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Yuma County Pioneers -

Charles L. and Leona (Buhler) Yingling

In 1880 Calhoun County, Iowa, five Yingling kids are with Louis Leakey 38 and Anna H. 40. Hamilton is 14, Albert 12, Henry 10, Charles 9, Cora 7, and Clyde 2, all born in Indiana.
They must be the kids of John 27 and Drusilla 22 Yingling in 1870 Delaware County Indaiana, with Hamilton 5, Albert 3 and Henry 1.
Per one tree, Drucilla (Lakey) Yingling died 1878-1879.
John Yingling is in Furnas County, Nebraska in 1900, 58 married to Sarah E. 48 twenty years. Ora B. is 17 Homer B. 16, Nora C. 9, Omer F. 7, and Violet M. 5.
John is buried in Furnas County 1842-1921 # 53382226.

Hamilton Yingling, per one tree, died Oct 7, 1919 in Bend, Oregon.
Albert, born 1867, died March 18, 1942 in Chicago, Illionois.
Dora married Henry Thompson, and they're in Furnas County in 1900. with Hurschel 3 and Hughie 1. Ora Yingling, born April 1883 in Indiana, is a servant.
Dora, per one tree, died July 26, 1942 in Torrington, WSyoming.

Clyde, born October 26, 1875 in Muncie Indiana to John Yingling and Drusilia Lakey, , is in Furnas County in 1910, running a butcher shop, married to Harriet M. 31, with Charles D. 10, Jessie M. 9, and Russel D. 2.
He's divorced in 1930 Cass County, Iowa. One son Charles Dale Yingling, 1899-1942 is buried in Titus County, Texas # 63165347.
Harriet was living with Charles in 1930 Texas, and with son R.D. 32 in 1940 Longview Texas, and daughter Jessica 38.

Half-sister Ora married Charles Rowe, and they're in Furnas County in 1930 - Charly 52, Ora 47, Chareles H 21, and Ruth J. 10.
Charles is buried in Furnas County 1878-1970 # 53407730.
Ora Belle Yingling 23 Apr 1883 Whitley County, Indiana Death: 25 May 1950 Cambridge, Furnas, Nebraska
Frances Rowe 1904-1977 George Wesley Rowe jr. 1908-1977 Ruth Joy Rowe 1920

In 1910 Washington County, Colorado, Charles Yingling is farming, 39, born in Indiana, married 12 years to Lena 33 Nebraska. Bernice 12, Charlotte J. 10, Lewis A. 7, Bruce 5 - all these kids born in Nebraska, and Olive J. 2 born in Colorado.
He proved up a quarter in 5, 2N 49W (near Hyde, Washington County), witnesses John Glantz, David R. Hays, Charles Stansfield, and Frank Richey, all of Yuma.
June 1913 "Chas. Yingling, the Hyde road overseer was transacting business in Akron Tuesday. He reports that work will be begun soon on ths new state highway running east and west through Hyde precinct."

September 21, 1917 "M.L. Sephens and Miss Charlotte Yingling, of Yuma Sspent Sunday at the H.C. Stephens home - Otis Independent." In 1920 Yuma County, Charles is 48, Lena 42, Berniece B. 21, Lewis Albert 17, Bruce Orin 15, Olive Isola 12, Ices Lakey 9, Gail Cheyenne 5, Irene Patricia 3, and Maxine Ruth 1.
June 23, 1932 "C.A. Yingling, who is confined in a Denver hospital, is reported to be critically ill from cancer of the liver. He was operated upon last Friday, but was found that nothing could be done to relieve his suffering. His wife is at his bedside."
June 30 "Charles L. Yingling - who ahd been a patient in a Denver hospital for a time, was brought back to his farm home northeast of Otis Wednesday afternoon. The physicians held out no hopes for his recovery."

August 7, 1930 "L. A. Yingling sold his general mercantile business at Hyde to Clarence E. Taylor last week...Mr. Taylor was at one time in a similar business in Yuma and were located in tthe Pioneer building where the Red ^^ White store is now located. Mr. and Mrs. Yingling have moved to Yuma, but have as yet made no definite plans as to the future."

January 20, 1927

Charles Lewis Yingling 1871-1932 is buried in Yuma # 74421185.

In 1940 Anaheim, California, Sherman Bulkeley is 74, born in Illinois. He was in Buena Park California in 1935. His wife Lena Bulkeley, 63 born in Nebraska, was in Yuma in 1935.

July 1949 "Mrs. S. H. Bulkeley of Anaheim returned last week from a two-month stay in the east, and is making a visit in San Bernardino with her daughter, Mrs. M. L. Stephens, and family. She was accompanied home by her sister-in-law, Mrs. Charles Rowe, of Denver, who expects to spend most of the summer in California. Mrs. Bulkeley, former resident of San Bernardino, visited a son and daughter in Yuma, Colo., en route to Omaha, where she spent several weeks. She went from there to Minneapolis and was a guest of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Don Earl Boatman (Gail Yingling), and children, attending the graduation exercises at Minnesota Bible college, where Mr. Boatman is an instructor."

Lena Yingling Bulkeley was born Jan 18, 1877 in Nebraska to father Buhler and mother Ziegler, died in Orange County California on October 6, 1955.l
She's buried in Anaheim # 130693195.
October 13, 1955

October 27, 1955

Daughter Bernice Crawford born April 28, 1898 in Nebraska, mother Behler, father Yingling, died in Los Angeles County October 21, 1986, buried in Anaheim # 130693192
January 1, 1953
August 27, 1953

Ices Yingling was born Oct 20, 1910 in Yuma to Charles L. Yingling and Lena Buehler, dying as Ices Roundsburg August 10, 1999 - in 1990 she was Ices Cannon.
She's buried in San Bernardino # 142849309

Olive I Yingling married Glen W. Robertson August 23, 1926, recorded in Washington County.

Irene Yingling was born Sept 2, 1916 in Yuma to Charles L. Yingling and Lena Buhler, name as Politsch in 1948, Johnson in 1991.

2015 Joplin, Missouri
Gail Boatman was 38 years old when she moved to Joplin. She had already put in 20 years of cross-country travel with her husband, Don Earl, in the ministry.

But on a Labor Day weekend in 1952, she started a new adventure as the wife of the third president of Ozark Christian College (then Ozark Bible College).

That memory, along with many more, came flooding back to this remarkable woman as she reminisced about her life last week during her 100th birthday celebration at Spring River Christian Village.

By the way, she may have gone through a century of living, but you would never guess that after seeing the regimen Boatman keeps at the village.

Her daily routine begins at 7 a.m., when she weighs herself then begins walking -- or trotting, as Linda Boles refers to her aunt's gait -- up and down the hallways.

That extensive walking began 25 years ago when she and her husband moved into a Spring River duplex. Boatman walked hundreds of yards to the main building each day. When Don Earl died 10 years ago, she continued to walk, never taking elevators from her room at the multi-floor building.

In fact, it wasn't long after Don Earl's death at 91 that she decided to take her walking to another level -- the competitive level, that is. She competed with 17 others at the facility in a walking contest.

"I walked four hours a day for 10 straight days and won first prize, which was a china thing to put jewelry in," she said.

Today, along with her walking, Boatman has added two half-hour tai chi classes a week.

Despite being classified as legally blind, Boatman, who has written articles that have been published in Christian publications, still types letters on her own.

Where there are no handrails available to help her get around Spring River, she might resort to a walker. But whatever it takes, she rarely asks for assistance.

"I use my walker when I go long distance or am in a hurry because I don't want to fall," said Boatman, whose older sister lived to be 102. Her younger sister is 95.

Gail, born and raised in Yuma, Colo., and Don Earl, a native Missourian, met at the San Bernardino (Calif.) Church of Christ in 1932 when she was 18 and he was a year older.

While her husband had his eye on the ministry even then, Gail felt the calling to be a nurse and even served in that capacity for a few years.

The Boatmans married three years later and spent the next 69 years of their lives together before Don Earl died in 2004.

Two children were born of that union. Their daughter, Dona, taught high school in Joplin for 30 years and currently trains horses for shows around the nation. Their son, Roger, an OCC graduate, served as a minister for 25 years and is now working for a company that raises money for churches and Christian schools.

Two of the Boatmans' granddaughters attended OCC, and one great-granddaughter is currently enrolled there.

Gail said she received quite a surprise during the alumni banquet at the recent Preaching and Teaching Convention at OCC. She learned that Lynn Gardner is in the process of writing a book titled "The Life of Don Earl and Gail Boatman."

Gardner taught 34 years at OCC, serving as academic dean for 17 of those years. He retired in 2006 and has eight books to his credit along with 100 articles that have been published in national magazines.

December 25, 1948
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Stephens of 2960 Muscupiabe drive, telephone 5-9338, are serving turkey dinner today to a large group of relatives. The party numbers Mr. Stephens' mother, Mrs. Leona Stephens, of Azusa; his brother-in-law and niece, Ivan Hart and daughter, Carol, of Sierra Madre; Mrs. Stephens' mother, Mrs. Lena Bulkeley, of Anaheim; Mrs. Stephens' niece, Diane Polltsch, of Pomona; Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Bradley (Bonnie Stephens) and twin sons, Tommy and Jonnie, Long Beach; Mr. and Mrs. Karl McGowen (Delores Stephens) and children, Stephen and Kathryn, Victorville; Mr. and Mrs. William Blatnick (Darlyne Stephens) and son, Terry.

April 1947 "Mr. and Mrs. Karl McGowen welcomed a daughter at St. Bernardine's hospital Tuesday morning, April 22, at 5:45. She weighed five pounds, three, ounces, and has been named Kathryn Jean. Her mother is the former Dolores Stephens and the maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Stephens of 2960 Muscupiabe drive. The paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Walter McGowen of Rialto. Kathryn Jean has two great-grandmothers, Mrs. S. H. Bulkeley of Anaheim and Mrs. Preston Stephens of Azusa. She also has a brother, Stephen Lee, four years old."

April 4, 1983

Lewis was the Hyde postmaster from July 16, 1929 to October 1, 1930.

In 1930 Washington County, Lewis A. Yingling is a merchant of groceries, 27, with Edna I. 20 born in Nebraska, a school teacher.
She might be the Edna E. Bash in 1920 Yuma County, 10, with parents Ira A. 45 adn Myrtle 39. and a bunch of kids.
Ira 1874-1951 and Myrtle (Walker) Bash 1880-1959 are buried in Yuma.
Edna E. Kuhrt, per # 102982414, died in March 2002 and is buried in Tumwater, Washington.

1930 L.A. Yingling sold his general merchandise business at Hyde to Clarence E. Taylor last week. Mr. Taylor was at one time in similar business in Yuma with his father and were located in the Pioneer building where the Red & White store is now located. Mr. and Mrs. Yingling have moved to Yuma but have as yet made no definite plasn as tto the future.
In 1933 Denver, Lewis and Edna live at 1301 Bannock, and in 1934 he's the "Bull Yingling" of Rifle, Colorado boxing in Eagle County.

1932 "Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Yingling of Denver were visiting with Glen Robertson adn family Saturday.
May 12, 1937 " Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Co of 1223 Waterman avenue are announcing the marriage of their daughter, Frances Coe Spencer, and Louis A. Yingling. The wedding was an event of Tuesday, May 4, in Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Yingling returned immediately to San Bernardino and are residing at 844 Court street the bride and her family are widely known in San Bernardino, having resided here many years, and the bridegroom is a brother of Mrs. M. L. Stephens. He is employed with Silver Crest Dairies."

In 1940 San Bernardino, Lewis Yingling is a gardener, 37 born in Nebraska, with Francis D. 32 California. Barbara Ferris 5, and Howard Farris 3 are lodgers.

In 1943 Long Beach, Lewis A. (Frances) is in the navy, and they live at 1229 Eleanor.

In 1945 Long Beach, Lewis is a juice worker.

July 1967

May 1, 1975
Bertha is buried in Westminster, California 1888-1975 # 59602164. On the same marker is Lewis Yingling 1902-1983 and Flora Bishop 1866-1955.

November 1975
Lewis Albert Yingling, born June 10, 1902 in Nebraska, died January 27, 1983 in Kern County.

February 1983

Bruce died in 1987

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