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Floy Wissler

In 1880 Madison County, Iowa, Jonathan Wissler is farming, 45, Elizabeth 49, Henry L. 22, William 20, Reuben P. 16, Fanny C. 9, and Mary E. 3.

In 1900 Audubon County, Iowa, Henry Wissler is an insurance agent, born Jan 1858, married five years to Ida, A. May 1861, have William Oct 1882, Joonathan F. April 1888, M.C. Floy Dec 1891, and Charles W. Aug 1893, all born in Iowa
Henry 1858-1936 is buried in Des Moines, Iowa. His first wife (Floy's mother) Clara 1857-1894 is buried in Adams County, Iowa. So is Ida A. (Reed) Wissler 1861-1934.

January 1911 " Miss Floy Wissler will be in Wray to make her home and to take up music teaching, after the 12th of February. She has finished the piano course in the Conservatory of Music in Grinnell College, Iowa and has had five years experience in music teaching. Miss Wissler also has the honor of being the best pianist in the school. She comes highly recommended and will come prepared to furnish recommendations from her instructors in the college and from people to whom she has given lessons."

February 1911 "Miss Floy Wissler, who is to take charge of Mrs. D. C. Funk's music pupils, arrived last Saturday and is at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Hollingsworth, of whom she is a niece. She will at once take up her work — in fact, has already done so. Miss Wissler is an accomplished musician and will add much to the musical talent of the city."

Miss Wissler has decided that her music recital will be given on Thursday evening, February 23. This recital has been looked forward to with considerable interest by the music loving public of Wray, and there is no doubt but she will be accorded a large audience.
February 17, 1911
February 24, 1911 "Cultured Wray turned out en masse to the music recital given by Miss Floy Wissler at the Presbyterian church last evening, and many more coming than could find room to get in, reluctantly turned back home. The main room and both side rooms were filled with an eager expectant throng, and all the available standing room was taken. It was the first appearance of Miss Wissler since her coming to Wray about two weeks ago, and those who went expecting to hear the best from musical composers were not disappointed. That she has complete mastery of the piano with a skill superb, a grace and touch artistic, an interpretation of the master composers that is intellectual, and an execution and expression nearly perfect, those who were fortunate in gaining entrance to the church last night can duly attest. Her first was a double number in which she was assisted on the second piano by Mrs. D. C. Funk. Her last was Rhapsodie Hongroise by Lizst. In the last number Miss Wissler fairly scintillated with art and interpretation, holding the vast audience enthralled as she brought out with unexcelled skill the beautiful and contrasting thought of this great composer. The instrument fairly groaned with pleasure as it yielded to her touch the bright lines of the pure and artistic in the realm of music. It isn't often enough that Wray has opportunity of hearing the higher planes of music, but the Rattler has hopes that Miss Wissler and Mrs. D. C. Funk will not now forget the yearning for this and see to it that the town is favored with an occasional recital, and we believe it is the intention of Miss Wissler to give an occasional recital herself as well as an occasional student recital. To this the music loving people of Wray will say Amen. Miss Wissler was assisted in her recital last evening with a reading by Prof. Hay and a vocal solo by Floyd Miles." "

June 1911 ", Miss Floy Wissler is enjoying a visit from her brother, Charles Wissler, who arrived this morning from Grinnell, Iowa."

Wray - December 19, 1912 "Announcements have been received here of the marriage of Miss Floy Wissler to Mr. Clarence VanAusdall which will take place next Sunday at the home of the formers parents at Grinnell, Iowa. Miss Wissler made many friends during her short stay in Wray, who are ready to wish her much happiness in this, her new life. Mr. VanAusdall is from Athol, Kan., and is a musician of high reputation. They will make their home in Idaho where the latter has accepted a position as teacher of music in some college."

Floy 1891-1976 and Clark B. Van Ausdale are buried in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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