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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

John A. Lott  :  Children Charles and Zada Lott, Stephen A. Lott, Frank Lott, Jesse A. Lott, Jerry Lott

Vera LOTT Noffsinger holding Cordelia (12/14/1914) Jesse Lott, John Lott

Thanks to the Lott family for this wonderful photo.

John Arnwine Lott was born Jun 9, 1826 in New York to Henry Lott and ? Arnwine ?  One tree said John and Sarah Elizabeth Hyke were married January 1, 1850 in New Jersey.

In 1850 John N. 24, and Sarah E. 18 have newborn Elizabeth in Iroquois County, Illinois.

The Washington County Kansas history written in 1878 said that John and Mortimer Lott settled i Hanover township in the spring in 1858 - maybe they tried it for a while.....

In 1860 Linn County, Missouri John A. is 34, Sarah 28, Elizabeth 10, Stephen 8, Lewis 6, Ida 2, and Frank 1.

John A. Lott, age 34, born in New York, registered in  July 1863 in Sangamon County, Illinois.

It's the right age and birthplace as this:

In 1870 Piatt County, Illinois John Lott is 44, Sarah is 38, and they have Stephen 18, Louis 16, Frank 12, Therresse 9, Charles 5, and Jessie 1.  (Louis must be Jerry)

In 1880 Wayne County, Iowa John A. Lott is 54, New York, Sarah 47, Michigan, Frank 21, Charles 15, Jesse 11, and they've added Ada 9, James 5, and widowed father Henry is 85.

In 1885 Wayne County they just have Frank, Charles, Jessie, Ada, and James.

In 1900 John, June 1826, widowed, is a boarder with the Alexander C. and Margret M. McGregor couple, both 25, both born in Kansas.

In 1910 Elk County, Kansas John is with son Jas A. 35 and Carry 22 Lott.  They have Max 3 and Bernice six months.

John A. Lott - 1826-1916 is buried in the Wray cemetery

All in 3S 44W

Frank proved up a quarter in section 26 in 1894

Jerry proved up a quarter in 14 in 1894

Jesse A. proved up a quarter in 14 in 1897

Charles U. proved up a quarter in 25 in 1894

Stephen A. proved up a quarter in 24 in 1894.


One tree says Sarah  Elizabeth "Hayck" was born March 22, 1832 and died April 27, 1895 in Cripple Creek, Colorado. 

Elizabeth  That makes sense, because her oldest, Elizabeth E., born Mary 1850,  had married Dennis Hostler July 1870 in Piatt County, Illinois.  They were in Lucas County, Iowa in 1880,

Edith Hostler married Daniel S. Reams in Denver March 9, 1890.  that might be another one - John W. a carpenter, was at the same address in 1889 as a Miss Edith Hostler, tailoress.

Dennis Hostler registered to vote in 1894 in Arapahoe County (which included Denver at that time)

Elizabeth, widowed, was living in Teller County in 1900 with son Lem H., running a boarding house.  She said her father was born in Canada....

In 1902 Lem is a miner, living in Gillett, Teller County.

In  1918 and 1919 Elizabeth E. Hostler is in the Denver directory, living at 2437 Newport.

Elizabeth Emily Hostler died September 25, 1927 in Cripple Creek.

Frank H. Lott married Etta M. Phillips Feb 26, 1885 in Lucas County, Iowa.

In 1900 Republic County, Kansas Frank Lott, born Oct 1858 in Iowa, is widowed.  Harry C.,  Feb 1886 Iowa, is with him

In 1910 Frank E., 52 is in Nuckolls County, Nebraska.  He's a carpenter, still widowed.

Harry C. is also in Nuckolls County in 1920, married to Bonnie, 31, with Vivian 5 and Grendalin nine weeks.

In 1920 Nuckolls County he's 62, married to Mary, 60, Ohio.

He died Nov 2, 1925 in White Bluffs, Benton County Washington, and is buried in Prosser.

Stephen R. Lott married Philena E. Gartin December 25, 1876 in Lucas County Iowa.  They were in Texas County Missouri in 1900

Steve moved his family from Wayne County in 1886 to Idalia, Colorado. Then during the panic of 1894 moved to Texas County, Missouri.

In 1900 Texas County Stephen is 60, Illinois, Philena 52 Iowa, Carrie 18  Colorado, Fay Wantland 22, Colorado, daughter, and Carrie's sons Dunivan 3 and Spurgeon 1, both born in Missouri.The family lived on some land in Missouri that Charlie Gartin gave them.

Stephen A. Lott in the Allen Cemetery, Texas County has Stephen A. Lott - Dec 16, 1850 - Dec 27, 1917.  The death certificate said the informant was Chas. A. Lott of ?Hauville? Kansas.

The next summer after Steve died Philena moved to Harper, Kansas to live with her only son. She died at Baird Stephens County, Oklahoma and is buried in the Danville, Harper County, Kansas cemetery. -- Mar 19, 1922  (FindAGrave as birth of Dec 1899)

 i. Blanche Leorna Lott, b. January 08, 1878, Iowa, d. January 1881, Wayne County, Iowa..

 ii. +Charlie Arnwine Lott, b. July 08, 1880, Wayne County, Iowa., d. January 19, 1935, Harper, Kansas.
 iii. +Sylvia May Lott, b. February 16, 1882, Iowa, d. January 18, 1913, Raymondville, Missouri.
 iv. Grace Agnes Lott, b. October 25, 1884, d. September 02, 1905.
 v. +Faye Fannie Lott, b. July 07, 1888, Indalia, Yuma County, Colorado, d. September 03, 1946, Fresno, California130.
 vi. Carrie Colorado Lott, b. August 02, 1892, Idalia, Yuma County, Colorado, d. December 31, 1934, Minot, North Dakota.
 vii. Lott, Blanche Leorna(b. January 08, 1878, d. January 1881) 

Thanks to Cara Strabala Thanks to Sue

In 1900 Wayne County, Iowa Jess A - Feb 1868 Illinois, has been married seven years to Hattie M. Mar 1873 Nebraska.  She's had six kids, three living.  Maud M. Dec 1893, Vera June 1896, and Eva Sep 1898, all three in Colorado.

In 1920 Wray Jesse and Hattie have Kennith 13, Herschel 10, and Dorothy 8, all three kids born in Colorado.



In 1930 Wray Jesse and Hattie just have Dorothy M. 18.

  East Yuma County History

Hattie M. Lott, born March 5, 1873 in Nebraska to Albert H. Thomas and Kathrine Rayton, died December 26, 1935 in Lebanon, Linn County Oregon.

In 1940 Jesse is living in Linn County with son Frank. H., 30 his wife Ethel M. 31, Phyllis M. 11 and Lois E. 8, both girls born in Colorado,..

,Jesse M. Lott, born February 16, 1869 in Joliet Illinois, died January 6, 1959 in Linn County, Oregon, widowed.  Son Jack Lott was the informant.

1891 Wakeeney Kansas "Charles Lott, of Denver, called last Saturday.  Mr. Lott was a former resident of this place."

1892 Salina Kansas "Charles Lott has moved to Kansas City where he expects to make his future home"

1889 (Fargo Cor, Hill Cy., Revilie) "Mrs. Ella C. Beecher and her brother, Charles Lott, went to Wa-Keeney on April 1, to go west to Denver.  After a short visit there, Charles will go to Seattle, Washington Territory, to make it his future home."

In 1900 Charles Lott Nov 1865 Illinois, is in Washington County Kansas, married six years to Zada Oct 1873 Kansas, and they have James P. 4.  Brother James A. Nov 1874 Illinois, is with them.

1907 "Charlie Lott and wife left Monday afternoon for Topeka Kansas, where Mrs. Lott will enter a hospital and take treatment.  Mr. Lott will then look for a  location in a lower altitude, it proving too high in Colorado for the health of his wife.

Thanks to Cara Strabala

They moved back for Fort Dodge, Kansas in 1909.

In 1910 Charles U is a carpenter in west Wray.  He and Zada have J. Percival 14, Colorado, Gladys 9 Kansas , Glen A., 6, Kansas, and Elwin C., 3 Colorado,.

In 1920 Ford County, Kansas, Charles and Zada have J. Percival 23, Gladys F. 18, Glenn 16, Elwyn 13, and Herbert L , 4

Zada's stone in Maple Grove Cemetery, Ford County has 1874-1924 - but the FindAGrave record for Charles in that cemetery doesn't have dates.

In 1930 Ford County, Kansas Charles U. is widowed, and son Herbert L. 15, born in Kansas, is with him.

1919 "Miss Harriette Short, teacher in the Lott district and Miss Lily Jacobson of South Independence joined schools Friday and spent the day in games and roasting 'weenies'."


WADE was born Sep 8, 1877, and died in 1918.  The 1880 census of Clinton County, Missouri has Wade the son of B.F. and Ida J. Lott.  One tree said Benjamin Franklin Lott was born April 6, 1848 in Clinton County, Missouri., and Ida J. Scott was born 1855.  It said Ben's father was William Harrison Lott, born August 1816 in Clark County, Kentucky.  So this Lott is not a close relative of John.

1908 "W.H. Lott and wife arrived here last night to visit T.C. Jennings and family during the holiday season.  Mrs. Lott and Mrs. Jenning (sic) are sisters.  Mr. Lott is superintendent of the El Paso Consolidated Gold Mining Co., at Cripple Creek."

1909 "Mr. and Mrs. Wade Lott of Elkton, Colo. returned to their home Monday."

In 1910 Teller County Wade Lott, 32, Missouri, has been married six years to Lena, 30 Missouri

Lena in 1900 Wray, said she was born January 1880 in Missouri, and is with parents  Alf Davenport Nov 1832 Ohio and Mary C, Jan 1840 Ohio  on South Railway Street  - They have five boarders  - Alf died in 1907 -  Mary 1909

Lena Davenport married Wade H "Latt" February 14, 1904. 

1905 "Anna Colver returned home Monday night from Elkton, Colo., where she has been visiting for the past six months with her aunt Mrs. W. H. Lott.  Mrs. Lott came home with Anna and will visit her parents A.P. Davenport and wife.

Wade Hampton Lott registered for WWI with an address of Elkton (Teller County), saying he was born September 8, 1877.

In 1920 Teller County is Albert C. Wild, 40, North Carolina, and Lena 39, Missouri.

They're in Colorado Springs in 1921, living at 131 Weber, and in Adams County in 1930, and back in El Paso County in 1940.   It looks like Albert died in 1958 and is buried next to Hattie, who died in 1918,  in Colorado Springs.

and a Lena Davenport married Oscar Holt March 25, 1922.

So the Wade Hampton Lott will record in Teller County 1918 matches the burial of Wade in the Wray cemetery.




1911 "Miss Maud Lott, who is teaching in the Eckburg (sic) district near Beecher Island, visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Lott, of west of town over last Sunday.."

1913 Miss Maude Lott has accepted the position as teacher in the Wells district southeast of Wray.

1913 "Miss Maude Lott is expected home this week from Bellgrade, Mont., where she is teaching school."  In 1912 she had visited an uncle there.

McIlvanies Leave Colorado; 1925 article in the Wray, Colorado newspaper; September or October 1925; John, Maude, and their daughter (Heloise) leave their farm near Wray and move south. John suffered from what might have been tuberculosis. They eventually arrived and settled in Melrose, New Mexico.

Maude Lott married John McIlvanie in Wray October 3, 1914, and moved to Melrose, New Mexico in 1925.  Maude died in 1973, 1, and John moved to Clovis.  They had Heloise (Simpson) of Clovis.  John 1891-1973 and Maude 1893-1971are buried in Clovis.


1910 "Harry A. Lott of Yuma came down to Wray Tuesday afternoon to attend to some business relative to his father's estate."

Jerry  Lott married Rebecca J. Sires in 1880, and  in Wayne County Iowa in 1880, age 23, Illinois, married to Rebecca.  The 1925 census has her father as George Seyers, mother as Mary Fitzers.

So she's the Rebecca in Wayne County 1860 census, one year old, with George 40, Mary 37, and six other kits.

One tree has a Jerry Lott and Rebecca Sires as parents of Bessie Lott, born September 1884 in Chariton, Lucas County, Iowa, marrying Joseph Everett April 19, 1909 in Des Moines.

In 1885 Wayne County, Iowa Jerry 27 and Rebecca 26, born Wayne County, have Minnie 4, born Lucas, Iowa, Maggie 2, Lucas Iowa, and Bessie 0, Wayne County.  George Fitzer, 34, born in Indiana, is also with them.  Must be a cousin ?? 

The 1880 Wayne County census has a George Fitzer, 37, living with mother Mary. So he's the son of John and Mary, and Rebecca's uncle.  The 1895 Wayne County census has a George Feitzer, 51, Indiana, living with George Sires Jr. 26. Belle  28, with one-year-old Earl . 

In 1895 Washington County Kansas, Jerry 45 and Rebecca 38 have Minna 14, Maggie 12, Bessie 10, Eddie (Edna)  8, Stella 6, Ethel 4, and David (Harold), 1

In 1900 Lucas County Jerry, July 1853 in Illinois, has been married 21 years to Rebecca, Nov 1857 Iowa, and all nine children are living.  Minnie Aug 1879 Iowa, Maggie Jan 1883 Iowa, Bessie Sept 1884, Iowa, Edna Aug 1885 Iowa, Stella July 1883 Colorado (must have been confused with Edna), Ethel July 1890 Colorado, Harold Jan 1893 Colorado, Pearl Dec 1895 Iowa (so they must have moved back right after the 1894 proving up, stopping in Kansas along the way.), Myrl daughter May 1898 Iowa.

In 1910 Lucas County "Gerry" and Rebecca only have Pearl and Merle.

In 1922 Des Moines directory has Rebecca Lott (wid Jerry H), and in 1925 she's living with son Charles R. Lott in Des Moines, saying she was married.  She's in Des Moines in the 1930 census.  In 1925 Jerry was living with daugherter Margaret and Edward Morrison in Des Moines, also saying he was married.  He said his mother was Srah Huyck born in New Jersey, and his father John Lott was born in New York, marrying in Illinois.

Jerry 1854-1927 and Rebecca 1858-1935 are buried in Glendale, Des Moines, Iowa.

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