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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

William B. Glaze, Lansing

William cash-claimed a quarter in 28, 3S 43W in 1890. 
In 1880 Jewell County, Kansas, Thomas Glaze is 37, Sarah 39, both born in Ohio. George 19 and William 17 born in Ohio, Mary 14 and Cora 12 in Indiana, and Bertha 6, Blanche 4, and Harly 2 in Kansas.
Thomas and Sarah are in Jewell County in 1895, with Mary E. 18, Cora 16, Bertha M. 10, Blanche 8, and Fred, 2.
1921 Fowler Colorado "Mrs. Mary Theresa Vanderbilt Glazze Kerr, of Fowler, a prim gray haired woman of lio years, who has lived in the Arkansas valley for 20 years, has just received word from attorneys in New York that she is one of the heirs to a $20,000,000 estate left by Montgomery Vanderbilt. Mrs. Kerr is well educated, very refined but in penurious circumstances, in her small room here today she told of the good fortune, and her plans. "I can do much good with that large amount of money. It is sure nice to have inherited it as I am becoming too old to work.'' Continuing, Mrs. Kerr said she was a true third cousin of Consaelo Vanderbilt, Duchess of Marborough. "My early life was spent in Rising Sun, Indiana, she said. "Father was a cousin of William K. Vanderbilt, of New York. My father, William K. Vanderbilt, and the latter's brother, Cornelius, prospected for gold in California in !S4!i. They crossed through Colorado in a prairie schooner." The first husband of the then Mary Theresa Vanderbilt was William B. Glaze of Oskaloosa, Iowa. -Twenty years ago Montgomery Vanderbilt left his home in Chicago for the gold fields in the west. His only sister, Mary Theressa Vanderbilt, was married at that time to William B. Glaze, a stonemason in Oskaloosa, la. From that time until a few years ago his sister never heard from him. -The couple had three children. Following the death of Glaze she was married to Samuel C. Kerr of Chicago. Montgomery Vanderbiit, her brother from whom she is to inherit millions was a mining prospector in Arizona. He was killed in Bisbee, Arizona, it being believed that he was shot for the money he had in his possession. He had very extensive and valuable copper mining interests in that state. Mrs. Kerr believes she is also a rightful heir in the Vanderbiit estates. "
Mrs. Kerr had three children by her first marriage, Ben Glaze, of Fowler, Colo.; William Glaze, the husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Glaze, and a daughter, Mrs. Freda Burk, of Gilbert, Ariz.

Honorable William B. Glasse, attorney, was born in Harrison County, Ohio, August 21, 1840; was educated at the Hagerstown and Union academies in Ohio, and graduated from the law department of the Michigan University at Ann Arbor, in the spring of 1868. After leaving college he spent a few months in Missouri, and in July, 1869, he located at Oswego, Kan., where he has since been engaged in the practice of his profession, although for the first two years of his residence here, he was operating in real estate to a considerable extent. Since that time, however, his entire attention has been devoted to his law practice. He was associated with Hon. H. G. Webb, as a partner for nine years prior to February, 1883, but is now doing business without a partner.
In August, 1862, he enlisted as a private in Company A., One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. After one year's service in that regiment he was discharged on account of disability, caused by sickness, being Sergeant of his company at that time. In April, 1864, he again entered the army and served as Captain of Company B., One Hundred and Seventieth Ohio Volunteers, during the term of enlistment, six months.
In 1880, he was elected State Senator. He is a member of Adams Lodge No. 63, A. F., & A. M. ; was master of the lodge in 1882.
He was married at New Orleans, La., June 17, 1872, to Cordelia C. Fuller, a native of Milford, Oakland Co., Mich. They have four children - Amy, Cary S., Paul and Millie.
{Excerpt taken from William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas, Labette County, Part 15}
William, # 93302145, is buried in Oswego, Kansas 1840-1915.

A meeting of the Cherokee County Bar Association was held here at 11 o’clock yesterday morning and a committee comprised of W. F. Sapp and 8. C. Westcott of Galena and A1 Williams of Columbus was appointed to draw resolutions of condolence to be sent to the relatives of W. B. Glasse, former district judge of Cherokee county, who died in Kansas City Sunday. A telegram of condolence was sent to relatives in Oswego yesterday by the bar association. The association will meet again next Monday afternoon at 1:80 o’clock at Columbus for the purpose of adopting the resolutions of the committee. Judge Glasse had practiced law in southeastern Kansas since 1868 and was judge of the district court of Cherokee county from 1902 until 1906. The funeral services were held yesterday afternoon in Oswego. He is survived by a wife and two sons, Paul Glasse of Kansas City und C. S. Glasse of Jefferson, Okla., and three daughters, Miss Amy Glasse of New York city, Miss Helen Glasse and Miss Mildred Glasse of Des Moines, Iowa

In 1880 Labette County, Kansas, W.B. Glasse is a lawyer, 39, with Delia 31, Amy 6, L.S. 3 and Paul one month,

In 1900 Cherokee County, Kansas, William B. Glass is a lawyer, born Aug 1840 Ohio, with Candila Feb 1848 Michigan. They have Cary L. April 1877, Amy July 1872, Paul May 1880, Mildred Dec 1881, and Helen Nov 1885 , all kids born in Kansas.
In 1915, Mildred and Helen are living together in Des Moines, Iowa, both teachers.
In 1920 Cordelia C. Glasse, widowed, 71, is living with children Paul, Mildred,and Helen in Kansas City.
Cordelia, born Feb 7, 1848 in Milford, Michigan to L. Fuller of New York and Annie McCarry, died February 11, 1930 in Kansas City, informant Paul Glasse. Cremation took place February 13, 1930.
In 1930 Phoenix, Amy Irvine is 54, born in Kansas, married but no spouse, lodging with Frank and Catherine Biederman, none with occupations. She said she was first married at age 48, which would have been about 1921
June 1940 Phoenix "Alvin Percy, husband of Amy Irvine, passed away Saturday. Services will be held Tuesday at 10 a. m. from the Memory Chapel of A. L. Moore and sons. Interment in Grppmvoori."

Amy Irvine born July 29, 1873 in Kansas, died March 26, 1956 in Los Angeles County, father Glasse, mother Fuller.
1954 Kansas City Times "Paul Glasse, 73, of 5624 East Thirtieth street terrace, died last night at the General hospital, where he had been a patient since he suffered a stroke March 15. Mr. Glasse was the first credit manager of the Jones store, a position which he held until he retired in 1933. He joined the company in 1907, shortly after he moved to Kansas City from Columbus, Kas. He was an organizer of the Kansas City Credit bureau and the Retail Credit association and was a past president of the latter group. Mr. Glasse was born at Oswego, Kas. His father, Col. W. B : Glasse, was a lawyer and at one time district judge of Cherokee and Labette counties. After he retired, Mr. Glasse moved to a farm in Arkansas, but returned to Kansas City eight years ago. Surviving are two sisters, Miss Mildred Glasse and Miss Helen Glasse of the home. Services and burial will be at Oswego."
His death certificate says he was a widower, and his wife was Betty Mayes Glasse.
Cary Sheldon Glass 1877-1942 and Isa M. Glass 1888-1978 are buried in Caldwell, Kansas # 58580372.
Dr. J. M. Glaze was born at Joneshart, in Upper East Tennessee. At thirteen years of age he was sent to Greenville, Tenn., where he remained two years. He is a graduate of the University of Nashville and Vanderbilt University at Nashville, Tenn. He began the practice of medicine at nineteen years of age, located at Gainesville, Ky., where he practiced six years. Later he moved to New Harmony. He is the son of William B. Glaze and Elizabeth (Clark) Glaze, both natives of Tennessee. Dr. Glaze was married September 6, 1894, to Miss Mary R. Cooper, daughter of John Cooper, a prominent citizen of Posey county during his life time. The doctor married some money and made more, and had accumulated considerable property when he left New Harmony about five years ago for California, where he now resides. He has one child, Anna Reed Glaze. Dr. Glaze was a member of the Posey County Medical Society, and was for a while surgeon for the Peoria, De- catur and Evansville Railroad Company at New Harmony. He is a Democrat in politics. Besides his practice he has large farming interests.

In 1880 Harrison County, Indiana, William is 59, mnartha 42, with Andrew 22, Alvin 21, Jasper 19, Laura 17, Emma 15, Cerintha and Remson both 9.
In 1900 Harrison County, Indiana, William Glaze born Feb 1821, married 43 years to Martha Dec 1838, have Corinta Feb 1871 Indiana. Next two households look like sons - Rumson Feb 1871 with two kids, Andrew J. Dec 1857 with four kids.
Anna Glaze married Clark Smith.

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