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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Reuben D. and Calista (Spade) Fry, Logan.

In 1860 Venango County, Pennsylvania, Adam Fry, farming, is 48, Hester 45, Margaret 18, Isaac 16, Sarah 14, Hester 10, and Reuben 7.
In 1860 Summit County, Ohio, Calista is 5, with William 43 and Christiana 38. They have John 19, Simon 16, Lydia 9, Amanda 7, and Sarah six months.
The Christiana (Weaver) Spade dying 1864, wife of William Spade is likely a Calista Spade is 15 in 1870 Elkhart County, born in Ohio, with Sarah 9 and Emma 7, all three born in Ohio. They're with William Spade and Mary, both 53 born in Pennsylvania.
On the same page is Reuben Fry, 17, born in Pennsylvania, with Adam 57 and Esther 54. Isaac 27 is likely married to Minnine C. 20, with Harry 1.

In 1880 Daviess County, Missouri, Reuben is farming 25, with Clista 23. They have George W. 5, Irvin W. 3, and William 1 - the three children were all born in Missouri. Adam Fry 1812-1894 is buried in Daviess County # 23538357. So is Ester Fry - born 1815, # 23538361. So are Isaac Fry born 1844 # 22797225, and Jemima 1849-1025

In 1885 Clay County Missouri, "Rubin" and Clista have George W. 10, "Wishy" E. 8, William A. 6, Earnest 4, and Della 1.

Reuben cash-claimed a quarter in 5, 4S 43W in 1890.

February 1894 Oklahoma City - Thurston items "Reuben Fry has his oat land ready for seeding. Conner Leach and others are close after him, the vicinity of Thurston will furnish work for several binders and threshers from present indications."
"Rheuben" is farming in 1900 Blaine County, Oklahoma, born June 1853 Pennsylvania, married 28 years to Clista May 1855, Ohio, with Wesley Jan 1877, Missouri, Della May 1884 Nebraska, Ethel Dec 1885 Nebraska, Eva April 1889 Missouri, Myrtle April 1893 Colorado, Harold D. March 1896 Colorado, and Dollie July 1898 Oklahoma.
Reuben # 125689580 and Clista # 125689588 are buried in Watonga, Oklahoma.
In 1910 Blaine County, Oklahoma, Reuben is a cream collector, 56, born in Pennsylvania, Clista 54, Ohio. She's had twelve kids, seven living. Ethel M. is 24, Nebraska, Eva C. 21 Missouri, Myrtle E. 16 Colorado, and Dolly H. 11 Oklahoma. The three oldest girs are school teachers.
In 1920 Blaine County, R.D. is farming, and they have Dorothy, 21. With them are five "Inmates", none with occupations. GEORGE
George is a hired man in 1900 Watonga, and registered in Watonga, born June 4, 1875, an implement salesman. Nearst relative Carrie May Fry of Watonga.
George died June 11, 1944 in San Francisco.
He and Carrie (Love) Fry are buried in Colma, California - # 87856221.
In 1920 Logan County, Oklahoma, Myrtle, 26 is married to Huxley Flaugher, 35, and they have Theodore F. 6, Harold T. 4, and WIlliam B. 2. In 1929 Oklahoma City Huxley is a salesman, and they live on East 42nd.
In 1930 Huxley is a school teacher in Chandler, Oklahoma, with Myrtle 36. They have Theodore, harold, and Billy, and have added Paul 10, Thomas 7, and Robert 4.
Myrtle 1893-1935 is buried in Watonga, Blaine County, Oklahoma # 126682236.
Irvin Wesley Fry, Pvt 1st Colo Infantry SP AM War, 1877-1907 is buried in the same cemetery 125690001. Irvin was a millman in 1903 Denver, with no spouse listed.

The "Dewey Fry" dying 1906, buried in Watonga # 125690039 must be the "Harold D." in the 1900 census - he's not in the 1910 census.
Hettie married on March 18, 1869 J. M. Bickel, who was born in Elkhart Dec 18, 1847, taught in Indiana schools, and came to Daviess County Missouri in 1871.

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