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Yuma County Pioneers

William C. and Katherine (Schmidt) Dunn

One tree said that William's father was John W. Dunn, who went from Champaign, Illinois to Missouri, and died January 27, 1932 at Custer Cty Oklahoma.
It said that they had Albert 1881-1918 and William, who was in Eckley Colorado at the time of his grandmother Baney's death.

There's a William C. Dunn in 1900 Dundy County, Nebraska, grandson of William 64 and Susan Baney 55. William was born January 1884 in Ilinois, father Indiana, mother Sarah A. Woodworth, who's married to Thomas W. Woodworth.
(Sarah Bany was 14 in 1880 Champaign County, Illinois.)

William proved up 280 acres in sections 6 and 7, 2N 45W in 1919.
Lillian Alice Dunn was born Nov 23, 1917 at Eckley to William C. Dunn and Katherine M. Schmidt, name of Kuderna in 1942, and Groves in 1948.

June 1919 "The entire neighborhood gathered Sunday evening at the home of Will Dunn and family and gave them a genuine surprise in the nature of a dancing party and ice cream supper. Mr. and Mrs. Dunn will leave soon for the mountains."
July 1919 "Will Dunn and family departed Thursday morning for Benkelman."

In 1920 Yuma County, William is farming, born in Missouri, with Katherine born in Nebraska, both 26. John 6, Orval 4, and Alice 2 were all born in Colorado.

In 1930 Jefferson County, Colorado, Katherine is 37, married but no spouse. John 17 - a messenger boy for a telegraph company- was born in Nebraska, Orville 14 and Alice L. 12 in Colorado.
William C. Dunn is in the Colorado state penitentiary in 1930, 46 born in Illinois, first married at age 23 (that would be 1907).

In 1940 Denver, William 56 born in Illinois, and Catherine M. Dunn, Nebraska, 46 are alone.

Orval is a telephone installer in Salt Lake City in 1940, 25, with Virginia 18 and Dennis six months. All were born in Colorado.

1934 Eagle, Colorado "Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kennedy of Denver spent two days of this week in Eagle with Mrs. Kennedys parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Randall. Mrs. Kennedy was formerly Miss Emma Randall. On the return trip to Denver, they were accompanied by Mrs. Kennedy's sister, Myrtle Randall, who will make her home in Denver."

John Albert Dunn married Myrtle Jeannette Randall August 9, 1936, recorded in Eagle County, Colorado.

August 14, 1936 "Miss Myrtle Randall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Randall, of Eagle and John Dunn of Denver were united in marriage at two o'clock Sunday afternoon in the Methodist church, with Rev. T. B. McDivitt performing the ceremony. The couple was attended by the bride's sister, Mrs. Joe Kennedy, and the bride's brother, Raymond Randall, with only the immediate families present. The young couple remained in Eagle until Wednesday evening when they left on a short honeymoon to Creede, Colo., from where they will go on to Denver to make their home, the groom having employment in that city. "

John A. Dunn is an apprentice iron worker in 1940 Denver, 26, Nebraska, married to Myrtle 24 born in Colorado. She was in Eagle County in 1935. Arlene Alice is 2, born in Colorado.

In 1940 Los Angeles, Lillian A. Kudrna is 22, born in Colorado, with Earl L. 23 born in California. She was in Denver in 1935.

Lillian A. Groves 1917-2000 is buried in Fruita Colorado, # 85074108, with Fred R. Groves 1915-1991.

Dundy County, Nebraska
Susan M. (Wimmer) Baney's obituary mentions " Mrs. Gorthy, her daughter Allie Larimore, and her niece Mable Woodworth."

Grandma Baney had so many trite sayings. One was, "As the little boy says." Another was her favorite to call people, “Child of Grace.” I wish I could remember some of the other ones. She retired one evening on January 11, 1921, apparently in good health. The next morning she left her bed about 6:30 in the morning and was in the act of lighting her lamp when she was overtaken by heart failure but was able to call her grandson, William Dunn, who had come the evening before for a brief visit with her. He carried her to her bed and called her doctor, her daughter, Allie Larimore and Mrs. Gorthy. When they reached her bedside it was apparent that the attack was going to be fatal. Mrs. Baney realized the seriousness of the attack and said she knew the end was near, and that the Lord had answered her prayers. She died as she had lived—quietly and peacefully. She had often said to me, "When I am laid out in death, you touch my hand and you will never be afraid of death." How true that has been with me. She left one son, John Baney, and one daughter, Mrs. Allie Larimore.
Her funeral was on Friday, January 15, 1921 at the Methodist Church. Reverend Staley said in closing his sermon, "Mrs. Baney could say with Paul, 'I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.' "

In 1910 Chase County, Nebraska, Luther Larimore is a butcher, 49, married 8 years - his first- Sarah's second. She's 44, wtih her son William A. Woodworth 24 a stenographer.

There's a Sarah A. Larimore in 1920 Dundy County, 53, married to Lute Larimore, 57, both born in Ohio.

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