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Yuma County Pioneers -

Martin H.  and Elizabeth LeFevre Deyo

Martin cashclaimed a quarter in 1891 a mile south of Schramm.

In 1880 Gage County, Nebraska M.H. Deyo is 39, Elizabeth 44, Henry 13 New York, and Josiah 10 Iowa.

1899 Mrs. Petrie's birthday party included Mr. and Mrs. M. Deyo and sisters, Mrs. Hasbrouck and Mrs. King of Iowa..."

In 1900 Yuma County Martin, born April 1841 in New York, is married to Elizabeth January 1836 New York.  She's had two kids, both living.]

January 1900 "Mrs. Joseph Deyo's mother, Mrs. Thomas Wilson, died in California December 24."

1901 "Martin Deyo and Mrs. Haver are expected home from their New York visit next Tuesday."


(Daniel Shea had a cash-claim quarter in 1891 a mile east of Martin Deyo's)

The Alaska Digital Archives has a "Sketch map mouth of Chitina River to Tanana River opposite Chena : showing reconnaissance of H. Deyo. "

The Valdez Museum's record of Annie Barrett Edwards "

1902: Location Notice Quartz Claim on "Empire" Mineral Bearing Lode, with Henry Deyo, B.F. Millard, on North Fork of Elliot Creek, Discovered & located, Aug. 22, 1902. Recorded Sept. 10, 1902. Attested Gus F. Johnson, Mining Locations and Water Rights, E. p. 101; Location Notice of Quartz Claim, West Claim lode, Dis. & Located Aug. 14, Joins Minnie on the west and on Good Enough Creek which empties into the Kotsena, Barrett recorded for Edward Gillett, Mining Locations and Water Rights, E. p. 101; Location Notice, "Red Quartz" mine with Henery Deyo, A.L. Barrett, and B.F. Millard, Aug. 12, 1902. Att. Gus F. Johnson. Located at head of first gulch west of Sheep Creek and empties into the Kotsena River 4 miles above Elliot. Mining Locations and Water Rights, E. p. 101.

1904 letter from Jackson "Mr. Hasbrouck's cousin from Alaska is visiting us. His name is Henry Deyo and he used to live in Jackson's Hole. He is the civil engineer and not the guide Joe Deyo who still lives in the "Hole". He seems a fine fellow and he and Herman have always been quite chummy"

1905 Seattle "SEATTLE. Wash.. May 23. To open the famous Copper River Valley, reduce transportation rates and develop the copper and coal mines of Alaska, the Copper River & Northwestern Railroad Company has been organized in this city. The first meeting of stockholders was held yesterday at the office of the Northwestern Commercial Company. While Eastern capital has been interested in the new company, the business will be carried on in this city with John Rosene, Moritz Thomsen, D. H. Jarvis, J. D. Trenholme and Henry Bratnober as the board of directors. -John Rosene said this morning that the road . would run from Valdez to the Copper River and would probably be extended to Eagle. Henry Deyo, chief engineer ,and four assistants, have been in the North since early in April making surveys and mapping out a route for the....."

Henry Deyo is listed as a manager for the Ramsey-Rutherford mine with a Valdez address in a 1912 report, so he must have gone back later.

The Wrangell history says "Deyo, Henry.  Born in New York in 1866, Deyo worked a claim on Slatka Creek in 1904.  He was living in Valdez when contacted by the U.S. census enumerator in 1910.  In the teens, he was reported to still hold load claims throughout the region, including the ones on Slatka Creek, groups both north and south of the Kuskulana Glacier, a group just east of the Chokosna River, and a group just north of Hidden Creek.  A historic photo owned by Candy Waugaman shows Deyo's homestead, which it locates near Chitina, Alaska."

Henry was a foreman for a grand jury in Valdez in 1912 - a fisheries case.

The Wickersham diary in the Alaska archives notes in 1912 "The members of the railroad commission arrived in Fairbanks yesterday shortly after noon, having made the last leg of the journey from the Munson's on the Parker automobile.  Bronzed by sun and wind they appeared to have benefited rather than suffered from their rather strenuous trip from Valdez.

The party was made up of Major J.J. Morrow, corps of engineers of the United States army, chairman of the board; Alfred H. Brooks, United States geological survey, vice-chairman; Lieutenant-Commander Leonard M.Cox, United States navy; Colin H. Ingersoll, civil engineer, of New York City;E. Williams, secretary to the board; and Henry Deyo, civil engineer, of Valdez,,,,

Amid the farewells of a big crowd of Fairbanksans, the members .left the Nordale hotel yesterday morning at 8:15 o'clock headed for Chitina....will make the trip in an Orr stage, drawn by six horses.  Al Lipp, the veteran stage driver, held the reins when the rig pulled out yesterday morning with bells a-ringing...."

1914 Fairbanks Daily "Harry Deyo, Now at Cordova, Instructed to Organize Party for Work on the Chitina-Matanuska Route."

Malone, New York - March 1914 "at Ft. Covington, Mar. 14, by Rev. J. H. Gardner, Mr. Henry Deyo, of Valdez, Alaska, and Miss Maud Cushman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Cushman, of Fort Covington.

The bride is one of Fort Covington's worthiest an most popular young ladies, who has been prominent in the work of the Presbyterian church there and has been a capable member of the high school faculty for some time.  Her husband is an expert miner and a man of stability and prominence in Alaska.  His home was formerly in Highlands, N.Y. adn the happy couple became acquainted there when the bride was teaching there.  A wedding dinner folled the ceremony the newlyweds departing on the afternoon train for Montreal.  From there the journey to New York and vicinity adn will go from there to Alaska to reside."

November 14, 1916 Poughkeepsie, New York "Mr. and Mrs. Henry Deyo, of Seattle, Wash, are being congratulated over the arrival of a baby girl.  Mrs. Deyo was formerly Miss Maud Cushman, of the High School faculty."

1906 "M. H. Deyo is drawing lumber for a new bugy (sic) shed."

1905 "Andy LeFever is visiting his cousin Martin Deyo.  He was a resident of this place a number of years ago."

1905 "Mr. and Mrs. A. Wilklow and Mrs. and Mrs. Harcot Pruti of Highland, New York visited Tuesday and Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Deyo."'

"Mrs. Hasbrook fromIowa, is here visiting her brother, Martin Deyo.  She is on her way to Ault, Colorado."

1905 "An auction will be held on the streets of Yuma on Saturday, the 27th day of April, when Martin Deyo will dispose of household goods and other articles."

1906 "D.O. Hasbrook of Wyoming visited with the families of M.W. Haver and M.H. Deyo Wednesday."

1907 "Joe Deyo left yesterday afternoon for his ranch at Jackson, Wyo. He may be away until after the hunting season."

1907 "Mrs. Deitz of Iowa is out on a short visit with her relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Deyo."

1908 "Mrs. King of Humeston, Ia., is on a visit at the home of her brother, Martin Deyo."

1908 "Clifford Hasbrook of New Paltz, N.Y./ is out for the summer doing the heavy farm work for his uncle, Martin Deyo."

1908 "Herman Hasbrook of Idaho Falls, Idaho, is expected today for a visit at the home of his uncle Martin Deyo."

In 1910 Martin and Elizabeth are in Boulder, and in 1920 widowed Elizabeth is with Henry, his wife, and two kids in Pierce County Washington.,

Martin April 1841 - September 25, 1910 is buried in Boulder, as is Elizabeth January 2, 1841 - August 26, 1925.

Carleton George "Carl" DEYO was born on 3 January 1915 in Jackson, Washington, WY. He died on 29 October 1949 at the age of 34 in Tooele, Tooele, UT. He was buried on 1 November 1949 at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Salt Lake City, UT. findagrave.com, Plot V_290_10 DESERET NEWS, Monday, 31 October 1949, p. A-5
"Weekend Crash Takes Two Lives"
Killed: Carleton George Deyo, 34 of 1160 Browning Avenue
Mr. Dey, died of a fractured neck and internal injuries received when his car overturned Saturday at the Western Chemical-St. John's "Y" 15 miles south of Tooele. According to State Trooper Leroy Hansen and Deputy Sheriff Fay Gillette, who investigated the accident, the sedan carrying Mr. Deyo and Mr. Carter rolled over four times and came to rest 228 feet from the highway.
Mr. Carter was tgreated at the Tooele Clinic and later removed to the Tooele General Hospital. He was taken to the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City Sunday where he is reported in "fairly good" condition.
Funeral services for Mr. Deyo will be conducted Tuesday at 2 p.m. at 123 North Main Street in Salt Lake City, where friends may call Monday from 4:00-5:30 p.m. and Tuesday prior to the funeral. Interment will be in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
Mr. Dey was born in Jackson, Wyoming January 3, 1915, a son of Joseph and Margaret Wilson Deyo. Since 1923, he had lived in Salt Lake City, where he married Lila Stott, January 1, 1941. He had been employed by O. P. Skaggs system stores for 15 years.
Besides his widow, Mr. Deyo is survived by his mother, two sons, James Carleton and Gordon Steven Deyo, Salt Lake City; three brothers, Robert Deyo, Salt Lake City; Martin Deyo, Craig, Colo; and Joe Deyo, Corsicana, Texas, and three sisters, Miss Dora Deyo, and Mrs. R. E. Penders, Salt Lake City and Mrs. Gertrude Francis, Gunnison, Colo.
Grave location: V_290_10 Parents: Josiah Henry "Joe" DEYO and Margaret WILSON .
Josiah Henry "Joe" DEYO was born in April 1870 in IA. He died on 5 January 1943 at the age of 72 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT. He was buried on 7 January 1943 at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Salt Lake City, UT. findagrave.com, Plot V_290_3 1880 census, Liberty Twp, Gage, NE, p144, ED 353, T9_749
79/82 M. H. Deyo, W, M, 39, M, Farmer, NY, NY, NY
Elizabeth Deyo, W, F, 44, wife, Keeping house, NY NY NY
Henry Deyo, W, M, 13, son, at school, NY, NY, NY
Josiah Deyo, W, M, 10, Son, at school, Iowa, NY NY
1900 census, Jackson Hole, Uinta, WY, p2B, ED, 65, T623_1827 (listed as Days in ancestry.com index)
53/55 Josiah Deyo, H, W, M, Apr 1870, 30, M, 7, IA, NY NY, Farmer, 0, yes yes yes R F
Maggie Deyo, wife, W, F, May 1874, 26, M, 7, 3-3, MD, Scotland, Scotland, yes yes yes
Gertrude E. Deyo, dau, W, F, Jul 1894, 5, S, CO, IA, MD
Frederick H. Deyo, son, W, M, Sep 1896, 3, S, IL, IA, MD
Thomas W. Deyo, son, W, M, Sep 1898, 1, S, WY, IA, MD
William H. Blackburn, Boarder, W, M, Mar, 1868, 32, S, PA PA PA, Day laborer, 2, yes yes yes
1910 census, p. 203A,ED 17 part 2, Peton, Uinta, WY T624_1747
148/148 Josiah Deyo, H, M, W, 40, M1, 16, Iowa, NY, NY, Farmer, General Farm O, y,y, O F F
Maggie Deyo, wife, F, W. 36, M1, 16, 5- 5, MD, Scotland, SCOT, none, yes, yes
Gertrude Deyo, dau, F W 15, S, CO, IA, MD, none, yes, yes, yes,
Frederick H. Deyo, son, M, W, 13, S, IL, IA, MD, none, yes, yes, no
Martin Deyo, son, M, W, 8, S, WY, IA, MD, none, --, --, yes
Margaret P. J. Deyo. dau, F, W, 5, S, WY, IA, M, none, --, --, yes
Joe B. Deyo, son, M, W, 2, S, CO, IA, MD, none
Thomas Wilson, fatherinlaw, M, W, 65, Wd Scotland, Ireland, IRE, farm had, home farm
1920 census, District 15, Lincoln, WY p 7A ED 68 T625_2027
149/158 Joseph Deyo, H, O, M, M, W, 50, M, no yes yes, NE, NY, NY, Rancher, Rand, O A
Maggie Deyo, wife, F, W, 47, M, no, yes, yes, MD, Scotland, Scotland, none
Martin Deyo, son, M, W, 19, S, no yes, yes, WY, NE, MD, laborer, ranch
Margaret Deyo, dau, F, W, 16, S, yes yes yes WY, NE, MD, none
Joseph Deyo, son, M, W, 13, S, yes, yes, yes, CO, NE, MD, none
Robert Deyo, son, M, W, 9, S, yes yes, yes, WY, NE, MD, none
Carlton Deyo, Son, M, W, 5, S, no, no, no, WY, NE, MD, none
1930 census, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT p ED 61, Roll 2421, 66
145/318 Joe Deyo, H, R, 50, no, M, W, 54, M, no, yes, Iowa, NY, NY, yes Teamster, lumber yard y
Maggie Deyo, wife, F W 53, M, MD, Scotland, Scotland, proprietress, boarding house, yes
Carlton Deyo, son, M W 14 S, WY, IA, MD, none
Dora Deyo, dau, F W 10 S, WY, IA, MD, none Parents: Martin Henry DEYO and Elizabeth .


Spouse: Margaret WILSON . Margaret WILSON and Josiah Henry "Joe" DEYO were married on 25 September 1893 in , Hancock, IL. IGI marriage abstraction Children were: Gertrude E. DEYO Frederick Henry DEYO , Thomas Wilson DEYO Martin DEYO, Margaret DEYO, Joseph Bryan DEYO, Robert Lovell DEYO, Carleton George "Carl" DEYO, Dora Evelyn DEYO.


Margaret DEYO was born about 1904 in WY. Parents: Josiah Henry "Joe" DEYO and Margaret WILSON .



Martin DEYO was born on 9 January 1900 in WY. WW1 draft registration: Martin Deyo, Teton, Lincoln, WY, 18, dob January 9, 1900, white, native born, Rancer, Self, nearest relative, Joseph Deyo, Teton WY; Signature: Martin Deyo, medium height, medium build, grey eyes, brown hair, no disabilities, 12 Sep 1918, Lincoln co WY Board He died in April 1978 at the age of 78 in Ontario, Malheur, OR. SSDI-561-14-6876-CA, last residence: 97914 Ontario, Malheur, OR; last benefit 83661 Payette, Payette, ID 1930 census, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA p. ED 730, Roll 164, 640 South Main St.
32/87 Martin Deyo, guest, Resort hotel, R, M, W, 27, S, no, yes, WY, CO, IL, yes, buyer, sheep, W, yes Parents: Josiah Henry "Joe" DEYO and Margaret WILSON .


Spouse: Lenore .

Sylvia Rae (Fortune) (Deyo) Watson, 95, a life-long resident of Saranac Lake, passed on to God's arms on Monday, June 3, 2013.

She had been residing at the Keene Valley Neighborhood Home since Aug. 8, 2011. She was a life-long communicant at St. Bernard's Catholic Church.

She was born in Saranac Lake on Aug. 21, 1917, to Sylvia D. (Moore) Fortune and Louis Fortune.

She was predeceased by both parents; her brothers, Arthur L. Fortune and Frederick R. Fortune; her husband, Martin V. Watson, and her former husband, John F. Deyo.

She held positions at the Miss Saranac Diner, Myer's Drug Store, Grand Union and 18 years at the A&P. She went on to the Ray Brook Post Office as a clerk, where she retired after 18 years.

Her volunteer services included: the Saranac Lake General Hospital as a nurses aide making bandages for WWII service men, Meals On Wheels, and 18 years at the Adirondack Medical Center. She was honored by the National Senior Volunteer Program for her service to the community. Her interests included golf at the Saranac Lake Golf Club where she was a member, fishing, and being outdoors with nature. She could be seen at any time walking Moody Pond Road or heading to the adult center for lunch with her friends.

She is survived by her daughters, Shirley J. (Deyo) (Duso) Reed of Houston, Texas, and Joan F. (Deyo) (Weeks) Schiller of Port St. Lucie, Fla.; her grandchildren: Donald K. Duso Jr. of New Symrna Beach, Fla., Valerie A. Duso of Piercefield, William B. Weeks of Denver, Colo., and Carter B. Weeks of Port St. Lucie, Fla. She is also survived by a great-grandson, Tyler Duso, and several nieces and nephews.

Funeral arrangements will be attended to by Fortune-Keough funeral home, 20 Church St., Saranac Lake, NY.

In lieu of flowers, a memorial contribution may be made to the Adirondack Medical Center or the Saranac Lake Adult Center.

A graveside service at the Harrietstown Cemetery will take place at a later date to be announced at her mother's grave.

Many thanks to all who helped and cared for Mom so she could maintain her strong sense of independence.

Mom, for everything we shared, the dreams, the laughter, and the tears, we love you with a special love that has deepened every year. Thank you, Mom.


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