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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

George M. and Flora B. Cummings, Logan.

In 1880 Page County, Iowa, W.R. Pennington, blacksmith, is 41, M.L. J. 34, with Jno 13, Edward W. 11, Burton L. 10, Flora B. 5, Walter M. 2, and W.H four months. Two of the Pennington sons ended up in Red Willow County, Nebraska, another in Chase County, Nebraska, less than a hundred miles from Margaret's homes in Cheyenne County Kansas and Yuma County.

In 1880 Washington County, Iowa, Wm. Cummings is "teaming", 47, born in Ohio, with Sarah J. 47, Pennsylvania. They have Elizabeth 20, Mary 18, Rosella 16, Anna B. 13, James H.. 10,, George 7, and Maggie 22, a teacher.
George Marshall Cummings, born about 1872, married Flora Belle Pennington, born about 1875, in Indianola, Red Willow County, Nebraska September 11, 1894.

In 1895 Graham County, Kansas, G.M. is 22, Flora B. 20.
In 1900 Decatur, Kansas, George born Aug 1872, is married five years to Flora March 1875, with Sarah - October 1897 and Burton May 1900.
They're in Graham County, Kansas in 1905, with SM. 7, G.B. 4, and D.W. 2.
In 1910 Hale precinct, Yuma County, George M. Cummings is 37, married 15 years to Flora B. 35, both born in Iowa. They have Merle S. 12 Missouri, George B. 9 Kansas, Dorothy N. 7, Kansas, and Anna B. 2, cColorado.

George proved up quarters in 35, 4S 43W and 2, 5S 43W in 1913. 

1913 Hale items "Merle Cummings returned Friday from a visit with relatives at Hill City, Kansas."
"Mrs. G.M. Cummings returned home Saturday from Leban.., Nebraska, where she has been visiting relatives."
"Miss Merle Cummings has gone to Vernon, where she will attend school this winter."
1914 "Miss Nellie Bar of Sand Creek, spent Monday evening at the G.M. Cummings home."
1916 "Burton Cummings left Friday for Hill City, Kansas, where he will attend school the following winter."
In 1920 George and Flora are across the state line, in Cheyenne County, Kassas, with G. Burton 19, Dorotha N. 17, Anna Belle 12, Louisa 9, and Eleanor 8.
In 1930 Pasadena, California, George is a gardener for a private family, with Flora 55, Anna B. 22, Louise E. 19, and Eleanore 18..
In 1940 Pasadena, California, George is a gardener for a private family, and he and Flora are alone.
Thanks to D. Lawton

Flora Belle Cummings, born Mar 17, 1875 in Iowa, father Pennington, mother Thompson, died in Los Angles County Sept 20, 1948.
George Marshall Cummings, born Aug 24, 1872 in Iowa, died Jan 7, 1954 in Los Angeles County.
FindaGrave # # 121399007 has Flora Belle Pennington 1875-1948 with an unknown burial.
George registered with an Armel address, born May 9, 1900, farming for his father at Hale.
George married Dorothy, and they're in Cheyenne County, Kansas in 1940, farming. Dorothy is 37, Indiana, Herbert G. 15 California, Mary C. 15 California, Frances C. 14 California, Dorothy L. 8, Illinois, and Martha E. 2, Kansas.

W.J. Nash married Sarah Cummings Sept 11, 1918, recorded in Yuma County.

In 1930 Pasadena, Sarrah M. is 32, born in Missouri, with William J. Nash William W. 33, a contractor born in Colorado. They have Sarrah M. 9 born in Colorado, Leroy W. 6, Naomi F. 5, Ruth L. 3, and Leonard G., 2. The last four were born in California.
One tree said Sarrah died in 1936.
In 1940 Pasadena, William is 43, married to Mildred 33, with Leory 16, Naomi 15, Ruth 13, Leonard 12, Grace 9, and Wilda 6. Daughter Mildred Hartman, 19, born in Colorado, is with them, doing housework for a private family.
Annabelle Cummings married W. Lloyd Cheers in Los Angeles June 5, 1931. His parents were Wm. Cheers and Etta Rains.
Elizabeth Anne Cheers was born July 9, 1938 in Los Angeles.
In 1940 Long Beach, Lloyd, 34, Iowa, and Annabelle 32, Colorado, have Elizabeth Ann, 1, born in California.

One tree said Annabelle died Feb 5, 1995 in Phoenix, Arizona.

NEWPORT, OREGON: William Lloyd Cheers Jr., 50, of Otis (Lincoln County) died in Otis on April 16, 1997. Mr. Cheers was born January 14, 1947 in Artesia, Calfornia to William L. Sr. and Annabelle Cheers. Mr. Cheers served in the U.S. Army as an SP4 artilleryman. He served in Vietnam and was awarded the Vietnam Service Medal with three Bronze Service Stars. He was married to Karen Cheers. He worked as a chef in local restaurants, including Audrey's and the Oceanlake Elks Lodge. Mr. Cheers is survived by his son, William III, of Lebanon; a daughter, Annabelle, of Albany; and sisters, Mary Murray of Otis and Elizabeth Santow of Kodiak, Alaska.
One tree said Eleanor married Lorin Eugene Thibault, then Wilbur K. Davis in 1895, and died in Omaha, Nebraska in 1988.
Lorin Eugene Thibault 1910-1982 is buried in Omaha # 73054810.
Omaha marriages : THIBAULT, Lorin E.; 26; md. Mary C. THOMPSON; 24; Feb 1936

Dorothy married Merle Allen, and in 1930 Hale precinct, Yuma County, they have Ruby L. 6, and Iris June 4, both born in Colorado.
In 1940 Pasadena Merle M. Allen is 40, born in Colorado, with Dorothy M. 37,,Ruby 16, Iris J. 14, and Richard M. 3, all three born in COlorado.l They were in Yuma COunty in 1935.
One tree said Louise was born September 9, 1910, married Clyde Alvin Rhone, and died March 15, 1999 in Los Angeles County.
Louise E. Cummings, 22, married Clyde A. Rhone, 24, in Los Angeles August 15, 1933.
Reverend George Burton Cummings 1900-1985 is buried in Shasta County, California, # 39230235, with Dorothy Jenkins Cummings 1902-1998.

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