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Yuma County Pioneers -

Henry E. Knisley, Joseph D. Knisley, Daniel Knisley

Each cashclaimed a quarter in 1891, Daniel two miles north of Schramm, Joseph a mile east, and Henry two miles east. 

In 1900 Calhoun County, Iowa, a Henry Knisley, born January 1855 in Canada, is a farm laborer, married - 11 years - to Addie, born July 1870 in Iowa.   They have Adolphis, March 1892 and Douglas August 1898, both in Iowa.  Henry said he immigrated in 1875.

In 1910 Henry is widowed, living in Page County, living in a rooming house.

In 1930 Otoe County, Nebraska a Henry E. Knisley, 75, widowed born in Canada, is a laborer.

One tree said Henry Edward Knisley was born January 21, 1855 in Ontario, married Adda Brown in 1891 in Calhoun County, Iowa, and died February 25, 1944 in Nebraska City - Otoe County, Nebraska.  The tree said Adda died in 1913 in Villiska, Iowa.

Another tree said that Henry's father Daniel died in 1890, and that his mother Catherine Nable Knisley died April 8, 1893 in Guthrie County, Iowa.

There's a tombstone in Richland Cemetery, Guthrie County "Cathrine - Wife of D. Knisley died April 8, 1893 aged 59 ys 6ms 19 ds.


In 1880 St. Clair County,. Michigan is a Joseph Knisley, laborer, 25, born in Canada.

In 1910 Calhoun County Iowa Daniel J. Knisley is 53, a butcher, born in Canada, married to Rosa B. 35.  Rosa was born in Iowa

In 1920 Calhoun County JOSEPH Knisley is 63, a farmer, saying he immigrated in 1878.  Ross is 44.

The stone in the Lake City Cemetery, Calhoun County

Father - D.J. Knisley- Dec 7, 1858  - April 8, 1930

Mary M. - wife of D.J. Knisley - Aug 3, 1874 - Nov 21, 1904

Rosa Belle - wife of D.J.Knisley -- May 15, 1873 - Feb 18, 1926

So it is possible that the Daniel claim and the Joseph D. claim are the same person.


Joseph Knisley, born 1855 in Canada, is in Tuscola County, Michigan in 1920, married to  Martha, 63 Canada.  Adopted son Ceibert Knisley, born in Mihigan, is 12.  




Wonder if Daniel took the money to Colorado and financed the cash claims for himself and two sons.............


Gary Weston posted this on Rootsweb

  • Information from Violet Goold's book, "Bruner-Knisley Kith and Kin":

    It appears that Daniel Josephus Knisley moved to Colorado about 1882, then left and came back to Iowa, first to Farnhamville near his sister, Jennie Charles. there a son, Horatio, was born. In 1885 he moved near Jamaica, IA, where Arizona was born. Daniel Knisley, his father, and Hans Bruner, a brother-in-law, lived in the Jamaica area. Violet Knisley Huffman said that her father, "Joe" to the Bruner family, moved back to Colo. the year before she was born, 1886.

    Daniel Knisley, Joe's father, and Hans Bruner and family also went to Colo. Since records show them all in Jamaica in 1885, Violet Goold feels that they may all have moved to Colorado at the same time. Daniel Knisley and Hans Bruner returned to Iowa in August or Sept., 1890.

    Joe Knisley's land in Colo. and Hans Bruner's land joined. Joe had NE 1/4 of 26-2-47 and Hans had NW 1/4 of 26-2-47 and N 1/2, NE 1/4 of 27-2-47. They both paid taxes on this land in what was then Yuma Co. in 1890 (1889 taxes). Hans paid in 1891. Hans was in Calhoun Co., IA then and also paid taxes in Calhoun Co. as well as Yuma Co., Colo. Joe also paid taxes in Yuma Co. in 1891. In 1892 the land went for taxes. This information was from the treasurer's office at Wray, Colo.

    The land laid close to the C.G. & Q. Railroad halfway between Yuma and Eckley, CO. A small town of Schramm was close by.

    Daniel Knisley's land in 1889 was NE 1/4 of 22-2-47. He paid taxes in 1989. It went to tax sale in 1891-92.

    Barnard Ettle, son-in-law of Hans Bruner, who married Artilda Bruner, had land NE 1/4 of 23-2-47 and paid taxes in 1890, '91, and '92, the last being the year he died.

    Yuma Co. was not formed until 1890. It had been part of Washington Co. in 1887, but their records did not show any Knisleys or Bruners. They could have pre-empted land in Arapahoe Co., which was created 1861, but Violet Goold could get no answers from them.

    She believes that Joe went to Canada in 1890 to marry. The family of Joe seem to think he left CO in 1897.
  • Hans Bruner

    Hans did a cash-claim in section 1 of 2N 48 W in 1890 - and in 1891 a quarter in 26 of 2N 47W -adjoining Knisley's,

    Also in 1891 Oliver M. Bruner did a cash-claim in 25 - - that quarter touches both Henry Knisley's and Joseph Knisley's

    Mary Ann Bruner one in section 27 of 3N 48W in 1891

    Charlotte Margaret "Maggie" KNISLEY

    Birth: JUL 1853 in Essex, Ontario, Canada
    Residence: 1900 Sac City Town, Sac, Iowa
    Death: 1944 in Sac City, Sac, Iowa,
    Residence: 01 JAN 1925 Sac City

    Father: Daniel KNISLEY b: 1827 in Walpole twp Ontario
    Mother: Catherine NABLO b: 1833 in Rainham ,Ontario, Canada

    Marriage 1 Hans BRUNER b: 1847 in Essex, , Ontario, CanadaMarried: 1869
    Artilda Jane BRUNER b: 1870
    Areany Alberty BRUNER b: 1873
    Muzetta Maggie BRUNER b: 1875
    Daisy Mae BRUNER b: 1877 in South Haven, Van Buren, Michigan, USA
    Chester Hans BRUNER b: 1880
    Abrom Daniel BRUNER b: 1885 in Iowa
    Reuben Barnett BRUNER b: 1888 in , , Colorado, USA
    Violet Luinda BRUNER b: 1893

    In 1885 Guthrie County, Iowa Hans is a broom maker 36, Maggie 31, Arltda J 14, Mylie 9 in Michigan, Daisy M. 7 Michigan, and Chester H. 4. Canada.

    In 1900 Sac City, Iowa Hans born December 1847 in Canada, immigrating in 1882, is a broom maker.  Margaret, July 1853 in Canada, Charles May 1880 in Canada, Abram April 1882 in Iowa, Rheuben January 1887 in Colorado, and Violet July 1894 in Iowa.

    Hans 1847 -1919 and Maggie 1851-1844 are buried in Oakland Cemetery Sac County.   So is Artilda - recorded as marrying Douglas Mashall - also in Oakland-

    Artilda J. Bruner of Yuma married Bernard Ettel of Yuma July 24, 1888 - minister J.B. Burr of Yuma.  Witnesses were Hans Bruner and Earnest Ettel, M.A. White and Alex Gilson. (Yuma was in Washington County at that time)   Ernest Ettel had proved up a quarter in 23, 2N 47W in 1894, so he was there at least in 1887.  John D. Burr 1892 homestead touched both Daniel Knisley and the Ettel quarters.

    Maybe Bernard is Martin Bernhard Ettel, born 1856 per one tree, brother of Ernest.


    Reuben Barnard Bruner registered for WWI in Sac City Iowa, saying he was married with children, and was born January 16, 1888 at "Uma" Colorado


    Ernest Ettel married Margaret A. White January 4, 1889.

    In 1900 York, Nebraska Ernest Ettel is a farm laborer, September 1858 in New York.  Margaret July 1872 in England has had four children.

    James Oct 1889 in Colorado , Ernest June 1891 in Colorado, Martin May 1895 in Nebraska, and Henretta February 1900 in Nebraska.

    Margaret has had four children four living -

    In 1908 York Ernest is a janitor, Ernest A. and James B. students.

    In 1930 Omaha Margaret 57 is widowed, living with daughter Annetta Moore 30 and her husband Clair.

    Margaret is in the 1935 Denver directory as "wid Earnest" living at 1042 Lipan.  Clare Moore (Annetta) a salesman for Hall Baking o, also lives there.

    Margaret Ann Ettel's 1958 probate record in Denver is "missing" in the Colorado archive location.    But there's a Larimer County probaate of Mrs. M.A. Ettel August 24, 1960.

    James Bernhardt Ettel registered for WWI in York, Nebraska, saying he was born October 26, 1889 in Yuma.  He was working in a retail grocery.

    Ernest Alexander Ettel is in the California death index, saying he was born June 30, 1891 in Colorado, and died February 18, 1984 in San Diego., mother's maiden name White.

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