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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Thomas H. and Roxey M. Celander, John L. Calender

In 1860 Sanilac County, Michigan Thomas and "Roxa" have Margaret 8, Thomas 6, and Mary, 3.  They said Roa, Margaret, and young Thomas were born in New York -  and Mary in Michigan.

In 1870 Sanilac they have Margreth 17, Thomas U. 16, Mary 13, Minerva, 10, Charlotte 8, John W. 6, Nancy 4, and William J. 1

Margaret probably married Theodore Thornton about 1872 -  The Sanilac marriage records have a Theodore Thronton marring Margart "Cleland" October 30, 1871.  They're in Sanilac County in 1900 with four kids, all born in Michigan - so she never came to Yuma County.  They're in Detroit in 1920, grandsons Floyd and Theodore Thornton living with them.

In 1880 Huron, Michigan Thomas Calender is 52, married to Roxy, 49.  They have Henry 26 -all three born in Canada - Minerva 20, John 16, Nancy 14, and William 11 - the last four born in Michigan.  Charlotte, age 17, had died in October. of consumption.

William James Calender was born to Thomas and "Roxa",  March 5, 1869  in Sanilac, Michigan

In 1900 Thomas and Roxy are in Huron County - with Wm. 31 and grandson Geo. Stoddard, 14, born May 1886 in Michigan. 

 Minerva Callender had married George Stoddard July 11, 1880, according to one post.   Minerva is not mentioned as a child in her obituary.

William in 1910 is in Huron County, married to Margaret, 31, and they have Margaret J. 2.  In 1930 they're in Huron with grandson Harry W. Lacey, 4.

 In 1940 they're still in Huron, and son ? Harry W. 14, is with them.

In 1900 Thomas H. Celander May 1857 New York is married to Angelina Feb 1861 Canada. They've been married ten years, and have no children.  Niece Golda S.,  August 1894 in Colorado , father in Canada, mother Michigan is with them.

In 1910 Lansing Goldie E Smith, 15, niece is with them.

Goldie Smith 20 married Leo Greenfield 19 in Armel September 19, 1915.  Minister E. White of Vernon performed the ceremony.  They divorced in Morgan County in 1935.  And June 11, 1936 Leo Greenfield married a Margaret Cox in Fort Collins.

Thomas proved up a quarter in section 9, 3S 43W in 1904, and Roxey & Thomas next to it in 1911.  "Roxy" proved up a quarter in section 4 in 1913,


T. H. Celander of Armel was in Wray Tuesday and while here ordered a fine monument erected at the graves of his mother and father, who are buried in the Armel Cemetery. J. T. Rightsell, our local monument man, furnishes and erects the monument.

Wray Rattler (Wray, Yuma County)
Thursday, March 30, 1916

Sunday morning, August __ 1915, the death angel hovered over this community and took from its midst Grandma Celander, who passed peacefully away at the home of her son, Thos. Celander, near Armel, Colorado, heart trouble being the cause; no fear, no worry, but a look of glad anticipation of her Master's welcome.

Roxy M. Hoisington was born May 11, 1831 at Rochester, Chautauqua County, New York, being at the time of her death 84 years, 3 months, and 18 days. She was united in marriage to Thos. Celander July 6, 1851. To this union nine children were born, three sons and six daughters, five of whom survive. They are: T. H. Celander and Mrs. Nancy Smart, of Colorado; John C., of Scott County, Kansas; Wm. Celander and Mrs. Margaret Thornton, of Michigan; besides twenty grandchildren, twenty-one great-grandchildren who were her joy and pride. From New York she moved Michigan in 1856, then to Colorado in 1905, where she has since resided.

Both husband and wife are now gone. Each having passed three score and ten years and planted in sands of time footprints of a useful life and Christian character. Each united with the Evangelical church in 1891. Grandma was confined to her bed only a few days, so was not deprived of the privilege of regularly attending Sunday School and church services, to which she always looked forward with an anxious and loving heart. Our mother has passed to a summer clime, where the waters sweetly murmur by. Beyond the silent tomb we glimpse the Tree of Life, clad in immortal beauty.

Funeral services were conducted at the home of her son, T. H. Celander, Tuesday afternoon, by Rev. White, after which Grandma's mortal body was laid to rest in the Armel Cemetery by the side of her loved and loving companion.

She rests from her labors, in quiet she sleeps,
No more does she suffer, no more will she weep,
The storm and the tempest will pass over her head,
But they will not trouble our own blessed dead.
To us is the care, the anguish and sorrow,
For us is the dread of the on-coming morrow,
But none of our wailings disturbeth her bed,
So deep is the sleep of our own precious dead,
But why should we grieve, when the angels are keeping
A watch o'er the graves where our loved ones are sleeping,
For the God of the living has truthfully said,
"There is joy for the dying, there is rest for the dead."

Card of Thanks ~ We wish to thank our friends for the kindness and sympathy tendered us during the short illness and after the death of our dear mother.
~ T. H. Celander and family.

Wray Rattler (Wray, Yuma County)
Thursday, September 09, 1915 
In 1930 Fort Morgan Thomas 76 and Mary A. 67

John L proved up a quarter in section 11, 3S 43W in 1896, so he arrived about 1889.

John Calender married Olive G. Philpy December 29, 1891 (Thomas J. Philpy had proved up a quarter in 18, 3S 42W in 1894, about three miles east of John)

In 1900 Teller County J. L. born April 1864 in Michigan, has been married eight years to Olive G. July 1865 Illinois.  She's had two children, one living.  David C. Nov 1894 in Colorado.  Living with them is David A. Philpy, boarder, born Aug 1872 in Illinois.  J.L. and David are miners.


There was a George Stoddard in the first grade in 1893 Loveland, Colorado - the right age...and in 1917 the Larimer County commissioners bought groceries for a George Stoddard - pauper.

Wonder if this George Stoddard is the one who was the "discoverer" of the "Silver City "gold mine in 1903 - he and August Muntzing, an Akron Colorado businessman and attorney, were in Yuma trying to sell shares of stock.

1908 Armel 

John, a farmer, and Grace are in Scott County Kansas in 1910, with Leonard 15, and Edith Pearl 7, both kids born in Colorado.

David Leonard Calender registered in Arlington,  Colorado, saying he was born in Boulder Nov 6, 1894- wonder if he was working for his uncle Ray Philpy..

In 1920 John, a carpenter, and "Grace" are in Rocky Ford, with Edith 17 and Reta 7.

1920 Kiowa "Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Philpy motored to Rocky Ford a week ago Sunday to visit his sister and family."

1925 "Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Philpy have come to make their home with their son Ray Philpy." Ray was proprieter of the Philpy Mercantile Company, Arlington, advertising ladies clothing in the Haswell newspaper.

1926 Arlington (in the Kiowa Colorado newspaper)  "R.J. Philpy took his parents Mr. and Mrs.  T.J. Philpy to Rocky Ford Wednesday where they will visit their daughter and family."

In 1930  Rocky Ford John is a laborer.  He and Grace have Dorothy, 17.

Olive -1874-1938 and John L. 1864-1940 are buried in Rocky Ford.  So are Thomas J. Philpy 1851-1937 and Nancy A Philpy 1853-1939 ("Father and Mother")

On another stone in Rocky Ford are Raymond J. Philpy - 1889 -1964 and Lola Irene Philpy - 1889-1927.

NANCY Smith was a widow in 1900 Huron County, Michigan,  April 1866 in Michigan - father Canada, mother New York with Robert October 1897  and Effel (daughter) June 1898, both in Colorado

October 1908

A 1909 article said Robert was the brother-in-law of Thos. Calender of Armel - but the new item probably was confused.

1909 "Robert Smart is working for Silas Moore"

In 1910 she's back in Lansing, Yuma County married to Robert W. Smart, 38.  They have Thomas W. 4 and George H. 2, and Robert E. Smith and Ethel G. Smith.  Robert had proved up on 320 acres in section 3 3S 43W in 1913 - about three miles from the Calender claims. 

1912 "T.H. Celander and Robert Smart took corn to Wray last Wednesday."

1912 "Robert Smart has been employed as foreman on the Scheible ranch this coming summer."

Robert was a witness in 1915 for Glen L. Allen's claim in 2S 42W.

Robert Elmer Smith registered in Wray, saying he was born October 20, 1897 in Lamar Colorado (maybe he meant ARMEL?, and that his father was born in Goff, Canada.  His mother was Nancy Smart of Kent? Branch, Michigan.

Robert and Nancy are back in Ogemaw County Michigan in 1920, with Thomas and George.

Ancestry thinks the 1930 Nancy M. Le Pard in 1930 and 1940 Presque Isle, Michigan is the same one, married to John Le Pard.

Robert E is a truck driver in 1930 Chicago- his wife Della E. 27 was also born in Colorado, and they have Robert W., 5 Michigan, and Elmer E. 4, Illinois.

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