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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Benjamin and Lillie J.Shier, Lansing

Children of Robert and Susan Shier
Rebecca b. 11/28/1855 m. Henry Shier 2. Charles Huller Were farmers in 14th brock, lived in Beaverton, Ont.
Benjamin b. 07/01/1858 m. Lillie Christian Farmer, Colorado, U.S.A.
Susana b. 07/27/1862 m. Samuel Shier farmers near Cardoff, Sask
Levina b. 06/01/1865 m. Richard Harrison farmers at Cardoff, Sask.
Lizzie Jane b. 01/28/1871 m. Jason Shier, lived at Cannington, Ont.

In 1861 Brock, Ontario, Benjamin Shier is 3, religion Wesleyan Methodist.
In 1871 Brock, Ontario, Benjamin is 12, with Robert, 43, and Rebeca, 15. Lillie J. Christian is 8, in South Victoria, Ontario.
In 1881 Brock, Robert Shier is 54, Susana 44, Benjamin 22, Susana 18, Cathrine L. 10, and Lizzie J. 9. Lillie Jane Christian is in Victoria North with John 59, and Jane 49 both England, Rober t 22, Emma 21, John 18, Loncia 14, Thomas Henry 13, Charles Edwin 10, Minie 6, Selina 212, and Mary 20, all kids born in Ontario. Benjamin "Shire" "and Lillie Jane CHristian married November 8, 1881 in Eldon, Victoria, Ontario - His parents were Robert Shire and Susan Cronsberry, hers John Christian and Jane Pollard.

Benjamin proved up a quarter in 13, 3S 43W in 1895.  In 1900 Lansing precinct, Benjamin, born July 1858 in Canada, married eighteen years to Lillie J. Dec 1863, Canada, never any kids.
In 1902 Ben Shier resigned as Arapahoe County cattle scab inspector. He got his mail at Haigler, Nebraska.
About 1905 Ben and Lillie took Charlie Steiner to raise and help on their farm. Charlie' mother died, and he was pout in the Colorado State Home for orphans when he was three years old.

1909 "Plasterers and carpenters have been busy on Mr. B. Shier's addition to his residence."
1909 "Mrs. B. Shier gave a surprise dinner last Sunday in honor of Charlie's fifteenth birthday. Thirty-two were present."

They're still in Lansing in 1910, with Charles Steiner, age 15, "taken from O.H."
1910 Armel items "B. Shier brought a load of building material from Wray last Thursday for the addition to the school house."
1911 "Chas. Shier transacted business in Wray..." - so he might be a de facto adoptee.

1911 "B. Shier has his new windmill erected and water tank under way." 1911 "B. Shier, J.F. Baxter and Roy returned Saturday from Denver. Mr. Shier brought a small boy with him but we understand however that it was Farmer Baxter's ability to entertain that kept the youngster amused until their arrival at the home of B. Shier."
1913 "Ben Shier and family and Miss Florence Shier, from Canada, who is visiting the former, went up to Denver Monday to take in the Stock Show." (This is likely a cousin).

In 1920 Wray, Benjamin and Lillie have no occupation, and Charles Steiner, 25, is still with them - a farm laborer. So is Howard S. Shier, 10, both born in Colorado. In 1930 Armel precinct, Benjamin and Lillie have no occupations, but Lucile Minton, 24, is a servant.
1916 "Mrs. Shier and son, Howard, spent Sunday on the farm."
Charlie Steiner had registered with an Armel address, born July 4, 1894 in Pueblo, Colorado, working for W.F. Crothers of Armel.
Charlie - 1894-1958 and Greetia M. 1898-1979 are buried in Wray. So are their kids Lila Steiner Roth 1920-2006 and Ralph Steiner 1922-2010.
Howard J. Shier is in Armel in 1930, 21, married to Helen A. 22, and they have two-month-old Theodore S.
In 1949 Boulder, Howard is a foreman for Britt Truck Service, and he and Helen A. live at 949 Marine.
In 1951 Denver, Howard is a foreman, and Helen is a telephone operator at Children's Hospital. They live at 3311 W 20th avenue.
Charlie served in France in WWI, and when he came home, he met Greetia Minton whose grandparents lived across the street in Wray from the Shiers. Charlie and Greetia were married January 19, 1920. She was the oldest daughter of W.E. (Dick) Minton and Sevilla Victoria Gepner Minton. SIsters Bernice Schakelaar and Hazel Nyhoff of WSaray and Lucile Shuel of Yakima Washington, brother Charles Minton of Wray.

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