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Yuma County Pioneers

Horace B. and Amelia (Christensen) Price

In 1880 LaSalle County, Illinois, Mary Price is widowed, 35, with Cora 10, Horace 9, and Joseephine 3.

Salmon Price 1829-1878 and Mary Sophia 1845-1926 are buried in Northville, Illinois.

Amelia - in the 1930 census - said she immigrated in from Norway in 1882.

Horace B. Price, age 23, married Emily Christensen, 24, in Chicago October 7, 1893.

In 1900 Pueblo, Colorado, Horace is a day laborer, born Dec 1870 in Illinois, married 7 years to Melia Oct 1869 Norway. Earl was born Oct 1894 in Illnois, Celela March 1898 Colorado, and Clara in May 1900 Colorado.

In 1910 Yuma County, on the Haxtun road, "George" A. is farming 45, Mela 46, Earl 14, Celila 12, Clara 9, Ernest 7, and Theodore 4.

Horace 1871-1914 is buried in Wray # 63096128.
December 17, 1914
"Horace B . Price who has lived on a homestead nine miles west of Wray for the past nine years, was called to his final rest last Monday afternoon, after an illness of only two or three days. The news of his death came as a shock to his many friends, very few of whom knew of his illness. The doctor pronounced his death due to bronchial diphtheria and two of the children of the home are suffering with the same disease.

Mr. Price came to Yuma county about nine years ago, as many of the other settlers have done, with a very limited amount of this world's goods, and took up the homestead on which he lived until his death. He had made good and was in a fair way succeed as the world calls success, when death claimed him.

He leaves a wife and six children to mourn his departure and these have the sympathy of all in their loss of the one who had always been both a good husband and father. No funeral services were held because of the contagious character of his disease, and the home, where two of the children are now ill, is under quarantine. Three of the children were brought to Wray, last Monday, and are being kept at the Staininger home until all danger of taking the disease is past."

Horace proved up two quarters in 13 and 24, 2N 45W in 1916.
Mrs. H.B. Price owned then in 1920.

In 1920 Yuma County Amelia is 51, widowed, with Clara 19, Ernest 16 a farm laborer.

Next household is Earl B. 25, single, wtih brothers Arthur 14 and Floyd 8 with him.

In 1930 Weld County, Colorado Earl is 35, farming. Amelia is 60, Clara 24, and Floyd 18.

In 1940 Fresno, California, Earl D. is 45, a laborer with the WPA. Amelia 70 and sister Clara 40 are with him.

Amelia, born October 2, 1869, died February 26 1948 in Alameda County, California.

Earl registered for WWI in Yuma County, born October 28, 1898 at Willington Illinois, supporting mother and two children (meaning his younger siblings)

Earl proved up two quarters in 14, 2N 45W in 1920.
January 1922 " Earl and Ernest Price are shucking corn for A. T. Myers those days."

Earl died August 4, 1948 in Napa County, California.
August 13, 1948 "Ernest and Floyd Price received word yesterday of the death of their oldest brother, Earl Burdette Price, who formerly lived north west of Wray, and who died Wednesday moning at the sanitarium in Oakland, California, where he had been a patient for the past six weeks. He had been in poor health for the past several months."

LeFain - died at birth Pueblo Colorado, 1896.

Frank died 1924
Clarence died 1965
Avis born 1899


In 1922 Arthur Price and Genevieve Hendrie were eighth grade graduates from District No. 27.

In 1930 Denver, Arthur is a streetcar motorman, 24, with Elizabeth K. 22, both born in Colorado.
In 1940 Douglas County, Colorado, Arthur is a clerk in the surplus commodity office, 34, Elizabeth M. 32, with son Richard M. 2. Myron F. Kingsley, divorced brother-in-law is with them. He was in Yuma County in 1935.
Elizabeth and son Richard were killed by lightning in 1945, and is buried in Sedalia, Colorado # 11441494.

Art died Nov 2, 1982, and is buried in Sedalia # 11441493.
One tree said he married Kathryn Sprong Groves, who's also buried in Sedalia # 11441495.


In 1930 Downey, California, Ernest is a laborer, with Helen 23, both born in Colorado.

1937 Eckley items "Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barr entertained.... Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Price and Howard of Wray."

In 1940 Wray, Ernest 36 is the under-sheriff, with Helen M. 35 and Howard E. 6, all born in Colorado.

In 1948 Ernest and Helen took over management of the Waxman furniture store in Yuma.

September 25, 1952

Ernest died October 1984, and is buried in Wray # 63096099,
October 11, 1984

So is Helen (Miller) Price 1904-1991 "She married Ernest L Price on Apr 21 1928 in Santa Anna CA "
Helen's parents Algernon E. Miller and Amy Elizabeth (Petrie) Miller are both buried in Wray, too.


February 1922 "Miss Clara Price of the Robb neighborhood was brought to the Wray hospital last Friday, where she underwent a minor operation for the removal of troublesome tonsils."

Clara, born May 6, 1901, died September 16, 1977 in Placer County, California.
Filo O. Jensen 1883-1963 is buried in Fresno County, # 40474533 - and an Ancestry tree said he married Clara.


April 1914 Vernon items "Clela Price is assisting with the domestic science work at the Burns ranch "

October 12, 1916 "Licenses to marry were issued this week to Clark J. Jordan and Miss Clela Price, both of Wray."

"Baby Jordan died at birth June 1918."

1919 "Mr. and Mrs. Clark Jordan are the happy parents of a daughter, born Wednesday morning, April 7." (but it's in the May 15 edition of the Rattler)

In 1920 Yuma COunty, Clark J. Jordan 24, and Clela 22 are farming, wtih Ema seven months.

Clela is married to Clark J. Jordan, living next to Earl and Amelia in 1930 Weld COUnty. Clark is 25, born in Colorado, Clela 31 Colorado, and Iona R. 10.

Clark, born April 17, 1894, died September 26, 1965 in Nevada County, California.

Clela Edith Jordan, born March 22, 1898, died in Nevada County, California July 16 1985.


In 1940 Weld County, Floyd is a county road maintainer, 28, with Vera 25 born in Arizona. They have Geraldine 5 and Allen 3.

Vera Juanita (Rosson) Price 1914-1991 is buried in Longmont # 40819571, with Floyd 1911-2011 # 117763880. "Floyd and Vera were married on December 27, 1933 at Fort Collins, Colorado, "

The family said they had Geraldine, Allen, and Nancy.

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