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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Ezra B. and Louisa (Sweatt) Remington , Wray

In 1860 Wet Glaze, Auglaize township, Camden County, Missouri, Marcus W. Remington is 46, Matilda 38, Burdoin 41, and Rosel 10.
Marcus Remington 1814-1877 is buried in Camden County.

In 1870 Camden COunty, E.B is 24, Louize M. 20, and Anna N. 1.

1880 Union, Monroe, Missouri Married 33 years. All 6 children still living.

E. B. Remington,head,34,OH
L. M. Remington,wife,30,MO
M. M. Remington,dau, 9,MO
S. J. Remington,son, 7,MO
J. M. Remington,son, 5,MO
J. D. Remington,son, 4,MO
A. R. Remington,son, 7 months, MO

Elisor proved up a tract in 18, 2S 43W and 13, 2S 44W in 1898. That would be in hilly ground north of the Arickaree on one of teh curves of current Highway 385.

E.B. is a member of the Wray G.A.R. post in 1895, "Private, G., 8th Missouri."

August 19, 1899 "Wednesday morning, at 1:30 o'clock, Walton, the 9-month-old child of Mr. and Mrs. 0. T. Grant died of infantum. The little one had been sick but a short time, and human aid was of no avail. The burial took place at 3 o clock in the afternoon, E. B. Remington officiating. The body was incased in a beautiful white casket bedecked with pretty flowers, and was borne by four young girls - Emma Lapham, Ella Lynam, Rena and Grace Chapin. A number of the friends of the family witnessed the interment.
In 1900 Cheyenne County, Kansas, Thomas McKee born July 1859 in Minnesota, married 17 years to Louisa June 1869, Illinois, have Lily Dec 1883 Iowa, Elsie Dec 1896 Kansas, and Artie Dec 1894 Kansas.
1900 Wray, Yuma, Colorado
Eliz B. Remington,male, Apr 1846,
Leuise E. Remington,wife,Jun 1846,
Mattie M. Remington, dau,Jun 1883,

May 22, 1903 "E. B. Remington and wife left Monday night for Wetauglaze, Mo, in response to a telegram stating that Mrs J. D. Sweatt, mother of Mrs. Remington was dying. Mr. and Mrs. Remington will probably remain there some months as they had planned a visit to that country for this summer and had gone any way this week."

1904 Mr. and Mrs. John Remington went down to Alma Nebraska Sunday morning to visit Mr. and Mrs. T.L. McKee. Mrs. McKee and John Remington are sister and brother."

September 1905 "Seaborn Elliott, a resident of Yuma county from 1886 to 1888, but at present living at Aurora, Neb., visited with E.B. Remington Sunday night between trains. These two gentlemen were comrades in Co. G, 8th Missouri cavalry during the civil war."

May 1905, the G.A.R. committee of Jacob Cox, E.B. Remington, and John Byers requested everyone to help in the Decoration day services "in a becoming manner."
November 17, 1905 "Mrs. E. B. Remington went to Alma, Nebraska, last Friday, called there by the death of her little grandchild, the babe of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McKee."
In 1906 E.B. Remington advertised "Local Agent - Good hail insurance - St. Paul Mutual Hail and Cyclone Insuarnce Co."

August 16, 1907 "E. B. Remington is enjoying a visit from his sister aud her son, Mrs. Rose Sweat, and from his nephew, Fredrick Brown, all of Camden county, Missouri, who arrived last Friday."
November 1910 "E. B. Remington, who has been down in Kansas and Nebraska several weeks disposing of apples shipped from the east, returned home the first of the week."

October 31, 1912 "E. B. Remington claims tho distinction of being the only man in Yuma county who cast his first vote for Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Remington's 21 st birthday came in 1860 and he cast his first vote in November, for Lineoln "

1913 Wray "Large room to rent, furnished or unfurnished. E.B. Remington"

September 5, 1918 "Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Remington of the west part of town celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary Monday, the day being made most joyous by the presence of all of the children. Those present were Mrs. W. C. Farmer, of Kansas City, Mo., Mrs. Talmon McKee, Garden City, Kans; John Remington, Denver, Colorado ; Jim Remington, McCook, Nebraska ; Jay Remington, Bayaud, Nebraska ; and Alfred Remington, Fort Collins, Colorado. Many gold presents were received by this esteemed couple, among them being one hundred and ten dollars in gold and a gold sealed Liberty Bond.
Ezra 1838-1921 is buried in Wray # 68945650.

September 14, 1922 "Jim Sweatt of Wet Glaze, Mo., arrived in Wray Monday for an extended visit with his sister, Mrs. E. B. Remington, and other relatives in this city. Mr. Sweatt is returning from Whittier, Calif., where he has spent nearly a year with his son. He has visited in Wray a number of times."

December 1922 "This office has been directed to send a copy of the Rattler each week to Mrs. E. B. Remington at 3006 East Tenth avenue, Kansas City, Mo. Mrs. Remington will be at that address for several months visiting her daughter, Mrs Farmer."

Louisa Maria (Sweatt) Remington 1849- March 12, 1924 born in Henry County, Tennessee is buried in Wray #68945708.


1894 Mexico, Missouri "Jay Remington, Logan Brown, and Annie Cottingham returned from Wray, Colorado, and report the drouth very bad in that section."

December 16, 1904 "Jay Remington who has been up in Dakota for several years , arrived in Wray Thursday morning and will visit his parents a few days."

January 21, 1910 "Alfred and Jay Remington returned from Fort Collins , Monday morning . They had been employed in the sugar factory at that place . Alfred had been the engineer ."

Stephen J. Remington registered for WWI in Morrill County, Nebraska, born Jan 5, 1873. Nearest relative was E.B. Remington of Wray, COlorado.

1918 Jay Remington was here the first of the week visiting his parents.

In 1920 Stephen is with parents in Wray. Elisor 80, Louisa 70, and Stephen J. 47.

In 1930 San Mateo County, California, Jay "Remmington" is 57, born in Missouri, a race track horseman.

1904 "Thos. McKee and wife came up from Alma, Nebraska, last Saturday and visited over Sunday with relatives. Mr. McKee returned to his home Tuesday, but Mrs. McKee will remain for several days visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Remington."
Mattie 1882-1960 is buried in Garden City # 15714857, with Talmon L. 1876-1931.


September 11, 1919 "Mrs. W. E. Farmer of Kansas City, is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Remington in west Wray. Mrs. Farmer will be remembered as Miss Tillie Remington, a former Wray girl. "

In 1914 Edith Farmer of Kansas City was visiting her grandparents in Wray.


August 29, 1919 Fort Collins "Funeral services for A. K. Remington who died in Boulder Wednesday night will be conducted from the First Christian church at 2 : 30 Saturday afternoon. Rev. F. T. Martin of Loveland will officiate and all friends who wish to do so may view the remains at Balmers undertaking parlors from 10 until 2 Saturday afternoon. Burial will be made at Grandview. Among the relatives here to attend the funeral are Mrs. T. L. McKee of Garden City, Kas., Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Remington of McCook, Nebr., Mrs. W. E. Farmer of Kansas City, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Remington of Denver, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Sweatt of Greeley, Mrs. L. W. Brainard of Nampa, Idaho, Mrs. C. A. Vannorsdel of Bellvue, Mrs. Myrtle Jacobs of Greeley and Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Alcorn of Wellington. His aged parents, who live at Wray, Colo., were unable to make the trip.

April 13, 1922 "Greeley, Colo., April 8. The body of Robert Remington, 8 years old, was found partly immersed in the water of a city ditch here Saturday. Considerable mystery is attached to the lad's death and the police are questioning five of his playmates to learn whether he was pitched into the ditch or whether he fell in accidentally. Young Remington had been missing since Friday night and the police were notified of his disappearance by his mother, Mrs. Florence Remington, a widow. The body was found by Fire Chief C. P. Chetwood. After removing the body from the ditch, the officers found a broken kite string in the boy's hand. His kite was later found in possession of a playmate, who explained that Robert had given it to him to keep until the next day. The lad mentioned above is a grandson of Mrs. E. B. Remington of this city. He is a son of Alfred Remington, who, it will be remembered, died several years ago. John Remington, an uncle of the unfortunate lad, lives in Denver, but had been spending some time in Wray, and was here when information of the boy's death was received. John went to Greeley immediately."


J.M. Remington, age 24, married Mabel Redmon 16, in Dequeen, Sevie County, Arkansas July 19, 1900.

In 1910 Yuma County, John M. is 35, a real estate salesman, Mabel G. 25, both born in MIssouri. Raymond is 8, born in Arkansas.

August 22, 1912 "Word was received here Friday of the death of Mrs. Redmond, mother of Mrs. John Remington, after an illness of three weeks of typhoid fever. The death occured at the Redmond home in Kansas City and burial was made Sunday. Further particulars, we were unable to learn. Mrs. Redmond was known by a number of our people having spent some time here with her daughter, Mrs. Remington, and family three years ago. "

March 22, 1923 "Mrs. John Remington arrived in Wray last Friday morning, after having spent several months in Kansas City helping care for her aged father, who was ill. Mrs. Remington was accompanied as far as McCook by her mother-in-law, Mrs. E. B. Remington, who had also been visiting in Kansas City. The elder Mrs. Remington stopped at McCook to visit a short time with her son Jim and family. "

In 1930 Yuma County, John M. Remington is ranching, 55, Mabel G. 45, with nephew Wissel J. Remington 22 born in Colorado.

John and Mabel are in Los Angeles in 1940, no occupation.

John Marcus Remington 1874-1941 is buried in Hollywood, California # 119753564.


1904 "James Remington is home again after six months railroading in the south."

In 1910 Furnas County, Nebraska, James D. Remington is 35, Maudie L. 29, with Russel J. 1.

July 1910 "James Remington was badly hurt last Tuesday at Red Cloud, Nebraska. He was on his regular run as freight brakeman and while attending to his duties was caught between two cars and one leg was badly bruised and slightly crushed, He is able to be up and will soon be at work again. He has the run from Oxford to Red Cloud.

July 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. James Remington, and two sons, Russell and E. B., were up from their home in McCook, and spent the day with the former's brother, John, and family * "

In 1920 Red Willow County, Nebraska, James is 41, Maude 38, Russell 11, E.B. 7, adn Donald 4.

July 26, 1923 "Mr. and Mrs. James Remington of McCook motored to Wray Sunday and visited Mr. Remington's mother, Mrs. E. B. Remington, and Mr. and Mrs. John Remington."

Russel Jay Remington died Feb 16, 1976, buried in Whittier, California, per # 133481330.

Elijah might be the E. Remington 1912-1965 buried in McCook # 94719302.

James E. Remington 1877-1955 is buried in McCook, per # 94719325, and Maude L. 1884-1958, per # 94719445.

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