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Yuma County Pioneers -

Christ Faukhauser


Christ Faukhauser cash-claimed a quarter in 33, 2N 47W in 1891 - that's between Schramm and Yuma.



In 1860 Monroe County, Ohio Christ is 32, Rosina 32, Charles 7, May 5, Charlotta 3, Emma six months.  With them are Mary Imhoff 68, Christian Imhoff 24, and John Imhoff 25.

In 1870 Wood County "Crist" is 42, Rose 40, Charles 17, Mary 15, Charlotte 13, Emma 11, Caroline 8, Ellsworth 7, Laura 5, and Rose 3.

In 1880 Wood County West Virginia Christ and Rosa, both 52 born in  Ohio, are farming.  They have Charles J. 27, Charlotte 23, Emma 20, Caroline 17, Albert E. 15, Laura 13, Rosa 11, Clara 8, and Lillie 6.  The first kids were born in Ohio, the last six in West Virginia.

In 1900 Wood County it's just Christ Fankhauser, Rosa, and Lillie Willis.  Christ is a laborer, at age 72.

Christian is widowed in 1910 Wood County. listed after son Albert and ?brother?  Andy 75

He's still after Albert in 1920, at age 92.

In the Wadesville Cemetery are Christian Fankhauser - born Mar 22, 1828 an Rosina Imhoff Fankhauser 1828-1909.

For family still located in Switzerland, I would like to briefly discuss the immigration of my great grandfather, Ernst Gerber.  Ernst initially came to Kansas in the United States in 1897, apparently with a person named Christian Fankhauser.  Christian was likely his relative as Ernst's mother was Anna Fankhauser.  They settled in an area near Sabetha, Kansas, which is a very flat area of the United States, but with good farmland.  For some reason Ernst decided to return to Switzerland.  His father, Christian, had since remarried after the death of his first wife.  Ernst apparently did not like his stepmother and again decided to emigrate in 1903 to the United States.  This time, he brought his brother, Friedrich (Fred).  Both settled again in Kansas.

Ernst married another Swiss descendent by the name of Clara Moser.  They had five boys.  The youngest boy, Andrew, died in a logging accident in Oregon state.  Paul joined the military and was a scuba diver in World War II.  One of his duties was to pump air into the sunken ships at Pearl Harbor to attempt to bring the ships to the surface of the water.  His family settled in California.  Theodore (Ted) and Edward moved to the Iowa/Minnesota area.  Gilbert purchased Ernst's farm and remained in Kansas.  Clarence eventually moved from Kansas to Colorado. 

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