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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Luke Rawlings and Myrtle Belle (Hill) Rawlings, Elgin A. and Clara M. Rawlings, Steffens

March 9, 1882 in Taylor County Iowa, Elgin A. Rawlings, son of Luke and Elizabeth Schooly Rawlings, married Clara Maria Roberts, daughter of Warren and Martha J. Van Meeter Roberts.

March 7, 1884 in Taylor County, Elgin and Clara had Frank Rawlings.

In Taylor Count Oct 25, 1887 Elgin and Clara had a daughter.

Elgin A. Rawlings and Clara Roberts had a daughter August 28, 1890 in Taylor County, Iowa.

On January 22, 1897, in Hawleyville, Page County, Iowa, Elgin and Clara had a son.

In 1900 Page County, Iowa Ela? , born September 1857 in Iowa, has been married 18 years to Clara April 1864 Illinois.  They have Frank March 1884, Mattie E. October 1887, Velma August 1890, Clinton, June 1894, and Walter January 1897.

In 1905 Smith County Kansas, E. A is 46, C.M. 41, Velma 14, Clint 11, and Walter 9.

May 1908 Yuma "Frank and Ed. Rawlings of Osborne county Kansas arrived this week with their cars prepared to make their homes among us."

In 1910 Yuma County Elgin, 53 Iowa, and Clara 46, Illinois, have Velma 19,  Clinton 15, and Walter 13, all born in Iowa.  Elgin didn't claim land in Yuma County.

Walter William Rawlings registered in Clayton, New Mexico, saying he was born in Hawley Iowa January 22, 1896

In 1920 E.A., Clara, and Walter are in Doniphan, Kansas.  In 1925 it's just E.A. and Clara there.

Elgin Albert Rawlings, September 15, 1858 - April 1, 1929 and Clara Maria (Roberts) Rawlings April 18, 1864- January 13, 1930 are buried in Lawrence Creek cemetery, Osborne County, Kansas.  Findagrave 116599194 says he's the son of Luke and Elizabeth Rawlings.


Velma Rawlings married Leslie Shook July 19, 1910 in Wray, ceremony performed by Judge I.C. Jennings, witnessed by S.W. Seward and M.M. Bulkeley. 


Velma Sanders Shook married William Henry Meyers in Denver Dec 12, 1936. 

Leslie was in Yuma with parents George and Emma in 1910, saying he was born in Michigan, and in 1900 Phelps County Missouri he was Leslie E. born October 1886 in Missouri

1911 "Mrs. Shook returned last Saturday from a visit to Franklin, Nebraska."

1913 Wray "G.W. Shook and son, Leslie, were in the county seat the first of the week from near Eckley.  They had business to look after at this place."

1914 "E.W. Shook, of Eckley, was a Yuma business visitor Monday."

1917 "The trial of G.W. Shook of Eckley on the charge of bootlegging, was held to a jury before Squire Lamphere last Thursday afternoon.  Robt. Work, district attorney, prosecuted the case and Isaac Pelton of Akron defended.  The trial occupied the entire afternoon.  The jury was out but a short time and returned a verdict of guilty.  Defendant was allowed until yesterday in which to perfect an appeal, which, if not taken, he will stand for sentence."

May 2, 1918 "L.H. Shook, an interurban motorman, committed suicide by shooting himself at his house in Denver."

In 1930 Azusa, California, a Lestlie Shuck, waiter in a cafe, 45, born U.S, married, is rooming with the C.A. Nelson family.

1951 Reno Nevada - Marriage license to Richard A. Davidson, 46, and Velma E. Shook - over- 21, both of Reno.

Velma F. Shook died January 1971 - funeral services at Payton Mortuary, interment in Ivy Lawn , Oxnard, California.


Clinton registered in Clayton, New Mexico, saying he was born June 25, 1894 in Havilla Iowa, farming, with a wife depending on him.

The body of Mrs. Retta Rawling was brought to Warsaw, Missouri,  last Saturday for burial at the National cemetery, Benton County. Mrs. Rawlings died at her home at 1127 Miami Street, Kansas City, Kansas, on January 7, 1920, after taking carbolic acid. Her husband was out of town and she went to Stone's drug store at the corner of 12th and Osage, where she bought the poison. She was found by her sister, Della Taylor, on her return from a picture show.

Mrs. Rawlings was the daughter of James and Mary E. Taylor and was born near Clinton on December 27, 1898. With her parents she moved to Clayton, New Mexico. in 1913 she was converted and joined the Methodist church. She was married March 7, 1917, to Clint Rawlings of Clayton, New Mexico. In 1918 they moved from there to Lebanon, Missouri, and from there to Kansas City, Kansas in September of 1919.

She is survived by her husband, parents, a brother and two sisters. No reason can be given for her act, unless it could have been that she had been brooding over the physical condition of her husband. Mr. Rawlings was injured in the back while working in a packing plant about two years ago and since that time has only been able to work at times and little hope had been given them by the doctors for his complete recovery.

The funeral services were conducted by Bro. Lee Penny and the burial was in the National cemetery.

In 1930 Osborne County, Kansas, Clinton 38 is married to Eva, 31, and they have Flaine four months.

Clinton P. June 25, 1894 - Sep 3, 1967 and Eva Frances - Nov 27, 1898 - Oct 8, 1981 are buried in Mission City Memorial Park, Santa Clara, California.  Findagrave 51107204  - Eva's California index says her mother's maiden name Francis, father's Frederick. But she must be the Eva HALL in 1910 Osborne County, daughter of Fred J. Hall 41 and Emma 34.


Mattie married Frederick Otis Conn, and they were in Smith County, Kansas until she died Nov 2, 1950.  She and Fred are buried in Butler Cemetery, Osborne County.  39096462


Frank Elsworth Rawlings registered in Raton, saying he was a vet. surg. for Phelps Dodge Company (guess the mine needed a lot of care for mules).  His  nearest relatives were wife Nettie and father Elgin A. Rawlings of Clayton, N.M.

One tree said Frank, born 1884, married 1917, died 1930, married Nettie Esther Jones, born 1883-died 1965.

Frank Rawlings in 1920 Raton, New Mexico is a veterinerian, 35, with Nettie 36, born in Kansas, with Margaret five months, New Mexico.

Frank, Nettie, and Margaret are in Fremont County, Colorado in 1930

In 1940 Osborne County, Kansas, Nettie is widowed, and Margeret Snider 20, and husband Harry D. Snider, 29 are with her.  Nettie sells cosmetics door-to-door, and Harry is a truck driver for the MoPac railway.

Nettie, born Jan 10, 1883, died January 1965 - last residence Kansas.


In 1930 Tacoma Walter R. 33, a barber born in Kansas (Marcella must have been the informant) is married to Marcella 32, with Billie May 4, born in Washington.  Winifred 13 and Dakota Olson 12, are step-daughters born in South Dakota.

In 1940 Walter W. Rawlings, 44, is married to Marcella 43 in Tacoma, with Billye M. 14.  Winifred E. Olson is a chambermaid.

Walter William Rawlings died August 17, 1955 in the Tacoma, Washington area.  The application for veterans[' headstone said he was born January 22, 1896 - so either one of the records is wrong, or this is a different Walter.


Luke is the next household to Elgin in the 1910 census.

One Ancestry tree said that Luke Pete Rawlings, born Feb 7, 1876, married Gertrude May Huntsman Dec 24, 1895 in Page County.  He was living in Taylor County Iowa in 1895, and in 1900 Yellowstone County Montana was married to Gertrude M. - and they have Caryl A. , 3. born in Iowa.

McIntyre, Coryl Alice,   b 19 Oct 1896 Taylor county Iowa; d 11 Feb 1984 Bentonville, Ark.; married 1916 Arthur Meade McIntyre; father Luke Rawlings; mother Gertrude Huntsman;

Karl D. Rawlings was born Mar 6, 1902 in Siam, Taylor County, Iowa to Luke Rawlings and Gertrude M. Huntsman.

In 1910 and 1920 Gertrude Rawlings is at the State Hospital in Vernon County, Missouri, 35, born in Iowa.  She's had three children.

She died at the state hospital in Neosho, said her mother's maiden name was Caroline Phillips, and that she was a former school teacher.  Informant was the state hospital records.

Gertrude 1875-Jan 8, 1953, her sister Martha L. (Huntsman) Rawlings 1866-1953, and Halley A. Rawlings Sept 11, 1868 - Sep 2, 1949 (Hallie was Martha's husband and Pete's brother) are buried in Zimmerman Cemetery, Caldwell County, Missouri.

Martha's death certificate said she was born Feb 14, 1866 in Vallisca Iowa to Charles R. and Caroline L. Huntsman.


Luke "Pete" Rawlings, Jr.. Luke got tired of being called "Lukey" as his father was called Luke, so he picked the name Pete

  Thanks to Donalto1874

Luke & Mertle Rawlings on their honeymoon. Balanced Rock at Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Luke proved up 320 acres in 8 and 17, 1S 48W in 1914.  Witnesses were George W. Hall, John W. Adcock, William D. Pritchard, and James R. Baker, all of Yuma.

May 5, 1911 "Miss Myrtle Hill, of Chicago, Tuesday morning to take up her residence on a homestead south of town.  She was accompanied by her father, of Hubbel, Nebraska."

June 1911 "Myrtle Hill's new house is almost completed"  "While overseeing the building of her new house, Miss Myrtle Hill stepped on a nail, which may result in a very sore foot."

June 30, 1911 "Miss Myrtle Hill's house is being painted this week."  "Miss Myrtle Hill, May, Lois and Mildred Tweed spent Saturday night and Sunday with Miss Alma Whiting at a 'shack' party at the latter's homestead."  (Mary B. Tweed cash-claimed, also in 1914,  land a mile south of Myrtle's)  "Miss May Tweed is enjoying a visit from her two sisters, who arrived last week. " Mary B. and Lois E. were daughters of Robert and Fannie Eliza (Bell) Tweed.  Fannie died in 1894, and Robert and Sarah R. (Hunter) Tweed had Pansy Lucile in 1897 and Mildred Anita in 1900.  Alma Whiting married a Lloyd Hunter, so they may have been related.  Mary's in the 1910 Yuma County census, living alone One tree said Mary Bell Tweed married William David McKay in Seattle Nov 27, 1915, and there in the 1920-1930-1940 census


Myrtle cash-claimed 160 acres in 5 and 6, 1S 48W - about a mile away from Luke's  - in 1914 - witnesses were Robert W. Farmer, John W. Adcock, Robert W. Champion, and Fred H. Loveland.

One tree said "Married in her parent's home by the justice of the peace. Luke & Myrtle were homesteading Colorado and that was how they met. Myrtle's father built her a very small cabin on the land she was trying to homestead. She met a lonely man named Peter Rawlings who was homesteading too. Folks had to live on their claim for one year. At the end they tore down the cabin "

"Coryl" is a niece of Hallie and Mattie Rawlings in 1910 Page County.

Myrtle B. Hill, 7 is with parents E.C. and Emma Hill in Thayer County, Nebraska in 1885, with brother Freddie, 4.  In 1900 Thayer County Eugene and Emma J. have Myrtle B. 22, Fred E. 19, Ray E. 14, and Roscoe A. 9.  Myrtle is a school teacher. 

(my grandmother 1. was also a school teacher in Nebraska - and 2.  did a cash claim in Yuma County)

In 1920 Luke is in Lincoln County, Montana, 43, married to Myrtle B. 41, born in Illinois.  They have Earl/Carl 16, Iowa and Wallace 4, Montana.

The 1920 ownership atlas has 160 acres in 5 and 6, 1S 48W in the name of "Mrs. Luke Rawlins" -that was the land that Myrtle claimed.

In 1930 Glenn County, California Luke 53 is farming, with Myrtle 52.  Wallace, 14 no occupation.  Wallace is alone, farming in Glenn County in 1940.

Luke and Myrtle Bell are farming in Glenn County in 1940.

Luke - born Feb 7, 1876, died Dec 17, 1948 in Butte County - mother's maiden name Scholey.  Myrtle B.-July 24, 1877 - January 18, 1967 (mother's maiden name Buss) , Wallace E. April 18, 1915 - July 9, 1999  All three are buried in Graves Cemetery, Glenn County.

Obituary of LUKE RAWLINGS Of Iowa - submitted by Ed Wiessing, who received a copy from Estel Combs, great-grandson of LUKE. Estel is also a subscriber to the Newsletter.
LUKE RAWLINGS was born in the state of Illinois July 21, 1831, and departed this life at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ben Williams, near Neosho, Missouri, Feb. 6, 1915, at the ripe old age of 84 years. Mr. RAWLINGS was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Scholey, Nov. 23, 1855, and to their union eleven children were born, nine of whom are living. ALTA E., having died March 29, 1893; and LAURA J., having died March 26, 1883.
The children living are E.A.RAWLINGS of Harlin, Kansas; Mrs. F. B. Lindsey of Yuma, Colorado; Mrs. N.C. Reeves of Claremore, Oklahoma; Mrs. C.H. Gilmore of Albany, Missouri; K.H.RAWLINGS of Shenandoah; Mrs. J.W. Slack of Hawleyville, Mrs. P.R. Lathrop of Olathe, Kansas: Mrs. Ben Williams of Neosho, Missouri; and LUKE RAWLINGS Jr. of Libby, Montana. He also has 25 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Mr. RAWLINGS came to Iowa in 1843, and settled in Clinton County and there attained his majority. His youth was spent on the farm and his education was acquired in the common schools. In November, 1854, he camE to Taylor County and started the foundation of one of Taylor County's finest farms, being located near Hawleyville. After his father's death, his mother was cared for by her two sons.
When the Civil War broke out the eldest brother went to the front, leaving LUKE to care for his mother and sister. Mr. RAWLINGS remained on his fine farm near Hawleyville, reared his family, and only a few years ago sold the big tract and purchased land near Neosho, Missouri. He left Taylor County about 12 years ago, going to Louisiana where he remained about 2 years. From there he came back north and located at Neosho where he made his home until his death. He was laid to rest in the Dallas Center Cemetery, Iowa.  51207127
N.B. LUKE RAWLINGS was the son of BENJAMIN SCOTT RAWLINGS, and grandson of NATHAN RAWLINGS (1750-1.821), the Revolutionary War hero. His grandmother was Mary Rankin, daughter of David Rankin and his wife, Hannah (Province) Rankin; his mother was Kitty Mattox, daughter of Luke Mattox/Maddox and his wife Judith. LUKE had brothers WASHINGTON, BENJAMIN SCOTT Jr., ROBERT and NATHAN and sisters REBECCA, JANE, MARY A., EMALINE and CATHARINE.
Estel Comb's grandmother wrote down the following information about her ancestry. Description of BENJAMIN SCOTT RAWLINGS Sr., son of NATHAN (1750-1821). "Tall, strait as an indian, dark complection, hair and eyes dark. Aunt Jane Fast (his dtr.) says "Benjamin Scott was 1/16 indian and had papers to prove it but his wife burned then up for fear some one would see them. He wore burnside whiskers. Most RAWLINGS have dark eyes like that."
Estel & Phyllis Combs, Rte. 1, Box 74, New Market, IA 51646-9707

Luke Rawlings, Sr. standing in the back row- to the right. White beard! **** Front row, left to right- Mrs. May Gilmore & daughter Lola; Alta Rawlings, Merrick Lindsey (boy), Mrs. Emily Lindsey holding her daughter Arba, Mona Lindsey (oldest daughter), Mr. Arlo Lindsey, Unknown little one on Arlo's lap, Frank Rawlings, Mrs. Clara Rawlings holding Velma Rawlings, Mattie in front & Bessie Geraldine Rawlings behind her, Elgin Rawlings and Carrie Rawlings (girl) youngest Rawlings family. Back row- Hallie Rawlings, Charles Gilmore (s-in-l), Unknown, Mrs. Elizabeth Reeves, nee Rawlings, Viva Ellen Rawlings, Luke "Pete" Rawlings, Jr.. **** Still a little bit unsure about identity's of these people.

EMILY ETHLAND RAWLINGS, b. July 21, 1861, Taylor County, Iowa; d. January 20, 1945, Yuma, Yuma County, Colorado; m. FREDERICK BURGETT LINDSEY, April 05, 1883.

Frederick proved up a tract in section 24, 1N 47W - about six miles from Luke's claim - in 1913, and Mona A. Lindsey did a cash claim for a quarter next to Frederick in 1910.

Lindsey, F B, Real Estate, Yuma, came to Yuma County 1908, Born Minnesota 1857, married Emily E Rawlings, nine children.



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