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Yuma County Pioneers

Levi and Mary Frederick, daughter Henrietta (Frederick) Whistler and her husband William Whistler , Steffens

In 1850 Grant County, Indiana, Christian Frederick is 38, Elizabeth 30, Henry 9, Levi 7, Mary J. 3, and Louisa 1. Daniel, 29 is a laborer.

In 1860 Huntington County, Indiana, Christian Frederick is 41, Elizabeth 40, both born in Pennsylvania. Henry 22 and Levi 19 were born in Ohio, Mary 14, Louisa 11, Theodore 9, Daniel 6 and Simon three months all born in Indiana.
(Theodore's Tennessee death certificate said his parents were Christian Frederick and Min Synder, both born in Ohio...Theodore was a blacksmith, born Sept 5, 1851 in Ohio. He died in Nashville July 19, 1918, to be be buried at Bethpage, Tennessee.
In 1870 Richardson County, Nebraska, Levi Frederick is 26, born in Ohio, farming, with Mary 24 born in Indiana, and Esther 5 Nebraska.

In 1880 Richardson County, Levi is a laborer, 40, Mary 34, and they ahve Ettie Thompson 18, daughter, with her husband George Thompson 22 a sewing machine agent.

In 1885 Richardson County, Levi is a Mill borer, 44, Mary 43. Henrietta Thompson is 22, divorced, with Manda M. 4

1893 Brown County, Kansas "Misses Maud Thompson.. from this place, were represented in the choir during the Salem Chatauqua."
June 1899 Yuma Colorado "Mrs. William Whistler and daughter Miss Maud of Hamlin, Kansas, were visiting their Yuma friends the first of the week. "
September 1899 "Frank Stoner has purchased the William Whistler residence."

September 1901 "Levi Fredrick of Barada, Nebraska, shipped to Mrs. Heiserman a couple boxes of fine peaches. He planted the fruit since leaving here."

In 1908 J. B. Campbell wrote of a Kansas trip "Morrill was only a repetition of Lanark in hospitality and kindly greetings. Here we met William Whistler and wife, formerly Etta Fredrick, and Mrs. Maude Shelton her daughter, and Mrs. Levi Fredrick, all old Yuma people who have comfortable homes and are well fixed for the things of this world.

Maud (Thompson) Shelton 1881-1911 buried in Morrill Cemetery # 98621375.
"WHISTLER, Maud THOMPSON SHELTON b 18 Aug 1881 d 7 Nov 1911"

1902 "Ernest Shelton and wife have returned from California. They will reside on the Dave Shelton farm in district No. 2 Mrs. Shelton and Mrs. Whistler, of Morrill, were in Hamlin Sunday."
In 1910 Brown County, Ernest R. Shelton is 33, Maud 29, born in Nebrasaka, married nine years.
In 1920 Ernest is now married to Charlotte, and they're buried in Hiawatha Ernest 1876-1936 # 66220614.

In 1895 Levi was the Officer of the Guard for the Yuma G.A.R. Post, for service as a private in D., 2nd Indiana Cavalry.

Levi proved up a quarter in 3, 1N 48W in 1896 - south of Yuma. He cash-claimed a quarter in 30, 3N 48W in 1891, next to William Rankin and John Daranan.

In 1900 Barada precinct, Richardson County, Levi Fredrick born Nov 1841 in Ohio, married 38 years to Mary Nov 1842 Ohio have had one child, still living.

Yuma, Colorado - September 29, 1905 "Levi Frederick of Falls City, Nebraska, arrived in Yuma Tuesday to look after his land interests. Mr. Frederick was a resident here about nine years ago."

William R. Frederick proved up a quarter in 33, 1N 48W, and 3, 1S 48W in 1916.

1905 Falls City Nebraska "The case of Jacob Mack against Levi Frederick was decided in favor of Mack by Judge Cleaver.

In 1910 Falls City, Nebraska, Levi is 68, Mary 67, with "own income."
Levi received an invalid pension for service as a private in D and M, 2nd Indiana Cavalry, and died March 9, 1923.

June 1913 Brown County, Kansas "The Falls City Post G. A. R. was organized Jan. 19, 1882. The total membership up to 1913 has been 181. Total membership on Jan. 1, 1913, was 38, as follows: ....... Levi Frederick...."

Levi is in Brown County in 1920, widowed, 77, with daughter Henrietta and William Whilstler. Clifford is also with them.

Levi's stone in Morrill Cemetery, Brown County, Kansas, says "Sergeant - Co. D., 2nd Indiana Cavalry, # 40184307.
Mary 1842-1917 is buried there, too, per # 98521108.

BUT FindaGrave # 57379255 has Levi 1841-1923 "2 in Cavalry Co M" buried in Harris Cemetery, Richardson County, Nebraska.

1899 Hamlin Kansas, Brown County.
The Hamlin band, which played Thursday, is an exceptionally strong one considering the time it has G been organized. It has only been a few months since it has commenced playing and now it is the best band in the county with the exception the Union band. The members are William Whistler, Herm and Ernie Shelton, Erv Willie, Tom Gee, Ernest Fuger, Jim Irvin, Jim Hinton, Abe Ream, Harry Brown, David Whitney, Frank and Bert Shelton and Ross Berkley. George Willie is the leader. Jim Irvin is a boy only 9 years old. He plays the cornet and is one of the best players in the band. The members all have fine uniforms.

1915 "At the meeting of the directors of the Farmers Bank of Morrill, William Whistler was promoted to be assistant cashier. He entered the employ of the bank two years ago, resigning a position as depot agent. He had been In the railroad service since 1880."

In 1900 Brown County, Kansas, Henrietta, born Nov 1863 in Indiana....is married nine years to William Whistler March 1861 Iowa He's a railroad agent. Maud M. Thompson August 1880 in Nebraska is with them, and Henrietta's stepson Clifford Corlett born Nov 1897 in Kansas is with them. Clifford's parents were born in Ireland, so he might be adopted.

In 1905 Brown County, Wm. and Henrietta have Clifford, 7.

Henrietta is buried in Morrill Cemetery, too 1863-1934, per # 98626334, and so iw Wililam 1861-1958 # 98625852.

Clifford Russell Whistler 1898-1970 is buried in Santa Rosa, California #

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