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Yuma County Pioneers

George L. and Estella (Ramsey) Crawford

In 1900 Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, Thomas "Croford" born Feb 1864 married 17 years to Lucinda May 1864, a coal miner, with George L. Feb 1884, Harry M. Sept 1886, Laurence Apr 1890, Franklin Jan 1892, Russel Oct 1894, Maud Dec 1899, and Calvin April 1900, all born in Pennsylvania. George is a laborer in a coal mine.

George married Estella M. Ramsey born about 1886 in North Dakota, and they're in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania in 1910.

George is a laborer in a glass works. They have Thomas 5, Nellie L. 3, and Elsie nine months.

In 1912 Graff, Pennsylvania, George L. Crawford (Estella) a laborer, lives on Water Street. RJ. Thomas R. Crawford (Lucinda) a laborer lives on Heilman Street, and Russell Crawforrd, a laborarer, bords with him.

George Leslie Crawford registered for WWI with an Eckley address, farming, born Feb 28, 1884, with Stella M. Crawford.
George proved up two quarters in 20, 2N 45W in 1918.
His witnesses were Robert Ramsey, Sr., Margaret Van Horn, Edward L. Hoover, and August Yenter.

George was a witness for the 1917 land claim of Florence L. (Turman) Yenter in 2N 45W.
He could have moved to Albany Oregon - 1916
"Slipping on the running board of Dr. Davis' Ford roadster, which he was driving yesterday morning George Crawford fell, striking his side on the universal joint of the machine and fracturing one of his ribs. Yesterday morning Dr. Davis was called to attend A. Lewelling at his home near Tangent, and was being driven out by George Crawford. When about a mile and a half from the Lewelling home, the car ran into a snow bank and skidded off into a ditch at the side of the road and partly turning over. Dr. Davis proceeded on to attend to his case and Crawford remaincd with a man and team to get the car out. The floor boards of the car were removed. After the car was righted the car was thrown into gear and allowed to pull itself out, the two men weighing down the rear end. Crawford ran around to get into the car and stop it when his foot slipped and he was thrown forward, resulting in the broken rib."

In 1930 Stanislaus County, California, George L. "Cranford" is a crussman for a rock company, 47, Estella 46, with George 17, Wanda 15, Elmer 13, and Alma 10 all born in Colorado.

In 1940 Stanislaus County, California, George is a crusher in a gravel pit, 56, with Estelle 55, and grandson Charles Cooper 2, born in California.
George registered for WWII in Alameda County, California, working for Pacific Coast Aggregates, reference Mrs. Roy Hardesty of Chico.

In 1953 Chico, George and Estella live at 1252 N. Cedar.

George died March 30, 1960 in Butte County, California, mother's name Horn - maybe Van Hoorn?

George Leslie "Les" Crawford 1884-1960 is buried in Chico, with Estella 1885-1965.

In 1940 Monterey, California, Thomas R. is a plasterer, is 35, Rose 29, with Robert 11, Thomas 7, and Beverly 5, all born in California. Rose's widowed mother Anna Lukas 56, born in Michigan is with them.

Thomas 1904-1949 is buried in Monterey California.

Nellie Lucinda married Edwin Myers in 1922 in California and is buried in Chico 1906-2005. Her brothers Thomas and George and sisters Elsie Mae Drew, Wanda Hull preceded her. Sufvived by sister Alma Meinbers and brother Elmer ("dizz" Crawford.

In 1930 Chico, California Edwin is 26, born in Colorado, Lucinda N. 23, with Gertrude L. 6 and Edwin E. Jr. 4, both borni nCalifornia.

One son is George Denver Crawford, whose photo as a young boy with Glenn Ralph Van Horn. Glenn was born Dec 1911 at Eckley is with a family tree - possibly related to the Ramsey family.

THIS IS A DIFFERENT ONE - Eugene Oregon 1923 " Mrs. Kate Crawford has gone to the home of her son, George D. Crawford of Eureka, Cal."

George Denver Crawford was fined $5 for no tail light in December 1958 in Albany, Oregon, with an address of Creswell, Oregon.
One family member wrote "George Denver Crawford died in April 13, 1969. His last residence shows as Eugene, Lane county, Oregon. But I don’t know where he was buried at or actually where he died at. I have very little information on him."


Elsie was born June 19, 1919 in Ford City, Pennsylvania .

In 1930 Los Angeles, Elsie is 20, married to Ray C. Hardesty, 29, a plasterer. Gerald 2 and Ernest five months were born in California.

Elsie Mae (Crawford)(Hardesty) Drew 1909-1994 is buried in Chico.


Wanda, born 1911 at Eckley, is in Plumas County, California in 1940, married to Nathan Hull, 29 born in Alaska, with Verness 1 born in California. Thomas Nathan Hull was bon August 12, 1938 in Plumas County.

Wanda is buried in Chico, California 1914-2001.

Elmer 1917-2006 is buried in Chico. "His parents George and Stella Crawford were moving from Pennsylvania to California and had to stop in Colorado, where on March 11, 1917, Elmer was born. "

Alma C. Meinburg died April 4, 2011 in Chico, California. She was born November 30, 1919 to Georege and Estalla Crawford in Eckley, Colorado. At an early age her family moved to Oakdale, California. She later moved to Sacramento, where she started her nursing training. It was here that she met Wilbut 'Busk' Meinburg.

There's a George L. Crawford 1864-1916 buried Iin Denver # 30253290.

But this one is a mining engineer - Feb 11, 1916 Steamboat Springs "The many friends in this neighborhood of George L. Crawford, who became acquainted with him while he was in charge of erecting the tipple of the International Fuel company at the Zarlengo mine on Wolf creek, greatly regret to learn of his dentil in Uonvor hint week ,"

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