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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Daniel and Louisa Mosher, twin sons Wilford and Eva Mosher, Worthington "Word" and Mary (Cue) Mosher, Louisa's daughter Alida Holmes, Mary's father Nelson B. Cue

Wilford cash-claimed a quarter in 28, 4S 43W in 1890, Daniel one in 28, and Washington one in 27. 

In 1850 Mercer County, Illinois, David Bruner is 55, Nancy 50, with Margaret 25, Percilla 23, James 21, Louisa 18, Adam 15, Elizabeth 11, and Montgomery 20.

One tree said Louisa Bruner married John M. Holmes in 1852, and he died 1858, all in Mercer County.

In 1860 Mercer County, Illinois, Louisa Holmes is 26, born in Indiana, Gilbert 7, Iowa, and Lydia 4, Iowa. They are with David 60 and Nancy 58 Bruner.

In the same household are Fletcher Bogges, a carpenter, 25, Virginia, with Elizabeth Bogges, 25, Indiana.

The household preceding is Joshua Bruner 37, Sarah 32, with five kids. Another household on the page is Joseph Holmes 34 Sarah B. 34, and their four kids.

Daniel Mosher married Mrs. Louisa Holmes August 9, 1860 - another tree said 1861 - in Warren County, Illinois.

In 1870 Poweshiek County, Iowa, Daniel Mosher is 27, farming, Louisa 36. With them are Gilbert Holmes 16 and Lydia Holmes 14, Worthington Mosher 9, Wilford Mosher 9 - twins, and Libbie Mosher 1.

In 1880 Wayne County Iowa, Daniel is 38, born in New York, Louisa 47, Indiana. Alida Holmes 24 is a stepdaughter, Wilford and Worthington both 19 Illinois, and Libbie 11 Illinois.

One tree said Daniel died March 21, 1900 in Denver, at age 58.

NELSON AND NANCY CUE Nelson is 5 in 1850 Menard County, Illinois, with John 37, and Judy 33 and five other kids.
In 1860 Mason County, Illinois, Jane is 40, Jacob 23, Solomon 21, Nelson 16, Charlotte 14, and Harris 11.

NELSON D. CUE, aged eighteen, born in Menard county, Illinois, and enlisted as a farmer from Mason county. He served with his company to the close of the war and was mustered out with the regiment. He returned to Illinois; resumed farming, and resides at Greenview, Menard county
Company C was enrolled by Samuel Black, a farmer residing near Mason City, between July 23 and August 15, 1862, the entire company, except two – one from Logan and one from Peoria – enlisting from Mason county. At the organization of the company the following commissioned officers were elected: Samuel Black, captain; George A. Blanchard, first lieutenant, and Dr. William W. Walker, second lieutenant.
Of the 102 officers and men originally mustered in 8 were killed in action, 7 died of wounds, and 14 were hit whose wounds did not prove fatal while in the service, 22 died of disease, 24 were discharged for disability, 7 were transferred, 2 officers resigned and 31 officers and men were mustered out with the regiment.
The company bore well its part, and did its full share in making history of the regiment one of which its members may be justly proud.
In 1880 Mason County, Illinois, Nelson Cue and Nancy Cue, both 35, have Will 7 and Mary 15.

Nelson D. Cue proved up a quarter in 10, 3S 43W in 1895. (The township map has "Clue", but it's in PDF format that I can't edit).
In 1900 Menard County, Nelson Dec 1843, married 30 years to Nancy Sep 1846 Ohio. She's had four children, two living. Next household is William born April 1873 has been married three years to Mary S. May 1880 Kentucky, and they have Eva M., born Oct 1898 Illinois.
Nancy Matilda (Shockey) Cue, born Sep 19, 1846 in Ohio, died Jan 21, 1929 in Springfield, Illinois, buried in Mason City Big Grove Cemetery. Father was Henry Shockey, born in Ohio, mother Elvina Miller born in Pennsylvania.
Nelson Declain Cue # 70755500 - 1844-1921 is also buried in Big Grove.
1910 Sheridan County, Nebraska - Alfred M. Cue is 42, born in Illinois, Ella M. 37 Pennsylvania. They have Raymond 17, born in Iowa.
1915 Alliance, Nebraska "J. S. Hull of Sheridan County had in 84 feeders that averaged 1,114 lbs., and sold at $7.40, while Alfred Cue of the same place had in a mixed load of cattle, which included 5 heifers that averaged 492 lbs., and sold at $5.74; 4 cows that averaged 467 lbs. and brought $5.40, and 9 cows that averaged 1,016 lbs. and sold at $4.10"
1928 Sheridan County, Nebraska "Mrs. Alf Cue entertained Mr. and Mrs. Walt Schlensig and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Arnold, the event being Mr. Cue's birthday. We don't know how old he is, but he's past 16 anyway. A fine dinner was enjoyed by all."
"Quite a lot of excitement was caused on Thursday when a fire broke out south of the A. Cue farm, but was put out by the many good neighbors as the Cues were in town. It burned over a section of ground. "
"Mr. and Mrs. John Forster entertained on Monday evening at dinner the following: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cue and Mr. and Mrs. Cottrell. As the latter were leaving for their new home in Colorado on Tuesday, it was a sort of farewell party."
"Leslie Cue is having the chicken pox."
Alfred's father is probably Joseph, and he's likely related to Mary CUE Mosher.

In 1883 Daniel Mosher of Wayne County, Iowa was receiving $18.00 per month for "g.s.w.rt.knee" - probably gun shot wound?

1884 Humeston, Iowa "WORD MOSHER - Hotel clerk, 24 years, energetic boy willing to quit the hotel to go with a good wife"

WILFORD MOSHER - Farmer, 21 candidate for matrimony, hard to suit, give him a trial. "

1885 Humeston " Daniel Mosher has received a new artificial leg to use in place of the one lost from gunshot "wound in service"
1885 Humeston "We learn from their father, that Wilford, and Word Mosher, are now located in Nebraska. Wilford is at Hastings. and reports that he is well pleased -with the country. "

May 1886 Humeston "Wilford and Word Mosher started to Nebraska last Saturday, and Mrs. Mosher, Miss Holmes and Libbie Mosher started Monday."

In 1880 Otoe County, Nebraska, Thomas W. Foster is farming, 33 with Mary J. 22, daughter Eva St C. 6 and Clark I 1 both born in Nebraska. Father Isaac N. 60 is also with them.

One tree said Mary died in 1883 - that matches the Mary J. Foster that # 61652547 "wife of T. W. Foster" has buried in Rosewood Cemetery, dying Dec 5, 1883 age 25 years 6 months 27 days.

In 1885 Otoe County, Clark Foster 6, is a boarder with Samuel and Laura Taylor, both 54. Another boarder is I. N Foster 65 - who might be Isaac- and om 38, a labor born in Missouri.

Eva Foster married Wilford Mosher in Denver May 14, 1890, performed by minister A.I. Hobbs.

In 1900 Denver, Thomas Foster has a butter and egg company, widowed, born Sept 1847 in Iowa. Daughter Eva St. C. Mosher July 1874 Nebraska, divorced, two kids but only one living. Paul R. Mosher March 1893 Colorado is with her.

In 1900 Cedar County, Nebraska, Ward Mosher is lumbetizing? born May 1861 Illinois, married 8 years to Mary March 1866 Illinois, with Edith April 1893 Colorado, Lydia April 1897 Colorado, and brother Wilford- looks to be divorced - May 1861, Illinois. Sisters Alida Holmes Jan 1857 Iowa and Libby Reed March 1869 Iowa are with them.

1901 Humeston Iowa, "Wilford Mosher, who was a resident of Humeston several years ago, but is now living at Randolph, Nebraska."

FindaGrave # 13468919 says Eva St. Clair Mosher 1874-1901 is buried in Denver, Fairmount Cemetery.

1909 Humeston "Daniel Mosher of Colorado visited with friends here. Daniel Mosher sold his farm near Cambria to E. E. Dent."

Alida cash-claimed a quarter in 27, 3S 43W in 1890 - adjoining Daniel's claim.
Adjoining Word's and Alida's claims, Isaac Reed proved up a quarter in 1906. Isaac Reed married Flora Finn May 7, 1906, recorded in Yuma County. This Isaac is a hardware merchant in Wray in 1910, 41, born in Iowa, Flora 28, Illinois, with Mary 3. Alexander Reed, 75 is living with them. The East Yuma history doesn't mention any previous marriages, and the 1910 census says it's his first marriage. So he likely isn't Alida's husband.
1894 Denver directory has Mrs. Libbie Reed living at 1628 California. Mrs. Alida Holmes lives at 1645 Court Place.
In 1897 Miss Alida Holmes is a clerk at Lewis, Son & Barrow, living at 723 Sherman.
In 1898 Miss Alida Holmes is a clerk at A.T. Lewis & Son, living at 1428 Glenarm.

1897 "DID NOT PULL WHISKERS. A few days ago it was reported that a fight had occurred at a political meeting in Denver, and that two women had torn out a delegate's whiskers. The story bore all thie earmarks of an invention, and we declared last week our belief that on investigation it would turn out to be a falsehood. Such it proves to be. Mrs. Helen G. Ecob, the wife of a prominent clergyman of Denver, investigated the case, at our request. She writes : A faction of the Populist party, known as "Middle-of-the-road Populists," held a meeting in Denver on March 13. The vote of the Populists of Arapahoe County (Denver) numbers 12,000, and this wing comprises about 150 men and women, followers of ex-Gov. Waite. Discordant resolutions were introduced, and an inevitable heated discussion followed; whereupon the press reported a fight instigated by women delegates, in which Mrs. Reed and Miss Holmes tore the beard from one Akens. This report is a bit of political mud- slinging, which has no foundation in truth. As a matter of fact, the women took no part in this debate, and there was no fight on the part of men or women. Every one in Denver regarded the story a bit of "fake" reporting, which it was, pure and simple. A Colorado friend now visiting the East, who was for years on the staff of the principal daily paper of Denver, and who is a Populist, writes of the "Middle -of-the-Road Populists" : This whole contingent is so utterly insignificant that it is only reported at all lor the purpose of making fun of it by exaggerating its absurdities. They meet in a little dark hall capable of holding at the most twenty people ; and when a reporter gets an assignment to go to one of their meetings, he either writes it up in a paragraph, or else strings it out and makes fun of the whole combination. Another friend writes from Denver in a private letter:
I have sifted the report to the bottom, and find it only political mud-slinging. I have also called on Miss Holmes, a clerk in a large dry-goods store. She is a woman in middle life, quiet and self-respecting. Mrs. Reed is her sister. They are vexed that the press has such unlimited power, but know that their friends understand that they could not be guilty.
This absurd canard was seriously brought forward as an argument against equal suffrage in the debate in the Massachusetts Legislature last week. It was also used in the California Legislature, and doubtless in all the States between, where there was any suffrage measure pending.
The rapidity with which such a story grows in passing through the picturesque imaginations of the opponents of equal rights is illustrated in the Massachusetts Spy of March 19. The Spy not only lends ready faith to a tale ridiculous on its face, but declares that the fight took place in the Colorado Legislature, and that the pulling of whiskers was done by the women legislators ! It says :
In the Colorado Legislature unwomanly women are sometimes said to take a principal part in rows. The other day there was nearly a free light in that august body, or rather a hustling of one or two members, who were ''minions of corporations," by a crowd of pugnacious Populists, male and female. The report gives the impression that acrimonious personalities, which ended with whisker-pulling by enraged feminine legislators, were started by the women. Mrs. Smith- Jones's husband, a legislator like herself, would not fly to the defence of his spouse with ready fists when one of the conservative Solons "answered back." So she and another lady law-maker felt obliged to do the whisker-pulling in question. The remonstrants have made great capital out of an incident which proves to have been wholly baseless. It remains to be seen whether those who took so much pains to spread the falsehood will take any pains to spread the correction.
Alice Stone Blackwell.

"It is stated that at said meeting or convention Mrs. Libbie Reed and Miss Alida Holmes pulled the hair and beard of one Henry L. Acker in a certain alleged controversy upon that occasion, is wholly false and untrue and without the least foundation in fact."
Washington Mosher married Mary Cue Feb 7, 1892, at Lansing, Colorado, minister J.M. Willis of Lansing. The marriage was recorded in Denver (county seat at the time) A John M. Willis proved up a quarter in 8S 42W in 1894, and was an officer in the Burlington Masonic lodge in 1892, so he would have been in the area in 1892. J.M. is in Goodland, Kansas in 1895, 56, born in Ohio, a minister. He had moved from Colorado in 1893. Wife is R.E. 58, born in Ohio.

In 1900 Cedar County, Nebraska, Ward Mosher is lumbetizing? Sisters Alida Holmes Jan 1857 Iowa and Libby Reed March 1869 Iowa are with them.

FindaGrave # 106600906 says Alida Holmes Mosher is buried in Randolph, Cedar County, Nebraska, 1856-1908. The tombstone says "Alida Holmes - wife of S.W. Mosher - born Jan 5, 1856, died Nov 24, 1903."

One possibility is that the Yuma County Alida Holmes married late to a distant relative of her step-father.
1889 "S.W. Mosher of Plainview has taken a contract for the contruction of a complete system of waterworks for Randolph."
Randolph, Nebraska 1896 S. W. Mosher was a Cedar County delegate to the state Republican convention.
1899 - S.W. Mosher was the auctioneer at a ranch 13 miles north of Norfolk, Nebraska.
1903 "Buol Bros., who have been in business here since the establishment of the town, have sold out their large hardware store to Messrs. S.W. Mosher and J.L. Cahpman of this city."

1904 S.W. Mosher elected Mayor in the Spring. In 1906 S.W. was a delegate from Randolph to the state Republican convention.
April 1923 "RANDOLPH Neb.. April 14 State Fire Inspector' ('. F. Hartford was In Randolph Wednesday and condemned two residence houses here, one is the old S. W. Mosher house on main street, one of the oldest buildings in town."
S.W. Mosher was the auctioneer for a 1914 auction at Dakota City Nebraska.
This is probably not the Shadrack Washington Mosher, born at Victoria, Knox County, Illinois, born about 1853 in Illinois to Allen and Mary Ann (Johnson) Mosher. Allen 1819-1864 and Mary Ann 1825-1900 are buried in Knox County # 5541516. In 1870 Knox County, Illinois, Mary is 43, with Charles 18, "Shedrick" 16, Phinas 14, Ruth 10, and Lafayette 7.
In 1880 S.W. "Mosier" is in Thayer County, Nebraska, single, boarding with a family. In 1900 Knox County, Shadrack, farming, and Anna - no kids - are living with his mother Mary Mosher. Shadrack is in Knox County in the 1910, 1920, and 1930 census. In 1930 he's farming - at age 77. His widowed brother Charley, 79 is with him. and so is widowed sister-in-law Annie Pierson, 67, born in Sweden.
S.W. (a second marriage) married Annie Pierson in Burlington, Iowa in 1934.
Buried in Knox County # 24816843 are Shadrack 1853-1945, married in 1889 to Anna Peterson, 1861-1924.
Another Shadrack Mosher is in Knox County in 1900, born Feb 1873 in Illinois, married 15 years to Emma Dec 1867. Lillian was born Sept 1890 New Hampshire, Ervin Dec 1895, Grace Sept 1897, and Charles Jan 1899, these three in Illinois. He registered in Knox County, a coal miner.

1903 Humeston, Iowa "Mrs. Libbie Reed, of Randolph, Neb., was the guest this week of Mr. and Mrs. H. I). Hines." " Miss Libbie Reed, who has been visiting in Humeston for some time with the family of L. M. Stanton, left Tuesday for her home in Randolph, Nebraska. "

In 1910 Dawes County, Nebraska, Wilford R. Mosher is farming, 49, married but no spouse, with son Rexford 17 born in Colorado. Eva Perfect, 27 widowed with two young kids, is housekeeper. Thomas Foster, 65, father-in-law, is a farm laborer.

1910 Alliance, Nebraska "Mr. and Mrs. Will Mosher, who have been spending a few days with their nephew Wilford Mosher returned to their home in Randolph, Nebr. Friday."

1911 Humeston "Wilford Mosher of Nebraska visited a few days with his uncle, Cur Mosher and family."

1911 Humeston "Wilford Mosher of Gordon, Neb., who was called here to attend the funeral of Mrs. L. M. Stanton, returned home Sunday. "

In 1912 Denver, Paul Rexford Mosher was assessed for real estate.


In 1900 Cedar County, Nebraska, Ward Mosher is lumbetizing? born May 1861 Illinois, married 8 years to Mary March 1866 Illinois, with Edith April 1893 Colorado, Lydia April 1897 Colorado, and brother Wilford- looks to be divorced - May 1861, Illinois. Sisters Alida Holmes Jan 1857 Iowa and Libby Reed March 1869 Iowa are with them.

Olin Bennett Waddill's marriage to Alida Mosher was solemnized at Gordon, Nebraska April 9, 1919. Mrs. Waddill is the daughter of Ward and Mary Mosher. She graduated from Gordon High School and attended Chadron State Normal College, and Boyles Business College at Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Waddill have two children, Betty Mae, born September 2, 1920; and Olin Joel, born August 15, 1931.

1953 "Mr. and Mrs. Dale Youel were hosts at a birthday dinner Wednesday evening honoring their son Roger who was three years old. Guests were Roger's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Youel and Mr. and Mrs. O.B. Waddill, and his great-grandmother, Mrs. Mary Mosher."

1954 Gordon Nebraska "Mr. and Mrs. Olin Waddill and Mrs. Mary Mosher were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Youel."

Olin 1897-1977 and Alida 1897-1967 are buried in Gordon # 71419477.
Edith Pike is in 1920 Gordon, Nebraska, 26, born in Colorado, married to Walter M. 28. They have Alida R. 4 and Glen E. 3.

In 1940 Denver, Edith M. Pike is an office clerk, 49, born in Colorado, divorced, and Lousie Waddill is a stenographer, 22, born in Nebraska (was in Sheridan County in 1935).

Glen Pike is a railroad laborer in 1940 Denver, 23, born in Nebraska. One tree said he moved to New Mexico, died in California, and is buried in Albuquerque 1916-1980 # 64053061. Helen C. Pike 1916-1965 is also buried there # 64053062.

The tree said Don W. Pike - Dec 6, 1925 - Jan 27, 1998 is buried in Laurens Iowa.

Pomeroy Iowa 1956 "Mrs. Carrie Maschino left Friday noon for Denver, Colorado. She accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Pike of Lakewood, Colo., who were returning there following a visit to Iowa. Mrs. Maschino will visit her sister, Mrs. Jessie A. Johnson at Lakewood, a suburb of Denver, who will bring her back at the conclusion of her visit there."

In 1920 Gordon, Sheridan County, Nebraska, Word Mosher "general automotive" is 58, Mary 53, both born in Illinois. They're still in Gordon in 1930, Word selling insurance. The household following them in 1930 is Edith M. Pike, widowed, born in Colorado, the night operator at the telephone office. Edith has Alida R. 14, Glen E. 13, and Don W. 4.

1924 Gordon, Nebraska "Word Mosher Auctioneer"

In 1940 Gordon, Mary is widowed, 73, and lodging with her are Charles A. Spanner 27, born in Colorado, and Ruth A. 23, born in Nebraska, with Delena R. 3 and Edith M. eleven months both born in Colorado.

Charles Spanner had married Ruth Pike Aug 1, 1936, recorded in Arapahoe County, Colorado.

Alida Ruth Pike Spanner, born Oct 12, 1915 in Gordon Nebraska to Walter Pike and Edith Mosher Pike, , died Feb 12, 2012 in Plattsmouth, Nebraska

Wilford is in South Dakota in 1925, single, arriving in the state about 1920.

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