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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Frederic L. and Desdemona (Duryea) Jenkins, Lansing

Sylvanus Duryea was born in 1831 in Brooklyn, New York, and died in 1877. He was a soldier in the Civil War. He came to Nebraska, in 1854, making the trip from Pennsylvania in a covered wagon, drawn by oxen, bringing his wife and household goods. He reached his goal on the wild western plains with only three dollars in money, and he had little of this world's goods. Besides his wagon and oxen he had only a few pieces of furnishings for his home, a shotgun, a cow and a dog. The cow had traveled so far that its feet got sore before it reached Nebraska and Mr. Duryea cut the tops off his boots and bound them about the cow's feet to protect them. He settled on a claim on Easley creek. Speiser precinct, this county. Their neighbors were few and far between and they endured many hardships and privations. The mother sent back East for some money which she had eamed teaching school, and applied it on tlieir claim. They built a rude log cabin and began improving and breaking up the raw land, by perseverance and very hard work they developed a good farm. At the second call for volunteers for service in the Civil War, Mr. Duryea enlisted at Falls City, but he was not long in the service, being sent home on account of sickness. He was found lying on the prairie and some of his company started to make preparations to bury him, believing that he was dying, but he revived in a few hours. Upon his recovery he rejoined his company and remained at the front until the close of the war, becoming a brave and etificient soldier. He was promoted for bravery and became first sergeant in his company. During his absence in the army he left his wife with neighbors on the south fork of the Nemaha river. She lived in a log cabin with her two eldest daughters. After the close of hostilities Sylvanus Duryea returned to his claim and farmed there until his death. He also was a contractor and bridge builder, building several bridges in this county. Politically, he was a Republican and took an active interest in public affairs. He was a member of the Wesleyan Methodist church. His wife was born in Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1832, and her death occurred in 1886. Six children were born to Sylvanus N. Duryea and wife, namely: Mrs. Nellie Macumber, of Falls City; Mrs. Desdemona Jenkins, who lives in California; Elva J., of Richardson County, Nebraska, Walter E., who lives in Nemaha county, Kansas; Mrs. Grace Nuttle, deceased, and Alice, also deceased.
Slyvenus Duryea had six children:
1.Nellie Ermina b.10/20/1857 d.1/8/1938 m.3/6/1878 J.W.Macomber
2.Desdemona b.9/14/1861 d.12/29/1935 m.Fred Jenkins
3.Elva J.b.9/5/1864 d.2/2/1887 m.Amelia Bacon
4.Walter E. b.12/5/1886 d.6/14/1938 m.1)M.White 2)L.Allen
5.Grace b.6/4/1872 d.12/27/1896 m.Nuttall
6.Alice Ada b.1874 d.1877
In 1885 Richardson County, Nebraska, F.L. Jenkins - no occupation- is 23, born in New York, Desdimona 24, born in Nebraska, with Orella, 2, daughter born in Nebraska. This census says Orella's father was born in Virginia, mother in Nebraska...

He possibly is related - or the same - F.W. Jenkins who cash-claimed a tract in 6, 1N 42W in 1881 - including most of the later town of Laird. There was no railroad at that time.
This claim - and the one of Nuckolls in 1882 - might be similar to the tracts claimed further west that were included in investigations of claims made solely to secure water rights.

Frederic proved up a quarter in 26, 3S 43W in 1892. The Kingston/Lansing cemetery is in the northwest corner of that quarter. Desdemona Jenkins was appointed the Lansing post office July 6, 1897  1899 "F.L. Jenkins lost the wheel off his wind mill in last week's wind storm."
In 1900 Lansing precinct, Frederic born July 1861 New York, married 19 years to Desdemona Sept 1860 Nebraska. Rillia B. Nov 1883, born in Nebraska, father New York, Edna B. March 1888 Colorado, Wanda F. Dec 1891 Colorado, and Carl B. June 1898 Colorado.
1901 F.L. Jenkins was a trustee of the Logan Presbyterian Church congregation.
1902 "Miss Rilla Jenkins of Lansing, who has been attending school at Fort Collins, returned home via Wray last Friday. She visited with Mrs. Kennedy a few hours while in town."
1902 - the Lansing school teacher, from Denver, was boarding at Mrs. F. L. Jenkins.
1903 Wray - "Mr. Jenkins, postmaster at Lansing was in Wray Wednesday of this week."



Also in 1907

In 1910 Lansing precinct, Frederic and Desdemona have just Wanda and Carl. Edna B. 22 and Edward A. Jones 24, are on the same page.
1910 "T.J. McKee of near Haigler recently purchased F.L. Jenkins farm."
October 1910 "Mrs. Jenkins returned Saturday from visiting relatives in Oklahoma."
1910 Yuma - Miss Wanda Jenkins was a delegate at the Yuma County onvention of Sunday Schools.
1911 "F.L. Jenkins, formerly of near Armel, but later of California, writes that they have now moved to Oregon."
In 1920 F.L. and "Destimony" are in Corvallis, Oregon, farming. Wanda is a nurse, living at the Women's Hospital of Portland.
Frederick - 1861-1923 # 27534240 - and Desdemona 1861 - 1935 are buried in Corvallis, Oregon, # 27534239.
But the 1921 Oregon Agricultural College yearbook has

One tree said Edna B. Jenkins, born March 30, 1888 in Kingston, Colorado, to Frederick Lincoln Jenkins and Desdemona Duryea, married Edward A. Jones, and died Dec 8, 1970 in Corvallis.
Carl Bristo Jenkins registered in Corvallis, born June 12, 1898, working as a foreman on a donkey for the Corvallis Lumber & Mfg. Company, nearest relative Desdemona Jenkins, same address.
Carl Bristol Jenkins, WWI Armyh private, is buried in Tumalo, Oregon 1898-1967 # 11201996.
Carl Bristo Jenkins married Edna Marie Johnson September 29, 1918 in Benton County, Oregon.
Ruth Jenkins, 1896-1961 is also buried there.
In 1910 Idalia precinct, George J. Alexander, 31 and Rilla 26, have Iris 4 and Helen nine months.
In 1920 Corvallis, Oregon, "Relil" is widowed, no occupation, with Iris 13, Helen 10, and Lugine 8, born in Oregon.
In 1934 Vancouver, Washington, Rillia (Wid Geo J.) is living at 207 W. 4th , apt 8.
In 1940 Klamath Falls, Oregon, Iris Alexander, 33, is a maid in a hospital, living wtih three other hospital workers. She was in Portland in 1935. EDNA
In 1920 Corvallis, Oregon, E. A. is a laborer at a flouring mill, with Edna 35, Cleora 8, and Desdemonia 4.
In 1930 Edward, a truck driver, and Edna are in Corvallis, Oregon. Clora B. is 18, born in Colorado, B. Desdemona 15 Oregon, and Junata E. 5, Oregon. Det Jenkins, 73, 2idowed mother, is with them.
In 1940 Edward and Edna are in Linn County, Oregon, with Doneta. Edward is farming and trucking.
Edward A. 1885-1970 and Edna B. 1888-1970 # 27534292 are buried in Corvallis.

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