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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

William D. Wernet,    Mildred

One tree said William was born to John B. Wernet and Theresia Tyler, who married December 6, 1849 in Stark County Ohio.

In 1870 Stark County, John B. is 48, a grocer, with Teresa 19, Emma 17, John 16, Otto 15, William 13, Clara 11, and Mary 9.

In 1880 Stark County, J.B. is 59, Teresa 28, with Otto 24, William L. 22, Mina 20, and Mary 18.

William cash-claimed 160 acres in 12, 3S 45W in 1890, and another quarter in section 2 in 1892.

Wm. D. Wernet married Olivia Beichele January 2, 1898, recorded in Denver.  (at the time Denver was the county seat for the Mildred area)

  In 1900 La Plata County, Colorado, William born May 1848 in Ohio, is a merchant, married two years to Olevia born in Ohio.  They have Estelle born Oct 1898 in Colorado.

1902 East Liverpool, Ohio "The case of George Wymer, guardian of Mary A. Wernet, an imbecile, versus Joseph Wernet for the assignment of dowry in certain premises, will develop an Interesting history of Mrs. Wernet. In 1880 she was about 21 years old and lived with her mother. Mrs. Mary Lycrolt, in Hanoverton, who was In indigent circumstances. William Wernet, a wealthy farmer, living in the neighborhood, and about 70 years old, courted and married Miss Lycroff. Before the marriage they entered into an ante-nuptial contract by which he gave her $5,000 an she released all prospective Interests In his property. The marriage did not prove a happy one, and in 1896 a divorce was granted to him by reason of her unfaithfulness. About that time he gave their child $5,000. On Oct. 18. 1899, Mrs. Wernet was adjudged an Imbecile and George Wymer was appointed her guardian. Mrs. Wernet died Jan. 28. 1901. Wernet is also dead.

In 1920 Canton, Ohio, W.D. is 65, Olivia 62, Estella 20, Colorado, Wm. 18, Kansas, and Catherine 15, Missouri.

William D. Wernet, 1857-1928 is buried in Saint Peters, Canton # 105358857.

Olivia is widowed in 1930 Canton, 71, with daughter "Eatell" M. Weber 31 and her husband Paul L. 32.  Olivia 1859-1945 is also buried in Saint Peters.

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