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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

James J. and Emma (Holbrook) Bond, Sarah Bond Reetz, George R. and Elizabeth Alma (James) Bond


If James' story about catering in Ulysses S. Grant's home when Grant was living there - it would have been only a few months in 1877 in Philadelphia.   Maybe he worked there after 1877 for another occupant.

In 1870 Jacksonville, Illinois Thomas Holbrook 32, shoemaker, and Susan, 29, have Eliza  8 all three born in England. They also have Ephraim, 6, and Mary 1, both in Illinois. 

In 1880 Philadelphia J.J. is 25, a waiter, married to Elizabeth, 19, both born in England.  Susan Holbrook, 38, mother-in-law, dressmaker, is also with them, as well as Susan's children Thos., 16 and May 12.

The 1880 directory doesn't have him, but the 1881 Philadelphia has James J. Bond, waiter living at 253 Queen.


BOND, James Volume-Page: 1-57
Application Date: 20 Nov 1883 Nationality: England
Age at time of application: 27


In 1885 York County, Nebraska George 38, born in England, Flora 7, daughter born in  Pennsylvania, James 30, farmer, born in England, Lizzie 23 wife born in England, and Nellie, 3 daughter, born in Illinois.  (This Lizzie might be the Eliza Holbrook Bond recorded in Nellie's death record)

The 1889 Denver directory has James J. Bond running a saloon at 1362 Larimer, and the same directory has Mrs. Elizabeth Bond living at 636 S. 12th

In Denver 1891 Emma M. Mason divorced William Mason, and September 18, 1892 in Golder Emma May Mason married James. J. Bond.  The 1892 directory has a Mrs. E Mason living at 538 Pearl.

The 1892 directory still has James with the 1362 Larimer saloon.

The 1895 directory has James' saloon in the Bond Blk, 1362 Larimer, Residence #3, 1224 14th.

In 1896 James has the same saloon, but lives at 1732 Arapahoe.

In 1899 James is proprietor of the Bonds Exchange, living at 1732 Arapahoe, and Mrs. James. J. Bond is proprietor of "The Bond" at that address.

In 1904 James is living at 1862 Curtis, and Mrs. Emma M. Bond is proprietor of the "New Bond" at that address.

One possibility is the Emma Mason, 27, Illinois, in 1880 Omaha. She's married to William, 41, a carpenter born in Canada.  They have William 9 and Gertrude 5, both born in Nebraska.  Libbie Lamott -20, born in Iowa, sister-in -law to William, seamstress, is also with them.

In 1885 Jackson County Iowa a William S Mason, 13, born in Nebraska, is living with Rufus and Rosette Henderson, as is Perry Lamott, 24 Laborer. Perry is in  Butte Montana in 1903 saying he was born in Clinton Iowa October 1863, saying his father was naturalized, - and a William S. Mason was in Butte in 1900.

One tree said James married Emma M. Garrett, in Denver, and that Emma died in Colorado in 1936.  And that Maxwell William Bond was born July 8, 1894, married Margaret Catherine McDonald October 23, 1914 in San Francisco, and died August 1, 1961 in Marin County.

James claimed - Timber  - 160 acres in section 19, 3S 43W in 1901. 

One of the Most Prosperous Ranch Men in Yuma County  1904 Wray Gazette

     One of the most prosperous and progressive ranches in Yuma county is that owned by J.J. Bond, twenty-three miles south of Wray. Indeed there are few cattlemen who display such an enterprising spirit in making their ranches up-to-date in all improvements calculated to please the eye and bring increased prosperity.

     Mr. Bond is a native of Staffordshire, England, where he was born forty-eight years ago. In 1876, after he had attained his majority, he came to the United States and located in Philadelphia, where he engaged in business for eight years, with gratifying success. During his stay in the Quaker City, he purchased 160 acres of land in Yuma county, Colorado, which comprises a portion of his present extensive ranch. In 1884 he moved to Nebraska, but after two years in that state he came to Colorado and located in Denver, where he conducted a hotel and other business pursuits most successfully for fourteen years, in the meantime adding to the acreage of his Yuma county ranch from time to time, as the opportunity presented. In 1890 Mr. Bond moved to Wray and engaged in business, but sold out in 1892 in order to devote his entire attention to his ranch industry.

     The gentleman owns 800 acres of choice land in one block and has control of 1,000 acres of leased grazing range immediately adjoining, all being enclosed by an excellent wire fence and suitably subdivided by cross fences. He cultivates 160 acres of his ranch, on which he grows large quantities of corn, cane, millet and other feed for his stock, in addition to which he harvests a great store of native hay for the same purpose. At present he owns nearly two hundred cattle and fifteen horses.

     It is seldom a ranch is supplied with such an attractive residence and fine barns and other conveniences as can be found here. The residence is a handsome building of seven rooms, elegantly fitted with all modern comforts and conveniences, including plumbing for water, which is supplied by an elevated tank having a capacity of 125 barrels. An inexhaustible well of absolutely pure water supplies this tank by windmill power, and it is connected with drinking tanks for cattle, situated in the yards. From this elevated tank the spacious stone milk house is also supplied with an abundance of water, arranged with a view to convenience in handling the dairy products. In addition to a generous supply of sheds, corrals and other comforts for stock, Mr. Bond is now erecting what is destined to be the most substantial and valuable barn in Eastern Colorado. The dimensions are 34x54 feet, with stone walls two feet thick extending fourteen feet high on the sides and twenty-eight feet to the gable ends. Pipes extending from the elevated tank will supply the barn with water as required. Indeed, with the valuable improvements made by Mr. Bond, he owns one of the most desirable cattle ranches in the section of Colorado, from which he obtains generous financial returns.

     In 1892, at Denver, Mr. Bond married Mrs. E.M. Mason, who is now manager of a valuable rooming house the couple own on Curtis street in that city.

     In addition to his ranch in this county, Mr. Bond owns two valuable lots in the city of Wray. Mr. Bond is a genial, whole-souled gentleman who takes a generous interest in every movement calculated to promote the city and county, and he is held in the most cordial and general esteem in the community.

  Thanks to C. Durr

In 1900 J.J. , born July 1853 in England, is a saloon-keeper living near 17th and Arapahoe in Denver.  He's been married seven years to Emma, August 1853 in Illinois, two children born and still living.  They have four lodgers, and Emma manages a rooming-house.

In 1910 James, 50, born in England, has been married sixteen years to Emma, 47, Illinois.  She's had two children, one living.  If this and the 1900 census are  correct, one child died between 1900 and 1910.  They're running a hotel in Denver, and Robert L. Lovell is one of their lodgers.  So they probably knew each other in Yuma County.

The 1910 directory has James living at 710 15th, and Mrs. Emma Bond is proprietor of The Bond Apartments at that address.

James J. is living at 1748 Arapahoe in the 1913 Denver directory, and Mrs. J.J. Bond is proprietor of the Hotel Stewart at that address.   The same directory has "The Bond (rooms) 1732 Arapahoe"

In 1916 Mrs. James J. Bond still has the Stewart.

In 1920 James J. and Emma M are in Denver, no employment, with a female lodger.


Inglewood Park Cemetery has James J. Bond - 1854-1923


In 1900 Jacksonville, Illinois, Eliza Bond, divorced, Jan 1862, England, and Bertha April 1889 Illinois, are living with Thomas Holbrook May 1838 and his wife Susan, June 1841, both born in England.

History of Morgan County, Illinois lists Thomas Holbrook, tailor, r ss Jordan w Church,  (might mean residence south side of Jordan west of Church )

Thomas Holbrook died September 9, 1901 in Jacksonville, Morgan County, and Susan A. Holbrook died September 26, 1902 in Chicago.

One tree says Bertha Holbrook Dowart was born April 16, 1889 in Jacksonville, married John Edward Landholt October 14, 1907 in St. Louis, and in 1910 they're in Jacksonville with year-old Edward.  That's probably the Edwin T. DORWANT marrying Mrs. Elizabeth Bond in Morgan County on March 8, 1888.

In 1910 Jacksonville Eliza Bond is still with mother Susan, and Mae Rice, 42, widowed daughter of Susan.

In 1920 Eliza, now 58, is in Springfield, Illinois, with daughter Bertha and her husband John E. Landholt and their two sons. 

Elizabeth Bond died  January 26, 1923 in Sangamon County,

Eliza E. Bond is in the Jacksonville East cemetery, Morgan County, Illinois.

There's a Thomas Holbrook and a Susan Holbrook there, too.


Nellie F. Bond married William Sanford August 3, 1899 in Morgan County, Illinois

There's a Nellie F. GRADY in Jacksonville, Illinois in 1910, 28, born in Illinois.  She and Charles have been married 3 years, and she has had two children, two living,.

Charles Earl Grady registered for WWI in Morgan County, married to Florence Nellie Grady.

Charles and Nellie are still in Jacksonville in 1920 and 1930 - Charles still a barber -and Nellie says her parents were both English.

Nellie Florence Grady, born March 25, 1883 in Jacksonville, parents James Bond and Eliza Holbrook, both English, died November 23, 1933 in Jacksonville,

Charles Earl Grady registered for WWII, saying he was born Feb 22, 1884 in Brown County, Illinois.

Charles died in Jacksonville February 3, 1947, father Joseph M. Grady, mother Kathryn M. McDonald.

Nellie F. and Charles E. Grady are buried in the Jacksonville East cemetery.

Alma cash-claimed a quarter in section 19 in 1890 -  that's probably George's wife, who often used Alma.


1900 Wray

Next household - Charles Reeck June 1851 Germany and Sarah May 1850 in England, have been married eight years.  Nephew George Bond, June 1886 Pennsylvania is with them. 

Elizabeth James proved up a quarter in 3S 44W in 1901, touching the half-section of George Bond's 1914 homestead.

The 1913 and 1914 Denver directories have Mrs. Elizabeth J. James living at 2129 Stout.

The following is graciously provided by Geoff A. James, the great-grandson of Elizabeth's son Joseph.

Elizabeth Jane James was born Elizabeth Jane Underwood. Her baptismal record also helpfully has her date of birth. This information was not required by the church but some clergy recognized its value and added it. She was born on 21 Dec 1828 in Southwark (then in the county of Surrey, now part of London) and baptized late in 1829. I know it's her as the surname "Underwood" appears on her marriage certificate to William Edward Henry James, in Jan 1852.

This was William's 2nd marriage. His first wife, Julia, died in 1848 aged 23. They had a daughter, also Julia, who emigrated to Canada in 1870.

Elizabeth and William's first child was William Joseph James. He was born in Lambeth (then Surrey - now London) on 5 Oct 1852 barely 9 months after they were married! William J is my great-grandfather. he married in 1880 which might explain why he didn't emigrate with his mother and sisters. He died on 24 Oct 1928. This means that my father - who was born in 1922 and is still alive - remembers William. That means that my father knew the son and brother of the 3 members of my family you describe - Elizabeth Jane, Elizabeth Mary Alma and Fannie (Frances Eliza). Quite astonishing really, I think. My father describes William J as a "big man". As I tell my daughters, "Your grandad has held the hand of a man born in 1852".

Elizabeth Jane and William E. H. 's 2nd child was Elizabeth Mary Alma James. Her birth certificate shows she was born in Dorchester, Dorset on 3 Oct 1854. William E. H. was living there at the time as he was a teacher in a convict institution after the prison in London where he previously worked had been emptied due to a cholera outbreak.

Next was Robert Underwood James. Born on 24 Dec 1856 in Lambeth, his unusual middle name is of course a mark of respect to the mother's maiden name. His first name, Robert, was his father's first name. Robert, like William, didn't emigrate with his mother and sisters, although he emigrated to Canada late in life in 1928. He died in Quebec on 8 Sept 1935.

Their 4th child was Emily Marian James. She was born on 27 Nov 1859 in Islington (then the county of Middlesex, now London). She died aged just 20 on 2 July 1880, just 3 weeks before her brother William was married.

Lastly, was Frances Eliza, born in Islington on 2 Feb 1864. This is the date recorded on her birth certificate.

After William E. H. James died in Oct 1865, his wife moved back to Lambeth in south London and is shown there in the 1871 census with one son (William) and two daughters (Emily and Frances). The other son (Robert) is living with Elizabeth Jane James's father, Robert, in Southampton (Hampshire), while the remaining daughter, Elizabeth Mary Alma, is living near her mother, working as a domestic servant.

I have no information to confirm when Elizabeth Jane and the two living daughters emigrated other than the conflicting data found on the US censuses. My estimate is that as Elizabeth Jane is unlikely to have emigrated alone, and as the best date suggested for Elizabeth Mary Alma's emigration is 1886, I suspect mother and elder daughter arrived in 1886. I notice that Elizabeth J and Elizabeth M. A. are nowhere to be found in the 1885 Colorado state census which adds to that interpretation.

Fannie (Frances) is often cited or estimated as having arrived in 1890 so it seems quite reasonable to assume that is correct. She frustratingly disappears from definite appearance in records after 1920 although it's possible she's been staring me in the face but the lack of info to confirm it's her makes it difficult to be sure of.

In 1900 North Globeville (Denver) H.C. King, Mar 1862 Iowa, is married to Fannie Feb 1867 in England -  Elizabeth said she'd immigrated in 1881, so Fanny probably came with her.

W.C. might be the one charged with public intoxication in July 1901 in Denver.

In 1910 William King is a laborer in "public works", and they've had three children - two living.  Harry, 6 and Wm. Jr. 2.

In 1920 all four are in Denver, and William is a teamster for Ash Transfer.

King, William G. 14 Jun 1923 12 RMN King, William G. 14 Jun 1923 25 DP
King, Francis J. 29 Sep 1924 21 DP King, Francis J. 29 Sep 1924 9 RMN - This one ws buried in Riverside cemetery, age 73, block 14 space 10.

In 1930 Denver, Harold 26 and William 22 are living on Downing Street. Both are truck drivers for a brick company.

Harold might be the one 1909-1977 buried in Castle Rock # 29990300, marrying Margarete on May 12, 1935
William might be the one who married Margaret Odell on July 25, 1934, recorded in Denver.
William Harris King and Margaret Rita King divorced in Denver on November 30, 1935.


March 25, 1871 Philadelphia "The residence of George Bond, Third and Noble streets, was robbed on Thursday night of a gold watch, chain, and articles of clothing."

 In 1880 Delaware County Pennsylvania George Bond is 31, Ellen 29, both born in England.  Minnie H. 5, in Connecticut, Flora E. 3, Pennsylvania, and George J. 2, Pennsylvania

  George Bond Thanks to C. Durr

The tree said George married Mary Ellen Eldershaw in 1870 in Staffordshire, and they were living in Delaware County, Pennsylvania in 1880, and that she died September 26, 1884 in York Nebraska, buried in the Council Church Yard Cemetery.   The tombstone says "Mary E. wife of G. Bond died Sept 26 1884 aged 33 years



BOND, George Volume-Page: 1-56
Application Date: 03 Nov 1883 Nationality: England
Age at time of application: 36

The tree said George married Mary Ellen Eldershaw in 1870 in Staffordshire, and they were living in Delaware County, Pennsylvania in 1880, and that she died September 26, 1884 in York Nebraska, buried in the Council Church Yard Cemetery.   The tombstone says "Mary E. wife of G. Bond died Sept 26 1884 aged 33 years

Bond George, Mrs. York Republican 1 Oct 1884 (pg 3 , col 1 )

Council Cemetery has Georgie Bond - Jan 2, 1878 - Jan 11, 1884 " Son of G. and M. Bond"

and "Daughter of G. and M Bond aged 13 days."


In 1885 York County, Nebraska George 38, born in England, Flora 7, daughter born in  Pennsylvania, James 30, farmer, born in England, Lizzie 23 wife born in England, and Nellie, 3 daughter, born in Illinois. 

That might  be the Florence Bond born October 4, 1873 in Philadelphia, father Geo. Bond, mother Martha.

Florence Elizabeth Bond, born September 10, 1875 in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, married Philip John Doenges November 20, 1897 in Allen County, Indiana.

George Bond proved up a quarter in section 29, 3S 43W in 1894, so he arrived about 1887.  He married Mary E. A. James June 30, 1887 in Denver - the JP who performed the ceremony was W. C. O'Brian of Kingston, Colorado (now part of Denver).

In 1900 Lansing, (Arapahoe County at that time) George, born Aug 1846 in England, and Alma October 1854 in England (four children, none living) have William Bond, boarder, born Jan 1886 in Colorado, and Elizabeth J. James, mother, born July 1829 in England.  Elizabeth has had six children, four living.

1901 "Chas Reeck has been here the past few weeks remodelling the Bond home.  Mr. Bond has good ideas as to the appointments of a convenient home, and Mr. Reeck is competent to execute the ideas."

1902 "Chas. Reeck and George Bond have made some needed repairs on the roads between their ranches and Wray near the Arickaree crossing."


In 1910 a William S. Bond, 23, is boarding with George and Alice Klie in Lansing.

Sarah cash-claimed a quarter next to George in 1889. 

In 1910 Yuma County George and "Elizabeth M, A," have "orphan" Charles P. Bond, 13, born in Colorado, and Alma's mother Eliza is with them at 81.  Eliza has had five kids, two living  ?

In 1913 George R. Bond is proprietor of the Stanton at 2129 Stout.

George married Elizabeth Mary A. James in Lansing June 30, 1887, a year after she immigrated, and that she died April 21, 1934, buried in Sunnyside, Myrtle, California.

In 1920 George R. and Alma are in Long Beach - Alma immigrating in 1886, George in 1871, both naturalized in 1888.

Sunnyside Cemetery, Long Beach has a George R. Bond August 30, 1846 - April 18, 1926, and an Elizabeth Ann Bond, October 3, 1854 - October 21, 1934.



1909 "Philip Doenges has been working for Ben Shier."

In 1910 Lansing Philip J. Doenges, 37, born in Indiana, and Florence E. 33, Pennsylvania, both parents in England, have Robert F, 12, Helen S. 10, John L. 8, Paul G. 6, and Earnest A. 4 - all born in Indiana.  Philip is a house carpenter,.  They had been in Allen County in 1900.

Philip died in 1912, and is buried in Idalia.

1912 "George Bond, who was down from Denver, attending the funeral of his son-in-law, Philip Daniels, of Idalia, returned home Wednesday."

"Philip Daniels, an old-time settler of the the (sic) south part of the county, died last Saturday.  He leaves a wife and several children, the eldest of whom is a boy of fourteen."

Florence moved back to Fort Wayne - in the 1913 directory at 2440 Pennsylvania (wid Philip), and Robert C. a "heater at Bowser's" has that same address.

In 1920 she's married to John Durr, 39, and in Fort Wayne are Helen, John, Paul, Florence Doenges 9, and Lucile Durr 14, fgerald Durr, and three-month James.

SAMUEL - brother of Sarah, James, and George


Samuel 36, and Sarah 22, in Bates County Missouri - both born in England.  In 1900 Samuel -February 1844 and Sarah May 1857 have been married 25 years.  They said they immigrated in 1871 and were naturalized. - no children,.  In 1910 they're in Long Beach.

Samuel Bond was interred July 7, 1914 in Sunnyside Cemetery - Myrtle, Section 62, grave 8.  - same cemetery as George R.


1912 Wray


1901 Haigler "Clarence Bond and Eavert Irwin, of Benkelman, are working for Mr. Larned."

William S. Bond married Anna Rochruht June 12, 1913

In 1920 there's a William Bond in Adams County, 34 married to Annie, 23 born in Wisconsin. Ralph 5, was born in Missouri and Harold 3, in Colorado.

All four are in Aurora in 1930, and in 1940 Aurora William is a carpenter, with Anna and Harold, a clerk.

1913 "Mrs. James, Mr. and Mrs. George Bond, and Etta Reeks took dinner at Mr. Shier's Monday."

Next household is George L. Bond, 23, born in Pennsylvania., single

That might be the George C. Bond who proved up a quarter in 3S 44W in 1914.




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