Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Mary M. Farmer, William R. Farmer, Elizabeth Farmer, Steffens

Alexander C. McMurphy, Steffens

In 1900 Almena Kansas Bert and Rosy E. Tingley are both 25, with Robert 3 and Freddie 1.

In 1910 Almena Albert T. and Rosa, both 35, have Robert 13, Fred 11, Thelma 9, Ruby 7, Chester 4, and Ruth 2.

In 1920 Almena they have Robert Fred, Thelma - NOT RUBY - Chester, Ruth, Jestie 9, and WIlma 4.

In 1910 Almena, Kansas Albert Farmer is 55, Elizabeth 49. She's had ten kids, seven living.  They have Johnson 20, Mary 13, Martha 13, and Saulie 4.

1911 Yuma "Sollie Farmer went to his old home in Almena to visit friends and acquaintances last week."  This must be a nickname for an older one.

In 1910 Yuma County William is 33, born in Kansas, single, farming.  Mary is also farming alone, 23, born in Kansas

Wonder if he's the one in 1915 Harvey County, Kansas - 38, single.

William Robert Farmer registered in Yuma County, saying he was born Nov 29, 1876, and his wife was Nellie Lawrence Farmer.

Mary claimed 320 acres in 4 and 5, 1S 48W in 1913.

and so did William R.

1913 "Robert Farmer, who proved up on a homestead south of Yuma a year or two ago and then leased the property and moved out of the state, was here the first of the week looking after business matters."

Alexander McMurphy proved up a quarter in 15, 1S 48W in 1914.

Malissa Farmer married A. C. McMurphy April 7, 1913.

1912 "Recleaned milo maize seed, $1.25 per bushel - Mrs. Elizabeth Farmer, 8 miles south and 2 miles west of Yuma."

Elizabeth proved up a quarter in 4, 1S 48W in 1914  -- witnesses Alexander C. McMurphy, David Logan, Fred H. Loveland, and Frank Hoar, all of Yuma.

1915 "Mrs. Elizabeth Farmer, of nine miles south of town and who is the mother of Mrs. A.C. McMurphy, returned Saturday from California, in which state she had been staying for the past year."

In 1920 Yuma County William is 43, Nellie 36, William 1, Warren L. three months, and mother Elizabeth Farmer, 69, born in Iowa, widowed, is with them.

Alexander McMurphy in 1920 Yuma is married to Mary, 33.  They have Edith 3, Bruce 2, and Hollis 1.

In 1930 Alex and Mary have Edith E., Harlan B. 12, Hollis J., Dean V. 9, John D. 7, and Irvin B. 1.

In 1940 Yuma County A.B. and Mary have Deay V., 19, John D. 16, and Eryn B. 11.

In 1930 Yuma County William is married to Nellie L. 51.  They have William R., 12 California, and Warren L. 10, Colorado.

In 1930 Jesta Tingley, 19, is in North Platte, Nebraska with brother Robert and his family.

Elizabeth has moved back to Almena, living with daughter Rosie L. Tingley, also widowed, and Wilma R. Tingley, 14.

In 1940 Rose is in Yuma, divorced, living with daughter Jesta Wall 29, and her husband Wesley Wall31, with Patricia 1.

Rose Ella "Rosa" Tingley is buried in Yuma.

Mary M. 1886-1969 and A.C. 1886-1952 McMurphy are buried in Yuma.

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