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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Thomas P. and John Nevin, Lansing

Josie Nevin,, Wray

In 1860 Menard County, Illinois, John Nevin is 38, Martha 37, both born in Ireland, with James 9 and William 7, both born in Pennsylvania, and Mary Ann three-months-old, born in Illinois. John renounced his British citizenship in Menard County September 18, 1860.

In 1880 John proved up 80 acres in Hamilton County, Nebraska, just a little southeast of Shiloh post office.
In 1880 Hamilton County, Nebraska, John Nevin is 59, Ireland, Anne M. 39, Scotland, with Thomas 12, Illinois, Nancy 9, Illinois, Margarette 5 Nebraska, and John 1 Nebraska.

The 1890 gazetteer of Hamilton County has "Jno Nevin, Aurora" and "Nevin, Thos, Aurora."
In 1880 Pike County, Illinois, William Cox is 40, Delpha 36, with Royal 5, Ralph 2, and Grant 7.
William is widowed in 1885 Seward County, Nebraska, with Grant and Royal both 12, and Ralph 7.
Grant B. Cox married Maggie D. Nevin December 2, 1893 - the card says Denver BUT it was performed by J.M. Gillespie of Shields, Colorado - so they almost certainly were married in the Lansing area
One tree said Ann Nevin died Feb 10, 1895 in Wray, and John died July 20, 1897 in Wray. There are no records for Kingston/Lansing cemetery, but that is the most likely burial place. Both their sons were living near that cemetery. They could very well have buried sister Maggie there in 1906.

1899 "Grant Cox of Vernon made a call in Idalia on Wednesday.
Josie is a day laborer in Wray in 1900, single, born August 1882 in Nebraska. Her household is following her sister Maggie D. Cox May 1875 Nebraska and her husband Grant B. Cox, March 1873 Illinois. Mildred September 1897 and Maud May 1899 both born in Colorado.
1901 Wray "A fine baby girl came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Cox Wednesday, August 7."
1903 Wray "O.P. Spiers lost a twenty dollar bill a few days ago and was lucky enough to have the same returned to him by Grant Cox who found it on the street in front of Carl's hardware store." (this might have been in jest)

January 19, 1906 "Jack McDonald, wife and little boy of Benkelman, were in the city over Sunday; guests of Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Cox. Mr. McDonald is a brother of Mrs. Cox." (probably came for the funeral)
John registered with a Vernon address, born Sept 17, 1877, farming, with brother Thomas P. Nevin the nearest relative.
In 1900 Washington County, Oregon, William 63, with Roy 25 and Ralph V. 22 are living alone.
Grant is widowed in 1910 Denver.
In 1930 Adams County, Grant is 57, divorced, and sister-in-law Minnie J. Tietjen, 52, born in Iowa, is with him.
In 1940 Adams County, Grant is widowed, a laborer at a cemetery. Fannie M. McMains, 60 Iowa is a housekeeper.

Ralph V. Cox 1875-19.. and Grant B. Cox 1873-1953 # 110968674 are buried in Brighton, Colorado.
Joseph had cash-claimed a quarter in 19, 2S 44W in 1891, and a Timber claim quarter in 30, 2S 44W in 1902.
Katie Greene, widow of Joseph B. Greene, proved up a quarter in 35, 2S 45W in 1911.
1912 Copper Kettle items "Tom Nevins was listing with a two-row machine for Mrs. Green last week. (Listing is planting with deep furrows, usually corn)
1912 Happyville items "... and Misses Helen Nevin and Anna Lawver... were Vernon callers Thursday."
Thomas Nevin, age 50, married Kate Greene, 42 in Burlington June 29, 1918, performed by minister C.A. Yersin of Burlington.
In 1920 Vernon precinct, Thomas is 51, married to Katie, 44, born in Germany, immigrating in 1882, naturalized in 1884. Kathie's sons John K. Greene 21, George W. 19, and Edward J. 17, and daughter Silver C. 15, and their daughter Josie A. Nevins, 11 were also born in Colorado. were all born in Colorado.
Catherine L. Greene had been widowed in 1910 Vernon precinct, with Hannah 13, John 11, George 9, Edward 7, Silver 5, and Josephine eleven months.

John proved up two quarters in 5 and 6, 3S 43W in 1923.  Thomas P. Nevin "for the heirs of John Nevin, deceased" filed the claim, witnesses Otto W. Kohlman, Floyd Shively, John Green, and Harvey J. Hill.
In 1898 Thomas P. Nevin was a witness for the land claim of John M. Kier of Vernon.
John Nevin 1877-1920 is buried in Vernon, # 79958946.

One relative wrote "Both John and his wife Ann are buried in the Glendale Cemetery near Vernon where sons Thomas P and John are buried.  The cemetery records were lost according to the local librarian.  I picked up Ann’s death and burial from the Yount 1895 diary entry that was available on the Internet.  

John moved around a bit in Illinois.  In the 1865 IL Census he is still in Menard county living in Tallula, and moved to Mason County in Illinois living in Salt Creek Township in the 1870 Census.  He and family moved to Hamilton County, Nebraska in 1873 and homesteaded there." 
In 1930 Vernon precinct, Katie Nevin, 53 married but no spouse, is living with son John Green, 20, Jose Nevin ??, also 20, and brother Edwin J. Green, 27. Thomas Park Nevin 1868-1938, # 79958807 is also buried in Glendale.

In 1920 Denver, Pearl W. Martin, 26 and Mildred M. 23 have Virginia M. 1.
Margarette Potts, born Jan 17, 1875 "in another country" died January 19, 1940 in Alameda County, California, father Niven.
Victor H. Sullivan 39, Kansas, and Mildred, 33, Colorado, are in 1930 Denver, with Arlene M. 3. Victor's da Mildred Margaret Sullivan, born Sept 17, 1897 in Colorado, died in Marin County, California January 31, 1957, father Cox.
Margaret "Navin" Daley, born Aug 12, 1875, died June 1, 1959 - buried in Scottsbluff, Nebraska # 117836158.
FindaGrave # 67944419 says Nancy Nellie (Nevin) Specht 1871-1939 is buried in Beloit, Kansas.
One tree said Maud Cox, born May 8, 1899, married Joseph Laurence Willey, and died Jan 9, 1979 in Shasta County, California.
Ralph Vernon Cox, born Nov 3, 1878, is farming for a Bancroft of Brighton, Colorado. Nearest relative is Grant B. Cox of Shirley, Arkansas.There's a Ralph Cox in 1930 Deuel County, Nebraska, born in Illinois, nephew ofWalter and J.S. Stewart, bot 77, married 41 years.

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