Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneers

Elijah Latham

Elijah cash-claimed 160 acres in 27 and 28, 2N 45W in 1882. That was before the railroad was built through his claim, and it was likely at or near the continuously flowing "Marvelous spring" as George Armstrong Custer's expedition described it a few years prior.

May 26, 1883

Elijah's claim was next to James A. Weldon's claim, also in 1882. A mile east was Henry Brown's 1882 claim. Four miles east, still on the creek, was Samuel Snyder's 1882 claim, Philip L. Murray's 1882 claim, James Wilson's and I. N.Gamble ( Isaac M. Gamble in the newspaper article.) Samuel Hawley's was further east, still on the creek, two miles from Wray.

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