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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Silas H. Nichol, Logan.

Silas cash-claimed a quarter in 5, 4S 43W in 1889

Silas H. Nichols came to Nebraska in 1869 and remained at Ashland, where he opened the first furniture store in Saunders County. He was born in Onondaga County, N. Y., November 7, 1822, and during his life gained much prominence.

He was in Saunders County Nebraska in 1870, married to Ursula, and in 1878 applied for a passport saying he was traveling to Europe, Asia, and Africa.  He was there in 1880.

One tree said he married Harriet Mollet Nov 27, 1885 in Wahoo, Nebraska, and went to Sterling, Colorado in 1886. So he could very well have cash-claimed a hundred miles away. OR there was confusion between Logan COUNTY and the post office LOGAN.

Nancy B. Haynes was the 1st wife of Silas Howe Nichols, son of Rev. Browning and Persis (Howe) Nichols. They were married in Schroeppel, Oswego, New York on 17 May 1846. After her death, Silas moved to Chicago and married the widow Ursula (Jones) Dennis and then moved to Ashland, Nebraska. In Ashland, as the owner of the Ashland Marble Works, Silas built a large memorial in the Ashland Cemetery and on it he placed the names of Nancy, their daughter Isadora, and 2nd wife Ursula.

Silas died in 1908 in Stockton, California and his grave as yet to be found.

2nd Wife of [75] Joseph LeRoy CHAMBERLIN: 
.....................................  +[77] Grace Lula NICHOLS  b: 22 Aug 1870 Ashland, Saunders Co., Nebraska  m: 7 Oct 1887 Bird City, Cheyenne Co., Kansas  d: 6 Jan 1958 Staten Island, Richmond Co., NY  Father: Silas H. NICHOLS  Mother: Ursula JONES DENNIS

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