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Yuma County Pioneers

Jerome W. DeWitt, son Harold H. Dewitt

Jerome Waverly DeWitt born Sept 4, 1845 in Hardin County, Kentucky. He's in Louisville in 1870, with parents John and Mary.

1892 Chicago "Last night Jerome W. Dewitt, a young man who has been farming for a short time near Saline, Kan., was arrested at the Hotel Thorne in this city, by C. Thornjonson, an agent for the State of Illinois. This morning Thornjonson took his prisoner to the Central Police Station where he got a requisition from the Governor, which had been sent to him in care of Chief Speera. The requisition was made out for James W. Dewitt instead of Jerome W. Dewitt.
The young man sent for his attorney and steps were taken to secure his release under a writ of habeas corpus, but while the attorney was away from the station Thornjonson departed with his prisoner. An air of mystery was thrown over the whole affair and nobody would say what Dewitt was indicted for other than that it was for an alleged land fraud in Chicago."
December 1892

In 1900 Chicago, Jerome is 54, Minnie J 52, with Harold C> 16.

April 1, 1910 Wray Colorado "J. W. DeWitt returned the latter part of last week from his trip to Texas."
J. Dewitt , living one mile east of Robb, will hold a public sale on Tuesday April 5. Horses, hogs, chickens, farm implements and household furniture will be sold. Usual terms with nine months time. Jones, auctioneer and Cloyd, Clerk."

He lived in New Mexico, Curry Co., New Mexico, in 1915.
Jerome lived 331 So. Nevada Ave in Colorado Springs, Colorado in November 1921.
He died in March 1922 at the age of 76 in Colorado. He was buried on 5 March 1922 at Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs. Plot: Block 00064 000046 - 0000SE
Family papers dated June 8th, 1915 -
Jerome Waverly DeWitt, oldest son, married Minnie J. Herndon at Lawrenceburg, Ky., Anderson Co.; they have four children dead, and one son, Chester Herndon Dewitt, still living. Chester Herndon DeWitt has one son, Miles Herndon DeWitt. All residing in Melrose, New Mexico, and in the dry goods and general merchandise business.


Apr 8 1910

Dear Bro Lafe & family

Your letter of 5th with two notes to sign to hand, I am busy packing up so I can ship our Remnents of Household Goods hope to get off next week to Melrose N. Mexico Glad to hear all is well
Lafe be careful & don't get out two many notes or we may have trouble. I am in no shape to pay any thing in cash I do hope your business will be profitable & you can make some money as you are attentive & work awful hard. Give my love to Olive Lafe Minnie & Clarence(?) & all. Excuse -- Now 11 PM - will mail letter tomorrow good night - write soon your bro

J DeWitt
add -- Melrose New Mexico

I fear I have spoilt the signites(?) to one note forgot what I was doing,

------------- On stationery from : The Alamo Hotel, The popular hotel of the Pikes Peak region.

Colorado Springs, Colo. Nov 1st, 1921

Mr Lafe DeWitt
216 ------ Bldg
Los Angeles, California

Your nice letters also one from Dear Olive also (1) from sister Annie Hall; and one from sister Luella Birch - received a few weeks back so glad to hear all was well : I had another slight attack of ____ & pneumonia last week and had to keep my bed for (2) days but felt much better to day - I have a dandy good woman that under stands just how to handle a sick man : Harolds wife Bessie went down here to visit - her father and mother and she is undecided & make her home at Melrose , New Mexico for a while. Weather past 8 weeks had been awful fine but - we are beginning to look and expect some bad weather. Pikes Peaks and other tall mountains are covered with snow & have been for a time the air & water here is fine we have an awful nice clean little City up about 40,000.
Lafe; I have no news with ______ - Alice joins me in ? lots of love & best wishes to you & wife and all other relatives excuse last ----
Lastingly your old brother

J W DeWitt
331 So Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, Colo.
I sent you a Kodack picture of Alice & my self in former letter also Wm Ed and sister Annie

Jerome was buried March 3, 1922 in Colorado Springs, # 34642542.
Minnie was buried September 27, 1920, # 34642545, plot Plot: Block 00064 000046 - 0000NE - next to Jerome

In 1910 Yuma County, Eckley precinct, Harold is 26, born in Kentucky, married three years to Lulu 19 Ohio. Harold Jr. is 3, born in Tennessee.

1909 Wray "Pasture For Rent—1,000 acres fine winter pasture under good fence plenty running water also alfalfa pasture only seven miles west of Wray.
J. DeWitt."

March 1910 "J. DeWitt left Thursday morning for Amarillo Texas and from there goes to Melrose, N. M. the new irrigating country. If favorably impressed he will purchase some land there. "

April 1910 "J. W. DeWitt returned the latter part of last week from his trip to Texas."

April 1910 "J. DeWitt sold his ranch known as the DeArmond ranch last week to C. M. Matheny and son of Melrose, N. M. There are 1280 acres in this ranch. It has running water and a number of acres of hay land . Mr. Matheny and son will operate this as a general stock ranch and farm. "

Harold cash-claimed a quarter in 25 and 26, 2N 45W in 1911.

Harold Herndon DeWitt, born Dec 24, 1883, is farming in Buena Vists, Colorado for WWI registration. Wife Bessie A. DeWitt.

In 1920 Colorado Springs, Jerome W. is 74, Mildred 69, both born in Kentucky. Harold H. is 34, Kentucky, with Bessie A. 25 Missouri.
Harold is an oil company stock salesman.

Herndon De Witt is in the Colorado Industrial School in Jefferson County in 1920, 11, born in Tennessee.

He must be the Harold Herndon DeWitt in a 1929 Ohio suit over property there. A court in Potter County Texas (Amarillo) had ruled in 1909 about his ability to be a party, and the suit mentions Alice DeWitt Munday of Colorado Springs.

Harold J. Dewitt was buried 1921 in Colorado Springs, per # 34642539. But the Evergreen cemetery transcription has Harold H. in lot 64.
Lot 64 is also where Jerome March 1922 and Minnie September 1920 are buried.

Mrs. Elizabeth DeWitt married Delavan W. Gee August 29, 1922, recorded in Jackson County, Colorado.
This is the widow of George P. DeWitt 1871-1930 - both are buried in Yampa, Colorado, while Delavan is buried in Colorado Spings.

Alice M. DeWitt married Edward W. Sherwood April 25, 1930, recorded in Doughtlas County, Colorado.

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