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Yuma County Pioneers

John B. and Martha (Logsdon) Darr

James L. Logsdon was born September 27, 1818 in Kentucky. His parents were William J. Logsdon, Sr. (b. 1799 KY – 1867 Baxter and m. 1816 KY) and Martha Sego. He was married in 1836 to Mary “Polly” Harper. James died June 1901 at Baxter, Iowa and was buried at the Independence Cemetery in Independence Township, Jasper County, Iowa. Mary Harper was born February 16, 1819 in Kentucky and died February 2, 1892 at Baxter and was buried at the Independence Cemetery in Independence Township, Jasper County, Iowa. James and Mary had 14 children:

In 1860 Knox County, Illinois, J.B. Darr is 19, farming, one of eleven kids of P. Darr 46 and Martha 45.

Philip Darr 66 and Martha 65 are in Warren County, Iowa in 1880. Basil born about 1853 and Jane about 1860 are next to them.
Philip is a cooper, widowed in 1900 Hubbard County, Minnesota, born Sept 1813 in Pennslvania, living with son James Darr July 1843 Ohio and his family,.
James' son Harry and his family are on the same page.

John enlisted as a private in G., 61st Illinois Infantry at Peoria Illinois February 18, 1864, and mustered out at Nashville, Tennessee Sept 8, 1865. He was born about 1841 at Guernse County, Ohio.

In 1870 Jasper County, Iowa, John B. Darr is farming, 28, born in Ohio, Martha A. 27 Kentucky, with Frances M. 2 Iowa. Lonera Logsdon is 11, a servant born in Iowa.

On the same page are James and May Logsdon, and Andrew J. 17, Charles E. 13, Virginia 8, and John C. 5. Sias Logsdon is 28, married, with Isabel 26, Franklin 7, Edward S. 5, and Estealla 1.

In 1880 Jasper County, Iowa (very illegible census page) M.B. is 39, with Martha 37, Mary 8, and Leroy 7.

John applied for an invalid pension in 1888, for service in G. 61st and K. 83rd Illinois Infantry, and Martha A. Darr applied for a widow's pension June 18, 1914, both from Iowa.

In 1900 Jasper County, Iowa, John B. Darr, born May 1841 in Ohio, is married 32 years to Martha A. 57, Kentucky. She's had seven kids, three living. Hattie Nov 1880 in Iowa is with them. So is her father James Logsdon born Sept 1818 in Kentucky, widowed. On the same page are Chareles S. Logsdon, born July 1866 in Iowa, with Rosa April 179 Iowa, Maabel V. April 1896, Della May 1898, adn Mildred L. September 1899.

Baxter, Iowa 1901 "Mrs. John Darr and daughter, Miss Hattie, spent Saturday and Sunday in Newton attending the Methodist conference."

In 1910 Yuma County, Eckley precinct, John B. Barr is farming, 42 (!!), born in Ohio, with Martha A. 42 Kentucky. She's had seven kids, two living.

April 1910 Wray "LeRoy Darr of Waterloo, Iowa is master of a barber chair in the Courtney and Calkins barber shop. "

May 1910 "Mrs. Ida Darr of Waterloo, Iowa, arrived Sunday. Mr. Darr is employed as barber in the Courtney & Calkin s barber shop. They have moved into the Witherbee residence at the foot of Flirtation point."

June 1910 "Mrs. Lee Darr left the first of the week for the old home at Bonderant, Iowa. She had only been living in town a few weeks. "

October 7, 1910 " J. B. Darr is to have a sale of some household goods, etc., on the streets here tomorrow, and will soon leave for Iowa. They have lived here for a year and a half but the wife's health is not good here, hence their removal."
April 11, 1911
July 1912 "John P. Darr of near Robb was a visitor to the county seat Friday on business concerning the increase of the pension received by him."

August 8, 1912 - Wray Rattler "J. B. Darr was in town yesterday from his home north of Eckley. He reports the crops to be of the very best in that section of the country."

John B. Darr proved up 320 acres in 21 and 22, 2N 45W in 1912.
November 1912 "The grippe has been holding several in its clutches this week. Mrs. Phay, Mrs, Darr, Mrs. Clark Smith and Bertha Heindel were among those who have been wrestling with it."

One listing of Jasper County burials has John B. Darr buried in Independence township.
June 9, 1914

In 1916, George W. Belt celebrated their 50th wedding anneversary. "Mrs. Belt is a member of a large family, and has three living brothers and four sisters. They are Silas Logsdon, of Perry; Andrew J. Logsdon, of Seattle, Washington,; Rev. Ernest Logsdon, of Sanfrancisco, California; Mrs. B.F. Logsdon, Mrs. Martha Darr, and Mrs. Basi Darr of this city, and Mrs. Henry H. Barton of Arlington.
Martha Darr is with Edmund and Hatty Phay in 1920 Osceola County, Florida, widowed.

Martha Darr 1843-1922 is buried in Osceola County, # 50852183, plot 1 225 3 H.

Charles Darr, age 1, died in the year ending May 1880 in Jasper County, Iowa, father born in Ohio, mother in Kentucky

Martha Darr, age 3, died in the year ending May 1880 in Jasper County, Iowa, father born in Ohio, mother in Kentucky


In 1900 Marshall County, Iowa, Leroy Darr - no occupation - born July 1874 in Iowa, married 3 years to Idabelle May 1876 Indiana, have no kids.

Mrs. M.A. HOTCHKISS had been enjoying a visit from her two daughters Mrs. Ida DARR of Waterloo, who came last Saturday and Mrs. Alice Snook of Seevers. Mr. Snook and their fine family of eight children were here also. They have been living in Seevers for the last ten years and Mr. Snook has been employed there but now they are moving to near Doyon, North Dakota, where they will live on a farm. They came to Newton for a farewell visit on Monday of last week and expected to leave Monday of this week for their new home. They were very pleasantly entertained to dinner at the home of Mrs. Snook’s aunt, Mrs. P.J. TRIPP, Friday. This is another family who is leaving Jasper County. 23 Mar 1910

February 1915 "Mrs. Mary Hotchkiss, of Newton, returned home this morning after a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Lee Darr."

David Leroy Darr registered for WWI in Marshalltown, Iowa, born July 14, 1873, a barber for C.A. Landis, married to Ida Bell Darr, living at 303 Lee Street.

Lee is a barber in 1920 Marshall County, with Ida 48 - no kids.

1928 "Mrs. Mary Hotchkiss, for many years a resident of Newton, died suddenly at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lee Darr, in Marshalltown, with whom she had been making her home for the last year. Mrs. Hotchkiss had been in ill health for the last two years and had been seriously ill for two weeks. Death was caused by heart failure and she died at the age of 73 years. Mrs. Hotchkiss is survived by two sons and daughters, C. E. Hotchkiss of Newton and Fred E. Hotchkiss of Hollywood, Calif., and Mrs. Sam Snook of Oskaloosa and Mrs. Lee Darr of Marshalltown.
Newton Union Cemetery "
Lee and Ida are still in Marshalltown in 1930.
In 1932 Mrs. Ida Darr of Marshalltown attended the funeral of Herman Logsdon of Ames, Iowa.

1944 " Frank Harrington of Lake Side, Mich., is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Darr. "

Ida Bell Darr 1876-1952 is buried in Galien, Berrien County, Michigan, # 116617310 saying her parents were George J. Hotchkiss and Mary A. Harrington. Inscription on the stone is "Cousin Ida Darr"


On May 26, 1893 in Jasper County, Iowa, Francis G. Boat, son of Ira Boat and Margaret Burke, married Mary Jane Darr, daughter of John B. Darr and Martha A. Logsdon.

May J. Darr Boar, born 1870, died 1901, buried in Independence Cemetery, Jasper County, Iowa.
October 8, 1901

Hattie married Edmund Fay /Phay, and they're in Yuma County in 1910.
Hattie Darr Phay died in 1949 in Osceola County, Florida. # 50853993.
She's buried in plot 1 225 3 E

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