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Yuma County Pioneers -

Clement M. and William B. Lucas

Clement proved-up a quarter in 5, 2N 47W in 1897, so he probably arrived about 1890.  William B. Lucas cash-claimed a quarter to his south, and William B. Lucas the quarter to his west, both in 1890.

In 1885 Clay County Nebraska Clement and William are with Elizabeth and George W. Lucas.

1892 Platteville "William Lucas has bought the meat market at Evans, and will soon move there."

In 1900 Weld County Clement is a "servant" farm laborer, born July 1871 in Iowa.   He's living with Edward D. Lucas, August 1872 in Iowa.  Also in the household are Wm B. "boarder" December 1862 in Iowa and Eliza J. December 1864 in Iowa.  Wm. and Eliza have been married seven years.

In 1909 "G W Lucas"  in the sw of 5, 2N 47W was being foreclosed.

March 23, 1893 W.B. Lucas married Ellen Washburn in Windsor, Colorado.    In 1880 Polk County, Nebraska an Eliza Wshburn 16, married, is living with parents Andrew and Henrietta Davis.  Eliza is 16, and there's a Harrey Wafhburn 10 "hired boy"  That 's close to the 1870 Fayette County Illinois list of Organ Washburne 26 and Mary Washburne 21 an William Wshburne 3.

She probably is the Eliza Washburn that divorced Oregon Washburn in Weld County in 1893- Oliver was 35, Eliza 18 in the Nebraska census.... 

In 1910 Clay County. South Dakota William B. 47, and Eliza J. 45 don't have any kids.

Clement M. Lucas married Ada E. Minten November 15, 1905 in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

In 1910 Fairview, Idaho Clement and Ada don't have any kids.  He's a purchasing agent at a flour mill, and in 1920 Idaho Falls he's a foreman at a milling company.

In 1930 C.M. and Ada are living with O.J. and Anna Williams in Englewood, Colorado  Anna must be the one with Ada E Mintun in 1900 Harrison County Iowa.   Ada was born November 877 in Iowa, Amy - or Anny February 1890 in Iowa.

In 1940 they're in Denver, and Anna Richeson  - widowed sister - is living with them.

Clement and Ada are in the 1959 Denver directory, living at 134 Josephine Street.

In Bluff View- Vermillion Cemetery, Clay County South Dakota is Wm. B. Lucas December 9 1862 - July 21, 1917.

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