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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Walter D. and Cornelia (Woods) Bracken, Logan.

In 1860 Menard County, Illinois, Jessee and Martha Woods have John 21, William 18, David 12, Henrietta 6, Cornelia C. 4, and Emmet, 1.
With them are James 28 and Mary Grace 24 Griffith, with Don Francis 2 and Ida May one month. Noble W. Bracken married Margaret J. Denmore June 23, 1853 in Menard County, Illinois.
Russell Demmon is Russell A. Demmon, who was in Company D of the 146th Illinois Infantry Regiment.
On 29 Oct 1868 he married Sarah E. Knoles in Menard County, IL. Russell was a grandson (via Eliza Esther) of Philip Barnet, the Barnett immigrant ancestor. His wife Sarah was a half sister of Betsy Ann Knowles, MJB’s mother-in-law. Therefore, Russell became MJB’s cousin and Sarah was MJB’s wife’s cousin. Margaret Bracken was a sister of Russell Demmon, and thus a granddaughter of Philip Barnet and another cousin of Michael J. Barnett. In 1860 Menard County, Illinois, A. Demmon is 52, Eliza E. 43, with Russel A. 17, Nancy 14, John 9, and "Marilla" "A. 3. Noble Bracken was her husband.
In 1870 Menard County, Illinois, W.W. Bracken is 45, Margaret 35, with Walter 16, William 14, Alonzo 12, George 10, Eliza 7, and John, 2. All the kids were born in Illinois.
One tree said Eliza E. died January 10, 1873 in Sweetwater, Illinois. Findagrave # 34843839 has her dying January 10, 1878 age 13 yy 22d, but that doesn't match census.
In 1880 Nodaway County, Jesse 64 and Martha 53 Woods have only Cornelia, 22.
Jesse 1812-1895 is buried in Ohio Cemetery, Nodaway County # 76698268 , with Martha (Spencer) Woods 1815-1881, # 76698307.

In 1880 Nodaway County, Missouri, Noble W. Bracken is 53, born in Kentucky, with Margaret, 44, Illinois. They have Walter D. 25, Lonzo G. 21, George W. 19, Charles L. 8, and James N. 3.
Walter D. Bracken married Cornelia WOod Dec 23, 1880 at the bride's parents' home in Nodaway County.
Walter Davis Bracken 1854-1916, # 76701132 and Cornelia C. (Wood) Bracken 1858-1903 are buried in Ohio Cemetery, Burlington Junction. # 76701239.
Perhaps the Nellie C. 1882-1882, Emmit R. 1893-1895, and Eunice Vivian 1897-1899 are children - all buried in Ohio Cemetery.
Jessie Noble Bracken - born January 30, 1884, dying February 1884, daughter of Cornelia Wood Bracken and "Waller" David Bracken, died in Nodaway County.
In 1900 Nodaway County, W.D. Bracken born Oct 1854, married 19 years to Cornellia April 1857, are farming. She's had five kids, three living. Jessie, son, born January 1884, Missouri, James W. July 1887 Colorado, and Grace M. Sept 1890 Colorado.

In 1910 Nodaway County, Missouri, Walter D. Bracken is widowed, 53, born in Illinois, living with his nephew Eugene J. Woods, 32, born in Missouri. Grace M. Bracken, Eugene's niece, is 19, born in Colorado.
In 1920 Nodaway County, Eugene J. Woods is 43, and "Issie" M. Bracken 36 and Grace M. Brfacken 28 are with him.

In 1930 Nodaway County, Jessie is 36, farming, and Grace is 28, no occupation, both living with their cousin Eugene.
January 28, 1933 Maryville, Missouri "Eugene J. Woods age 56, died at 5:30 o'clock yesterday evening at his home about two miles west of Quitman. Mr. Woods, who had been seriously ill in a St. Joseph hospital for two weeks, was remeved to his home last Tuesday. About ten days ago more than a dozen Quitman residents submitted to blood tests for a transfusion to save Mr. Woods' life. A transfusion was administered and Mr Woods rallied slightly. Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in Quitman at the Methodist church. Rev. II R. Tate, pastor, will officiate. Burial will be in the I O O F cemetery. The Quitman Masonic lodge will conduct the burial rites. Mr Woods was born March S, 1876 at the farm west of Quitman where he died His father. John Woods died in Julv, 1882 and his mother. Mrs Matilda Woods, died about twenty-eight years ago.... survived by Charles Woods of Willow Springs Mo. A brother, Winfield Woods, of Maryville a bridge carpenter, was killed in the railroad yards in North Kansas City several years ago. Mr. Woods' cousins, Miss Grace Bracken and Jessie Bracken made their home with Mr. Woods since the death of Mr. Woods' mother. Mr. Woods had been a thresher in the Quitman community for thirty years, and in the last primary was a candidate for presiding judge of the north district. Judge William Woods of Burlington Junction is an uncle of the deceased. Mr. Woods was a thirty-second degree Mason of the St Joseph lodge, and was also a member of the Shriners lodge of St. Joseph." He is, per # 75225986, buried in the IOOF Cemetery, Quitman. Mr. Woods was born March 5, 1876 on the farm west of Quitman where he lived his entire life. He was the son of John Woods (d. July 1882) and Matilda Woods."

Grace and Jessie are still living together, single, in 1940 Nodaway County.
Jessie Noble Bracken, born Jan 30, 1884, shot himself in forehead with 12-gauge shot gun April 17, 1941 in the front yard of his farm at Burlington Junction, Nodaway County, to be buried at Quitman.
1942 Maryville "Implements Disc o-scctinn harrow; corn corn drill; combined walking lister and drill; sulky 2 walking plows, 16 and 14 inch; 2 riding cultivators, walking cultivator; go-devil; end-gate seeder, M-H mowing machine; hay rake; manure spreader; self-low wheel wagon with rack and box; high wheel 1 barrel wheel sprayer with hose, and attachment for spraying trees; carl ; cider press; corn sheller.
Harness:sets of 1 inch harness: some goot and mule collars; some extra halters; some extra pieces of harness.
Shop Tools Good forge; anvil; emery stand wheels; post drill; breast drill; brace and bits, ir wood; Old Trusty incubator; saws, squares, hai clamps; pipe cutters; vices, drills, plyers. pincers, bolt cutters, planes; 100 small tools used
Lard press; butchering vat; log chains; camp stove barrels.
Feed Alfalfa and clover in the barn; some oat
Usual Terms. Lunch by Quitman Ladies
Grace M. Bracken, born September 12, 1890 at Wray, Colorado, died at Maryville, Missouri July 26, 1959, from a skull fracture from falling down her basement stairs. To be buried at Masonic Cemetery at Quitman, Missouri. Informant James Bracken of Snoqualmia, Washington
Per # 5289498 "James William Bracken was born in Wray, Yuma County, Colorado to Walter David Bracken born 1854 and Cornelia C Bracken born in 1857. His parents were married in 1881. He had two siblings beside himself: Jessie Noble born 1884 and Gracie M born 1890. In 1900, age 12, the family lived in Green, Nodaway County, Missouri and both Walter and Cornellia were listed as farmers. Two other siblings had not survived by 1900. In 1910, age 23, James lived with his partner making ties in Maudlow, Gallatin County, Montana with P Charley Bracken, age 38, born in 1872 in Illinois. In 1911, age 24, James entered Canada at the border crossing in Waneta, British Columbia on train number 260 from Idaho to Rosland having $10 in his possession. On 4 Nov 1915, age 28, he married Ruth Evelyn Stow in Santa, Benewah County, Idaho. On 5 Jun 1917, age 29, he registered for the World War I Draft Registration. He lived in Ione, WA, was born 18 Jul 1887, natural born in Wray, CO. He was a self employed woodsman in Ione. He had a wife and child. He was tall, slender, with brown eyes and hair. In 1920, age 33, James family lived on Houghton Street, West Ione, Pend Oreille County, Washington where Ruth was 22, Walter was 3 and Grace was 1 years old. He worked as a laborer in a lumber camp. In 1935, age 47, the family lived on Orcharch Street in Fall City, King County, Washigton. In 1940, age 52, the family lived on Orchard Street in Fall City, where James worked 40 hours week cutting pulp wood earning $500 for the year and Walter, age 23 worked 32 hours a week as a packer at a shingle mill earning $750 for the year. In 1942, age 54, James Registered for the World War II Draft. James William Bracken, born 18 Jul 1887 in Wray, CO, Ruth's mother, Mrs. AE Miner was listed as permanent contact. He worked for his brother-in-law Howard Stow at Pierce & Stow Shingle Mill in North Bend, King County, WA. In 1957, age 69, James is employed as guard at Puget Sound Bridge and Dredge Company in Seattle and they live at 1929 42nd Ave. SW, Seattle. On 9 Dec 1967, age 79, he becomes a widower when his wife of 52 years dies and is buried in the Fall City Cemetery. On 21 Jun 1968, age 80, James died and is buried next to Ruth in the Fall City Cemetery. "
Noble's sister Mary had married a Leonard Alkire, who had gone to Colorado in 1873, farming in Park County, then moved to Denver, having the leading coffee business in 1877-1882. While in Denver Mr. Alkire built two blocks on Fifteenth adn California Streets, a house on South Tremont, and was stricken with apoplexy May 18, 1884 an died shortly after.

Walter cash-claimed a quarter in 12, 4S 43W in 1891. There's also a record of a homestead filing in the same township, but it apparently wasn't completed.

Walter Davis Bracken, born October 23, 1854 in Illinois, widowed, died October 1, 1916 in Nodaway County, Missouri, to be buried in Ohio Cemetery "BJW"
In 1900 Nodaway County, N.W. Bracken, born July 1826 and Margaret Sept 1835, have been married 45 years. George Dec 1860 and James N. June 1877 are with them. So is "mother" Elizab E. Demon May 1818 Ohio.
Eliz Demmon, 1818-1906 is buried in Saint Paul, Howard County, Nebraska # 40336163.

In 1910 John Demmon, widowed, is living with his sister Margaret Bracken in Atchison County, Missouri.

Charles P. Bracken 1872-1936 is buried in Polk County, Oregon, per # 58878709.
A.E. Bracken died April 14, 1938 at the county farm in Nodaway County, , age about 70, unknown date of birth, unknown parents or birthplace, buried on the county farm . This might be Alonzo, who awas at the St. Joseph asylumin 1900.
The county cemetery has a plaque with known burials, including A.E. # 36335646.
George Washington Bracken, born about 1860, died Dec 10, 1827 in Ferry County Washington - father Noble Wright Bracken, mother Margaret Jane Demmon.

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