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Yuma County Pioneers

Louis Schosser

In 1885 Jackson County, Kansas, L. Schosser is a painter, 31, Sarah D. 26, with May E. 4 and a seven month old son. Four boarders are living with them.

In 1895 Atchison Kansas, Louis is 46, Sarah F. 36, May 14, Harry 11, Ida 9, Pearl 6, and Fay 1.

In 1900 Atchison, Kansas, Louis is a house painter, born June 1854 in Illinois. Married 20 years to Sarah Sept 1856 Mississippi. She's had seven kids, five living. Harry S. June 1884, Ida M. Feb 1887, Pearl E. Mar 1888, and Faith L. Dec 1893 were all born in Kansas.

The 1904 Atchison directory has Louis Schosser, a painter, at 415 S. stereet.

Faith L. "Fay" Schosser 1893-1902 is buried in Atchison # 140686404.

In 1910 Denver, Louis is 62, born in Illinois, Sarah 52 born in Mississippi. They've been married 33 years, and four of her seven kids are living. Louis is a paperhanger.

January 1916 "Mrs. Schosser was recently called to the bedside of her mother who resides in Wichita, Kansas."
Louis proved up 320 acres in 18, 2N 45W and 13, 2N 46W in 1917.
His witnesses were Mark M. Catchpole, William J. Wood, Charles Kesson and William H. Hamilton.

In 1920 Yuma County, Louis is a farm laborer, 65, born in Illinois, with Sarah 59 Mississippi.

In 1928 Dallas, Texas, Louis and Sarah live at 817 4th Avenue - so does Harry, a switchman for the GC & SF Railway.

In 1930 Dallas, Texas, Louis and Sarah are living with son Harry - a railroad switchman, 48 and his wife Vera 38


Pearl Ethel Watson was born to Louis Schosser and Sarah Tucker March 12, 1888 in Kansas, and died in Fort Worth, Texas Sept 16, 1973, to be buried in Greenwood.
Jack Leon Cox was born to Walter Leon Cox and Pearl E. Schosser October 17, 1913 in Fort Worth, and died in 1972 in Fort Worth, to be buried in Greenwood.


He might be the Harry Schosser who married Maud Moss in Denver December 23, 1909.

In 1910 Montgomery County Kansas, Harry is a railroad brakeman, 27, born in Kansas, married to Mad 29 Arkansas.

In 1913 Pueblo, Colorado, Harry (Maude) has furnished rooms at 222 1/2 North Uninon Avenue.

Maud Schosser is divorced in 1920 Dallas, Texas, running a rooming house with four lodgers.

Harry, born June 12, 1884 at Atchison Kansas to Louis Schosser and Sallie Tucker, an engine foreman for the Santa Fe, died Jan 16, 1961 in Dallas, to be buried in Lauel Land. INformant Mrs. Vera Parson Schosser.

In 1940 Dallas, Texas, Harry is 55, Vera 41, and her mother Anna Parsons 80 born in Kentucky is living with them.

Vera, born May 23, 1898 in Dallas County, texas, a PFX operator for a movie company, father J.A. Parsons, mother Anna Patrick, died January 14, 1963 in Dallas, to be buried in Laurel Lan>


Ida M. Schosser married Harry Armour in St. Joseph, Missouri October 23, 1905.
In the interim, Ida had married Harry B. Spratt, who homesteaded next to Louis, and was the telegraph agent in Eckley.

In 1930 Weld County, Ida is married to James O. Knight - 51. Both are rairoad operators. Louis is 5 and Frances 15.

Ida 1889 -1982 is buried in Rawlins County, Kansas # 71585140. So is James O. Knight 1878-1961 # 71585150.

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