Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Samuel E. Penn,    Armel

Samuel cash-claimed a quarter in 7, 3S 42W in 1890.

He might be the Samuel E. Penn, a quarryman, in 1900 Marshall County, Kansas, born Dec 1861 in Illinoismarried 13 years to Luella Aug 1865 Illinois. They have Edna P. Mar 1888 Kanas, Henry A. Nov 1889 Nebraska, Edgar F. Aug 1892 Nebraska, and Bryan L. June 1896 Nebraska.

In 1920 Valley County, Montana, Sam E. Penn is a bakery manager, 57, born in Illinois, with partner Mrtin Tuftness and son Bryan Penn, 23.

Harry A. Penn is in Burbank, California in 1930, an oil stock salesman, 42, born in Illinois, with Nevada 35, working in the wardrobe of a movie studio, Harry 17, Everett 13, and Courtney 2.

In 1930 Samuel and Luella are in Los Angeles, and Luella is theree in 1940, widowed, living with grandson Everett, 23, born in Canada, his divored mother Nevada E. Penn 45, Missouri, and Everett's brother Courtney, 12, born in California.

Samuel Edgar Penn, per # 123911442 -1861-1930 is buried in Forest Lawn, Glendale, California. Lot 96, space 8 Vale of Memory. Ella Louise McMahon Penn 1865-1957 is in Lot 96, space 9. # 85486219. Death records say her father was McMahon, mother's Slauson.

Bryan Lynel Penn registered in Lovejoy Montana, born August 30, 1896 in Holmesville, Nebraska.

Bryan died May 6, 1982 in Los Angeles, mother's maiden name McMahon.

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