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Harry Watts Barr was born September 14, 1867 in Gilmer, West Virginia to Thomas and Alice Barr., and they're in Roane County, WV  in 1870.  Thos. is 26, Ally L. 28, Harry W. 2, and Charles is four months.  In 1880;  Harry is 12, Charles C. 10, Oley H. 7, Willie Guy 5, and Lizzie G. 3.  (has to be Elizabeth Gertrude)

In 1885 they're in Lancaster County, Nebraska.- Harry, 17,  is the oldest of six.  Charley is 15, Otie 12, Guy 10, Gertrude 8, and Brenn 4.

In 1888 the Holyoke State Herald was against "Dr." Barr running for commissioner.  "Dr. Barr, democratic candidate for commissioner, now says he entered the rebel army as a volunteer.  Some of the democratic papers in their unwise zeal for the election of the 'old soldier' have claimed that he was conscripted.  It is always best to vote for the man whose past record needs no apology."

Marriage license was issued on the 21st to Mr. Harry Barr, son of Dr. Barr, who was a candidate for the office of treasurer in Phillips County, and Miss 
Myrtle Graham of Eckley. We have since learned that the young couple are married. May bright smiles, the song of birds and beautiful flowers greet them on their journey through life, and when death shall come may many a little Barr, bound 
together by the strong bonds of love and the web of kindness stand around them and buoy them up in their last expiring moments. - Yuma Pioneer, reported in the Holyoke State Herald of January 1890.

On June 30, 1891 Harry W. Barr cash-claimed the southwest quarter of Section 24, 7N 47W - which would be between Paoli and Haxtun.

Thomas Barr, residing at Lewisburg, Virginia (Greenbrier County) , enlisted March 23, 1863 at Lewisburg in Company K,Virginia14th, Cavalry - 5ft. 8 in. light complexion, blue eyes, dark brown hair.

Thomas Barr, age 23, born in Amherst County, married A.F. Kincaid, 24 in Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia) on August 22, 1866.  His father was Thomas, his mother Elizabeth.  A.F.'s father was John, her mother Mary.

This matches the 1850 census of Campbell County, Virginia, of Thomas, 6, son of Thomas 50 and Eliza 44 Barr.  They have John 8, Ann J. 7, Thomas 6, James 3, Margaret 2, Rebecca Smith 60 and Jane Byers 35.   One tree said that Thomas was born March 15, 1944 in Amherst County Virginia, and his mother was Elizabeth O'Conner.

Thomas Barr was the postmaster at Reedy, Roane County, in 1869 (A Collison was his predecessor, which may explain the middle name of Charles Collison Barr)

  Born: Abt 1800 - Edinburg, Scotland 
       Died: 1851 - Lynchburg, Campbell County, Virginia 
    Married: 3 Jun 1841 - Amherst County, Virginia
 Census, 1850 - Campbell Co, VA #503-515 "Blind" 
Wife Elizabeth O'conner 
       Born: Abt 1806 - Dublin, Ireland 
       Died: 1853 - Lynchburg, Campbell County, Virginia 
History of Roane County, West Virginia, 1774-1927
William H. Bishop, Esq.
p 443

Dr. Thomas Barr, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (O'Connor) Barr; the father,
Thomas, was born in Edinburg, Scotland; the mother, in Dublin, Ireland. Both
died in Lynchburg, Virginia, he in 1851, she 1853, Thomas, Jr., subject of
this sketch, being nine years old when his mother died. Dr. Thomas
Barr was born in Amherst County, Virginia, March 15, 1844; he does not
tell how or where he grew up in his biography dictated to Hardesty's about
the year 1883. En-listed in the Confederate army, 1862, Co. K, 14th Va.
cavalry; as served, he was only twenty years old when he enlisted. As the Virginia
cavalry furnished its own mounts, he must have been a young man of promise.
He served through this war, coming out unscathed. In Greenbrier County,
August 22, 1866, he married Allie F., daughter of John and Mary (Hyde)
Kincaid; three years later they arrived in Roane County, their first born
with them; they made their first home at Peniel on upper Reedy; from which
point the doctor went out plying his profession, soon gaining a good
reputation as an efficient and kindly physician.
He makes no mention in his biography where or when he obtained his medical
knowledge; he was liked and succeeded. After a few years at Peniel he moved
his family to Reedy where he lived for some years in the neatest and best
kept residence of the village, the leading physician for nearly ten years.
About the year 1884, the family moved to the State of Colorado.
To Dr. Thomas Barr and Allie F. (Kincaid), his wife, were born in years prior
to their departure for Colorado the following children:
Harry W., September 14, 1868; Charles C., February 4, 1870; Otey H., December
11, 1872; Willy G., October 24, 1877; Walter B., August 21, 1880; Emma G.,
December 21, 1882. Though there is not one of this estimable man's family in
this State, and maybe not one will ever see this, oblivion shall not claim


One tree said that "Alley" was the daughter of John Dean Kincaid, who married Polly Hyde in 1816 in Greenbrier, W.V.  The tree said Polly died February 10, 1843 in Greenbrier County, and is buried in the Kincaid Cemetery, Greenbrier County.  The tree also said John died February 13, 1843.

Greenbrier County April 7, 1860

Jane Ann Kincaid, aged 15,  Andrew S. Kincaid, aged 22, Alley F. Kincaid, aged 19; minor children of John D. Kincaid by their guardian or next friend, Adam D. Kincaid, residents of Greenbrier County, Virginia, declared on oath, "They are the children of John D. Kincaid, who was a private in the company commanded by Captain Henry A. Wadkins; later transferred to Captain P. Goit's company; in militia artillery commanded by Col. Linley in the War of 1812.  Said father was drafted at Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co., Virginia about September 2, 1814 for a term of 6 months.  He was honorably discharged at Norfolk about February 24, 1815

Father married Polly Hide in Greenbrier Co, Virginia, in 1816.  They were married by John Pennell, Minister.  Mother's maiden name was Polly Hide.  Father died at residence, Greenbrier Co., Virginia on the 13th of February in 1843.  No widow survives him.  His wife died the 10th of February in 1843.

Written on the pages of the original Bible - sheets enclosed with this pension application in the handwriting of John D. Kinaid.  ()Later records not in his handwriting)

John D. Kincaid b. March 15, 1795 d. Feb 13, 1843

Mary Kincaid b November 12, Tuesday, 1799


Charles H. Kincaid b. Feb. 4, 1818

James D. Kincaid b. June 5 (Sat.) 1819

Eleanor H. Kincaid B. Aug 21 (Tues), 1821

Elizabeth D. Kincaid B. Jan 25 (Sun), 1824

Margaret H. Kincaid b. June 24 (Sat.) 1826 d. September 9, 1827

Margaret H. Kincaid (younger) b. June 28, (Sat), 1828

John Hansford H. Kincaid b. Sept 6 (Mon) 1830

Mary M. Kincaid b. Feb 23, 1833 (Sat)

Jane Ann Kincaid b Dec 28, 1835 (Mon.)

Andrew Stuart Kincaid b. Feb 9, 1838 (Fri)

Alley F. Kincaid b Nov 26, 1841

Births listed on separate sheet of Bible

Mary M. Kincaid B 10th 1843

Wm. D. Kincaid b May 12, 1840

George G. Kincaid b. Aug 25, 1848

End of records in Pension File

Thomas did a cash-claim for the northeast of 35 in 1891, and the southeast quarter of 26 in 1895 on a "tree claim."

He might be the Thomas P. Barr who got a homestead in Larimer County in 1890....

In 1900 Thomas is a physician in Benkelman, Nebraska, born March 1843 in Virginia.  Allie F. born November 1841 in Virginia, Gertrude E March 1877 in West Virginia, and Mabel M November 1886 in Nebraska.

Dr. Thos. Barr

A Most Popular Citizen and an Enterprising Business Man.

(Photo - Residence of Dr. Thos. Barr)

     Among those who are contributing generously towards the material progress and prosperity of Wray, the above gentleman occupies a most prominent position.

     Dr. Barr is a native of Virginia, where he studied for the medical profession. He began the practice of medicine in West Virginia in 1871 and after thirteen successful years he moved to Nebraska, where he engaged in his profession for many years. Having concluded to abandon the active practice of medicine, the gentleman moved to Wray in 1902 and bought an interest in the business then conducted by Dr. McGill. A few months later he purchased the interest of Dr. McGill and has been sole proprietor of the store since then. He keeps everything in the line of toilet articles, stationary, paints, oils, wall paper, etc., and he has one of the most attractive stores in Eastern Colorado.

     In 1867 Dr. Barr married Miss Allie F. Kincaid, an accomplished West Virginia lady, and six children - four sons and two daughters - have blessed the happy union. The four sons are now successful business men. A few months ago Dr. Barr completed the erection of one of the most beautiful residences in Wray, furnished with every modern convenience and comfort requisite in a charming home.

     Dr. Barr is a genial dignified gentleman of the old school, with a keen sense of honor underlying his nature, and his well stored mind renders him a most companionable gentleman. In public matters he is enterprising and progressive, contributing generously to every movement calculated to enhance the material and moral welfare of the city. His admirable qualities have won for the gentleman the cordial regard of the community.


The 1908 fire in downtown Wray "Dr. Barr, building and drug stock, loss $3,000.  Insurance, $1,000
on stock and $500 on building."

Allie F. Kincaid Barr is buried in the Benkelman cemetery - November 26,1848 - September 25, 1902

1908 Wray "Otis Barr and family of Hastings, Nebr., are visiting at the home of the former's father, Dr. Barr.

Printed in the Benkelman, NE Post, February 1950

W. Brown Barr

"Funeral services for W. Brown Barr, 70, founder of the Barr Lumber company, was held at noon Saturday, January 28th, in Olinger's mortuary, Speer boulevard and Sherman street. Interment was at Crown Hill. Mr. Barr died Thursday, January 26th at the I Presbyterian hospital. He was born in Reedy, West Virginia, and was reared in Benkelman, Nebraska, and Wray, Colorado. He was a resident of Denver for more than fifty years. Mr. Barr was chairman of the board of Trinity Methodist church, and a member of the church for forty-seven years. A long-time director of the YMCA. board, he was also head of the committee in charge of Camp Chief Ouray, YMCA boys' camp near Granby, Colorado, for fifteen years. He helped form the Denver Community Chest, and was chairman of the board of directors of the Denver Federal Savings and Loan association. He was a founder of Goodwill Industries and a member of the board of directors of the Highlander Boys. Mr. Barr was a charter member of the Denver Lions club, and a member of the Denver Athletic club.

Surviving are his wife, Irene; sons, William K., of Denver, Jason T., of Wheaton, Illinois, and the Rev. Browne Barr of Waterbury, Connecticut; two daughters, Mrs. James A. Cooley, Denver, and Irene Barr of Denver; one sister, Mabel Barr of Whittier, California, and nine grandchildren."

   The Colorado marriage records have Charles Hansen Arnold and Elizabeth Gertrude BURR, and the license was issued in Denver.


1910 Hastings

September 1905 Wray  "Mrs. Gertrude Arnold of Fairplay, Colorado, is visiting her father and sister, Dr. Barr and Miss Mabel."

February 1906 "Miss Mabel Barr returned Tuesday from Boulder, where she had been visiting for about a month with her sister, Mrs. Arnold.  Dr. Barr, who went up to Boulder last week, returned home with his daughter."

1909 "Dr. Barr and daughter Mabel, left Wednesday to visit the doctor's daughter, Mrs. Charles Arnold at Hillrose, Colorado."

July 1911 "Miss Mabel Barr left Monday for Fort Morgan to visit her sister, Mrs. C.H. Arnold.  Dr. Barr, her father, did not come up from Benkelman last week as anticipated, but instead went to Chicago to visit another son.  He will visit Wray within a week or ten days."

Gertrude Barr Arnold - 1877 - 1912 is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles, and a Charles H. Arnold - 1880-1920

California Death Index has Charles H. Arnold, age 39, dying January 7, 1920 in county 42 - Santa Barbara That would be a birth year of about 1880.

Gertrude T, Arnold age 30, died August 9, 1910 in county 36 - San Bernardino

There's a Charles Arnold in the 1910 census of Colorado Springs, one of five boarders with Saran Mitchell - he's 29, born in Ohio, married (five years in present marriage) and is a salesman for a lumber company (two of the Barr sons were in the lumber business)

So is "Miss Jeannette F. Barr - 1855 -1931" and "Margaret A. Barr -1906-1971"  Margaret's stone is the same style as Gertrude's.


Judge J.S. Hendrie arrived in Wray November 9, 1885, the same day as Isaac R. Hendrie.  C.F. Hendrie arrived in 1886.

James S. Hendrie was the county judge in 1903.

The 1900 census has James D. Hendrie as county judge, born 1828 in Connecticut, married to Mary L,  born 1830 in Ohio.   One tree said she was Mary S. McClanahan.  That's maybe why Augusta  McClenathan was with them (age 10 in 1860), in Iowa, and in Wray in 1900, age 50.  In 1920   Orange County she's with Isaac, listed as an aunt.  The 1923 Santa Ana directory has Augusta McClanathan living at 1110 W. Washington.

Mills and Montgomery counties as senator of the Iowa legislature, and later was the
Democratic sheriff of Mills County, Colo. He was married to Mary L. McClanathan,
born in Ohio. In 1886 they moved to Colorado and located on a farm near Wray, then
Weld County. When the county was divided he was appointed a commissioner of the
new county (Washington County) by Gov. Alva Adams. Later Washington County
was divided and he became a commissioner of the new Yuma County, and also county
judge until he resigned, in 1909, to move to Long Beach, Cal., where he resided until
he died, in the year 1911, at the age of eighty-three. His wife had passed away in 1910.

When a lad of sixteen, Isaac came to Colorado with his parents, who settled near
Wray, 160 miles east of Denver. The young man lived at home and rode the range
from 1886 until 1900, steadily acquiring, through his father's guidance, a thorough
knowledge of agriculture and cattle raising.

Isaac R. Hendrie then purchased his father's land and continued to farm along
the same lines as his father had pursued, until 1909, when he determined to push
further west, and sold the acreage he had improved. He was a member of the Colorado
Cattle Growers Association.

Settling for a while at Long Beach, Mr. Hendrie worked for the City Water
Company there for five years, or until July 22, 1914, when he purchased seven acres
on West Washington Street, Santa Ana. He set out four acres to apricots and the
balance to walnuts, and soon had one of the trimmest small ranches to be seen any-
where for miles around, made more valuable on account of the excellent water supply
from the Santa Ana Valley Irrigation Company. Since purchasing this property Mr.
Hendrie has established an extensive poultry business, with some 3,000 White Leghorn
chickens. He built an incubator house, with two incubators of 500 capacity each, and
also has the necessary brooders; he is a member of the Poultry Producers Association
of Southern California.

On April 19, 1893, Mr. Hendrie was married to Miss Maude Dakan, the daughter
of Riley and Emeline  (Cahill) Dakan, born in Ohio and Kentucky, respectively, and
early settlers of Marysville. Mo. In 1892 they came to Colorado, but later returned
to their farm in Missouri, which they have now owned over fifty years. Mr. Dakan
served as a soldier in a Missouri Regiment during the Civil War and is a prominent
G. A. R. man.

Mr. Hendrie received a very thorough grammar school training at Glenwood,
Iowa, while Mrs. Hendrie was equally fortunate in her training at Wesleyan College,
Cameron, Mo., later teaching school in Colorado, and they have striven to give the
best of educational advantages to their five children. The eldest, James R., is living
at Oakland; Dorothy L. has become Mrs. W. L. Tubbs of Santa Ana; Mary E. lives at
home and is a student at the Santa Ana high school; Harold is a pupil in the grammar
school, and Walter B., the youngest.
James and Mary are in the Long Beach 1910 census, and Isaac and Maud are living with them, and four grandchildren.

DATE: 20 Nov. 1911
SOURCE: Long Beach Press
ABSTRACT:  James S. Hendrie Died at the family residence, 509 Orange Avenue. Age: 83 years. Native of Connecticut, served as a state senator in Iowa for 4 years and in 1886 he engaged in farming in Colorado and later served as a county judge there as well. Came to Long Beach 2 years ago. Survived by 2 sons, one of whom, Harry arrived from Denver Saturday. 
Family links: 
  Mary L. Hendrie (1831 - 1910)*

Daniel and Caroline J. Hendrie (she's probably Caroline Hitchcock born about 1872 in Missouri).  Daniel.. born November 18, 1873 in Iowa to Isaac Ford Hendrie and Anna Eliza Barber Hendrie, was a farmer,  They married April 17 1899 in Wray, and she's buried in Crown Hill, Denver.

September 1905 - the Methodist Church said "Brighton to be supplied by C.H. Arnold"

July 1907 "Mrs. Charles Arnold, of Longmont, arrived Sunday in Wray for a visit with her father, Thomas Barr."

1908 "Mrs. C.C. Barr and children came up from Benkelman Wednesday and are visiting at the home of Dr. Thomas Barr."

In 1900 Benkelman Charles Barr, born February 1870 in West Virginia, is a "lumberyard man."  Anna E, born April 1870 in Iowa has had two children.  The one living is Mary A. born August 1898 in Nebraska.

March 1909  "Dr. Thomas Barr left Wednesday for his new home at Hastings, Nebraska."


July 25, 1912 "Mrs. W. H. Bond received word Monday morning that her niece, Mrs. C.C. Barr, is very sick at her home in Whittier, California, and had just went through an operation - News Chronicle Benkelman. 

Charles, "Ana" , Alice M. and Bertha E are in Benkelman in 1910.

In 1920 Charles, Anna, Alice - 21 - and Bertha 18 are in Whittier

Charles and Anna are still there in 1930 and 1940 - he's a vice-president of a lumber company.

Charles died January 27, 1949 in Los Angeles.  The death index has Charles Collison Barr, born February 4, 1870, dying January 27, 1949.

California death index has Anna Elizabeth Barr born April 19 1870 in Iowa, dying June 30, 1955 in Los Angeles.  Her father's surname was King, mother's maiden name Taylor.

Mrs. Barr is the daughter-in-law of Dr. Thomas Barr, formerly of Wray, but now of Whittier, cal."

In 1910 Thomas, widowed, and Mabel 23 are in Hastings, Nebraska.


In 1920 Thomas and Mabel, neither with occupation, are in Whittier, California.  Margaret Arnold, granddaughter, 13 born in Colorado, is living with them.

All three are in Whittier in 1930, and Margaret is called Margaret Barr.

Thomas A. Barr, age 88, died in county 70  - Los Angeles - April 23, 1932 - birth about 1844

In    1940 Mabel is a bookkeeper in Whittier, and niece Margaret is with her

She's buried in Evergreen Cemetery Los Angeles - 1906-1971

Ben -36 Illinois, "Herietta",-35 -Ohio  Myrtle, 11 and Jennie 8 are in Saunders County, Nebraska in 1880., and both girls are with them there in 1885.

He might be the same Benjamin F. Graham who proved up a homestead in Clay County in 1877 - although there's another Benjamin F. Graham in Clay County in 1880 and 1900.  FindAGrave has four Benjamin Franklin Graham burials in Nebraska.

And then a B.F. Graham did a cash claim in section 21, 6N 46W - only a few miles south of the Barr claims - in 1891.

In 1900 Bloomington, Illinois "Harrie", born September 1867, is a commercial traveler.  "Mertel", born May 1868 has son Teal H. June 1893 in Iowa, Elizabeth February 1898 in Illinois.

In 1910 Moline, Illinois Harry is a traveling salesman,  He and Myrtle have son Leal 17, Elizabeth 12, Robb 2, and  Myrtle's mother Henrietta Graham, 64, born in Ohio, is with them. BUT she might have two 1910 listings - one in Larimer County -


In 1925, College Park got its start when David A. Cooper, S. Howard Atha and Harry W. Barr of the Cooper-Atha-Barr Co., called CABCO, began developing near Rosemere and named the subdivision College Park, the tour's history says.

CABCO extended the existing college-named streets to the west and added new ones. "By 1927, the CABCO partners had platted the College Park Golf Course and Country Club sections" of the subdivision and six additions, the history says.

In January 1926, what was then officially The Cooper-Atha-Barr Real Estate and Mortgage Co. ("Phone 2400"), with offices at 128 S. Orange Ave., unveiled a section of College Park's Country Club section: 188 lots priced from $1,500 to $4,000.


In 1930 Orlando Harry W. Barr, 62, born in West Virginia, is a real estate developer.  Myrtle A. is 61, son Robert G is 21, born in Illinois, daughter Betty Little, 32, born in Illinois, widowed and Betty A. Little 4, born in Florida.

In 1940 Winter Park, Florida, Myrtle 71, is living with daughter Betty Williams 42 and her husband Clarence.  Betty Ann Williams is 14 (Clarence must have adopted her), and  daughter Manie 5.

Clarence in 1936 was president of Winter Park Packing Co.

Myrtle A. Barr - 1869 - October 14, 1949 and Harry W. Barr - 1867 - November 29, 1936 - are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Orlando, Florida.

Cyril Justin Marshall, a son of Thomas Marcellus and Olive Augusta (Hays) Marshall, was born June 15, 1882 in Omaha, Douglas County NE and died February 19, 1934 in Sanford, Seminole County FL. He married Ella Van Sant Jones June 25 1909 in Memphis, TN

      He married Jeanetta Helen Mackey April 4, 1918 in Lake County FL. She was born June 29, 1896 in Chicago, Cook County IL, and died April 11, 1973 in Brevard County FL.


Children of Cyril Justin and Jeanetta Helen (Mackey) Marshall.


156.  (1). Cyril Justin Jr.         b. Oct 16 1919   d. Mar 18 1984

   m. Josephine Agnes Bartos May 31, 1944 (Feb 9 1921-     )


157.  (2). Eleanore Jane            b. Jun 21 1923    d. Oct 15 1998

   m. Noel Robinson White Jr.  Mar 7, 1952 


Another site has daughter Jeanette Helen Mackey born June 29, 1896 in Chicago, 
msrrying Cyril Justin Marshall, born June 15, 1882 in Omaha, He died February 19, 1934 in Smminole COunty, FLoriad.
They had Eleanor Jane Lynn Marshall June 2, 1923 in Seminole County.
Cyril registered for WWI in Seminole County, saying he was a physician/druggist, and
his nearest relative was Mrs. C.J. Marshall.  In 1910 Quitman Mississippi he was a physician,
married to Ella V, 23, born Mississippi.
In 1920 Seminole County Cyril J. 37 and Jean E. 23 Illinois have three-month-old Cyril
in 1930 Seminole County Cyril is widowed, living with widowed mother Olive Marshall.
But 1930 Seminole County has Jenette H. Marshall 33, divorced with 1
She has Justin C. 10 and Eleanor J. 6.
In 1900 Cyril J. Marshall, born June 1882 in Nebraska, is with parents T. Marcellus Marshall and Olive V. Marshall
in GILMER COUNTY West Virginia - the same county as Thomas Barr.
Marcellus was a teacher in 1884 New Mexico and 1895 Doniphan County Kansas.  Olive was in Seminole County, Florida
in 1920 - married, but Marcellus isn't listed.  Marcellus died November 13, 1925 in Randolph 
County, West Virginia.  Olive is in Seminole county
in 1930, widowed, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery Orlando - December 12, 1861 - November 14, 1955
Cyril J. Marshall - June 15, 1882 - February 19, 1934 is also buried in Greenwood.
Cemetery:           Geneva
Name:               Cyril Justin, Jr. Marshall

Date Of Photograph: May 23, 2010
Photo can be seen at:
Image file size: 60.2 Kb

In Memory Of
Cyril Justin Marshall Jr.
AOM2 US Navy
World War II
Oct 16 1919 Mar 18 1984
Buried At Sea


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