berger, Mo. She was born 28 Jan 1863, died 14 April 1914 . He farmed near Stony Hill, Mo, where the children were all born.
      1. Anna Katie Sophia Langendoerfer was born 12 Feb 1885, married Christ Rausch at he home on 12 April 1914. He was born 5 Dec 188- and died 18 Nov 1968. She died childless on 14 Dec 1914.
      2. George Christian Charles Langendoerfer was born on 4 May 1887, still living on parents' farm three miles north of Stony Hill. He married Anna Katie Haeffner on 7 Nov 1915 at her home near Swiss, Mo. She was born 11 July 1894 Living (1981).
        1. Viola Pauline Johanna Langendoerfer b 8 June 1919 single.
      1. Hulda Charlotte Sophia Langendoerfer born 8 Dec 1895 now living in Delhart, Texas. She married Walter P. Gumper on 25 March 1918. He was born 24 March 1894, died 7 Feb. 1964.
        1. Mildred Ruth Gumper b 15 March 1919 married Calvin Monroe Ballinger on 31 July 1940. He was born 17 May 1918.
          1. Dennis Ray Ballinger b Oct 1943 m 13 Jan 1968 Rita Lutz.
          2. Francess Elaine Ballinger b 30 Nov 1945 m 1972 Milton Elliot.
          3. Barry Neil Ballinger b 8 Oct 1954 m 14 Aug 1976 Glyn. Heiskell.
        1. Gertrude Marjorie Gumper, b 5 June 1920 m 1 Oct 1939 Clark Campbell; he was born 26 Sept 1919 died 14 Nov 1963. She m second Roy Harris.
          1. Sandra Kay Campbell b 30 Dec 1942 m 1962 Bailey Whitlow.(div).
          2. Robert L Campbell b 20 April 1946 m twice.
          3. Larry Jos. Campbell b 8 Sept 1953 m 28 Dec 1973 Shelly Smith.
        1. Forrest Milton Gumper, b 19 April 1923 m 7 Jan 1944 Helen Garrett, who previous. marr a Rosenbaum. Two ch. Roger and Melverta.
        2. Herma Katherine Gumper b 18 Jan 1925 m 22 June 1947 Cecil Porter he was b 16 April 1924. Children:
          1. Cecil Wayne
          2. Darrell Eugene
          3. Glenn Douglas
          4. Katherine Elizabeth
          5. Karla Jean
          6. Karen Sue Porter
        1. Dorothy Irene Gumper, b 29 April 1932 m Victor Waldon 19 Feb 1950. He was born 19 Feb 1910 . They had the seven children:
          1. James F.
          2. David C.
          3. Robert C.
          4. Elizabeth Ann
          5. Patricia E
          6. Jean Marie
          7. Susan.

LegacyAlvin George Langendoerfer passed away from this life on March 21, 2006 at the age of 85, at the Grace Manor Care Center in Burlington, after several years of failing health. Alvin was born on July 4, 1920 at the doctors office in Idalia, Colorado to William and Mamie Langendoerfer. He was the fourth child in a family that also included one sister, Florence, and two brothers Harold and Ernie along with one cousin Stan Voss. Alvin grew up on the family farm west of Idalia and always said he had a great and happy life growing up with his family, even though there were hardships and hard work. He started school at the age of 5 and graduated from Idalia High School in 1937, at the age of 16. He completed an additional year of study at Wray High School, and then attended college for a year and a half. Alvin was proud to have served his country in WWII. He was in the US Army from 1942 through 1946 and spent over a year in Europe, stationed in England, France and Germany. Even though he was proud to have served, this was not a happy period of his life. When Alvin returned to the Idalia community after the end of WWII, he bought a farm south of Idalia on the Republican River in 1946. He met the love of his life, Burnetta Hutton of Kirk in May of 1947. They were married in Kirk on December 28, 1947. They lived and worked together on the farm for 44 years. If you asked Alvin what was the best day of his life and the defining event of his life, he would always say that it was the day he met Burnetta. Alvin embraced Burnettas large family and enjoyed all the wonderful Sunday dinner get-togethers and other good times spent with all of them. Alvin and Burnetta raised two children; Penny, born in 1954 and Bill, born in 1957. Alvin was a loving and strong father, who, by example, gave his children strong values in life. He was a quiet man, but was always there to listen and give wise advice when asked. Alvin was an excellent grandfather to Bills children, Lucas, who was born in 1988 and Hannah, who was born in 1991. Alvin loved every opportunity he had to care for and spend time with Lucas and Hannah. Alvin and Burnetta moved to Burlington, Colorado in June of 1989. Alvin enjoyed his retirement in Burlington, still helping on the farm as needed as long as he was able. Alvin and Burnetta enjoyed their daily walks together, morning coffee around town, talking with friends, trips to the country to look at crops, trips to neighboring towns to see what was happening and church on Sunday. Alvin enjoyed reading, especially National Geographic, biographies and western novels. Alvin also loved music, even though he never learned to play an instrument or had formal voice training. He particularly loved to sing with and listen to the music of his three nieces, Sharon Langendoerfer, Beverly Shively and Sandee Strobel. The bedrocks of Alvin's life were his faith in God, his love of his family and his love of the land. He was always consistent with these core beliefs in his thoughts and actions. That made him a man that could always be counted on, in good times and bad. He was optimistic about lift and encouraged that attitude in those around him. Alvin had been failing in health in recent years, but still enjoyed life and was interested in what was happening around him. He was cared for, so faithfully, in those years of declining health, by his wife Burnetta. Alvin was preceded in death by his parents, his sister and brothers. He is survived by his wife Burnetta; his children; Penny Sayre and her husband Bob of Colorado Springs, and their son Bill and his wife Judy of Idalia. He is also survived by his grandchildren Lucas and Hannah Langendoerfer; sisters-in-law, Hazel Langendoerfer and Judy Hutton; brother-in-law Ron Hutton and his wife Alma Jean, as well as may nieces and nephews who loved with all his heart. Funeral services for Mr. Langendoerfer were held on Saturday, March 25, 2006 at 10:30 AM at the First Christian Church in Burlington with Pastor Joab Patton officiating. Burial followed in the Fairview Cemetery. Visitation was held on Friday, March 24, 2006 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the Love Funeral Home in Burlington. Memorials may be made in Alvins name to the First Christian Church and may be left at the Bank of the West in Burlington.


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