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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Witherbee Family of Witherbee

Hiram Witherbee, born 1810 in Boston, died Jun 10, 1867 in Wisconsin, and is buried in Hazelgreen, Wisconsin, per one tree.  He married Margaret Ann Eastmann, born January 1828 in Canada, and they had Experience Ann Witherbee in 1852, Levi (Lee) Eastman in 1853, Julian Very Witherbee in 1855, Lewis Calvin Witherbee in 1859, and Orville Orvus Witherbee March 16, 1864

Hiram WITHERBEE came from Madison county, Ill., to Wisconsin as early as 1832, and followed lead mining for a number of years near Hazel Green, finally becoming the owner of valuable mineral lands, which he controlled throughout life. He was quite successful, and about 1850 bought the "Empire Hotel" property at Hazel Green. For some nine years he was the popular landlord of that hostelry, which he then traded for a farm in Smelser, near what is now called Elmo Station, where he died in 1867. Mrs. Experience A. WITHERBEE died in 1850. She and her husband belonged to the Presbyterian Church. In connection with Mr. CRAWFORD and one or two others, Mr. WITHERBEE was instrumental in the erection of the first Presbyterian church in Hazel Green, which was destroyed by the tornado of 1876. Hiram and Experience A. WITHERBEE were the parents of five children, of whom three died in infancy; the survivors of are Erasmus and Hiram J. Mr. WITHERBEE married for his second wife Miss Margaret A. EASTMAN, of Grant county, and to this union were also born five children, all of whom are living: (1) Experience A., born in Hazel Green in 1852, is the wife of Charles NEPEIER, of Chicago. (2) Levi, born in September, 1853, is married and is the owner of a cattle ranch in Yuma county, Colo. (3) L. C. is a partner with his brother Levi in the cattle business. (4) Julian V., born in Grant county, is now a traveling representative of the St. Louis Stock Yards; he found a wife in Colorado. (5) Orvil O., born in Smelser, Grant county, has become a noted physician and surgeon, and lives in Los Angeles, Cal.; he is married, and has two children.

Nephew (2) Hiram S. Witherbee is a clergyman of the Methodist Church at Brush, Colo.

In 1885 Denver Lee E. and Lewis C. Witherbee are proprietors of Witherbee Bros (game depot at 480 and 482 Lawrence)  Orville O. works there, and all three with Julien V., stock grower, live at 497 Stout.

Holyoke 1888 "O.O. Witherbee, who has been east on a visit for some time, returned last night. A brother, J.V. who has been cattle inspector stationed at Omaha, is now down on the Witherbee ranch.  Lee and his three brothers were enjoying a little reunion here this week."

Lee E. Witherbee married Annie R. Kuner April 25, 1888.

1888 "Mrs. Witherbee, of Chicago, Ill., mother of our fellow townsmen, Lee and Lew Witherbee, arrived in town last week on a visit to her sons."

In 1889 Lee was running for the Holyoke town council.


Orville O. Witherbee did a cash claim for a quarter in 6, 5N 42W in 1890, and one in 7 in 1891.

Margaret A. Witherbee did a cash claim for a quarter in 6 in 1891

Lewis C. Witherbee did a cash claim for a quarter in 8, 5N 42W in 1890, and proved up a quarter next to it in 1894, and then a Timber quarter in 1901.

Lee E. Witherbee cash-claimed a quarter in 17, 5N 42W in 1890, and a Timber quarter next to it in 1901.

In 1902 he applied to lease the school land in section 36, 5N 43W, giving a post office address of Lamar, Nebraska.

Orville O. Witherbee Timber-claimed a quarter in 6 5N 42W in 1901

Jessie S. Witherbee proved up a quarter in 5, 4N 42W in 1901

Orville registered to vote in Los Angeles in 1898, so he probably didn't stay long in Yuma County.

In 1900 Los Angeles Orval Witherbee Mar 1864 in Wisconsin is married to Margaret July 1865 Louisiana.  They've been married six years and have Harold Nov 1895 and Donald Dec 1898, both born in California.  Margaret Jun 1823 Canada is living with them.

Orville Orvus Witherbee, M.D. 1864-1936, Margaret Rhody Witherbee 1865-1961, and Orville Orvus, Jr., Witherbee 1907-1987 are buried in Forest lawn Glendale.

California death index has Margaret R. Witherbee born July 21, 1865 in Louisiana, dying Feb 24, 1961 in Los Angeles, mother's maiden name Boals.

In 1900 north Yuma County - three lines following Martha Thompson - MATTIE SILKS - is Lee Witherbee, Sep 1853 Wisconsin, married 12 years to Annie, Jan 1860 Missouri/ Mississippi.  They have Max O. March 1893 Colorado, and eight stock hands.


In 1910 L.C. Annie and Max are in west Brighton, Colorado, where he is a traveling salesman.  One tree said Annie R Kuner, born January 1861 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, married Levi (Lee) April 25, 1888 in Denver,  died 1914 in Denver, and is buried in Fairmount Cemetery (father Maxmilian Kuner died March 24, 1913 in Denver and is also buried in Fairmount).  then Levi married her sister Katherine L. Kuner, born Jun 28,1862 in Vicksburg, and died May 29, 1958 in Alameda County, California.

Max registered for WWI in Brighton, saying he was born in Denver March 6, 1893, and was working for the U.S. Dept. of Commerce on the Schooner "Matchless"

Lee E. and Katherine K. Witherbee are in Brighton in 1920, retired, and San Diego in 1930.  Lee E.'s will was probated in Adams County May 15, 1933. 

In 1940 Max is in San Diego, 47, and his widowed mother Kathryn K. born in Mississippi

Max died January 26, 1979, and is buried in the New Bern National Cemetery, North Carolina.

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