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Yuma County Pioneers

Thomas R. Baker

Harriet Newell Baker Gilbert was baptised in Omaha in 1872, father Ira Gilbert, mother "Felina", born January 13, 1846.

In 1860 Pottawattamie County, Iowa, Philena Gilbert is 48 Joshua 16, Harriet 14, Ira D. 13, and Thomas W. 10.
"Mariah" Gilbert married William Briggs in Washington County, Nebraska June 13, 1861.

In 1870 Washington County, Nebraska, Franklin Baker is 28, a day laborer born in Indiana, Harriet 25 New York, Phylanda Briggs, her daughter is 8, Mary 6, and Daniel 4, all born in Nebraska. Ida E. Baker is four months old. Phylanda Gilbert 60 born in Canada is with them.

Harriet's sister Elisa Gilbert married Willard F. Miller in McDonough County, Illinois in October 1852, and is buried in Nebraska 1835-1910 # 18176133.

In 1880 Meade County, Kansas, Franklin Baker is 40, farming, with Harriet N. 33. They have her kids Mary B. Briggs 16 and Daniel E. Briggs. 14. Theire kids are Iva 10, Grace E. 6, Franklin J. 3,a nd Thomas R. 1.
Thomas Baker cash-claimed land in 34, 2N 46W in 1891. - a mile southwest of Eckley. This is possibly a relative, but is not a father of Thomas R. Baker.

In 1907 Thomas Baker's land in 34, 2N 46W was to be sold to pay a note to the Reliance Trust Company, that he had made in 1889.

In 1900 Denver, Thomas Baker is a day laborer, born March 1879 in Nebraska, is with mother Hattie Stone, a nurse, June 1846 New York. Garnet Baker sews overalls, born June 1883 in Colorado and Violet March 1886 Nebraska are with them.

April 24, 1913 Wray "In the divorce case Annie Baker vs Thomas R. Baker, the plaintiff received a decree of divorce on the charge of cruelty and the custody of the child was given to a sister of the defendent until further order of the court."

October 1914 "Mrs. Anna Baker departed Wednesday for Fall River, Kansas, to visit a daughter."

Thomas Riley Baker, born March 23, 1877, is farming in Yuma County for WWI registration. Nearest relative was Hugh Franklin Baker of Gorham, Boulder County, Colorado.
Thomas R. Baker proved up two quarters in 24, 2N 45W in 1919.

Thomas Riley Baker married Ida May Case in Fort Morgan June 13, 1919.
(Ida had been in Wray in 1920, married to Mahlon H Ward, 50, both born i nIllinois. They ahve Florence 18, Ina L. 15, adn Howard 12, all three born in Iowa.
Ida M. Ward proved up 160 acres in 25, 2N 45W - next to Thomas and Hattie, in 1919, and Ida M. Baker another 80 acres by Stock in 1920.

In 1920 Yuma County, Thomas is 42, farming, with Ida M. 51 born in Illinois.

In 1930 Yuma County, Thomas is ranching, 50, with Ida M. 60 born in Illinois. Byrl R. Criswell is a farm hand.

In 1940 Thomas and Ida are in Julesburg, running a tire shop. They were in Yuma County in 1935.

Thomas R. Baker 1879-1952 # 16988016 and Ida M. 1869-1941 # 16987949 share a tombstone in Wray.

Hattie Stone had letters remaining at the Wray post office in December 1909.

Harriet N. Stone, born June 13, 1846 in New York, died in Salt Lake City August 29, 1910, age 64. Informant was Ida Clark. She was to be buired at Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.

September 16, 1910 Wray "Hattie E. Stone , who left here last summer for Utah in search for a climate for the benefit of her health , died in that state a few days ago ."

She has to be the Hattie N. Stone whose heirs proved up two quarters in 25, 2N 45W in 1916, adjoining Thomas Baker's claim.

She's buried in Washington County Nebraska# 135942382.

April 20, 1888 "Franklin Baker, the murderer of two ranchmen near Burlington, was taken from the sheriff at Cheyenne Wells by a mob of infuriated men and hanged."
"Franklin Baker, who shot John Mension and E. B. McConnell near Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, on the 16th, ult, was lynched by the enraged citizens on the same night, in spite of the resistance of the officers."

Edmund McConnell was a farm laborer in 1880 Guthrie County, Iowa.
Edmund Bird McConnell 1862-1888 is buried in Guthrie County, Iowa, with Joseph A. McConnell 1829 - 1899.

Franklin H. Baker cash-claimed a quarter in 4, 8S 43 W in 1893.

The body of Mrs. Harriet Baker of Denver was brought to Ft. Calhoun from Salt Lake City, Sept. 7, 1910 and placed beside her first husband, Mr. Briggs, who was buried here forty-two years ago.

Also buried in this cemetery her father and mother, Elder Gilbert and wife, her brother, Thomas, and sister, Mrs. Runyan-Parker.

Baker died several years after they left here and is buried in Colorado.

Mrs. Baker was born in Bangor, New York about 1845 and came to Washington County over fifty years ago, was married to Baker in 1871 and afterwards lived for a time on part of the property now owned by John Landis.

Mrs. Baker leaves ten children, all married, two by her first husband and eight by her second.

Her body was brought back by her youngest daughter, Violet, who was a school girl here twelve years ago when a visitor at her uncle’s Thomas Gilbert’s.

The funeral was held in the Presbyterian Church, Rev. Hilkeman presiding and among other present were Mrs. Krinzer and daughter of Rockport. We did not feel well enough to attend the services.

W. H. Woods

Franklin H. Baker 1873-1943 buried in Colorado Springs # 34399306 is almost certainly his brother. He'd claimed land in Kit Carson County.
Carrie Grace Newton 1874-1957 buried in Inglewood, California # 70516286 is likely a half-sister.
The California death index has her father as Baker, mother Newell.

Garnet Jarles Sibley, born June 7, 1883 in Colorado, mothe Gilbert, father Baker, died August 30, 1942 in Alameda County, California.


Florence B. is married to Sylus C. Criswell in 1920 Vernon precinct. She was 26, born in Iowa, and they have Beryl W

Clyde S. Criswell 1878-1944 # 17097759 and Florence B. Criswell 1892-1924 #17097766 are buried in Wray.

In 1920 Wray, John L. Ashley is a meat cutter, 30 born in Indiana, and Ivol L. 24 Ashley are on Central Street, with Charles R. 6 and dorothy M. 4, both born in Colorado.
Ivol L. Ashley 1895-1973 # 10801427, with John L. Ashley 1889 -1973 are bured in North Platte, Nebraska.

Howard E. Ward 1897-1962 is buried in Fort Logan # 1294460, Pvt. QMC WWII.

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