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Yuma County Pioneers -

Myron W. and Clara  ARNOLD Haver

Myron H (sic) proved up a quarter three miles northeast of Schramm in 1894, and son George in 1914 proved up two quarters a mile north of his father.

Myron November 28, 1844 in Portage, Livingston County, New York, died October 14, 1920 in Yuma County, and is buried by Clara (died 1932)  in the Yuma cemetery

In 1855 Portage, Livingston County, New York, George Arnold is farming, 42, with Anna 36, Lucy E. 13, Helen M. 11, Harriett A. 9, and Clara A. 6 born in Orleans County, Daniel 5 and George F. 3 in Livingston COunty.
In 1860 Livingston County, George is 47, Ann 40, Lucy E. 18, Hellen M. 16, Harriet 14, "Caira" 12, Herbert 10, George F. 8, and John C. 3.

In 1870 Livingston COunty, George is 56, Anna 51, Hattie 24 a teacher, Clara 28 a dress maker, Herbert 20, and Charles 13. Next household is Helen's family, 26, married to Byron Andress.

George Arnold in Livingston County, New York in 1880, 67, with Anna 61. His sister O. Graham 72 widowed is with them.

Helen (Arnold) Andrus 1844-1912 is buried in Portage, New York , # 110484872.

In 1910 Allegany County, New York, Harriet A. Caldwell is 64, widowed, both children deceased. With her is mother Anna Arnold 90 widowed, six of seven children still living.
In 1930 Livingston County, Harriet is 84, widowed, aunt of Albert T. Smith 65 and Nellie 62.
Nellie was the daughter of Bryon & Helen (Arnold) Andrus.

Harrietta Caldwell 1845-1933 is buried in Allegany County # 79110833, with Andrew Caldwell 1835-1903.

In 1870 Portage, Livingston County, New York Clara Arnold is 23, a dressmaker, one of four kids of George and Anna Arnold (her older sister is Hattie)

In 1900 Myron and Clara September 1847 New York, are in Yuma County, with George July 1876  Frank N October 1877, and Clara M. Nov 1883, all three in Iowa.  Clara May Haver was born Nov 15, 1883 in Stuart, Adair County, Iowa to Myron and Clara Arnold Haver.

In 1910 Yuma County - by Schramm based on the neighbors, Myron and Clara are farming, with son George, 34 Iowa and grandson Ralph Clark 2, Colorado.

1892 Nunda, Hunts, New York "Mrs. Clara Arnold Haver, who has been visiting kindred and friends here, returned Monday to her home at Yuma Col.

In 1912 Myron was treated at the Hot Springs Veterans Hospital

1899 Mrs. Petrie's birthday party included Mr. and Mrs. M. Deyo and sisters, Mrs. Hasbrouck and Mrs. King of Iowa..."

1901 "Martin Deyo and Mrs. Haver are expected home from their New York visit next Tuesday."

1905 "Andy LeFever is visiting his cousin Martin Deyo.  He was a resident of this place a number of years ago."

1905 "Mr. and Mrs. A. Wilklow and Mrs. and Mrs. Harcot Pruti of Highland, New York visited Tuesday and Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Deyo."'

1905 Miss Mae Haver was teaching in District No. 8.

"Mrs. Hasbrook from Iowa, is here visiting her brother, Martin Deyo.  She is on her way to Ault, Colorado."

1905 "An auction will be held on the streets of Yuma on Saturday, the 27th day of April, when Martin Deyo will dispose of household goods and other articles."

Hattie R. Haver had married Carl Giddings April 28, 1887

In 1900 Carl, born December 1869 in Illinois, is a stock raiser, with Harrie November 1879 Iowa. Carl H. ws born December 1899.

  June 1905

Dennis Sheedy clerked in a store in Nebraska and St. Marys Kansas. "in 1904 removed to Yuma where he worked for three years.  On the expiation of that period he came to Brush and purchased the general merchandise stock of Ole Nelson.  Then he sold that and bought out the general merchandise of O.C.. Jensen.  In June 1906 occurred the marriage of Mr. Sheedy and Miss Hattie Giddings.  Their religious faith is that of the Catholic church"  He is also a stockholder and director of the Stockmen's National Bank.

1906 "D.O. Hasbrook of Wyoming visited with the families of M.W. Haver and M.H. Deyo Wednesday."


1915  "Mrs. May Richardson returned to her Denver home on the noon train Wednesday, after a week's visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.W.Haver."

The West Yuma history book says of Lulu's death "leaving a one and a half year old son Wilbur"

"Mae married a Mr. Richardson  and lived in Denver with their son Ralph."

"Fred married and lived in Scottsbluff with two sons, Joe and Arnold"

"Hattie married Dennis Sheedy.. of Brush.
They had one son, Dennis" "only Wilbur and Lorraine, Joe and Arnold are living.

In 1910 Brush, Dennis Sheedy is 41, Hattie is 30, Carl H. Giddings, 10.
All three are still in Brush in 1920.

Dennis died in 1931, and is buried in Bursh # 57436966.

Hattie R. Sheedy married Roy C. Peppers on October 9, 1933, recorded in Morgan COunty.
December 18, 1941

Carl Haver Giddings married Violet A. Bowers on September 4, 1922, recorded in Akron, COlorado.
They divorced in Denver in 1927.

C. Haver Giddings married Alice C. Sanderson on May 4, 1929, recorded in Pueblo, Colorado.

Carl Giddings is in Pueblo in 1930, 28, now married to Alice C. 21 COlorado.
In 1940 Pueblo, Carl is 40, the chief dentist for the state hospital, with Alice C. 31 and son Donald,. 3.

June 10, 1965

Fred Nathan Haver registered in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, saying he was born October 23, 1877, and ran a dry eleaning shop, married to Edna.

In 1920 Wilbur is living with his grandmother Clara McKenzie in Denver. In 1940 he was an Army Sergeant in Honolulu.  He had enlisted as being from Otis (Washington County veterans' list).

In 1949 he was a TSgt in Biloxi - 27th Air Group - with an address of Otis, Colorado (maybe he used Lorraine's address?)

He's buried in Florida National Cemetery, Sumter County February 26, 1912-May 5, 1988 , with wife Alma O.1911-1997

Mae Richardson divorced Charles Richardson in 1921 Denver  - but that might be the May Clark that married in 1912.

May 8, 1914

Julius "Cless" McKenzie and his wife Clara (Fones) moved to Mitchell Co., TX, then to Anita, Cass Co., IA, then finally to Eckley, Colorado. He died in 1912 after being shot by his next door neighbor over a dispute about boundary lines. His son Albert"Bert" gave up ranching and became a banker in Otis, Washington Co., Colorado. Bert married Agnes (Farwell) and had 3 children. Cless also had a daughter Lula May. She married George Haver. They had a son named Wilbur. Shortly after that she was trapped inside a chicken coop that was on fire and died.

Clara F. McKenzie proved up two quarters in sections 10 and 15, 2N 46W in 1913, and Bert two in section 9 and 10, in 1915. Bert cash-claimed another 40 aces in 1917 in section 10.

In 1927 Clara was living in Denver, and attended a Sunday School convention in Yuma.
August 1912 "Bert McKenzie of Eckley was taken suddenly ill Sunday of appendicitis and was taken to a hospital in Denver that night where he was operated upon the following day. Our local physician who was waiting upon him reports that so far he is getting along splendidly."

1916 " Bert McKenzie of Eckley, was in Wray Monday, having just arrived from a week spent in Chicago. He went on to Eckley that evening."

June 15, 1939

Margaret is buried in Otis, # 80401171.

In 1950 Mr. and Mrs. Bert L. McKenzie and Mrs. and Mrs. Lauren J. McKenzie of Otis attended a reception in Yuma for the Farmers State Bank.

In 1954 Bert L. McKenzie was the adminstrator of the Ernest W. Hulburd farm sale, 8 miles south of Otis.

March 6, 1958

In 1956 Lauren J. McKenzie purchased the Sun Theater in Otis and planned to operate it four nights a week.

In 1958 Lauren Jay and Joy McKenzie sold it to LaVerne Corman.

July 31, 1980

Agnes A. (Farwell) McKenzie 1892-1994 is buried in Otis, # 79380777, with Bert 1891-1980.

Lauren J. McKenzie 1917-2000 is also buried in Otis, # 91922819.

George married Jessie Beulah Hall July 25, 1916 - She had been teaching in Eckley, and was the sister of real estate and teacher F.K. Hall.

George is in the 1934 Yuma County director, 15-2N-47, but not in the 1937.

He's in Denver in 1940, and was there in 1935.  Loradine (Lorraine) , daughter, 17, born Colorado, is with him - neither has an occupation.

Haver, Esther Lorraine (Haver) (Probasco ) 1922-2002  Burial: Eckley  

There's also a Lloyd E. Haver 1920-1937 there - probably another child of George and Jessie. His photo is in the 1925 Blach School page.

George Wilbur Haver, born July 7, 1876 in Adair County, Iowa, dying May 25, 1965 in Long Beach California, is buried in the Eckley cemetery with Jessie Beulah HALL Haver, born October 19, 1884 in Holman Indiana, dying January 12, 1937 in Denver.

"The Haver parents and their four children came to Yuma County in 1887 and homesteaded near Schramm... On April 26, 1911 George marrie dLulu McKenze. To this union one son, WIlbur was born. Some years after the untimely death of his first wife he married Jessie Beulah Hall July 25, 1916 To this union a son Lloyd and a daughter Lorraine were born. Again fate struck him a blow and death took both his wife Jessie and his son Lloyd in 1937.
Besides ranching and other various occupations he served sixteen years as post master at Eckley.
Survivors were his devoted daughter Lorraine and her girl friend Peggy Freeman of Long Beach, his son Major Wilbur Haver in Sarasota Florda, his sisters Mae Richardsona nd Hattie Pepper of Denver, brothers-in-law Bert McKenzie of Otis and F.K. Hall and a asister-in-law Gladys Probasco, brother Fred of Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

Myron W. Haver, superintendent of Adair county schools, was born in Livingston county, New York, November 28, 1844, and there spent his early days. From 1861 to 1863 he attended the Nunda academy of his native county, but stopped his schooling to enter into the services of his country. In November, 1863, he enlisted in Company F, 1st New York dragoons, and served with them until July, 1865, in the Army of the Potomac. At the close of the war he returned home and resumed the acquirement of an education at Nunda academy, graduating from there in 1867, and following this by teaching there until 1869. He then came to this county and taught school in Lincoln township and other parts of the county until 1875, when he was elected county superintendent of schools. After serving two terms (or four years) he resumed teaching; but in the fall of 1883 he was again elected county superintendent, and is now filling that term. In 1881 and 1882 he was principal of the Greenfield schools. He was married June 5, 1873, to Miss Clara A. Arnold, also a native of New York, They have four children--George W., Fred N., Hattie and Clara M. Mr. Haver is a member of the I. O. O. F. and of the G. A. R. History of Guthrie and Adair Counties, Iowa -- 1884

Myron W. Haver

Combines Teaching Public Schools With Extensive Ranch Operations.

The Prosperity Achieved by a Gallant Union Soldier in Yuma County.

     The eastern home-seeker will find the career of Myron W. Haver of much interest.

     On November 28, 1844, Mr. Haver was born on a farm in the Genessee Valley, New York, where he spent his boyhood days and received a very liberal education. Evidently the gentleman was one of a family of patriots, because when the Civil War commenced his three elder brothers enlisted in the Union army. At that time, he too, was anxious to enlist but his father prevailed upon the lad to remain home to help on the farm. Next year, however, when eighteen years of age, he enlisted in the 130th New York infantry, in which he served with heroic valor until the close of the war. He was mustered out of the service after the grand parade of the Union armies at Washington, and returned to his boyhood home in the Genessee Valley. It seemed to be the irony of fate that one year later - after spending three years in the army and passing unscathed through storms of bullets on the fields of battle - he lost his right arm accidentally in broom corn machinery. Since his recovery from that unfortunate accident he has devoted his attention to school teaching, in which he has been wonderfully successful.

     In 1874 he moved to Dexter, Iowa, where he remained fourteen years. For six years he taught school there and for eight years he filled the position of county superintendent of schools. In 1888 he came to Colorado and located on a homestead near Eckley, the second station west of Wray. While the gentleman engaged in teaching again, he devoted the attention of his spare time to ranch pursuits. He went into the stock business under very favorable circumstances as he controls a vast are of free range which furnishes excellent grazing.

     Since he came to Yuma county Mr. Haver has been elected county superintendent of schools two terms, and he discharged the duties of the position with consummate ability and fidelity to the trust reposed in him.

     He cultivates eighty acres of his ranch on which he grows winter feed for his stock. Although he sold two car-loads of cattle in the eastern markets last fall, he still owns 300 cattle and thirty horses.

     The gentleman takes a lively interest in public affairs and politically he is a stanch Republican, being chairman of the Yuma county Republican central committee. He has been elected justice of the peace and school director and in each of these offices he discharged his duties faithfully and well, giving entire satisfaction.

     At Portage, N.Y., on June 5, 1873, Mr. Haver married Miss Clara A. Arnold, an estimable New York lady, and four children - two sons and two daughters - have blessed the happy union. The children who are bright, intelligent and ambitious are a credit, as well as a comfort, to their faithful parents.

     Mr. Haver is delighted with Yuma county, and like hundreds of other settlers, he feels assured that there is no other part of the United States offering such splendid possibilities to home-seekers. Here the poor man, especially, if he be endowed with persevering industry and ambition, can find the summit of his hopes and the altitude of his desires.

     Mr. Haver's genial disposition and his well stored mind render him a most companionable gentleman. He takes deep interest in everything calculated to benefit his community and county and he has earned the reputation of a splendid citizen. He and his estimable family well merit the esteem in which they are held.

October 21, 1920


In 1930 Clara is boarding in Eckley with Wallis G and Gertrude Payton in the town of Eckley - it says she was 86.  (census index has HaNer)

December 29, 1932

In 1934 Clara's estate was to be settled, with Mrs. R.C. Peppers (Formerly Hattie Sheedy) as administrator.

December 4, 1924
November 2, 1950

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