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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Martin Luther Pembleton and Mattie Jane (Kauffman) Pembleton

Martin was born September 7, 1846 in Luzerne County Pennsylvania, married Mary Elizabeth Lutz there in 1868, -

Mary E. Pembleton died Feb 23, 1879 - wife of M.L. Pembleton - reported in the Wahoo, Nebraska paper.

In 1880 Saunders County Nebraska he's a tinsmith, widowed, with daughters Nora U. 4 Pennsylvania and Lizzie May, two, Nebraska. 

His biography said Bertha Udora, born July 2, 1873 near Berwick, married Ulysses H. Franklin October 5, 1892 in Seward, Nebraska, with one child, Maurice.

He married Mattie J. Kauffman March 17, 1881.   Martha Jane Kauffman was born Oct 25, 1857 in Juniata County, Pennsylvania to John D. and Catherine Shellenberger Kauffman.

In 1885 Saunders County M.L. is 38, Mattie 27, Lillian 14, Bertha 11, Nora 10, Lizzie 8, and Daisy 2.  Lillian and Albert Kester homesteaded a few miles away.  One tree said Daisy was born June 29, 1882 in Wahoo and died in York October 1, 1897.  His biography said  Isaac Ray Pembleton was born September 13, 1883 in Polk County and died January 20, 1884,

Emma Jane was born January 17, 1892 i York.

Martin Luther Pembleton (seen here at left) was father and leader of the Pembletons Family Band, also known as Pembletons Ladies Martial Band and the Pembleton Baby Drummers. The drum and fife corps traveled Nebraska from its home base in York beginning in the year 1889. His son Martin Luther Pembleton Jr. (that might be incorrect - Martin wasn't born until 1889) and wife Martha are seen first and second from the right. This photo and story appeared in the York News-Times of York, NE on June 27, 2008.

Castle Rock Colorado April 10, 1889

Fort Collins Colorado May 22, 1890

Nora Eugenia, born October 23, 1875 in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, married Arthur V. Rhine December 6, 1892 in York, Nebraska.  In 1900 Fillmore, Nebraska "Lenore E" Rhine, born October 1875 in Pennsylvania, is divorced.  She's had two children, one living. Harold W. born July 1897 in Nebraska, father in Illinois.  She and boarder Jessie Morrison are milliners.  In 1910 Lancaster County Nebraska Harold V. Rine is living with grandparents Michel P. and Eliza J. Rine.


In 1896 a M. Pembleton was on the ballot for Democratic presidential electors.  Other articles said he was "an old soldier in Ness City."

Lizzie M. Pembleton, 22, married Homer E. Miller, 22, in York Nebraska August 31, 1899.

In 1900 York, Nebraska  Martin Pembleton born Sep 1846, Mattie Oct 1867, both in Pennsylvania have Marjorie THAT MUST BE MARTIN JUNIOR Sep 1889 Colorado and Emma January 1890 Nebraska.  So the older Martin is the homesteader.  Mattie has had four children, two living.


York, NE ó Martin Luther Pembleton Sr. was born in 1846 in Luzerne County, Penn. He came from a military background. So when as a young man he opted to join the Pennsylvania Volunteers. But, according to Nancy Beach of the York County Historical Association, due to his size and age he was not allowed to serve at the front. Beach reports, soon after entering the service, Pembleton took the place of a man who had been drafted and did not want to go. Hence he became a member of Co. A of the 104th Pennsylvania Volunteers Infantry, later serving as a drummer in the regiment.
Research into the Pembleton family found Martin Luther Sr. and his family living in Wahoo in the year 1876. In 1889 the family moved to York . During his life the senior Pembleton married twice, fathering a total of nine children.
Highlights of Pembletonís life include his service as drum major for the 1st Regiment of the National Guard in Nebraska , a position to which he was elected six years running. For three years the musician served as drum major for the National Association of Civil War Musicians and once presided over the largest assemblage of musicians ever led by a single man, 635 total.
In 1895 the elder Pembleton suffered a stroke, from then on his participation in the family band was limited. Son, Martin Luther Pembleton Jr., his wife Martha and several of his daughters carried on, performing in regimental dress at conventions and gatherings.

Mattie Pembleton - thank you, Barbara.
Martin Luther Pembleton Sr. died in York in and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery

Hayes, Emma Jane Jan 17 1892 May 31 1983 Pembleton, Kauffman  - Metz Mortuary, York, Nebraska

Lenora Eugenia Pembleton Look, widowed, born 1877 in Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania, married  John Herman Roelfs August 1, 1905 in Red Oak, Montgomery County Iowa.  Her father was Martin Luther Pembleton, mother Mary Lutz.

The Martin L. Pembleton who cash-claimed the land in Yuma County might be the elder, or the Martin Luther Pembleton born in Pennsylvania in 1869, per one tree.

In 1915 Mattie (wid Martin) is living at 502 W 5th in York.  Martin L Pembleton, Jr is at the same address, a machinist.

Mattie is widowed in 1920 York, Nebraska, 62, working as a practical nurse.

Martin Luther Pembleton Jr., was born September 18, 1889 in Logan.  His WWI registration said he was born in Prairie, Colorado.  He was single, a mechanic in York.  In 1920 he was a railroad fireman in Alliance, Nebraska (a railroad town in far northwest Nebraska)

In 1930 York he's a car salesman.

In 1940 York Martin L. is still single, a houseman.

Martin died October 24, 1971 in Modesto California.  Metz Mortuary of York have a Martin L born September 18, 1889 dying October 24, 1971 - so he must be the one buried in Greenwood Cemetery, York.

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