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Yuma County Pioneers:


Eckley, September 13 and 14, 1917

Thursday - 1:30

Devotional Bible Study, Dr. A.F. Elder, Denver

Greetings - Mrs. B.F. Boggs, Eckley

Essentials of Christian Leadership, Rev. W. E. Breckenridge, Yuma

Temperance Teaching in the Sunday School and in the Home, Mrs. W.J. Zepp, Robb S.S.

Sunday School Business Methods, Mr. Barbazette, Yuma

Round Table - Sunday School Difficulties (questions to be written out) E.T. Albertson, Secretary, Colorado State Sunday School Association, Denver

Thursday  7:30 P.M.

Bible Study, Dr. Elder

The Pastor and the Sunday School, Rev. A.C. McVieliand, Eckley

Men Organized for Service, E.T. Albertson

Friday Morning- 9:30

Bible Study, Dr. Elder

Reports of Schools and County Superintendents

Business - Election of Officers

Community Life and the Sunday School, A.D. Mudock, Laird

Object of Opening ad (sic) Closing Exercises of the Sunday School - Best Methods, M.E. Minister, Yuma

What the Class  Can Do for the Pastor, Dr. Elder

What the Class Can Do for the Superintendent, O.W Nash, Eckley

The Organized Class of Girls and Their Teacher, Mrs. M.M. Cruse, Robb S.S.

Friday Afternoon - 1:30

Conference of Superintendents


Devotional Bible Study, Rev. A.N. Wolff, Wray

Our Standard, E.T. Albertson

Missionary Spirit in the Sunday School, Mrs. John Parker, Wray

Religious Education and Christian Democracy, Rev. A.N. Wolff

Training for Service, Mrs. W.L. Breckenridge, Yuma

Best Methods of Teaching Adults, Mrs. Woodsides, Yuma

The Graded Work, Wray

Friday Evening- 7:30

Bible Study, Rev. Breckenridge

The Organized Class of Boys and their Teacher, William BOles, Wray

Address, Dr. A. F. Elder

In all the sessions there will be the best music Yuma county can afford

We confidently anticipate a good delegation from each school.

Please come prepared to make both school and personal pledges

Every address will be a feast of good things that you cannot afford to miss.  Beside (sic) there will be a picnic dinner Friday the 14th, when we want everybody there all day long.

We do desire a delegate from every school in Yuma County

Mrs. J.L. Buchanan, Pres. Yuma Co. S.S. Assn.

Mrs. E.W. Lambert, Sec'y.





From the Wray Rattler - September 6, 1917

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