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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Van Wyk, Lansing

Dutch records have Gerrit Jan Van Wijk born June 7, 1859 in Wageningen, Gelderland, Negherlands to Anna Christina Brussen, 30,   "zonder beroep"  (without occupation)

In 1900 Idalia precinct Garret J. Van Wyk, June 1859 and W. Haast Sep 1879, both born in Holland, have Anna #, Oct 1899 Colorado and Anna C. Brussen May 1829 Holland. (Mother).

Anna C. Brussen in 1900 made claim on land in 22, 2S 43W, witnesses Edwin B. Ball, Frank A. Greatsinger, Frank Reeck, and William C. Consay, all of Wray.    This 80 acres was on the north side of Beecher Island.

 March 1, 1907 "Anna C. Brussen made proof today on a homestead near the Black Wolf."

Anna Christina Brussen even filed for naturalization in Yuma County - without seeing the papers we don't know whether it was an Intent or a Certificate, or both.

In February 1910 the Yuma County commissioners paid Mary E. Staininger $57.75 out of the Poor Fund for care of Mrs. A. C. Brussen, and $4.50 each to W.S. Mansticle, Joe Long, and Fred E. Brown for moving the VanWyk family. 

In April 1910 they paid $66 to Amos Carl for funeral expenses for Mrs. Brussen and Mrs. Robins, and $106.25 to Dr. Bales and $79.41 to Pearson & Boggs for supplies for the Van Wyks and Mrs. Amy.  (In April 1910 "Mr. Robins has sold his ranch and is building in Yuma.")

 In 1912 Louis Henke, administrator of her estate, gave notice of settlement.

Wray  November 5, 1901  “An infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Van Wyck of Lansing was buried in the Wray cemetery Thursday.”

1902  “I am intending to come to  Wray with my Carousel (Merry – go round) to celebrate the Fourth of July G.J. van Wyk.”

Gerrit J. VanWyk proved up a quarter in 15, 3S 44W in 1903, about six miles from Jan VanWyk's quarter in 6, 4S 43W in 1896.

Gerretje Haast arrived Dec 22, 1903 from Rotterdam, 24 years old,  with $7 in possession, with a ticket to Wray Colorado - passage paid by her sister Mrs. Gerhard Van Wyk of Beecher, Colorado.

January 5, 1906


VanWyck, Mr.
Wray Rattler – 4-15-1910 Barney Devling returned from Denver last Thursday. He went a few days previous to accompany Mr. VanWyck to the insane asylum.

VanWyk, Wonterje
Wray Gazette 7-24-1908 – Commissioners Proceedings – County Clerk's office, Wray, Colo., July 7, 1908 – Board of county commissioners met in Clerk's office at 9 a.m… Report of W. E. Jordan received and the following claims allowed in overseers district No. 1 – Boggs Bros., supplies for Mrs. Wyk, $30.00… July 13, 9 a.m., board met, all members present except Manuel Boyes, and proceeded to allow the following claims: A. T. Nester, hauling goods to Mrs. Van Wyk, $2.00…

VanWyk, Wonterje
Wray Gazette 7-16-1909 – Official Proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners of Yuma County, Colorado – Wray, Colorado, July 5, 1909 – Pursuant to the call of the Chairman the Board of County Commissioners of Yuma County, Colorado, met in the County Clerk's office… Out of Poor Fund – Geo. F. Conrad & Co., mdse for Van Wyk's, $15.00; Boggs Bros., supplies to Van Wyk's, $44.99…

VanWyk, Wonterje
Wray Gazette 10-1-1909 – Local and Personal – In the trial of Mrs. Van Wyk for insanity in the county court last Friday, the lady was found insane but not declared by the jury to be dangerous to the community and was released. It is hoped that this unfortunate woman will improve in her mental condition.

VanWyk, Wonterje
Wray Gazette 10-15-1909 – Proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners – Wray, Colo., Oct. 4, 1909 – Pursuant to the call of the chairman, the Board of County Commissioners of Yuma County, Colorado, met in regular session in the office of the County Clerk… Board then allowed claims against the county as follows: Out of Court Fund – Frank Armstrong, witness People vs. Wonterje Van Wyk, insane, $2.65; Oliver E. Eckburg witness same, $5.20; H. R. Coston witness same, $2.65; S. D. Karns juror same, $2.65; James T. Rightsel juror same, $2.65; W. G. Ramsey juror same, $2.65; L. W. Wright juror same, $2.65; Thomas A. Calkins juror same, $2.65; H. Lepper juror same, $2.65; Frank Armstrong, trip to Van Wyks, $5.00; M. M. Bulkeley, atty for Mrs. Van Wyk, Ed Nevills, under sheriff's, People vs. Wonterje Van Wyk, $22.45; T. C. Jennings, court costs, People vs. Wonterje Van Wyk, $12.25…

VanWyk, Wonterje
Wray Gazette 1-14-1910 – Seeks to Be Freed – Gerret Van Wyk Finds a Fellow Prisoner Who Makes a Statement Proving Innocence – A newspaper report from Canon City, dated Friday, Jan. 6, appeared in the Denver papers of the 7th inst. and was to the effect that a man had been found who, by his own statement, could prove conclusively that Gerret Van Wyk who is serving a life sentence in our state penitentiary from this county, for murder, is innocent of the crime for which he is charged. Van Wyk has been in the penitentiary since May, 1907, where he was committed after being tried twice. His wife was charged with the same crime and at the first trial was convicted with her husband but at the second trial held in Logan county was acquitted. The crime was alleged to have been committed December 27, 1905. In that year Mr. and Mrs. Van Wyk were living on their ranch near Beecher Island. They had previously brought a sister of Mrs. Van Wyk, Gerritje Haast, to this county from Holland, she took a homestead near the Van Wyk place and lived in a small shanty on her claim at intervals frequent enough to comply with the homestead law. Late in December of 1905, she was taken to her claim by Mrs. Van Wyk. On Sunday December 31, Mrs. Van Wyk went to the shanty and found the dead body. She first reported it to some neighbors named Ball. Mrs. Van Wyk claimed she had taken dinner with her sister on December 28, which was on Thursday. Van Wyk left his homestead on that same morning, going to Holyoke, in Phillips county, to buy sheep. He was arrested there. The prosecution claimed that the murder was committed on the night of December 27, (Wednesday), it being their theory that Van Wyk had gone there on that night, killed the girl, and that his subsequent movements were all designed especially to establish an alibi, with the knowledge and connivance of his wife, but also suggested that Mrs. Van Wyk had killed the girl because she suspected her husband was intimate with her sister, as well as to get her insurance. Gerritje Haast had been shot through the head, above the right ear, and the gun was found in the bedclothes, which were not disturbed to any extent. A note was found in a can which read: “I met him at Parker's dam. He has ravished me and abused me. Follow him and put him in jail.” - Gerritje Haast. “I do not know his name.” As one theory of defense, the Haast girl was not without admirers; several men of the neighborhood had paid her attention and the fact that she was about to become a mother might have furnished a motive for the crime by some one else. About the time the crime was committed a man was working for H. E. McKinney near Armel by the name of J. E. Caine. He was considered by those who knew him to be a witless sort of a fellow upon whom little dependence could be placed. He left this community in the month of July following, going to Denver. It seems that later he, himself, got into trouble and is now serving a term in the penitentiary for forgery. Now he comes out with a signed statement which is given below. The man's name whom Caine claims offered him money to leave the country, is given in the statement but is withheld from the public. The statement is as follows: “This is to certify that on the morning of December 28, 1905, I, J. E. Caine, was on top of a hill north of Beecher Island. I saw there Gerrit Van Wyk riding a light bay horse, going north towards Wray. I was that day hunting over that country for stray cattle belonging to H. E. McKinney, for whom I was working at that time. In the afternoon I came to Jack's Gulch. There I saw a strange man riding a bay horse. I tried to overtake him to see if he had seen any cattle with our brand, and I could not catch him as he had a faster horse. My route taking me farther west in my search for cattle I came in the neighborhood of Spring Canyon, which is known as Van Wyk's homestead. There I saw at a distance on the prairie the sister of Mrs. Van Wyk. I did not know that she had a homestead there for I had not noticed any buildings there or did not see any at that time. On the 29th day of December, 1905, Mr. R---- offered me $200 to leave the country. As I did not know what he wanted me to leave for and as I had not done anything in that part of the country, I refused his offer. I met him in Jack's Gulch on that day while hunting cattle again. Afterward, that is to say, in 1906, I heard that Mrs. Van Wyk's sister was murdered and that they convicted Van Wyk for the murder, and I began to think about it. I had heard that Van Wyk was on the road to Holyoke when I met him at that time. I was going to tell it to Sheriff Johnson of Wray, who was informing me of the case and before I could tell him he was called away by another man. I was going to tell him my statement of meeting Van Wyk. As this statement is true, I am willing at any time to appear whenever it is necessary. Signed, J. E. Caine.” Very little credence is given the Caine statement by those who were acquainted with the circumstances of the case and the belief in Van Wyk's guilt is still strong among his former neighbors.

VanWyk, Wonterje
Aspen Democrat 4-11-1910 Mrs. Van Wyck, Once Accused of Murder, Now In Insane Asylum, Denver, April 11 - Mrs. Gerrett Van Wyck, once convicted by the lower court , of the murder of her sister, Gerretje Haast, for her insurance money of $8,000 was taken to the insane asylum at Pueblo Friday a raving maniac, after threatening the lives of her four children who have been placed in the state home for dependent children. Van Wyck is now serving his term in the penitentiary for the Haast murder. Since her husband's commitment to jail Mrs. Van Wyck has been living at the expense of the Humane Society officials. It was charged that her demands were becoming exorbitant and that she was starving the children. An investigation disclosed the fact that she was out of her mind.

VanWyk, Wonterje
Longmont Ledger 4-15-1910 – Mrs. Van Wyk Insane – Wray. – Mrs. Gerrett Van Wyk, whose husband was sentenced for life in the penitentiary for the murder of Mrs. Van Wyk's sister, Gerretje Haast, has been committed to the insane hospital at Pueblo, a raving maniac.

VanWyk, Wonterje
Wray Rattler – 4-8-1910 Mrs. VanWyck Insane – Mrs. Wourtje VanWyck who has been a county charge since her husband was sentenced to the penitentiary for the murder of her sister several years ago was tried on an insanity charge before the county court Wednesday, by jury, and found guilty as charged. She was therefore taken to Pueblo yesterday by B.E. Devling, sheriff, assisted by Cora Conway as attendant. The children will be taken charge of by the Colorado Home for Dependent and Neglected Children at Denver. W.B. Rankin of that institution is here on business this week, and on his return to Denver in a few days will take the children with him. The county commissioners for some time have had a great deal of trouble with Mrs. VanWyck, because of her curious actions and delusions and finally came to the conclusion that she was unbalanced.

VanWyk, Wonterje
patient race W gender F age 29 marital status M place of birth Holland source 1910 census

VanWyk, Wonterje
Yuma Pioneer 4-8-1910 - Sheriff Delving passed through this city Wednesday night on his way to Pueblo, where he was taking Mrs. Van Wyk, who was adjudged insane by County Judge Jennings.  The Van Wyk children have been sent to Denver to the state home for children.  For some time it has been apparent to Wray people that the woman was losing her mind.  She is known to have worried continually during the years her husband has been in the penitentiary and this is believed to have brought on her present condition.  For some time the county has been caring for the family.

VanWyk, Wonterje
Yuma Pioneer 4-8-1910 – Sheriff Delving passed through this city Wednesday night on his way to Pueblo, where he was taking Mrs. VanWyk, who was adjudged insane by County Judge Jennings. The VanWyk children have been sent to Denver to the state home for children. For some time it has been apparent to Wray people that the woman was losing her mind. She is known to have worried continually during the years her husband has been in the penitentiary and this is believed to have brought on her present condition. For some time the county has been caring for the family.

VanWyk, Wonterje
Yuma Pioneer 5-6-1910 – Proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners of Yuma County – Wray, Colo., April 28, 1910 – The board of county commissioners met in the office of the county clerk… The following claims were audited and allowed out of the general county funds and appropriated to the various sub funds as listed: Out of Court Fund – … T. C. Jennings, court costs, State vs. Van Wyk children delinquents, $18.75; M. M. Bulkeley, Special Atty. same case, $10.00; Louis Henke, Atty. Guardian at Litem same case, $10.00; Mary E. Staininger, witness same case, $2.65; W. C. Conway, same, $2.65; Mattie Sprigg, same, $2.65; Dr. E. J. Bales, same, $2.65; Dr. E. Bales, four health certificates same case, $8.00; T. C. Jennings, Court Costs, State vs. Wonterje Van Wyk, insane, $13.40; M. M. Bulkeley, Special Atty. same case, $10.00; Louis Henke, Atty. Guardian ad Litem, same case, $10.00; Frank T. Hawks, Juror same case, $5.15; Charles Wells, same, $5.15; Robert Lynam, same, $5.15; Tom Grant, same, $5.15; Richard Lumbard, same, $5.15; Fayette Lamphere, same, $5.15; Mary E. Staininger, witness same case, $2.65; Martha Selby, same, $2.65; W. C. Boggs, same, $2.65; W. C. Conway, same, $2.65; J. H. Pearson, same, $2.65; Arthur Rounds, same, $2.65; Mrs. E. G. Spriggs, same, $2.55; Dr. C. Crawford, same, $5.15; Dr. E. J. Bales, same, $5.15; B. E. Devling, (Sheriff case people) vs. Wonterje Van Wyk insane, 100.00; B. E. Devling, same vs Van Wyk children delinquents, $56.20… Out of Poor Fund: Mary Staininger, care of Van Wyks, $26.30…

"The record discloses that Gerritje Haast, an untutored, weak-minded, and immoral young woman, about 25 years of age, came to this country from Holland, and reached the home of her sister, one of the defendants, near the town of Wray in this state, during the month of December, 1903.  She was without money and was unable to speak the English language.  She was taken in charge by the defendants, and, as one of the witnesses stated, did most of the hard work at their ranch.  The country where the defendants reside was sparsely settled.  The few neighbors had not seen Gerritje Haast in company with any man but the defendant Van Wyk, and no man is known by them to have visited this young woman.  On one occasion Van Wyk was seen with his arms around her waist, and on another occasion she was seen sitting in his lap, and about nine months after her arrival at the Van Wyk place she gave birth to her second illegitimate child; the first one was born in Holland.  The man Van Wyk struck her with a tamping post and knocked her down, and his justification for the act was that she had spoiled a post hole.  The Van Wyk woman made an assault upon her, and she was required to seek the protection of neighbors."

1912  Gertrude Haast, aged 7 years, is the first child to be sent by the county court to the State Home for Mental Defectives, now being built west of Arvada, under an act passed by the last legislature. The child was declared mentally unbalanced by a jury in the county court Friday night. The little girl's case is a pathetic one. She is a daughter of Gerretje Haast, a young Dutch girl, who was found murdered in 1906 in a shack on a claim she was homesteading, twenty-two miles south of Wray. Gerhardt VanWyck, brother-in-law of the murdered woman, is now serving a life sentence for murder. Gertrude Haast was placed in the House of the Good Shepherd shortly after her mother's death. Recently she has showed signs of insanity, but it is thought that with proper treatment at the home her reason will be restored, She will be kept at the Good Shepherd until the state home is completed – Denver News.

In 1910 Canon City, Colorado Gerrit Jan Van Wyk is 50, an inmate, single.   Anna 10, Gerdina 6, Marje 5, and Garrett 3, all born in Colorado, are at the State Home for Dependent Children in Denver.

In 1920 St. Louis Garrett VanWyk is 60 -  immigrated in 1882, naturalized in 1889, married to Walteje, 38, same immigration.  They have Anna 21, Gerdina, 16, and Marie 13, all born in Colorado.

In 1930 St. Louis Garrett is a laborer in a hat works, 70, Wontertie is 48, and they have Gerdenia, 26, a clerk in a oil corporation.

In 1933 St. Louis Garrett is an elevator operator at Langenberg Hat Co, living at  1309 Madison with Wilda. Gerdina is a clerk at Shell Petroleum, also living there, and Garrett J. Jr. is a clerk, also at 1309 Madison.

Wontertse Van Wyk, born Sept 28, 1881 in Holland to Stephan Haast, died May 29, 1948 in St. Louis, still married to Gerrit J. - the Missouri death certificate says she would be buried in St. Peter Cemetery.  Informant Gerdina Van Wyk.

Gerritt, dying April 1957, 61308838  and Wouteye Van Wyk 61309073, per FindAGrave, are buried in Saint Peter's Cemetery, St Louis County.


Gerrit Van Wyk, a boiler maker, born Aug 14, 1907 at Wray, died April 9, 1985 in Rutherford County, North Carolina, buried in Hicks Grove Cemetery - Spouse Viola Dockery.   80081134  (it has Van as a middle name)

Viola - September 29, 1922 - June 28, 2004 is in one record, dying in Henrietta, North Carolina.

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