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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Earl Remus Moberly,  Marion L. Moberly, Logan.

In 1900 Cheyenne County Kansas is Tomas "Mobley" Jan 1855 Kentucky, Martha April 1867 Illinois, married 14 years.  They have Ralph G. April 1886 Neb, Marion L Nov 1887 Neb, Earl May 1889 Neb, Loid E, Feb 1895 Neb, Ruthie April 1898 Kansas,  Thomas lived in Cheyenne County in 1910, 1920, 1930, and died there in 1937.

In 1910 Cheyenne County, Kansas Earl, 20, is married to Martha, 19.

  Thanks to Pauli Smith

Martha Vandyke Moberly was born 22 Oct. 1890 in Chase, NB and died on 15 Feb. 1917 on her father's farm near Armel, Yuma, CO from complications of childbirth. She married Earl Remus Moberly on 28 Oct. 1909 in Alma, NB. and had four children.

Martha Vandyke Moberly and her two oldest children, Willard and Ellen. Taken in Armel, Yuma, CO in about 1914-1915

  Earl Remus Moberly - thanks to Pauli Smith

The FindAGrave record for Orchard Mesa Cemetery in Grand Junction has Earl marrying Martha Ellen VanDike, who died in 1917.  She's buried in Cheyenne County, Kansas, Clough Valley  Cemetery.  October 22, 1890 - Feb 15, 1917.

Earl Remas Moberly married Florence Rowley on September 12, 1917 at Hale. (Arthur C. and Emaline Rowley claimed land in 3S 45W - about twelve mile west.    But in 1922 A.I Rowley owned about nine quarters near Logan.

Left to  right: sisters, Florence, Emma, and Ruth Rowley. Florence married Earl Remus Moberly on 12 Sept. 1917 at Hale, Yuma, CO. by Justice of Peace, Roy Brooks. She was his 2nd wife. Photo taken near Hale, Yuma, CO.

1919 "Mrs. Earle Moberly is very ill at present."

When Earl registered, he said he was born in York County, Nebraska May 29, 1889, was single , but had four children.


Earl proved up two quarters in 13 and 24, 4S 43W in 1915, and Marion two quarters in 23 and 26 in 1919. 

The tombstone says "Earl R. 1889 -1974      Icy J. 1905-1967"  and the fag list has Inez Jewell "Icy" Garner Moberly.

Pauli Smith adds "Inez Jewell "Icy" Garner Moberly, was Earl's third wife. She was from Oklahoma and basically illiterate. She gave Earl two more children for a total of 10 children. Most of that generation of Moberly children are now gone, but my mother-in-law Beulah and her sister Hazel (from Earl's 2nd marriage) are still living. "

Marion L Moberly  - one tree said he was born Nov 24, 1887 in Ulysses, Nebraska,  He married Ethel Q. Stevens December 3, 1907.

In 1910 they're in Palisade - on the other side of the state, and have seven-month-old Velma.

1913 Armel "Marion Moberly and wife made a trip to Idalia in their auto."


Children and grandchildren of Thomas and Martha Moberly taken in front of the Sod house where many of these people were born ca. 1920.. Thomas had businesses just over the Colorado/Kansas border, but his home and farm were in Yuma County, CO.

Farm sale of Thomas and Martha Moberly's farm in 1920. The farm was located just this side of the Colorado border, a few miles from St Francis, KS.

In 1920 Marion and Ethel are in Cheyenne County, Kansas - with Velma - and they have Marion E. 7, Nina J. 5, and month-old Claude F.  Brother-in-law Claud C. Stevens, 22, born in Iowa, is with them.

In 1930 they're in Scotts Bluff Nebraska - Velma not with them - "M. Edger" is 17, Nina 15, Claud F. 10,and now Opal J. 8.

In 1940 Riverside, California (In Shoshone, Idaho in 1935) "Mainson" is a blacksmith.  He and Ethel have Claude 20 and Opal 18.

Thank you LaDonna McKelvey

Marin died Feb 22, 1977, Ethel April 15, 1943.  Both are buried in Perris Valley Cemetery, Riverside County.


1909 "Mrs. James Moberly, of Shawnee, Okla., has been visiting her father, Mr. Webster, living over in the Copper Kettle country, and also at the home of Mrs. E.B. Remington.  Mrs. Moberly resided in Wray several years ago and will be remembered by many of our people."

Ruth Rebeca MOBERLY Breninger born April 9, 1898 in Cheyenne County, Kansas, married Frank Wallace Breninger.  They're buried in Fairview Cemetery, Columbia County, Oregon.

Emma Rhoda Belle Moberly married Robert E. Kirkland, 1890-1950, then married Verd Ransome Hefley - 1899-1989.  Emma  April 8, 1901 - June 23, 1996 and Verd are buried in Portland

Ethel Pearl Moberly married Kenneth Birdie Moore - Ethel Dec 29, 1907 - Sep 17, 1984 and Kenneth 1907-1967 are buried in Portland Oregon.

Lloyd Elmer, born Feb 16, 1895, died Nov 22, 1920, and is buried in the Armel cemetery.

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