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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Mary E. Voeghtlin, Alvin

Mary proved up 160 acres in 33, 4N 42W in 1895.

Because it was only a mile from the Cortez Thompson homestead - wonder if this is one of Mattie Silks' employees..  There's a Martha J. Sanders with "cash excess" claim of 1895 joining Cortez's and Martha A. Thompson's' (Mattie Silks)

InterOcean May 1888 "The scenery Mr. Voeghtlin is painting for "The Crystal Slipper" is in many respects the finest and most artistic ever prepared for a production in this city. It is work which will bear the closest inspection. great deal of the flcrare painting having the excellence of nui-h and fidelity of treatment of portrait work in  oil. One drop particularly will command attention. It represents Time seated on the Globe, while fleeing from him into the darkness of Oblivion are the years, represented by cowled female figures, but two of the faces being visible. These two faces and that of Time are very striking studios, full of strength and character, the work, not of a scene-painter, but of an artist. There are other heavy scenes fully completed, more than two-thirds of the scenery being in readiness. Mr. Voeghtlin has the invaluable assistance of his talented son Emil whose accomplishment with the brush, shown in a number of charming water colors, landscapes. marms, ana ngure work, evinces a native genius of more than ordinary promise for so young a man."


John Jacob Voeghtlin was voting in Ventura, California in 1873-1879, born about 1845.


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