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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

 Emaline Rowley, sons Arthur C. Rowley, Austin I. Rowley,    Mildred

In 1860 Orleans County, New York, Able G. Rowley 26, and Emeline 22 have Arthur, ten months.

In 1870 they have Arthur C. 10, Martin 8, Justin J. 5 (has to be Austin), m. E. 4, and Mary E. 1.

In 1880 Franklin County, Kansas, Gilford Rowley is 45, born in New York, Emeline R. 43 Illinois, with Arthur 21 New York, an invalid, Martin 19 New York, William 14 New York, Mary E. 12 New York, Geo. W. 9 New York, Austin 16 New York, Julia 7 New York, Freddie 5 New York, and L.M. 3- she also was born in New York.

In 1900 Allen County, Kansas, Able G. Rowley is 65, Emeline 61, "Aurther" 40.  Annie Ryne, Emeline's sister, born April 1836 in Illinois, is also with them.

Able 1834-1903 is buried in Lone Elm, Anderson County, Kansas 11044476.

Julia is in Franklin County Kansas in 1900, born Dec 1862 in Ohio, married to Wilson Blow, 37, and Stella M. 3.

Julia died February 21, 1905, and is buried in Highland Cemetery, Franklin County, Kansas. # 35438143

In 1910 Coffey County, Kansas, Emma Rowley is 71, Arthur C. 50,and they're with Wilson Blow, 46 , the widower of their daughter Julia.  Harry W. is 9, Stella M. 13.

Emaline (Ryan) Rowley died January 24, 1914

She is buried in the Lansing cemetery 52184940.

Mary Emma Rowley, born Sept 2, 1868 in Orleans County, New York, died 1942 at Colony, Kansas, married William W. Minckley 1891.  Both are buried in the Colony Cemetery, Anderson County, Kansas # 51416088. 

The FindaGrave listing # 11044478 for Emaline in Anderson County is a duplicate of the one for her in Yuma County.

"Heirs of Emaline" proved up two quarters in 8 and 17, 3S 45W in 1920.  Austin I Rowley was the representative, with witnesses Everette H. Rutlege, Walter Zion, Irvin Stevenson, and Monroe Pevler.

Arthur C. Rowley -1859-1917 is also buried in Lansing.  So is his son Richard Rowley -1906-1907.

"Heirs of Arthur" proved up 320 acres in 8 and 17, 3S 45W in 1921.


One tree said Julia Ann Schroyer married Austin Ira Rowley in Anderson County, Kansas February 16, 1891

In 1900 Lansing precinct, Austin I. , born Feb 1864 in New York, has been married nine years to Julia A. Sept 1871 Illinois.  They have Charles Feb 1892, Ira Nov 1893, Viola R. March 1895, Oliver Dec 1896 all four in Kansas, and Florence March 1899 Colorado.

Oliver registered with an Armel, Colorado address, born Dec 15, 1896 at Carlysle, Kansas, nearest relative father Austin I. Rowley of Armel.

Austin filed notice for a quarter in 15, 4S 43W in 1906, witnesses Barney E. Deblin (probably Devlin), Julia A. McCluskey, Alfred S. Kester, and James Q. Conrad.

They're in Yuma County in 1910, 1920,  1930 and 1940.  In 1940 their granddaughter Esther Rowley, 11 is with them.

  Austin 1864-1954 and Julia Ann 1871-1965 Rowley are buried in Sunset Lane, Kitsap County WSashington # 74595791 and # 74595792

Austin's son James C. Rowley is a painter in 1940 Wray, married to Mary L. both 32, with Ralph J. 8 and Leory L. 2.


Emaline's son William.

William E. Rowley married Ivey Williams (daughter of Benjamin Franklin Hunter) November 24, 1898 in Texarkana, Arkansas.

They're in Chambers County, Texas in 1910, W.E. 38, Iva 31, Myrtle 8, Flossa 6, and Millard 3.  They lived in Little Rock, Shreveport, San Antonio, St. Louis (1940 with daughter Flossie Hines), and are in Corpus Christi in 1944.

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