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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Rebecca Pinckard, son Amos F. and Ida Pinckard, Lansing

In 1870 Jersey County, Illinois, Wm. A. "Pinkard" is 35, Rebecca M. 31. They have James B. 11, Amos F. 9, and Edwin 3. Brother Chas H. 25 is with them.
In 1885 Nuckolls County, Nebraska A. Pinckard is 24, I.E. 22 - no kids.
In 1900 Nuckolls County, Nebraska, Amos born Feb 1861 in Illinois, is married 15 years to Ida April 1864 Iowa. Arthur L. Oct 1885, Lou Bell Oct 1887, Lee E. April 1890, Ray April 1893, all born in Nebraska, and Clara Sept 1897 in Montana.

Amos cash-claimed a quarter in 3, 4S 43W in 1891. Then he cash-claimed a quarter in 29, 3S 43W in 1908. This was a decade later than surrounding claims, so it might have been a relinquishment. 
1908 witnesses were George R. Bond, Willie S. Bond, Alfred S. Kester,and Silas Moore.
Rebecca proved up one in section 22, also in 1908.
In 1910 Lansing, Amos and Ida have Lee, Clara James, , and now added Harold N. 6, Verena M. 3, and Ervin A. 1 , these three in Colordo. The next household is Rebecca M. Pinckard, 71, widowed, born in Illinois, having three children, two living.
Amos F. Pinckard had a record of a timber claim in 9S 45W, but it wasn't finalized. That would have been thirty miles south.
1912 Wray

In 1920 Palisade, Colorado, Amos is a laborer on a fruit farm, 58, Ida 54, with William 19, Harold 15, Verna 12, Irvin 10, and Rebecca 81.
Amos F. 1861-1928 # 106196625 and Ida Stella Pinckard 1864-1936 # 106196647 are buried in Fullerton, California.
In 1905 the Rattler published a letter from Will S. Bond describing a trip to Linsey California. "While looking over the newspapers at my uncle's I saw an item about an A. Pinckard. I asked my uncle to describe this Mr. Pinckard, and he told me he was a tall, young man about 28 or 30, with black hair and that he once lived in Colordo. I asked uncle what he was doing and he said he was running a small donkey farm and had a nice orchard, and was doing very well. He lived about 50 miles north of Linsey. So one nice day, uncle and I drove over to see him, for I felt sure I knew him.
We started bright and early, and got there about 5 o'clock. It was a long drive, but the road ws good and we had a fine dringint team.
One the way uncle told me he was married, and had been there about five years. He worked for him when he first came to California.
When we reached there, I found it to be my old school mate, Art and he did not know me. "Well, Art, old boy, how are you? " said I. "Well, I have seen you before, but I can not call your name" said he. "Will is my name, and I came from Colorado about a week ago."
"O, yes, I know who you are now, but I never thought to see you in California, but here you are."
We stayed all night, and Art showed us over the farm. The orchard and flowers were beautiful and we enjoyed our visit with them very much.
1911 "A.F. Pinckard of near Armel, was in (Wray) Monday and Tuesday, he bringing over a load of household goods for his mother who has moved to Arapahoe, Nebraska. This office (newspaper Rattler) acknowledges a pleasant call from Mr. Pinckard."
1916 Wray "Grandma R. M. Pinckard, west of town, arrived home Monday from a visit with relatives in Nebraska."
1917 "Mrs. Ora Long and two children of Boise City, Idaho, stopped off in Wray from Saturday until Sunday for a short visit with her cousin, Mrs. A.F. Pinckard and family, of just west of Wray. Mrs. Long was returning to Idaho from a visit with relatives in McCook, Nebraska." In 1920 Boise, Idaho, Leslie L. Long38, born in Maryland and Ora M. Long, 35, Nebraska, have Howard D. 8 and Phyllis M. 5, both born in Idaho.
Rebecca M. Pinckard 1839-1923 and William A. Pinckard 1834-1899 are buried in Edgar Nebraska # 55865521.
That's the same county that their son James - Amos' brother - lived in 1885. James moved to Michigan.
Arthur L. Pinckard proved up two quarters in sections 5 and 8, 5S 43W in 1913. That would be about fifteen miles south of his parents claim.
Arthur Len Pinckard registered in Idalia, born October 9, 1885, farming, nearest relative Ella.
1916 Wray "Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Pinckard, west of town, are enjoying a visit from Mrs. Pinckard's cousin, Mrs. A.O. Kremer and little Miss Luella French, of McCook, Nebraska."
(another paragraph refers to A.E., too.)
A.L. Pinchard and Ella Armknecht married May 16, 1910 in Armel, by minister J.D. Sparks of Armel.
In 1920 Yuma County, Arthur "Pickard" is 34, born in Nebraska, Ella 31 Colorado, Willard 8, Henry 7, Amos 5, Minnie 2, were all born in Colorado.
In 1930 Yuma County, Arthur and Ella have Willard 18, Henry 17, Amos 15, Minnie 13, and Elmer 8.
Arthur and Ella Pinckard divorced in 1931 in Yuma County.
Arthur 1885-1950 is buried in Armel # 81879533.
Arthur and Ella (Armknecht)'s son Amos died in 1997
Arthur's son Willard 1911-2006 is buried in Wray
" Married (1)- Mable Bates - Jan 1956 m(2) DeLorise Jensen - Feb 1993 "
CLARA 1914 Wray "Miss Clara Pinckard of west of town entertained her friend, Mrs. J. E. Carlberg of Parks, Neb., from Monday until Wednesday."

February 1919

March 1919

William James Pinckard registered in Wray, born March 26, 1900 - and he was a student at Yuma County High School.

Violet Belle (Spangler) Pinckard, per # 118204469, 1903-1971 married William J. Pinckard, and is buried in Grand Junction, Colorado.
William, born Mar 26, 1901 in Nebraska, died May 21, 1987 in Riverside County, mother's maiden name Moore.

Lee Evert Pinckard registered in Wray, born April 6, 1890 at Edgar, Nebraska. He had a wife and three kids.
1916 Wray "Mrs. J.O. Moore of Oak, Nebraska, arrived in Wray today on a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Pinckard and Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Pinckard, west of town.
In 1923 Wray, Lee Pinckard sold his blacksmith shop located north of the courthouse to George Carl.
In 1920 Lansing precinct, Lee E. 29, is farming, Lucy A. 38 Kansas have Sylvester 6, Valera V. 5, Susie M. 3, Melvin L. 2, and Delbert E. seven months, all kids born in Colorado.
In 1930 Jefferson County, Colorado, Lee is 39, Lucy A. 48, Sylvester D. 16, Susie M. 13, Melvin L. 12, Delbert E. 10, Cleora D. 6. Mother Lucinda S. Roberts 73 and "mother-in-law" Martha M. Eklund, 47 are with them.
(In 1920 Wray, David Roberts, 65, and Lucinda L. 62, are farming. He's probably the son of Rachel # 63922186 and Joseph 62956719 Roberts buried in Dixon County, Nebraska. In 1860 Jefferson County, Iowa, Joseph and Rachel have Mahlon 23, John22, Phineas 20, Jane 19, Mary 12, Phebe 9, David 5, and Sarah 2. Lucinda's parents are Cyrus S. Frazier 32758861 and Hannah 32857207, both buried in Rooks County, Kansas.
One tree said that Delpha Rose Roberts Smith 1886-1991 buried in Idaho # 122560734 is their daughter. Widowed daughter Martha Eklund 36, is a school teacher. Martha is back in Wray in 1940, teaching, and died in California June 28, 1968. She's buried in Forest Lawn Covina # 94388071) Cora Luella Roberts married David Fred Higgins, and they're in Yuma in 1910, just married, farming, no kids. From their neighbors, they were living just northwest of the railroad station. David Fred died in 1919. In 1920 Wray, Luella is widowed, 29, farming, born in Nebraska. Kids were Victor 9, Viva 7, Vena 5, Vivian 4, Violet 2 - all born in Kansas -and Virgil eleven months born in Colorado.

Lee - 1890-1969 is buried in Forest Lawn Covina, per # 80971537 - so is Lucy A. 1881-1975 # 94400585.
William Pinckard and Violet Spangler married June 26, 1930, recorded in Mesa County.
When William died in Riverside County May 21, 1987, his mother's maiden name was recorded as Moore.
Verena George, born April 24, 1907 in Colorado, died Dec 2, 1994 in Los Angeles, father Pinckard, mother Moore.
Irvin Amos Pinckard born March 15, 1909 in Colorado, died Oct 22, 1987 in Placer County, California.
Harold is married in 1930 Los Angeles County, 26, married two years to Ida 24, Oklahoma. Mother Ida, 64, widowed, and brother Irvin 21, are with them. Both Harold and Irvin work at a clay factory.
Mary Lou Pinckard was born in Los Angeles County Dec 3, 1934, mother's maiden name Smith.
In 1940 Harold is a foreman at a clay company, and he and Adilene have Mary Lou, 5.
Mary L. Pinckard, 29, married Raymond P. Perry Nov 23, 1964 in Monterey County.
--------------------------------- Another daughter, per an Ancestry tree, of David Roberts was Cora Luella Roberts. Victor Joy Higgins was born circa 1911, to David Fred Higgins and Cora Luella Roberts. Victor married Lillie Severin in 1941, at age 30 in California.

Cora Luella (Frazier) Glover passed into eternity on Saturday, January 10, 2015 at 09:30 pm in Grove, Oklahoma. She was born to Claude Leroy Frazier and Cora Luella (Roberts) Frazier in Plainville, Kansas on May 8, 1923.
Mom enjoyed gardening, sewing, and putting together puzzles - she loved to fish! She was very determined and never daunted by a project whether it be putting up a fence, building a chicken coop, or remodeling a house! She was preceded in death by her parents, a daughter - Bonnie Gail White and a son - Darold Dean White. Mom is survived by a brother - Elwin Frazier of Topeka, Kansas and a sister - Arlayne Overman of Junction City, Oregon, daughters - Darlene Miller of Grove Oklahoma, Carol Leistiko of Winnemucca, Nevada, Karen (Glover) Alston of Seattle, Washington and Babbea Glover of Seattle, Washington, a son – Ross Virgil White of Nampa Idaho, as well as numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, nieces and nephews.
Visitation is being held from 5p.m. to 7p.m. on Wednesday, January 14, 2015, at the Grand Lake Funeral Home in Grove Oklahoma. Internment will take place Thursday, January 15, 2015, during a private ceremony at Olympus (Grove) Cemetery.

Delwin "Del" Dale Frazier, age 78, beloved husband, father, and grandfather went to his Heavenly Father Thursday, April 6, 2012. Del was born in Hays, Kansas June 6, 1933, to Claude Leroy and Cora Luella (Roberts). He is survived by his Wife Evelyn "Evy"; his sons Gary, Stephen (Cynthia) and David; daughter Christine (Les) Graves Grant; granddaughters Lisa Frazier, April Frazier and Elise Korten; grandsons TJ "Travis James" Frazier, JD "Jerrod Daniel" (Hannah) Frazier, Greg (Cassy) Kelly and Kim (Michelle) Korten; great-grandsons Daysen Steve Frazier and Michael Korten; great-granddaughters Dakota Kelly, Rylie Korten and Biz Korten; brothers David "Bud" and Elwin (Joyce); sisters Cora and Arlayne; half-sister Vena Higgins Kleinschmidt, half-brother Virgil Higgins; sisters-in-law Kathryn Harris and Merle Schmith and brother-in-law Harry (Sandy) Richardson. He is also survived by numerous cousins, nieces, and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents; his half-brothers Victor, Vivian and Virtus Higgins; Lyall, Lloyd and Leslie Frazier; his half-sisters Viva and Violet (Higgins); Leona, Juanita and Lucille (Frazier); and his sister Sylvia Hetrick.His family moved from Kansas to Glens Ferry area in 1936 and later settled in Dixie, near Notus and Caldwell. He graduated from Notus High School in 1950 and married Dorothy Boatman December 15, 1952. That marriage ended in May, 1975. Del then married Evy Graves June 28, 1976.Del had three loves: His family, his church, and the outdoors. As a young man, he was a champion marksman. He rode bareback in the Caldwell Night and other rodeos and later competed in the wild horse race for several years. He loved to hunt and fish and passed his passion for the outdoors on to his sons and grandchildren. In his later years, he became an avid golfer and was learning to fly fish. He had a beautiful voice and enjoyed singing in his church choir. He also enjoyed manning the Christmas tree and fireworks booth for his church. He was a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and knew that in serving his fellow man, he was serving his Savior. Del was a respected businessman starting in the glass business at Superior Paint and Glass. He later became the manager of the glass department of Caldwell Paint and Glass, and then purchased City Glass and Muffler from which he retired.
Funeral services will be at the First Assembly of God "The Domes" at 821 North 16th Avenue, Caldwell, Idaho beginning at 2:00 PM Wednesday, April 11, 2012. A family viewing will begin at 1:00 PM at the church. Interment will follow services at Canyon Hill Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, you may make a donation to the First Assembly of God "The Domes." Please join our family in celebrating Dad's life.
Del's family would especially like to thank the doctors and nurses at the St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and the staff at Karcher Estates for their excellent care, and the kindness with which they treated Dad. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Claud W. Williams of Albany, formerly of Corvallis, died Wednesday, March 12, 2003 at Albany Care Center. He was 91. He was born in Mutual, Oklahoma March 18, 1911, to Arthur L. and Bertha L. McGuire Williams. He came to Oregon by wagon train in 1914. He moved to Missouri in 1921, then to Idaho in 1930 and back to Oregon in 1932. He lived in LaGrande and Pendleton before moving to Corvallis in 1968. He moved to Albany in 1991. He had worked as a fireman on railroad steam engines, then worked for several years as an ammunition inspector at the Umatilla weapons depot until retiring in 1964. He married Viva K. Higgins Aug. 30, 1930, in Buhl, Idaho. She died Oct. 25, 1994. Survivors include his sons, Elvin of LaGrande, Delvon of Hobart, Okla., Claud R. of Helena, Mont., Timothy of Albany and Terry of Sandpoint, Idaho; daughters, Velda Fancher of Albany and Tamara Bartos of Fort Worth, Texas; 22 grandchildren; 48 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. He was preceded in death by his wife, three brothers and four sisters. A service will begin at 2 p.m. Tuesday, March 18, at Fisher Funeral Home. __________________________________________ Viva Kathleen (Higgins) Williams 1912-1994 is buried in Albany, Oregon # 34454438. Claud 1911-2003 is on the same stone # 34454407.

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