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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Wesley Franklin and Mary Agnes (Adams) Nash,    Mildred

Children:  Oliver, Jessie, Elmer, Elsie, Ernest, Archie, and William

William Nash married Harriett Ingells March 5, 1840 in Hancock County, Indiana.

William Nash was a native of Tennessee but the removal of his parents to Indiana enabled him to spend his boyhood days in Madison county, that state.  He was there married to Miss Harriet Ingle, a native of Indiana, and upon a farm in that state the young couple began their domestic life, remaining there for some years.  Eventually a removal was made to Missouri and, settling in Nodaway county, near the present town of Pickering, William Nash there carried on general agricultural pursuits for several years, or until 1853, when he came to Taylor county, Iowa, entering land in Jackson township.  At that time few settlements had been made within the borders of the county and much of the land was still in possession of the government.  The settlers had to endure many of the hardships and privations incident to the establishment of homes upon the frontier, but they were of a sturdy race and built well for future generations.  After a year William Nash removed to Bedford, where he carried on merchandising for some time.  At intervals he entered more land and became the owner of several hundred acres, thus placing his capital in safe investments.  His remaining days were passed in this county, his death occurring on a farm in Taylor county.

William Ellis Nash, son of William Thomas Nash and Harrietta Engels or Ingels, was born May 9, 1869 near Bedford, Taylor Co., Iowa and died May 19, 1869 near Bedford, Taylor Co., Iowa.

In 1860 Taylor County, Iowa, W.F. Nash is 9, born in Missouri, with parents William 39, Harietta 37, siblings Oliver 19, Louisa 15, Pheba 11, Sidney 7, Cynthia 5, Bellzoria 3, and Marshala 1.

In 1870 Taylor County, William P. and Harietta have Phebe E. 21, Sidney 16, Franklin 18, Syntha 14, Bellzona 12 Adda 10, John J. 8, Clarinda 6, Alice 5, and Samuel 4.

William Thomas Nash 1821-1886 is buried in Bedford, Taylor County # 41790860, with Harrietta 1822-1892  50596154

Mary's parents:

Thursa Jane KENT Adams was born June 8, 1831 in Rochester, Andrew County, Missouri to David Kent and Mahala Means. She married John Quincy Adams on December 7, 1856 in Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri. To them was born eight known children, Mary Agnes, Hiram Bennett, Mahala, Nancy Jane, John Edward, Sarah Ellen, Thomas Virt, and Zillah. She died August 2, 1880 in Siam, Taylor County, Iowa and is buried in the Siam Cemetery.
Her husband John Quincy Adams referred to her as "Jane" in his Civil War letters 

Thursa is buried in the Siam, Iowa, cemetery 35477454

John Quincy Adams 1831-1904 is buried in Hopkins, Nodaway County, Missouri 50418641

Wesley Franklin Nash b. 1851 and his wife Jane Marshall b. 1853 of Taylor County. W.F. Nash and Jane Marshall were married in Taylor County April 16, 1874.  In 1870 Taylor County William Marshall 50 and Amanda 40 had Martha 22, Amy 18, Jane 16, Frank 14, Josephine 123, Sylvia 8, Adda 6, Clara 4, Willie and John 2.

November 30, 1877  Frank Nash married Agnes Adams.

In 1880 Taylor County, Iowa, Frank is 29, M.A. 23, and Oliver 1.

A daughter was born June 22, 1881 in Taylor County to Wesley Franklin Nash and Mary Agnes Adams.

In 1885 Taylor County, Wesley F. is 33, Mary A. 27, Oliver 6, Jessie 3, and Elmer 1.

Charles  proved up two quarters in 32 and 33, 3S 45W in 1922, 

Earnest W. proved up 320 acres in 13, 5S 46W and 18 and 19, 5S 45W in 1916


Nellie Ethel (Busby) Nash proved up an odd-shaped 120 acres in 26, 5S 44W in 1914.  She is buried in Armel 1891-1960 with Archie, chlidren Flora Agnes and Wayne F. 1921-1990.

 Wesley F. proved up a quarter in 31 and 32, 5S 43W in 1897

In 1900 "Leslie" born July 1851 in Missouri, married 22 years to Mary A. April 1857 Missouri, have Oliver Jan 1879 Iowa, Jessie daughter born June 1880 Iowa, Elmer Feb 1883 Iowa, Elsie Jan 1887 Iowa, Ernest Feb 1891 Colorado, Buell July 1894 Colorado, and Wm. J. Oct 1896 Colorado.  The census recorded that this is his second marriage, so Jane (Marshall) Nash probably died 1874-1877 in Taylor County.

In 1910 Hale precinct, Yuma County, Wesley F. is 52, born in Iowa, second marriage of 34 years to Mary A. 53, Missouri.  Earnest W. is 19, Archie B 15 and William J. 13, all three born in Colorado.

The Rattler neglected to mention last week that Frank Nash, a long time resident of the Armel neighborhood, died at his home in that community on Monday, November 19, following a brief illness of pneumonia fever. Mr. Nash was born in July, 1851 and was 72 years old at the time of his death. Funeral services were held on Friday, November 23, and interment took place in the Armel Cemetery. Mr. Nash was an Odd Fellow of many years standing. About 40 Odd Fellows from Wray attended the funeral and Odd Fellows had charge of the services at the cemetery. Mr. Nash was one of the most highly respected men of eastern Colorado. He leaves a wife and several children, besides many less-near relatives and a host of friends, to mourn his departure.

Wray Rattler
Wray, Yuma Co., Colorado
Thursday, November 29, 1923

Mary Nash is living with daughter Florence in Colorado Springs in 1930.

Frank #  67669503 and Mary Agnes (Adams) Nash 1857-1931  # 81876644 are buried in Armel.


Florence E. Nash married Isaac L. "Healmick" July 4, 1903, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Established in 1887, Idalia was named for Mrs. Edaliah Helmick, wife of John Helmick, member of one of the original settler families. 

1900 Idalia precinct

John L. Weaver, Oct 1840 59, m/16, Tenn Tenn Tenn

Lucinda Weaver, Aug 1862, 37, m/16, 8/7, Ia

Ike Weaver [Helmick] Jun 1881, 18, Ia

Fred Weaver, Aug 1885, 14, Ia Tenn Ia

Bertie Weaver, Oct 1886, 13, dau, Ia Tenn Ia M

yrtle Weaver, Dec 1888, 11, dau, Ia Tenn Ia

Effie Weaver, May 1893, 7, dau, Mo Tenn Ia

Ida Weaver, Feb 1894, 6, dau, Mo Tenn Ia

James Weaver, Mar 1898, 2, son, Mo Tenn Ia


In 1910 Kit Carson County, Isaac Helmick is 28, Florence 23, with William 5 and Phoebe 4.

Isaac was a witness for the 1912 land claim of Herman L. Korthas for land in 6S 44W.

May 6, 1915


In 1920 Burlington, Colorado, Isaac is a mechanic, with "Alta", Phoebe 13, Ellen 6, and Arch 3.

Phoebe A. Helmick married Preston Y. Mangus March 25, 1924, recorded in Kit Carson County.

In 1930 Colorado Springs, Isaac - a garage mechanic- 48 and Elda 43 have Ellen 16, Archie 12, Virgene 9, Isaac H. Jr. 6, Margaret E. Hill 52 is a lodger, and Mary Nash, 72 is with them.

Ellen Helmick married Sidney O. Harker April 8, 1933, recorded in El Paso County.

Archie Franklin Helmick married Murial Louise Service Oct 29, 1937, recorded in Denver.

Florence 1887-1970 # 57006945 and Isaac Harrison Helmick 1881-1956  57006776 are buried in Canon City.


1915 Eckley  

William Jennings Nash registered with an Armel address, working for his father, single, born Oct 1, 1896 at Idalia..

W.J. Nash married Sarah Cummings Sept 11, 1918, recorded in Yuma County.

In 1920 Armel he's married to Merle S. 22, and they have five-month-old Flora.

In 1930 William is a plumbing contractor in Pasadena California, with Garnet M. 32 born in Missouri, Sarah M. 9, Colorado,  then Leroy W. 6, Naomi 5, Ruth L. 3, and Lester G. 2 all born in California.

Wilda Joan Nash was born July 11, 1933 in Los Angeles, mother's maiden name Cummings.

He's still a plumber in 1940 Pasadena, with Mildred 33 Colorado, Leroy 16, Naomi 15, Ruth 13, Leonard 12, Grace 9, and Wilda 7.  Daughter Margaret Hartman 19, married but no spouse,  is also with them.

William died in 1963 and is buried in Mountain View, Los Angeles County  # 19859135  Mildred is also there 1906-??  19859142

Leroy W Nash died on 23 June 1968 in Los Angeles, California, USA, at age 45


Jessie E. Nash married Oscar M. Andrews December 5, 1900, recorded in Kit Carson County.

In 1910 Idalia precinct, Oscar M. is 38, Jessie E. 28, and they have Lilian 8, Thelma 5 and Frederick 2.

In 1920 Logan County (east Fleming) Oscar is 47, a farm laborer, Jessie 36, Lillian F. 17. Thelma F. 14, Frederick J.11, Nova Z. 8, and Oliver W. 5.

In 1930 Rocky Ford, Otero County, Colorado, Oscar is a day laborer.  They have only Fredrick J., Nora Z., and Oliver.

Oscar and Jessie are alone in 1940 Otero County.

Jessie Ellen Andrews 1881-1951 # 46625005  and Oscar Martin Andrews 1872-1955 46625052 are buried in Rock Ford, Colorado.

Jessie Ellen Nash, daughter of Wesley Franklin & Mary Agnes Nash, was born June 22, 1881 at Bedford, Iowa; and died August 31, 1951 at Rocky Ford, Colorado, aged 70 years two months and nine days. On Dec. 5, 1900 she was married to Oscar M. Andrews at Burlington Colorado and to them were born five children, 3 boys and 2 girls, one of whom, Thelma, preceded her in death. She is survived by her husband, Oscar M. Andrews of Rocky Ford, Colorado and the following children: Lillian Andrews, Los Angeles, California; Fred Andrews, Yakima, Washington; Nova Andrews, Ordway, Colorado; Oliver Andrews, Los Angeles, California and the following brothers and sisters: Elmer Nash, whereabouts unknown; Ernest Nash, Independence, Mo; Archie Nash, Wray, Colo.; William Nash, Pasadena, Calif.; Mrs. Eldie Helmick, Canon City, Colo. and 16 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Her early life was spent in Iowa & Yuma County, Colo. and since 1926 in Rocky Ford. At an early age she recognized the call of Christ and accepted Him & united with the Christian church. In 1905 she and her husband became members of the Church of the Brethren at Haxtun, Colorado & in 1926 transferred their letters to the Rocky Ford congregation of that church. Her entire life has been on complete and consistent testimony to the love & power & grace of God, in the daily indwelling of the Holy Spirit in her life, through Jesus Christ. In consequence of this she became a model of Christian devotion and constant self sacrifice to her husband and children, all her relatives & many friends, her community, but most of all to her Lord & His church. To be a Christian meant working at it for Sister Andrews and she began by teaching Sunday School while still in the grade schools herself, and continued this life of acceptable service up to the time of her illness. One of her major concerns & emphases was Christian education & for this for her own & others' children, she labored long & sacrificed much. Truly indeed it must be said of her now, in memoriam, "she died the death of the righteous & her end was like his." God help us to have more such women, wives, mothers, Christian citizens, as Jessie Nash Andrews.


Maud Andrews is in Jewell County, Kansas in 1880, born about 1878.  She's with Addison  32 and Lucretia (Hamilton) Andrews 33, siblings Charles 9, Martin 7, Edward 5, )and Susan 4.  (Addison was a sergeant in the 29th Ohio, ending as a First Lieutenant.)

In 1895 Emporia Kansas, A.A. Andrews is 48, L.E. 49, C.W. 25, O.M. 23. E.L 21, Susie 19, Maude 17, Nellie 13, Walter 10, Gertude 4.  Mrs. L.F. Fawcett 70 and J.C. Fawcett 29 are also listed.

 In 1900 Lansing precinct, Addison is 52, Lucretia 53, Maud 22, Maggie L. 18, Walter A. 5, and Lyda G. 9.

Addison 1848-1915 and Lucretia (Hamilton) Andrews 1847-1917 are buried in Lucas. #52235674

In 1910 Idalia precinct Oliver is 31, Edna M. 21, born in Kansas, with Frank 8 and Raymond 5.

Oliver W. was a teacher attending the 1901 Institute in Vernon, among about twenty teachers.

Edna Maud proved up  an odd-shaped 200 acres in 23 and 24, 5S 44W in 1906

Oliver W.   proved up 240 acres in 5 and 8, 5S 43W in 1921.  But in 1913 he filed for the west of 4 and the northeast of 26, 5S 44W, witnesses Wesley Nash of Armel, Addison A. Andrews of Landsman, Roy B. Rathbun and Ely McKenzie of Newton.


In 1914 Oliver was "a successful teacher in the Cook district."


Oliver W. Nash registered with an Eckley address, born January 13, 1879, a bank clerk working for B.L. McKenzie, wife Edna Maude Nash.

In 1920 Phillips County, Colorado, Oliver is farming, and they have just the two sons.

Oliver is teaching school in Clare, Michigan in 1930.  He and Edna have three boarders, of elementary school age.

In 1940 Clare, Oliver is managing a detention house, and Maude is a matron.  Four young "lodgers" ages 7 to 12, are with them

Oliver W. 1879-1944  # 79863213 and Maude 1878-1960  # 79863234 are buried in Clare, Michigan.


Archie Buell Nash registered with an Armel address, born at Armel July 2, 1894, single.

In 1920 he and Nellie E. are farming in Yuma County , with Archie J. 1.

In 1930 they have Archie 11, Wayne 8, and Elmer 1, and all five are still there in 1940.

Archie Buell Nash 1894-1965 is buried in Armel

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