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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Albert Clemo

Albert proved up a quarter in 12, 4N 48 W in 1895, so he probably arrived about 1888.

1900 "Albert Clemo of Denver is visiting in this vicinity."

The 1900 census of Littleton has an Albert Clemo, born December 1858 in Canada, immigrating 1863, married i- but no spouse listed.  He's a  farm laborer, on the Ivan Nicholas household.

1902 "Mr. Clemo was a business visitor at Haxton Monday."

1904 "Albert Clemo is building a milk house for Fred Korf."

1905 "Albert Clemo returned from Denver a few days ago."

1906 "Mrs. Clemo, who has been very sick, is improving slowly."

1907 "Alfred Martin purchased the Albert Clemo farm Thursday."

He might be the Albert Clemo in 1910 Littleton, Colorado, 60, born in Canada, immigrating in 1887.  He's a hired man with the Arthur Reynolds family.

Grace Evelyn Clemo was born April 21, 1885 in Florence, Lampton, Ontario to Albert W. Clemo and Velmie Benner.

Jacob Nelson Benner, b. 1840, Ontario, Canada married on February 12, 1862, Buffalo, New York to Susan Ward, b. May 8, 1844, from Bertie Township, Ontario, Canada

Children consist of:
1. Velma Benner, b. Simcoe, Ontario, m. Albert W. Clemo

There's an Albert Clemow in the 1906 Humboldt, Saskatchewan census, born about 1850. He's married to Hanna 45, and they have five kids seven  to twenty-two, all born in Manitoba.

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